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May 3, 2014
All Broke Down

I was driving cross-country from New York to Los Angeles and since I wasn't in a hurry I had decided to take the road less traveled, avoiding the interstates and sticking to scenic back roads whenever possible.

You see, I am ... or rather was, a freelance writer for magazines and I was pretty good at it, at least until people stopped reading serious news magazines and the print media went completely to hell. I was still writing some, but writing online content was not paying my bills like magazine writing used to. I was pretty much down to my last few hundred dollars and, at a friend's advice, had decided to go west, perhaps to take up screenwriting in Hollywood. I had nothing else to lose and, frankly, welcomed the chance to start over again since my old career was all but in the crapper.

My journey had taken me to a scenic road in Iowa where it seemed as if the road parted endless rows of corn on either side. The land was so flat and there was so much corn that you couldn't see houses or other landmarks -- it was just so different from New York, I loved it.

I was driving my 1973 Fiat Spider (a newer version of the car Dustin Hoffman drove in The Graduate) and a little afraid it wouldn't get me cross country. It was old and needed work, but I loved that car as it had belonged to my father and he had passed it down to me 20 years previously. It had gotten me through college and grad school, a marriage and divorce, and other milestones in my life and nothing would be better than my old reliable getting me across the USA.

The only bad thing about my beloved Spider was that it wasn't exactly roomy and my current body demanded roominess in a motor vehicle. I was maybe 145 pounds when I started driving the car as a teenager, but as of the day I left on my trip was around 325 and the steering wheel was really starting to get in the way of my belly ... or was it the other way around? I had packed on a ton of weight after my divorce five years ago and then with the downturn in my career opportunities.

And I didn't have anything or anyone to lose any weight for, since dating opportunities for fat, penniless men in Manhattan were few and far between. So I just ate and got fatter ... I definitely needed to do something about that once I arrived in L.A. ... or maybe I'd meet a superfat Hispanic woman (one of my fantasies) and we could get fatter together!

I was listening to Outlaw Country on SiriusXM and all the she done him wrong songs weren't helping as it brought back memories of my ex who couldn't stand how fat I'd gotten (and I was only about 250 pounds then!), then left me for her female fitness instructor (now that would make a good country song!). I heard George Jones sing "the King is Gone (and so are you)" and Merle Haggard was singing "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (and let the memory of you come around)" when I heard something pop and the Spider started coasting to a stop. I eased her over to the shoulder and popped the hood, having no idea was underneath and how it might be fixed.

The only saving grace was that I was about a hundred yards from a driveway and a big mailbox. So I walked up the road to see what I could see and could make out what appeared to be a large farm house and at least a couple of barns far off in the distance down the driveway. And, about the same time, I saw a cloud of dust and it looked like a pick-up truck was heading my way toward the main road. Maybe I'd be rescued after all or at least be able to call a tow truck.

It was a huge Ford F-250 and looked brand new and behind the wheel was a trim and very attractive woman about my age. When she came to a stop, I noticed there was another woman in the passenger seat and she appeared to be the twin of the driver. All I could think about was that it was a shame I was so fat or I could definitely flirt with one or both of these women!

The driver put down her window and asked if I was in trouble. "Afraid so, my car is broken down a hundred yards down the main road and was wondering if you could recommend a tow service to call." She responded, "you're in luck big man, we'll take you back to the house and get you all fixed up. And it's 2 in the afternoon so you could probably use some lunch, couldn't ya?"

I shook my head yes (I was starving as it had been two hours since I'd had anything to eat), but said "I don't want to inconvenience you ..." She cut me off and said "nonsense" and told her sister to vacate the front seat and climb into the crew cab. Sis said "OK, I guess he's too fat to get in the crew cab so I'll move. Then she looked over at me and said "come on Fatty."

A Hint of Things to Come

I climbed into the truck cab and the other sister immediately got on my case, saying slide the seat back to make sure you have enough room for that big belly." Her sister patted me on the tummy and said "don't mind her, she's a mean girl."

I introduced myself "Quinn" and shook the driver's hand. "I'm Mary and the mean girl here is Marie."

"It seems obvious you're sisters, but are you twins too?"

"Yep. Mean girl is older than me by two minutes."

"And do you both still live on the farm here?"

"I know it seems strange, but yes we do. The house is so big we each have our own space, even when Marie was married they had plenty of privacy." Before I could ask, Mary went on and explained that Marie's husband had passed away a couple of years earlier, in an auto accident. I looked back at Marie and said I was so sorry to hear that and she acted like I wasn't even there. What an ice queen I thought ...

The farm was so big it seemed to take five minutes to reach the house. Mary was definitely right, the house was massive and bespoke that these girls must have had some serious money between them.

The truck sat so high that I had to sort of jump out and when my feet hit the ground my belly wobbled like crazy, causing Mean Girl Marie to snicker and ask her sister if she had just felt an earthquake. Mary shot her a mean glance and said "knock it off Sis, Quinn here is our guest and we need to treat him with respect." Marie threw up her hands and said "whatevs" and sauntered off leaving me alone with Mary.

