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Body Cleansing (Fasting & Detoxification)

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Slow Dance Aficionado
Oct 20, 2005
I love food;but, there are time that my system feels as if I just need a break.
Past few days I've had my share of eating some very full meals.

Today I only had two meals breakfast and an early supper. I just did not feel all that hungry. I won't have anything else to eat tonight maybe I'll just have some tea later. Most of the times- I've either skipped a meal or just eat some very bland type of food (clear soups and some jello).

Now the safety in detoxification depends on current physical condition, medication and guidance from your Doctor and or other Medical porfessional.

With all the festivities of the Holidays, are there times that you need a break from eating rich foods?

Have any of you fasted for any length of time?

What techniques did you use to detoxify?.

Five reasons to fast

One, it might be because your body is due for a clean up or just messed up inside.

Two, maybe your metabolic set point is lower than it's supposed to be of what "normal" is to you. It is making you feel sluggish and bloated.

Three, perhaps you want to cleanse your body of the accumulated left over garbage and toxic wastes that just sits there, especially in the intestines.

Four, possibly your body (especially the stomach) needs a rest from all the daily work it does.

Five, it could be because you have reached a wall in your training and gains have stopped. Another reason for fasting is to test your self-discipline and will power.

(source Bodybuilding.com)

Aside from Bodybuilding - other reasons for fasting can also be religious reasons as well as other choices that have not been listed.

Types of Fasting


Different Methods to Detoxify the Body


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