Carrie - by Big Lady Lover (USBBW, Extreme Eating Fantasy, XXXWG)

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Dec 19, 2006
USBBW, Extreme eating fantasy, XXXWG - if ten pounds a month isn't gaining fast enough enlist the aid of a mad SA scientist and inherit a multi-billion dollar fortune.

by Big Lady Lover

Carrie was a lovely large lady 24 years old. She had burgandy hair and light violet eyes, stands 5' 7" and weighed a beautiful 300 lbs. Carrie loved art and culture. She worked from home as a stock broker, but also loved to eat...a lot. She lived in a big house by the bay in California with her husband of two years, Jeff.

Jeff was a communications specialist, just returning home from a two week business trip in New York. He loved his wife's size and didn't mind the idea of her getting even bigger. Therefore, whenever going on business trips Jeff always made sure that there was plenty of food in the house for his lovely wife. He knew that the food that would last a normal person a month Carrie could polish off in about two weeks or less. She loved Jeff enough to go with the flow and oblige him besides, she was going to be fat anyway.

It was about 6 o'clock in the evening when Jeff pulled into the driveway with a half a half dozen roses and a 5 pound box of chocolates. He alwsays came home from trips with a tasty gift for Carrie. This time he decided to go with a 5 lb box of chocolates seeing as how the three pounders were now just a mere snack to her. Jeff opened the door and entered the house with the roses and chocolate behind his back.

"Carrie, I'm home." he called.

"I'm in here. Just sit down. I have a surprise for you." came Carrie's voice from the computer room.

"What a coincidence. I have a surprise for you too." Jeff said as he sat on the couch in the living room.

He waited a couple minutes before he heard the chair creak a sigh of relief as Carrie got up. She walked towards the living room and poked her chubby little head around the wall.

"Close your eyes, honey." she said. Jeff closed his eyes and waited patiently with a happy grin.

"Ok. Open." said Carrie. Jeff opened his eyes and saw his beautiful wife modeling a sexy pink night gown which flowed over her curves nicely.

"Well what do you think?" Carrie asked, posing for him.

"Very nice and very sexy." Jeff said, scanning her up and down. "Now it's your turn. Close your eyes; you're gonna love this."

Carrie closed her eyes and Jeff got up and held the gifts in front of her.

"Alright." he said. Carrie opened her eyes and jumped for joy (or as much as she could) when she saw the roses and chocolates.

"Oooh, yummy!" she said excitedly. She quickly opened the box and started devouring the chocolates, completely overlooking the roses. But Jeff didn't mind. He'd rather enjoy seeing his wife stuff herself silly anyway.

"So is dinner ready?" asked Jeff.

"Mm-hmm." Carrie answered with a mouth full of chocolate. She ate half the box and decided to save the rest for after dinner. She didn't want to spoil her appetite. She and her husband went out to dining room and sat down at a large round table with mounds and mounds of food on it. There were several roasts, mashed potatoes, a big casserole dish filled with macaroni and cheese, a big pot of rice swimming in butter, and a punch bowl filled with chicken and dumpings.

Jeff got his plate while Carrie got her plates. Jeff loved to watch his wife and would simply stare ate her while she crammed food down her throat. But tonight she was a sight to behold. Carrie was eating faster and more food than usual. Jeff sat and watched while taking bites from his plate on occasion. Carrie was really putting it away; tonight was Jeff's homecoming and she wanted to stuff herself good.

Soon Jeff was finished with his plate and Carrie was starting on her fourth, which she ate rather quickly. About halfway through her fifth plate, she was starting to slow down and stopped for a moment to let her stomach rest.

"Are you done?" Jeff asked.

"No, not yet. I just gotta let my belly rest. Don't worry honey, I'm gonna finish." Carrie said breathing a little heavy. She waited a bit and slowly finished her plate. She filled it again for the sixth time. Jeff saw that she was having a hard time getting her sixth serving down.

"Would you like some help?" he asked. Carrie nodded her head and sat the fork down. She leaned back in the chair and waited for Jeff to feed her. She could do it on her own but she liked even better for Jeff to feed her. And she knew Jeff would enjoy it as well.