Mary showed me into the house thru the kitchen door and the first thing I saw were two pies and a cake sitting under glass. "I'll bet you're starved, so I'll call our cook and have her whip you up some lunch. Then you can try out her desserts here -- she is an amazing baker and I honestly amazed I'm not 500 pounds by now having her in the house like this. It takes all my willpower not to have seconds and thirds!"

The cook was an older Hispanic woman, Luisa, who proceeded to pull the substantial remains of a rump roast out of the industrial-size fridge and carved half of it for me, then set out some homemade bread and the other fixins needed for world class sandwiches. Then she poured me some milk and I proceeded to take down two sandwiches worth and then finished off the rest of the beef she had sliced for me. Although I was full, those pies and the cake were definitely singing a siren's song to my stomach and Luisa cut a slice of each one for me -- applie pie, cherry pie, and chocolate frosted pound cake, each with a scoop of ice cream on top.

I was afraid that I was revealing my true gluttony and that Mary would think me a total pig, but she surprisingly seemed to enjoy watching me eat. Unfortunately, Marie walked in as I was working on the desserts, took one disgusted look, and said "no wonder you're so fat, we've got hogs here on the farm that don't eat that much." Again, Mary shot her a dirty look.

But Mean Girl then revealed that she had called the car mechanic in the nearest town and that he was coming to hook my Spider up to his tow truck. Then she said "Sis can give you a ride into town to make the arrangements" and she disappeared as suddenly as she came, kind of like a witch suddenly flying off on her broom.

Mary again apologized for her evil sister and said "well let's get a move on into town, you wash up and we can go."

But when I tried to get up from the chair, I was so stuffed that I had trouble getting upright. Mary smiled, waved Luisa over, and motioned for me to hold out my arms. Then the two women gave me a tug on a count of three and go me to a standing position. As she showed me to the bathroom, Mary patted me again on my big tummy and said "it's good to see a man with such a healthy appetite."

That really got my mind running wild, wondering if this attractive woman was a chubby chaser ... I could definitely picture this skinny little hotty stuffing me full of pie and cake and then riding me like crazy. I even started to get an erection and hoped it wasn't obvious to her under my tight khakis. I hadn't been with a woman in at least three years, so once I hit the bathroom I held my belly up with one hand and quickly jerked myself off with the other. It felt so good imagining making love to that lovely farm girl!

I took a little extra time tidying myself up to look as presentable as a fat guy in too tight clothes could. Then I joined her for the trip into town. On the way, I found out that Mary and Marie were definitely the entreprenuers in this town, as Mary pointed out the various businesses they owned, including the town newspaper, a diner, and a donut shop. I was already in love with this woman -- looks, money, a newspaper publisher, and she owned a donut shop!

She dropped me off at the garage while she checked in at the newspaper office. The mechanic was a youngish guy and admitted that he had never seen a car like mine and didn't even know where to find parts for it. If I needed parts, his estimate was that it might take four to six weeks for them to arrive, given the age of the Fiat and the fact that there probably weren't too many old Spiders sitting in junkyards in Iowa waiting to be cannabilized for parts.

I took the bad news in stride and the mechanic said, "look on the bright side, you might get to spend a few weeks with the Anderson sisters -- you're just the type of guy those girls like."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, no offense dude, but those women like fat guys. But not just fat, I mean REALLY fat. You're probably only half as big as they normally like, but they have a way of fattening their men up."

"Tell me more," I said.

"Well dude, the meaner one of the two, Marie, married this guy about five years ago, and he was probably about your size. But within a couple of years, he probably weighed 800 pounds. He died in a car accident a couple of years ago and when they buried him they needed a six foot wide casket and the pallbearers didn't even try to lift him -- the dude was so damned fat they had to get a crane to lower him into the ground."

"Holy shit" I said. "One of them told me he was in a car accident." "Yeah, he apparently insisted on driving himself and on an icy day he went off the road going round a curve and hit a tree. He probably would have survived, but he was so fat it took them a couple of hours to cut him out of the car and then they had trouble fitting him into the ambulance. By then the damage was done ..."

"That's so sad" I said. Then the mechanic said "watch out and don't let that happen to you." I responded "don't worry" and about that time Mary pulled up out front to pick me up. "Remember what I said" the mechanic shouted as I walked out the door.

Mary asked me what the prognosis was and when I told her it could be as much as four to six weeks, she seemed ecstatic and said "well, you'll just have to stay with us." "I couldn't impose like that." To which she responded, "it's no imposition and I insist you stay with us." Then I received a third tummy pat on the day and Mary said "Luisa will so enjoy having a man around with such a big appetite, and so will I."

Before I could think of anything to say, Mary pulled up in front of the donut shop and told me to come in with her. "Since you're going to be staying with us, I better stock up on donuts -- you LOOK like a donut man, am I right?"

The Livestock Scale

Mary told me to come into the donut shop to help her pick out what I liked. "I want to stock up, since Luisa really likes donuts and Marie and I usually eat one a day, so I'm thinking four dozen ought to hold us for a day or two." OMG I thought!

