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Board Changes - March 2019

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Dec 14, 2012
In an attempt to get more people chatting and interacting on the boards, we have decided to do a bit of shuffling/combining of boards starting March 2019.

The order of the 'Discussion' boards will be as follows, with new boards in bold:
  1. Fat in the Media: A board for discussing representations of fat people on websites, articles etc etc. Essentially what the current "Main board" is intended to be, but renamed to be clearer.
  2. Daily Living: A combination of "The Lounge", "Fashion" and "Foodee" boards and certain topics from the current Main Board. The result will be a board where you can talk about everyday thoughts and happenings, whether they are fat related or not. The forum games will have their own sub-board here.
  3. Paysite Censored
  4. Paysite Uncensored
  5. BBW/FA: A combination of the FA/FFA and BBW boards, to bring BBW closer to their admirers of all genders.
  6. BHM/FFA: This board will remain mostly the same, though with the addition that BHM admirers of all genders are welcome here (they already were, though!).
  7. Fat Sexuality
  8. The Weight Room
  9. Health Board
  10. Board Business Board
  11. Local Events
The GLBTQ board will be archived with LGBT members being welcome in the BBW/FA or BHM/FFA board depending on their tastes.

The Library will be rearranged to have the following structure, with new boards in bold:
  1. Recent Additions
  2. Story Readers and Writers Dialogue Board: A combination of the "Readers" and "Writers" boards. Readers and writers interact plenty across these two boards already so it made sense to combine them.
  3. BBW Weight Fiction Archive: A combination of the "General" and "Multi-part" boards to create an archive of all stories relating to BBW.
  4. BHM/Mutual Archive
  5. Fine Arts Archive
  6. Erotica Archive
  7. Special Interests Archive
  8. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Archive
Very few stories are in the GLBTQ Archive are the moment, with most stories containing LGBT content going straight to the BHM or General boards as of recent times. As such, the GLBTQ board will be removed and the stories there sorted into the BBW or BHM boards as appropriate. They will all have tags in the titles for gay/lesbian/etc content to help people find the stories most suited to their interests.

Hopefully this will increase the amount of people chatting and make the boards a bit easier to navigate for new comers.
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