Jeff began feeding Carrie the rest of her dinner. He wanted her to be as stuffed as possible as much as she did. A few minutes later and Carrie was finished; the table has been completely cleared of alkl the food and all of it went inside her bloated belly. The night gown that was loose before dinner was now being pulled tight by Carrie's swollen gut.

She had never been so full of food in her life. Her belly was round and super tight and totally hard from being pushed out by the huge meal she ate. Jeff pulled his over stuffed wife to her pudgy feet and walked her to the bedroom while picking up the half eaten 5-pound box of chocolates along the way. It was slow going as they walkled. The food weighed heavily in her bulging belly.

Once they made it to the bedroom, Carrie sat down on the bed. Jeff propped up pillows behind her and his wife leaned back. Then he got out the lotion as Carrie took off the night gown revealing her fleshy fat body with a rouind orb of belly in front. Her breasts rested comfortably on her belly, which was nestled between her chunky thighs.

Jeff sat the box of chocolates next to her, put some lotion on her belly and began to massage it while Carrie ate the rest of her treat. They wanted her to get as big as possible but also minimize the amount of stretch marks she would develop. So far the lotion was doing the trick and after gaining 150 pounds since they met, Carrie doesn't have a single one.

Jeff was rubbing Carrie's belly very passionately and Carrie let out a little moan as he touched one of her special spots. She finished the box and then concentrated in her husband's gentle touch. He normally would've went to another part of her large body, like her puffy arms or her chunky thighs or even her massive EE tits. But tonight Jeff was fixated on her bloated belly.

Carrie's belly was really sensitive and sexually stimulating; however, whenever it was stuffed, the sensitivity and sexual stimulation were amplified and Jeff's passionate rub was driving her nuts. The more he rubbed her belly, the more Carrie was driven into sexual overdrive. She nearly climaxed before pulling Jeff down to the bed, laying him down on his back and getting on top of him. Jeff loved the feel of her soft, warm body on top of him and he crushing weight pinning him down. They made hard, loud and very passionate love.

Jeff kissed and licked and squeezed every squishy part of Carrie. He burrowed his face into her breasts and belly, kissing and sucking. Carrie loved every minute of it. After they finished, Carrie asked Jeff to get hert a gallon of ice cream and a quart of heavy cream. She always got hungry after sex. Jeff came back with the ice cream and the quart and handed them to his wife. He went to sleep while she ate her'after sex' treat. When she was done, Carrie fell asleep next to her husband with his head nuzzled in her cleavage.

The next morning Carrie got up before Jeff and went downstairs to make herself breakfast. She loved they way she felt last night after eating her huge meal so much that she wanted to feel it again with breakfast. She made the usual breakfast foods. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, bacon, sausage, scrapple, pork roll and hash. She made a lot, enough to feed a family of four easily and all of it fried in butter and covered in syrup. She was planning to stuff herself good and full.

After Carrie finished cooking, she sat down at the table and started eating. She was shoveling food into her mouth, hardly chewing and swallowing it in big gulps. In between bites Carrie would drink some neavy cream to wash it down, sometimes even while she still had food in her mouth.

Carrie's belly was filling out and expanding as she ate; her belly was growing so much that it pushed her underwear underneath it. Her spheroid gut was getting very hard and tight from all the food that was going into it. Carrie could feel the pressure building from her inflating gut. Nevertheless, she continued to eat ignoring her stomach as it groaned in protest from being packed beyond full. Besides, she was a little motre than halfway through her meal. And Carrie was the type of person who always finished what she started.

It was more than an half hour since Carrie started eating and she was nearly finished. Breathing slightly heavy and belching, she stared at the last stacks of pancakes and French toast, and six sausage patties. She found some more willpower and slowly ate the remaining food on the table, wanting to fill any space left in her stomach. With the last bite, Carrie was finished. Her belly was supremely round and wholly packed full. The pressure building inside her was so intense and painful that she felt that she was surely going to burst. But for some reason the most pain seemed to be concentrated around her belly button.