As she walked up to the counter and said "we'll take four dozen," the counter girl took a look at me and gave Mary a sly wink.

Mary told the counter girl "we'll take half a dozen crullers, since Luisa loves those, and a half dozen glazed blueberry since Marie and I like those, and my friend here will order the other three dozen." I was definitely the fat kid in the donut shop and ordered all my favorites, a dozen chocolate frosted custard filleds and half a dozen each of the plain glazed, glazed chocolate cake, crullers, powdered, glazed blueberry, and jelly filleds. Mary also had me grab a big Coke out of the refrigerated case "to wash everything down."

Mary made sure the chocolate custard filleds were on top and when we got back in the truck, she cracked open the box and started feeding me one. By the time we had made the fifteen minute drive back to the farm, I'd finished off three-quarters of the dozen and Mary seemed kind of turned on by my gluttony.

As we went down the long drive toward the house, Mary made a sudden detour down a dirt path and smiled at me and said "I don't Marie to see the full evidence of your gluttony, so I'm going to give you a tour of the farm so you'll have time to finish eating and give me an opportunity to dispose of the evidence."

"Speaking of Marie, what has she got against me?"

"Nothing really," Mary replied.

"Well it's kind of odd that she gets on my case about being fat, since the mechanic in town mentioned that her husband was a really big guy, like 800 pounds."

"That blabbermouth, he shouldn't have said that. And he was wrong -- at his biggest, Mark was about 875."

"Holy shit" I said. "That's massive!"

"That he was," Mary said. "He would make you look like a twig by comparison!" Then she pulled the truck up behind a barn a few hundred yards from the house (and hidden from Marie's view), and told me "OK lightweight, it's time to finish your donuts." She picked up the tenth donut of the dozen and started feeding it to me, then the eleventh, and then the twelth.

"You do like to eat don't you?" I responded "that should be pretty evident" and patted my full belly with both hands, then used them to hoist it up and then let it drop back onto my lap.

"Oh my sir, you know how to make a woman swoon ... I believe I'm getting the vapors," she said in a mock Southern belle accent while giving my upper belly a good squeeze. "What do you say we hop out and I show you our hay loft? It's only the best hay loft in the whole county."

"Well how can I refuse seeing the best hay loft in the county?"

As we got out of the truck, she reached over and grabbed another box of donuts, and then it was me getting turned on. As we walked into the barn, she pointed out something else that sent my motor into overdrive.

"That's our livestock scale to weigh our hogs and cows -- it has a 2,500 pound capacity. But we originally bought it to weigh Marie's husband once he hit 500 pounds."

I simply had to ask, "how did he get so fat? Seems like he should have had sense to stop at 500 pounds or 600 pounds, but eating your way to almost 900 pounds?"

"What can I say? He was a great guy, but he just couldn't stop eating and got fatter and fatter," then she smiled and slapped me on my big ass and said "kinda like you and these donuts Big Man." She continued "you know, if Mark had lived, I bet he'd be over a half ton by now, he was simply an eating machine and ate more and more every day." Then she opened the second box and stuffed a jelly donut in my mouth!

As I chewed, she grabbed my hand and started toward the hay loft. Access meant climbing a ten foot ladder and I hesitated, wondering if the ladder could support my weight. Mary guessed what I was thinking and said "don't worry, it's made of sturdy wood" and goaded me to climb up the rungs. I'd climbed plenty of ladders in my time, but never at 325 pounds and was pretty winded by the time I reached the top. Mary clambored up behind me but in two-thirds less time, all the while carrying the donut box.

I lay panting on the floor and she popped another donut in my mouth, then started taking off her boots, Western shirt, and tight jeans. Underneath, her lithe little body was spectacular and my boys sprung into action again. She reached out her arms to help pull me up and said "now we need to get your clothes off Big Man."

Once on my feet, she reached underneath my belly hang, grabbed my crotch, and exclaimed "my you're pretty big down there too, aren't you Big Man?" Soon we were rolling the hay and I loved what that skinny little farm girl was doing to my big fat body, all the while feeding me the remaining donuts! It was the ultimate in stuffing and f---ing ...

As we lay snuggling afterwards, she whispered in my ear "how about we get this big fat body of yours on the livestock scale?"


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May 3, 2014
After the Weigh-in

After a few more minutes of snuggling, Mary reminded me we were late for dinner and it was time to get going before Marie got too suspicious. I was really afraid of going back down the ladder and Mary laughed and said told me there were some stairs around the back of the barn. But before I could put my clothes back on, she threw everything over the side except my shoes, explaining that she wanted me buck naked for my weigh-in!

So I slipped my shoes on and walked to the stairway in the back, while the skinny girl quickly went back down the ladder. I met her at the livestock scale and she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big long kiss, then she moved her hands down to my moobs and belly rolls for a little more play time before I climbed on the scale.

When she finally finished and allowed me to climb on, my weight was recorded on the digital readout as 328 pounds. "Definitely a lightweight compared to my old brother in law, Mark, but keep eating our donuts and you'll be a real heavyweight in no time!"

