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May 12, 2007
There's a woman at work who's been gaining weight slowly but surely. The story starts about 4 years ago when I joined the company. Hannah and Michaela are sisters, Michaela is maybe a year older than Hannah and both are skinny women, about 5' 4". Long shiny black hair frame very pretty faces, and they enjoy a Mediterranean tanned skin colour thanks to their Italian mum. They are often mistaken for identical twins and any difference is only seen close-up. Both are lovely people, bubbly and fun, always laughing. Most guys in the firm rank them in the top 10, although they're both too skinny for my taste.

At one point I thought I noticed Hannah was filling her skirt suit a bit more than usual, but put it down to my hidden desires and assumed it was that time of the month. I kept an eye on her however and was pleased to see that her suits looked ever tighter, but it was still so slight that I took it for granted she'd lose a couple of pounds when bikini season came round. Meanwhile Michaela retained her skinny form. Imagine my sheer joy when I joined them both in the lift one day last October and could really see that Hannah had gained noticeably: her belly pushed out the dress further than her A cup breasts, stretching her skirt to the limit and her face looked plumper than Michaela's, with soft cheeks and a hint of a double chin.

Since then Hannah has clearly been over-eating as she's now wearing clothes at least a size bigger with a body that cries out for the next size up. Her body is now soft all over, her breasts are a large handful and win the daily fight with her too-small shirts. Her butt and hips have swelled to a tantalising plumpness, and her round belly shows she's still stuffing herself. Her face has filled out to a soft bubble with the cutest dimples ever. I now find every excuse to pop by their desks and enjoy seeing the difference between the still-skinny Michaela and the growing, jiggling Hannah, a marvellous daily display and reminder of her gain. I also go out to lunch with Hannah occassionally and enjoy tempting her to more bread rolls or a dessert.

The best part is that Hannah is still as bubbly and happy as ever, clearly comfortable with herself in her new fatter body. Now I hope the next episode sees Hannah continue to grow, and perhaps the family genes will catch up with Michaela. That would truly make up for the bonus we had to miss out on this year!

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Oct 1, 2005
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Nice story, thanks for sharing.

I happen to be a guy who works in a library with a variety of women of different ages and body types...I'd say teenagers to late 50s or so.

The older gals seem to be content with who they are, eat what they want, exercise when they want, etc...

Over the past 15 years I've been there. I've seen the teens grow up, go to college, stop exercising like they used to, discover partying and come back to work on their breaks from school with an extra "Freshman 15" or more.

Now that it's summer break, one gal who was slim, came back curvier after her first year. I've enjoyed watching another gal (she's 21 now) put on some college pounds, try to lose some of it, manage to lose a few and then gain it all back. She talks about her weight now and then but doesn't seem bothered by it. I suspect her thinner high school days are over, though.

I work with a gal who's 30 or 31 now and she's been on staff since high school. This gal has a similar build to "Plump Princess" (Tall, leggy, pear shaped). I remember she was just a big girl when she started, went up and down in size several times, quit smoking and she's now at her biggest size ever but is engaged to a BHM who doesn't care what she weighs. I think she looks great and I'm glad she's happy.

Well, I've got various other stories I can share but working with a majority of women all these years has been interesting and I consider the current batch to be my friends. Do I have extra insight into the "mysteries" of understanding a woman? Perhaps, but I enjoy the job and the great gals I work with.