Carrie did her best to see over the massive ball of flesh that was her belly to see what was wrong. Through trial and effort she saw what the problem was; she had stretched her belly so much that it was pressing up against the table. She moved the chair back as best she could and let her belly flop on the cushion. She could feel the warmness of her tightly packed gut on the insides of her thighs, which were pushed apart to allow room for her belly to spread out. Carrie could also feel the cushion under her belly as it laid upon it. She rubbed and cherished her belly. She loved feeling like this and she didn't want it to end.

"Good morning, beautiful." a voice came from behind her. Carrie turned around to see that it was Jeff.

"Mornin' honey." she said.

"I see you started breakfast without me." Jeff said surveying the table littered with remnants of a breakfast long gone onto Carrie's tubby tummy.

"Well...urp...I just got so hungry. I couldn't....hic...wait. URRRRP! Excuse me." Carrie belched out.

"That's ok. Looks like it's time for today's weigh in. Come on, sweetie." Jeff extended his arms and grabbed Carrie's pudgy hands. As he pulled her up, Carrie let out a liitle 'oof' as the weight of her overstuffed belly was no longer being supported by the chair and her thighs when she was sitting down. They went across the hall into the bathroom to weigh Carrie. She got out the scale and it read 320.

She had put on twenty pounds within the last two months. But they both thought that the scale might be off due to the family sized breakfast that was residing inside Carrie. Feeling a bit tired from her belly busting breakfast, Carrie went upstairs to take a nap and Jeff followed her. Once she laid down, Jeff told her that he was going to visit his brother for a couple hours. He got a shower and then got dressed.

He kissed his wife and went downstairs but not before leaving four 1 gallon jugs of cream by her side of the bed so she could drink them to keep herself full. Jeff got in his car and drove off to go see his brother.

"Twenty pounds?" Jeff thought as he was driving, "she should've gained more than that within a month, especially with all the extra food I've been buying. Maybe my brother might have a solution to help her gain faster."

As Jeff drove he kept thinking back to the time when they first met and when Carrie made her commitment to gain weight for Jeff's love, as well as her own. Carrie loved to eat and Jeff loved to watch her and in the two years they've been married, they managed to double Carrie's weight. But that wasn't enough for them. With the amount of food Carrie's been eating since they married, she should've hit 400 pounds by now, if not more. Today Jeff was going to see if his brother Brad can help.

Brad is a geneticist and he found a way to alter the genetic sequence of an organism. Jeff remembers Brad telling him about a compound he developed that can slow down the metabolism of an organism which will result in an increase in weight being gained at a faster rate.

Two hours later Jeff arrived at his brother's lab. He had called ahead to let him know that he was coming. When Jeff got out his car he saw Brad standing at the front door waiting.

"Hey Brad." he greeted him as he walked over.

"How ya doing, bro?" Brad said as he shook his hand, "So you finally came to see your 'mad scientist' brother, huh?"

Jeff chuckles. "Yeah it's been a while."

The two brothers continued to converseas they walked into the lab. "So how's Carrie?" Brad asked.

"Fine. She's doing fine." Jeff answered, "How are you and Melody?"

"Great. She does websites now."

"Really? That's cool. Um, Brad can I ask you something?"

"Go 'head. Shoot." Brad said as they came to the door to his research room.

Jeff was a little hesitant in asking. "I know this is gonna sound weird but have you ever tried that compound you came up with on a human."

"Well at first we were using it on pigs and cows to see how they would react." Brad began to explain as they sat down at a table with all kinds of scientific equipment on it. "The tests proved successful and the animals' metabolic rates slowed by 50%."

Jeff sat with a slightly confused look on his face.

"Ok, looks like I lost you. Let's make this simpler. We all know that it takes 3500 calories to make up one pound on the aveage person. If a person were take just 4 ounces of the compound, they would gain weight by taking in just under 1800 calories."

Jeff understood it better now that his brother explained it a lot more simply. Besides, Jeff was better with numbers than words. "So basically a human would gain twice as fast whenever they would drink the compound. How long does it last?" said Jeff.