Then she looked at her watch and said "oh shit! Dinner is always at 6:30 and it's 6:25 -- Marie is going to be wondering what we've been doing. Get your clothes on and let's skidaddle."

When we walked in the door ten minutes later carrying a bag with two dozen donuts, Marie looked at us suspciously, then inspected the bag. "That's funny," she said, "I was wondering where you two were and I called Rosy at the donut shop and she told me you had come in with a big blimp of a stranger and picked out four dozen donuts. Yet, all I see in the bag are two dozen ...," then looked straight at me and asked, "Tubby, did you eat the other two dozen? No wonder you're such a blimp!" And then she stormed off and didn't return for dinner.

That was fine with me as it was a much more enjoyable affair alone with Mary and with Luisa bringing plate after plate of delicious food, then plate after plate of incredible pie a la mode. I was so stuffed I could barely get up and again Mary and Luisa had to help me get to my feet. Mary showed me to a couch in the living room and unbuckled my belt for me to give me some needed relief from my stuffing. Within five minutes I was fast asleep and dreaming of more food and sex.

Around 8:30, Mary awoke me by cutting on the TV to watch Mike & Molly, and Luisa rolled in a dessert cart with more slices of pie and the remains of the cake I had enjoyed at lunch. Although still stuffed from the donuts and dinner and first dessert, I took down three more slices of pie and two slices of cake before it was bed time.

I had trouble getting up the steps, but Mary showed me to the guest bedroom complete with a king-sized bed, then she helped me to get undressed, making sure to play with my rolls and moobs along the way. Then she whispered in my ear "I'll be back once Marie is asleep, so stay awake for me my fat Romeo."

But I was so stuffed I was fast asleep in an instant, only to be awakened around midnight by my sexy lover sliding into bed next to me and completely naked. She felt so incredible next to me, her all buff and muscled, and me so soft and fat. She proceeded to carress and kiss what seemed like every square inch of my body from my double chin down to my sagging bottom belly roll. But then she did something even more sexy -- she reached over to night table where she had set the third of the four dozen donuts! She told me "I hope you're hungry again Fatso, now eat up and get even fatter for me!"

I thought that a little strange as Mary had always referred to me as Big Man and had never called me Fatso. Then when she started feeding me out came a steady stream of less than endearing ephitets -- Two Ton, Tub o' Lard, Blimp Boy, Blubber Belly, you name it. And unlike the smooth rythmic sex in the hay loft that afternoon, she was much more physical, tossing my belly from side to side, biting my nipples, and squeezing my bottom roll so hard it was painful. But a good kind of pain ...

And the epithets kept coming -- "you're such a total ***ing blimp" and "Fatty Fatty Two by Four, gonna be too fat to fit thru the door" and many more where that came from.

It was a great ten minute ride, but when I blew my load, she was gone as quickly as she came. No snuggling like that afternoon. I actually suspected that it was Marie who joined me in bed, but her distaste for me seemed so strong, I just couldn't imagine it.

The next morning I went down to breakfast and was greeted by a warm "the blimp is awake" from Marie, while Mary blew me a kiss. While Marie wasn't looking Mary waved me into the kitchen where she gave me an incredible kiss and said "I hope you liked your little surprise last night, you were an animal in the sack and I was just so turned on when you scarfed down another dozen donuts -- you're just my sexy eating machine!" That's when I completely put out of my mind the thought that it might have been Marie in bed with me and not Mary.

Luisa fixed us a sumptious breakfast of eggs, bacon, suasage, hashbrowns, and what seemed like endless plates of pancakes. Then about 10 a.m., the donut shop's delivery truck dropped off four more dozen donuts, which I knoshed on while surfing the internet and pretending to work on freelance stories that I wasn't writing (I was really writing FantasyFeeder stories!). Then a huge lunch, more donuts, and a massive dinner and first dessert, followed again by second dessert around 9 p.m. I figured I must have consumed at least 10,000 calories during the course of the day and evening!

Then off to bed and again around midnight Mary joined me in bed, but this time it was more like our hay loft sex, very smooth and sexy, and no epithets. She was like a totally different woman.

The eating and ***ing continued like that for two full weeks and by then I'd completely outgrown the clothes I had brought with me. Marie chided me every day about how I'd eaten so much that my clothes didn't fit anymore, but Mary came to my rescue and took me to the basement where there was a stockpile of her brother-in-law's clothes, ranging in size from 56" to over 100" waist pants and 3-XL to 20-XL shirts. I tried on a few pairs of slacks before selecting a pair of size 60's and then correctly guessed that I'd need a 5-XL shirt. Mary told me I looked great and gave me another of her patented long passionate kisses.

The next morning Mary suggested it was time for another weigh-in on the livestock scale. We snuck out after breakfast while she knew the farm hands would be working on mending fences on the far side of the property. She lovingly and carefully undressed me, paying attention to and commenting favorably on my greatly expanded moobs, rolls, and love handles. When she finally let me on the scale, even I was amazed at how much I had gained in two weeks -- I was a gargantuan 357 pounds -- a gain of 29 pounds in only fourteen days! No wonder none of my old stuff fit ...

