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Notice of Hyde Park Closure

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Dec 14, 2012
Dear members of Hyde Park,

Following, you can read the model Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner rules as Speaker’s Corner Trust – the UK non-profit that promotes and exports the concept from its native country – advises them:

The Speakers’ Corner Model Code

Speakers’ Corner is your platform. You may use it to express any view, idea or opinion, so long as it is lawful. There are no rules but you are asked to observe the following code:
• Please don’t use offensive language
• Please respect alternative opinions
• Please show courtesy to other speakers and members of the public
• If others are waiting, please limit your time to a maximum of 10 minutes

Use this site to engage, inform and enrich opinion
- and wherever possible, entertain!

Thank You

Many of you will unfortunately have to agree, that Hyde Park here at Dims has moved pretty far away from this model. As in most cases, this has several reasons – which have certainly been aggravated by the recent election campaign in the US.

Among the moderator team we have been following and discussing these negative developments at Hyde Park. By now the confrontation has gotten to a point, where we believe a hiatus and proverbial ‘clean-slate’ approach is the best solution.

We have unanimously decided to close the Hyde Park board - and start afresh with a new political board in the New Year.

New board will also mean new rules regarding participation.
They will be posted in a sticky thread at the launch of the new board.
Aim is to have enable a constructive political discussion, reduce the amount of strain on the moderators and to bring the standards of conduct in the political forum closer to those applied throughout the rest of the forum.

As with Hyde Park, BigBeautifulDreamer will be the moderator for the new political board.

Hyde Park will be taken down at 5 am EST (10 am GMT) on Thursday the 24th of November and the new political board will go live at 5 am EST (10 am GMT) on Friday the 6th of January. We will release more information regarding the new board between now and the new year and will give you plenty of chances to tell us what you would like to see on the new board. We are interested to receive your feedback and suggestions for the new political board – especially on a potential name as well as which rule-elements could be particularly valuable and will set up a board for discussing these issues after Hyde Park is taken down.

We hope you will enjoy the changes we have planned and thank you for your patience.

The moderator team,

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