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Cruise ship weight gain

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Well-Known Member
Jan 9, 2007
Kinda delurking for this one. Dont usually post much. I met my wife in 2003 and she was a voluptuous 140lbs. She stedily unintentionally gained to 180 at the time of our wedding in 2007. We were going on an alaskan 7 day cruise in june 2011 where i asked to see how much she could gain, she agreed to play along. The first day we went to the gym and weighed and she was 203 lbs. I was suprised that she had reached 200, sweet! Over the course of the week she didnt hold out on any food and at one point made a comment" u want me fatter right?" is this really happening? The last day of our trip we went on a helicopter flight and had to weigh. I very sneakily peered at the scale numbers hidden behind the cointer and saw 214lbs. I was shocked. Later that evening we got ice cream. Today i would guess shes around 220

Cruises are great. Any similar stories of gain?

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