Mary was so excited by my gain that we immediately headed off to the hay loft, only this time I went up the steps. She climbed on top and I was actually so fat now that I had to hold my belly back so she could access my manhood and she was thrilled when I let go and sent it flopping down on her, driving her deeper into me. She immediately orgasmed, while I took a few minutes longer, eventually bringing her to a second and third orgasm. It was our best love-making session yet!

While snuggling afterwards, Mary told me she had an idea. Since I was a writer and she and her sister were newspaper publishers, she suggested that I come to work as deputy editor and feature writer and that I could start that day! I was dying for something real to do and accepted on the spot and put my new big boy clothes on for the ride into town.

On the way, I asked if she could drop me off at the garage so I could check on the progress of my beloved Spider. When I walked in the door, the mechanic started shaking his head in disgust at me and said "dude, you didn't listen to me, did you? You look like you've gained 20 pounds! Too much more and you'll never fit behind the wheel of that Spider ever again."

Marie Reveals All

As soon as he got over his initial reaction, the mechanic slapped me on the a flabby upper arm and consoled me about my weight gain at the hands of the sisters. "I may be able to get you away from the clutches of those two. I just got an email today that the parts I need have been shipped from Italy. I figure they'll be here in a week and it will take me a week or two to figure things out and get 'er running again."

But then he added, "just don't gain any more weight or you won't fit behind the wheel. In fact, she's parked out back -- why don't you go out and see how you fit now?"

I said "that's probably a good idea, so I went out back, opened the door and squeezed in. Much to my surprise, the extra 29 pounds I'd added barely provided any clearance between the steering wheel and my monstrous gut and that was with the seat slid all the way back.

Just then Mary walked up quietly and said "boo," nearly sending my head thru the cloth roof of the Spider, she startled me so. Mary poked her head inside the door and said "my, my doesn't look like you've got much belly clearance there" and patted my tummy adoringly. "You're such a cute butterball, I bet another couple of dozen donuts and you won't be able to fit in there at all." I should have taken offense but she said it so adorably and lovingly that I just smiled and asked her to help me get unwedged. As she helped pull me out, she said "you know I'm so hot right now, watching you stuff that big belly in that tiny little Fiat. If you didn't have to be at the newspaper right now, I'd take you down to the Motel 6 and do you proper, you delicious fat man!"

I begged her to take me, but she said something about one of us needing to be responsible ...

The newspaper office was on the other side of town, but on the way Mary stopped at the donut shop and picked up two dozen for me to "tide me over thru the afternoon." Then she said, "and I asked them to deliver four dozen to the newspaper office tomorrow morning, since you'll be working a full day."

It was about 11 a.m. when we arrived at the newspaper and I discovered that deputy editor wasn't a big deal since there were only two other employees -- a grizzled old newspaperman who was the editor and an equally ancient woman who was a jack of all trades (gossip columnist, food critic, sports writer, community news editor, you name it!). But it felt great to be writing again and I didn't mind a bit getting an assignment to to cover the town's upcoming Memorial Day celebrations and the graduation at the county high school.

By the time lunch time rolled around, I had forgotten the mechanic's admonition to gain no more weight and had scrafed down a dozen and a half donuts, while my co-workers looked at me like I was the biggest glutton they had ever seen! We agreed to take shifts at the diner, which was conveniently located across the street. I agreed to go last as that would give me the opportunity to eat my donuts with a little more privacy. By the time each of the others had taken a 45-minute lunch, I had made another dozen and a half disappear, which only left one dozen for the rest of the afternoon (and that concerned me greatly as I had become totally addicted to those donuts, they were like crack!).

So I decided I really needed to chow down for lunch and although I had never been to the diner before the wait staff knew exactly who I was and that I was to be treated like a celebrity (turns out the owner was Mary's best friend and herself the husband of a 400-pound blimp of a man!). Although not as big as Luisa's lunches at the farm, this was plenty big as I ordered two double cheeseburgers and double fries, a large chocolate milk shake (which got re-filled a second time), and two big slabs of pie with ice cream for dessert. As had become the norm back at the farm house, two of the waitresses had to help pull me out of the chair, with a third pushing my back from behind! They seemed to get a big kick out of it and I tipped them handsomely, notwithstanding the fact that I had almost no money left in the bank.

I was about fifteen minutes late and the editor glared at me as I walked in, but it was totally worth it -- the lunch was great and I had a good time getting fussed over by the wait staff. Finally after years of misery I was learning that there sometimes were fringe benefits of being an enormous fatty! I loved that diner so much that at the afternoon break I went over and ordered a huge ice cream sundae and scarfed it down so I could get back to work on time! That definitely hit the spot as I only had a half dozen donuts left back in the newspaper office.