"It's permenant." Brad was curious as to why his brother would want to know about his compound, let alone a human trial. However he did know about Jeff and Carrie's lifestyle and how they wanted her to gain weight. Then it came to him.

"Jeff are you asking me if you can use this on Carrie?"

"Well that's kinda what I had in mind." Jeff answered with sheepish grin.

"Well I knew this would happen sooner or later." said Brad. Jeff was little surprised that Brad was so calm about the fact that he wanted to use his brother's compound on his wife. While Jeff sat there and tried to make sense of his brother's light-hearted reaction, Brad got up and went over to the cabinet that had tne compound. He came back with a 4 ounce vial and handed it to Jeff.

"But I thought you hadn't done a hmal trial." Jeff said as he took the vial.

"I never said I didn't." Brad replied, "Let me show you something."

He opened the drawer him and took out a photo album. Brad opened it up and showed Jeff several pictures of a very large woman who could easily be twice as big as Carrie. But something about the woman in the pictures seemed familiar to Jeff; as if he already knew her. Uopn closer inspection he recognized the woman.

"This isn't Meldoy, is it?" Jeff asked surprised.

"Yep, that's her. Of course she was only about 750 pounds in that picture." Brad told him. "You see it's been kind of a fantasy of mine to watch a woman eat and gain weight as well. And Melody secretly wanted to be larger herself but was afraid to tell me at first. So I convinced her to take the compound as I told her my fantasy. Now she's even more beautiful than ever. That picture was taken four months after she drank the formula."

"But we last saw you two about five months ago and she was about half the size of Carrie. Are you telling me that your formula made her gain over 600 pounds in just four months?!" Jeff said.

He couldn't believe that Melody more than tripled her size in just four short months. Then he thought about the effect the formula would have on Carrie seeing as how she is already more than halfway towards 600 pounds. He pictured her in his mind what she would look like at nearly four times the size she is now. Carrie would reach that size in no time after tsaking the formula especially since she loved to stuff herself silly. He saw her as a big mass of flesh with rolls upon rolls of blubbery fat on every part of her body. she would have pockets and bulges of fat built up on her arms and legs, big watermelon sized breasts that rested on top of a gigantic globular belly in front of her and huge countershelf of an ass behind.

While Jeff was daydreaming he noticed that Brad was talking on the phone. He looked over at the cabinet and saw that the door was still open. He then started to think about how big Carrie would really get if he gave her twice the amount of his brother's formula. That would mean that Carrie would gain weight just by eating a gallon of ice cream. 800 calories is all that it would take to put one pound on her and she eats way more than that every day.

While Brad was busy on the phone, Jeff quietly snuck over to the cabinet and took out another vial. He placed it in his pocket and stealthly sat back down. A couple minutes later, Brad hung up the phone and told Jeff that he had to help one of his assistants and that he'll call him later. Jeff said that it was alright and said goodbye as he left. After exiting the laboratory, he got in his car drove home rather quickly, eager to give the formula to Carrie and watch her grow.

As he drove up to the house Jeff noticed a pizza delivery van leaving from the driveway.

"Carrie must've ordered dinner." he thought. He pulled into the driveway and hurried inside. When he got to the dining room there was Carrie sitting at the table with six boxes of extra large pizzas sitting next to her.

"Hi honey. Sorry I couldn't wait for you to come home but I just got way too hungry." she said as she opened the fiorst box and started eating. "So how did it go with your visit with Brad."

"It went great. It was really nice to see him again; we should go more often." Jeff answered as Carrie ate. He fumbled with the two vials of formula in his pocket as he thought about what those pizzas with do to her once she takes both of them.

"800 calories." That number kept ringing in his mind. Everyone knows that a single slice of pizza contains 500 calories easily. Times that by 8 slices and you get 4000 calories per pizza; then times that number by six. Jeff quickly did the math in his head. He giggled like a schoolboy to himself at the answer. 24,000 calories! That meant if Carrie took the formula right now and then ate all those pizzas; she would gain 30 pounds by the next day. Jeff was ecstatic. He didn't want to wait any longer; he was just too excited and eager. But he played it cool and kept his excitement hidden. "Honey, do you remember when we said that if there was a way for you to gain faster that you would try it?"

