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Can telling a girl your an fa work adversly to her self esteem?

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Active Member
Feb 19, 2007
Recently I\'ve began to feel like my girlfriends knowledge of my preference tends to over look my adoration for \"of corse u do because you like fat girls kind of thing\". You see my gf dislikes her Body a great deal and I try but nothing I say or do seams to help much. It\'s like a rubble edged sword I offer to help her loose weight but the fact that I like her the way she is seams to slow that ball from Rowling. It\'s like she thinks I only like her body because it\'s fat. I feel the attention I show her only goes to reenforce the fact that she is fat witch in tern worsens the depression it\'s a viscous cycle. Is there anyone out there that has gone through this and knows any way I can help my gf to become more comfortable withe her body

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