The afternoon went by really fast and Mary pulled up in front about ten after five to take me back to the farm. She greeted me with a kiss, then told me to look in the glove box as he had bought me some candy bars to tide me over on the twenty minute ride. Then she squeezed one of my belly rolls and said "I heard a certain Big Man made quite the spectacle of himself today." "How so? I asked. "Well, I spoke to Thelma at the diner and she said you made quite the impression on her staff -- they were amazed at how much food you could put away. In fact, she said she hadn't seen anything like it since Mark was still alive. She thought you could even out-eat her husband and he's 400 pounds!"

I stammered that I hoped I hadn't embarrassed her in front of her friend, but Mary cut me off. "Embarrassed? Thelma was totally impressed with you, and as for me, I'm so ***ing proud of you Big Man! You are just a big sexy eating machine and I don't want you to stop ... ever! Got it Big Man?"

"Yes maam!"

"Now I'm gonna stop at the donut shop on the way home -- I think your gluttony calls for a special celebration tonight in bed. Whatdathink Big Man?"

"You know I'm always down with being fed and ***ed by you, sexy lady!"

This continued for three weeks and I was in Fat Man's Heaven, knowing that I had gained a ton of weight but not knowing how much as Mary had been too busy to waddle me out to the livestock scale. I could eat anything I wanted and I had, so much so that I suspected strongly that I had crossed the 400-pound threshhold. I thought "wow" as that would be a 75 pound gain in about five weeks -- I was becoming a professional gainer!

Then, right on schedule, the mechanic called the house and said my car was ready. It was my day off, but unfortunately Mary had to drive to DesMoines for a Republican State Committee meeting, so she asked Marie to give me a ride to the garage. Marie gave her usual complaints about me, including "he's so fat he's gonna bust the springs in my truck seat, then I'll have to put it in the garage too!" Mary told her to behave and do a good deed for me.

When we got there it took all but the last two dollars in my bank account to pay the bill, then the mechanic walked us out back to see the car. He had washed and detailed it for free and it looked great, but Marie took one look at it and said "you're way too big a blimp to fit in the driver's seat" and poked me hard in the belly for emphasis. The mechanic jumped in and said "that's what I told him would happen" and I glared at him to shut the *** up. But then Marie turned nice for a moment and said "I like your choice in cars, Fatty. Here, give me the key and I'll start it up, then we can drive this back to the farm -- there should be plenty of room for you in the passenger seat -- it will be tight but you should fit."

She gave her keys to the mechanic and asked him to pull her truck behind the fence until she could pick it up again. Then we roared off in the Spider. Midway thru town, she asked if I was hungry (of course I was) and stopped at the diner for lunch. It was the first time we had really had an opportunity to sit down alone and talk and I decided to address the 800 pound gorilla in the room (not me, but her extreme dislike for me),

She really surprised me with her answer. "It's my problem, not yours," she said. "You see, I was married to the love of my life and I adored how he kept eating and eating and got fatter and fatter until he was almost 900 pounds. Then he was taken from me. It was OK as long as Mary didn't have a big man of her own, but from the moment we met you I could tell she was totally into you. And I guess I'm jealous of her and am taking it out on you and you don't deserve that. You seem like a really nice guy and someone who is committed to her and she deserves a guy like you."

I probably blushed, but managed to get out "thanks for saying that -- I appreciate it and am glad to get everything out in the open."

Then Marie smiled like a Cheshire cat and reverted momentarily to form, saying "but you are a total *** and I can't believe how much fatter you've gotten while you've been with us!" But then she said "you look great though and you're so fat and handsome I can't blame Mary for wanting to bang you all the time."

I was dumbfounded and her good behavior kept up throughout lunch even though I stuffed myself silly. Finally, she said "let's get back to the farm and surprise Mary by weighing you? I'll even stop for donuts!"

When we got back, she pulled the Spider into the barn right up next to the livestock scale. She then came around and helped me get upright, then helped me undress "for an accurate weigh-in." When I weighed in at 408 (a 51 pound gain in three weeks),I was even more surprised when Marie climbed onto the scale and started kissing me and playing with my bulk, mentioning something about her and her twin "sharing everything."

Then she breathlessly said "you know Fatty, this farm hasn't had a Blue Ribbon prize hog at the State Fair in over twenty years -- if you keep gaining like this I think we're gonna break that streak come September!" She kissed me again and walked over to the car to grab a box of donuts and pushed one into my waiting mouth. "Now eat Two Ton!"


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May 3, 2014
The Back Door

I sat on the trunk of the Spider, my bare ass cheeks on the cool steel and the springs sagging noticeably under my 400 pounds + of blubber. Marie fed me more donuts, placing each one carefully in my mouth and waiting for me to chew. "Eat up Fatty and make that blubbery belly even bigger for Mary and me."

I managed to say, between bites, "keep shoveling 'em in -- I'm just addicted to your donuts" and Mary smiled an evil grin, no doubt imagining me growing to the size of her late husband Mark, or maybe even bigger. What did she and Mary have in mind for me ... 800 or 900 pounds or maybe even a full half ton?