Carrie stopped eating to answer him, "Yeah, what about it?"

"And do you also remember when I told you that Brad was working on a formula to fatten cows and pigs faster for farmers to slaughter them for meat?"

"Yeah, you told me it was supposed to slow down their metabolism or something like that." Carrie paused for a moment and started to get excited at what Jeff was going to tell her.

"Wait a minute. Are telling me that Brad found a way to use on people?"

"Yep. Here, see for yourself." Jeff handed her the picture of Melody he took out of his brother's photo album.

"Is...is this Melody?" Carrie asked staring at the picture.

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it either but that's her. He gave her the formula four months ago."

"She gained this much weight in just four months?"

"Mm-hmm and that's just from four ounces." Jeff took the vials out of his pocket and showed them to Carrie. "Just image if you were to take twice the amount."

Carrie thought for a bit. Then a mischievious smile etches across her chubby face. "So just how much would my metabolism sloiw down if I drink both vials?"

"Enough to make gain weight just by eating 800 calories. Basically, if you were to take these and then eat all that pizza, you would be thirty pounds heavier by tomorrow." Jeff said to her.

The thought of gaining 30 pounds by the next day was very enticing. Without a second thought, Carrie took the vials from Jeff and drank them both. Once consumed, she could already feel a difference as the formula went to work, slowing her metabolism down by one-fourth. There was another effect taking place as well.

Carrie was hungry before taking the formula but now her appetite was raging. Her stomach was calling to her to fill it. She quickly obeyed and started devouring the pizzas. While his wife ate, Jeff went to the kitchen and got a gallon of dairy cream for Carrie. It's high calorie content will sure put even more weight on her along with the pizzas. He came back out and sat the cream on the table and watched.

Carrie was shoveling each slice into her mouth, chewing it quickly and swallowing. She was like a piranha. Jeff had seen his wife eat quickly before but this was something new. And if he didn't know any better, he could swear she was getting fatter right in front of his eyes. As Carrie started on her fouth box, Jeff could really see it now. Her belly was slowly growing and straining the blouse she's wearing. Her jeans, tight as they are, were getting even tighter as her thighs plumped up.

Jeff was astonished. His lovely fat wife was literally getting bigger as she ate. But Carrie was oblivious to her change as she continued to fill her face. Soon the pizzas were gone and she quickly grabbed the gallon of cream and gulped it down quickly.

After finishing the cream, Carrie sat back and let out a contented sigh. She rubbed her bloated belly and she could already fell that it was much bigger than the last time she stuffed herself. Jeff was entranced by the sight of his wife, chock full of pizza and noticeably fatter. They looked at each other. Instantly they got an idea. They wanted to see how much Carrie could gain if she ate through the night.

Wasting no time, she ordered more food from the pizzeria, 6 house special cheesesteaks with extra meat and cheese. Jeff got started on making a big pot of spaghetti. By the time the spaghetti was done, the mammoth cheesesteaks arrived. Jeff took the steaks from the delivery boy and paid for them, leaving him with a healthy tip. He sat the steaks in front of Carrie. She tore open the bag, unwrapped the colossal sandwiches and began devouring them. The Italian rolls were packed to the limit with meat, cheese, onion, peppers and sauce. Carrie took huge bites out the sandwich, scarfing it down like it was gonna run away.

While his wife filled her eager belly, Jeff returned to the kitchen and whipped up a special drink. He mixed whole dairy cream and weight gain powder in a gallon jug. After he finished, a sudden stroke of interest hit him. What if he made more of these and really make her grow. Jeff took a quick peek into the dining room and saw that Carrie had already finished two of the steaks and was working her way through the third one.

