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Da Rules of Hyde Park

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Sep 29, 2005
Tennessee, USA
This is Hyde Park, the place to speak up and make your opinions known, so the rules here are a little more relaxed than elsewhere in the Dimensions community. However, there are directives:

1) There will be no advocacy of things that are generally understood to be illegal and antisocial -- Nazism, racial supremacy, man-boy love, and similar subjects. Expect threads on these subjects to vanish without notice.

2) Stick with discussing issues rather than attacking individuals -- the latter may result in deletions or loss/curtailing of posting privileges. And faking quotes is a total no-no. You do, you gone.

3) Respect the right of others to have their own religious or political convictions without being called names on that account. This includes polictical affiliations like Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, and the like. Those who can't be tolerant can't post.

4) If a moderator suggests by a private message that you cool it, listen. Else you may wind up having to get posts pre-approved or not being able to post at all.

5) If you don't play by Da Rules, you won't see HP anymore. No argument, no discussion.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Not open for further replies.

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