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Face or figure?

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Which would you find more attractive?

  • Someone with a beautiful face, but (in your opinion) an insufficiently figure?

  • Someone with an ideally full figure, but (in your opinion) a non-attractive face?

Results are only viewable after voting.


Well-Known Member
Feb 6, 2006
I've always wondered how much importance other people who admire fuller female figures assign to a beautiful face? In being attracted to a woman, is the fact that she has a sufficiently curvy figure essential? Would you -- undoubtedly with regret -- be able to overcome your lack of enthusiasm for a thin figure if her face were sufficiently beautiful?

I suppose the easiest way to measure this is with two options: Would you be more attracted to someone with a gorgeous face, but an insufficiently full figure? Or someone with an ideally full figure, but a face that you don't find attractive?

(Obviously this question doesn't factor in other aspects of attraction, such as character, compatibility, etc. Therefore, let's stipulate, "All other things being equal...")

EDIT: Whoops. Can't edit poll questions, it seems, but that first line should read, "Someone with a beautiful face, but (in your opinion) an insufficiently full figure?"

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