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It's OK, I bite back
Aug 27, 2011
Winooski, VT
If you know Winooski then we should hang out.

I'm 350, 6', hetero, testicular cancer cost me 1 jewel, and you can say anything you want, but I think I can get it to work again (I hope).

And getting ready to hit 50. My midlife crisis is in full bloom so I'm game for just about anything. Weird is sorta my default mode.

I'd like to meet someone thin (I'm needing to drop a bit of weight - health issues) that can help keep me motivated, any age (just don't act too old - I got enough aches & pains for both of us), 420 friendly.

A sense of humor & randomness is a MUST. I've got goals & just am really hoping I find a Queen & not just a bunch of jokers.

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