The thought of being that enormous really got my motor running and Mary took immediate notice of the tip of my shaft peeking out ever so slightly from under its comfy nest of pubic fat. She asked "is it me or the donuts?" "Both" I said "and the thought of being fattened at the hands of you and Mary." Marie responded "and don't forget about Luisa -- her cooking and baking is a big reason you've packed on so many pounds, plus she has a thing for this enormous fat belly too" and gave my protruding bottom roll a good shake with her free hand, sending ripples and waves throughout my loose flesh.

Before she could pop another donut in, I exclaimed "so there are three FFAs on this farm!" "You betcha Fatso" and Marie stuffed another donut in my mouth. Then she handed me the remains of the box and told me I was on my own for a couple of minutes, while she started to strip off her sexy tight jeans and the rest of her clothes. My erection got even larger seeing her tight little body and imagining it on top of my mountainous form.

Then, as I was finishing off the last of the first dozen, she sauntered over to the livestock scale, hips swaying in a very womanly fashion, and climbed aboard. The readout said 108 pounds, just a few pounds lighter than her twin. She started fondling her own breasts and rubbing between her legs and asked "like what you see Fatty?" I said "better than donuts" (but she knew I was lying).

She let out a huge belly laugh and said "you know Blubber Boy, you outweigh me by 300 pounds and once you put on 24 more pounds you'll outweigh me four-to-one." I sighed and said "I know I've gotten so f__ing fat," then I started putting on a show of my own, playing with my boobs, which were by then much bigger than hers, and grabbing my bottom roll with both hands and giving my belly a few good shakes.

That was all it took and Marie said "I need you inside me Fatty." She got off the scale and sauntered back over to me, wrapping both arms around my neck and giving me the kiss of my life, then she let her hands work their way down my body until she reached under my belly overhang and started tugging on my engorged cock. But looking around, there was not a convenient or comfortable place for us to lay, then she looked at the back of the Spider and inspiration struck.

"You're not too fat to take me from behind, are you Tubby? Then she leaned her front side across the lid of the trunk, her breasts resting on the cool metal and her super tight derriere lifted high. Then she commanded, "lift that fat belly and let it flop on my back, then stick it in me and f--k me hard Fatty!" I did as commanded and doggie style felt so good -- I hadn't tried that in years and was kind of surprised that it worked with my belly so damned big.

All the while, Marie was talking really dirty to me (Mary never did that) and I liked it. "F---k me Fatty, f---k me," followed by "you're crushing my spine you Blimp, but keep it up," followed by "God you're so f----ing fat, I can't believe I'm letting such a fat tub of lard f--k me," and so forth and so on. Finally her insults helped bring me to climax and I was so tired from the effort that I just collapsed all my weight on her back, pinning her tight to the trunk lid. I figured she'd order me off because I was suffocating her, but she liked it, telling me to keep squashing her! I couldn't believe she actually liked having her body enveloped in all my fat, but after a couple of minutes it finally became too much for her and, as I expected, she finally told me it was time to get off her.

Once both of us were upright again, she gave me another incredible kiss and said "let's put our clothes back on then we'll head back to the house where Luisa and I have a special treat just for you. We're gonna see just how much food that big belly of yours will hold."

I patted my belly and said "you've seen the last few weeks that it can hold an awful lot." Marie cackled like a witch and responded, "Fatty, you've never seen as much food as Luisa and I are going to stuff into you -- I just hope you're ready my big fat piggy!"

Getting to Know Marie Better

I didn't bother with my then 66' waist jeans, I just put on my underwear and 6-X polo shirt and Marie helped me to get crammed into the passenger seat of the tiny Spider for the short ride to the house.

When we arrived, we found that Luisa had prepared a lunch feast for five, only that most of it was going to be consumed by one person -- me! Then I looked over at the counter and Luisa had five fresh pies laid out under glass covers! Marie saw the look of astonishment on my face and commented "bet you've got a hard on under all that blubber don't ya Fatty?"

I shook my head with an emphatic yes, sat at the table in Mark's old extra-wide and extra-sturdy chair, and started digging in. A few minutes in, Marie told me to stand up for a moment and she and Luisa each went to one of my sides and started lifting my polo shirt over my belly rolls and boobs so that I was clad only in my briefs which were almost totally obscured by the hang of my belly and love handles.

Then, Luisia, who had never had an opportunity to partake of my bulk, started playing with my boobs and belly, until Marie reminded her that she was keepiing me from eating "like a kept piggie should." So I sat back down and started shoveling the food in again, while Luisa took up position in back of me, massaging my shoulders and the big fat pad that was developing around them. As she was massaging, she commended me on how fat I was becoming and how much I seemed to like her cooking.

Then Luisa really surprised me, saying, "Mr. Mark really liked my cooking too, but not like YOU Mr. Quinn! Your appetite is MUCH bigger, don't you think Miss Marie?"

"Without a doubt," Marie said. "If Tubby here stays with us, he's definitely gonna eat his way to the half ton mark." I looked up momentarily and smiled, then dug back in to Luisa's cooking. Marie grinned a huge grin and told Luisa "he's an eating machine without compare!"

