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Trigger warnings for intentional weight loss, fatphobia: BF has started intermittent fasting (?) so he can go on family vacation to theme park.

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Aug 22, 2015
Ask if you wanna be friends.,
Hopefully I posted in the correct section!

The gist is that his dad is having a family vacation in 5 months and will not pay for my BF’s tickets unless he loses weight but is paying everyone else's way (older brother and his wife, at least, if not other siblings and their kids).
My boyfriend can't afford the cost of travel, a hotel, et cetera, so paying his own way is out of the question.

Dad's logic is that he wants to get his money's worth and won't because my boyfriend will likely be unable to fit on most or all of the rides due to his size so, unless Dad sees progress regarding weight loss by the time the trip happens in December, then tough luck for my boyfriend, I guess.

My logic is that my boyfriend's presence alone should be enough and Dad is fatphobic -- a lot of it IS about quality time with the family -- and he can find something else to do, like hang out at the water park and play some games.

After waffling back-and-forth about what he is going to do, he admitted to me today over lunch that he hadn't eaten in 24-28 hours. To me, this means he's intermittently fasting (or something close to that).

I've tried to reason with him by telling him that current scientific understanding shows intentional weight loss to fail for most people and he is still doing this.

It was a shock for me to hear him admit he purposefully went without food to slim down quickly and I fear an eating disorder is in his future. I've tried my best to be supportive, however, by basically telling him that he ultimately gets to decide what to do with his own body.

Sigh...please share your thoughts.

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