"It'll take her some time to finish those steaks and the spaghetti." he thought. With that, he quickly got to work on making more of the weight gain mixture. By the time he was done, Jeff had five gallons of the stuff. He decided to save them to give to Carrie through the night. After getting out a gallon of regular cream, he went back into the dining room. He was stunned by what he saw. Just like earlier with the pizzas, his wife was growing right before his eyes. She had finished the steaks and was now tearing into the spaghetti. Jeff was mesmerized. Here is his lovely, beautifully fat wife eating more than he has ever seen her and getting fatter with eat bite. He sat the jug on the table and took a seat across from her and watched in awe.

Carrie ate the spaghetti right out of the pot. She noticed the jug of cream next to her and picked it up. She sucked down about a fourth of it and then returned to eating. She managed to finish the spaghetti faster than the steaks; afterward, she gulped the rest of the cream. Carrie looked at Jeff, who was stiil awe struck. Jeff stared back at her and noticed the look on her face. He knew exactly what that look meant---more food.

Carrie spent the rest of the evening eating and getting fatter faster than she imagined. As she ate, the formula deposited fat in places on her body she never thought possible. Every inch of her body was growing bigger and fatter the more she ate. And they couldn't be any happier. Carrie ate straight through to midnight. She would wake up each hour or so and drink the weight gain/creamer drinks Jeff made earlier.

By morning Carrie and Jeff were very excited at the result of her gluttony last night. She was definately a couple dress sives bigger than before. They went to the scale and nearly fainted at the number. The scale had her at 415 pounds. Carrie had gained almost a hundred pounds in one evening thanks to Brad's formula...and Jeff's weight gain mixtures. With a quick result like that, Carrie couldn't help but suggest one thing. "Let's see how big I can really get." she said.

"If that's the case then we're gonna need a bigger scale." Jeff said. He called a buddy of his who works at a scale manufacturer and asked for a scale used to weigh cattle. The scale came later that day and was set up in the gym after the exerise equipment was removed. Carrie marathon eating resumed over the next 6 months.

By the end of the first month Carrie ballooned up to 989 pounds. Her arms were as big as four gallon water jugs that started to envelope football sized forearms. Legs that were the size barrels and belly as big and round as a prize pumpkin. If you could measure her breasts, or lucky enough to find measuring tape that could go around her, Carrie would be a size 54 triple U.

Carrie weighed 1374 pounds by the second month and 1769 by the third month. She was quickly becoming Jeff's dream girl as she kept getting really big really fast. Brad's formula not only caused Carrie to gain really fast but also resulted in an increased immune system and muscle and bone structure. They didn't have to worry about her ever getting sick and she can easily carry her increasing bulk.

Jeff's dream came true in the fourth month as Carrie fattened up over a ton. She was so beautiful with pillows and pockets of fat all over her huge body. She had pockets of fat on her arms that hung down to her waist in the back, hiding her elbows and almost completely covered her overinflated football sized forearms. The fat on her thighs had built up so much that most of the rolls dangled towards her equally blubbery calves, which in turn covered her feet except for her toes. Even her feet were dimply.

Carrie has not slacked off her eating since they started and was putting away food almost around the clock. Since they started, money needed to feed and fatten up Carrie was becoming a problem until the middle of the fifth month. Carrie's father had bonds dating back to when his father, Carrie's grandfather, was a child. Her father died the first week of this month and left her the bonds in his will. Her father's accountant told her over the phone that the bonds were worth millions, if not billions, of dollars; which meant that they would literally have unlimited money. Carrie attended the funeral and shocked everone with her 2600 pound body. Her family was amazed that she could even still walk.

The death of her father was a severe shock to Carrie and she started eat more out of depression and put on the most weight in the last month since they started, putting her at 3265 lbs. With the money they were getting, Jeff and Carrie moved into a mansion and invited Brad and Melody to live with them. One month after they were asked, Brad and Melody moved in. Although Melody weighed 2190, she was no where as big as Carrie who clockedin at over 2 tons. The two couples lived happily together with the husbands watching their wives grow fatter and more beautiful and the wives loved growing for their men.

Of course the events of this story took place 2 years ago. Recently Jeff made a call to his friend requesting a larger scale...

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