I didn't finish everything on the table, but I came real close, and was utterly and completely stuffed. Marie told me to come to her bedroom to sleep it off "since it's better equipped for a fat man." She led me by the hand and the going was slow, with me taking little piggy steps because my belly hurt so much. Even with the little steps, my belly still bounced up and down with each step, sending shocks of pain throughout the rest of my body.

I was relieved when we finally reached the bedroom and Marie laid me down on what was the largest bed I had ever seen. It looked to be about one and a half times the size of a standard king bed, and Marie explained "at almost 900 pounds, Mark needed a REALLY big bed -- before we got this monster, little old me barely had any room." I was amused by that and asked "did you really want any room? "Good point" she said as she moved in beside me on the bed and gave my belly rolls a good jiggle.

Although I was exhausted by my eatscapade, I was at the same time invigorated by Marie's presence and the sudden playfulness of our relationship. I wrapped a flabby arm around her shoulder as she snuggled up to me and started tracing her index finger around my rolls and boobs, occasionally flicking her thumb and forefinger against my softness to see the small ripples that flashed through my flesh.

I found myself wanting to know everything there was to know about this woman and her twin sister and I started by asking when they first knew that they were attracted not just to big men, but enormously fat ones.

"Funny you should ask as my mind had just flashed back to our first experience with a fat boy and I was mentally comparing him with you."

"How do I compare?"

"Don't worry Tubby, you are MUCH fatter than him!"

"I'm glad we got that straight," I said "but tell me about him anyway."

"Mary and I were fifteen and we had shared with each other that we thought fat men were cute after we saw them on TV or read about them in books. But living in a farm community, there just aren't many fat guys cause men tend to work hard and don't have the time to pack on the pounds" Then she fondled my fat some more and playfully said "there are just too many six packs around here and not enough super fatties like you." And she added, "based upon your performance just now, YOU sir are going to get a LOT fatter."

"Keep going with your story," I said.

"OK Fatty, we were fifteen and this new guy moves to town, he was the son of the new insurance agent in town and his dad comes to visit my dad on business and brings his son along. The kid was a year older than us and he seemed so fat at the time -- he was a little short, 5'8", and about 250 pounds. He was easily going to be the fattest kid in our little high school and Mary and I swooned over him."

"250? That was a little light for you girls, wasn't it?"

"It is now, but we were just naive beginners back then and he was the fattest kid our age we had ever seen. SO, give us a break Blubber Boy!"

"So what happened?"

"It was great timing actually because dad had just bought the donut shop, so we always had a couple of dozen donuts in the house. We offered to show sonny boy around the farm and Mary and I each grabbed a box of donuts to take on the tour. His name was Ralph and he was kind of shy; he'd never had a date and had probably never been this close to a girl before, much less twins. But he came out of his shell a lot as we walked around and offered him donuts. And by the end of the tour we were all pretty good friends."

"That's all?"

"Of course not! He had his driver's license by then and we invited him back over the next day for a picnic. We had our live-in cook at the time make a huge feast, plus bake a couple of pies. It was so much that Mary and I both had trouble picking up the picnic basket!"


" ;And we all piled into an old farm truck that dad let Mary and I drive around to get our own on the farm driver's ed. We put Ralph in the middle, so both of us could dig our elbows into his fat sides. I was driving and it was a stick shift, so I definitely got to nudge his sides and belly a lot! It was so invigorating!

"Continue" I said impatiently.

"Well Lard Ass, we went to a secluded corner of the farm and parked in back of an old abandoned tenant house and went inside to get out of the hot sun. As we feasted -- or rather as he feasted and Mary and I took in the sight of him stuffing himself silly -- we teased him a bit, asking if he had ever seen a girl naked, if he was still a virgin, etc. We assurred him we were still virgins and that we'd never seen a naked boy, then suggested that maybe it was time for all three of us to try "something new."

Marie's story was finally beginning to get me excited and my little guy poked out ever so slightly from beneath my sagging belly. Marie took notice and grasped my shaft and applied some soft caresses as she continued her story.

"We each agreed to take off a piece of clothing at a time and I started with my hot pants as Mary started with her tank top. Being shy, Ralph started with his white gym socks, so we changed the rules and said it must be a "major" piece of clothing, so he took off his shirt and Mary and I swooned even more. His ball belly looked enormous to us and his boy boobs were bigger than ours, since as you've noticed we're a little flat chested."

I said "I love your breasts -- after all, more than a mouthful is a waste."

"That's nice of you to say, but you, Fatty, have big enough breasts for all three of us" and she leaned over and gave one of mine a big sloppy kiss.

I cupped mine for emphasis and gave them a good shake, then asked "what happened next?"

"You're such an impatient blimp! His belly and boobs were so sexy, Mary and I lost all control, and went over to him and started stripping off the rest of his clothes, leaving him only in his white undershorts. Then we took off the rest of ours. The boy looked scared to death, but he was sporting a huge erection under his tighty whities, and he was really hung for a 16 year old."

"Don't stop now!"

"We each grabbed a pudgy arm then got him on his back and we started taking turns kissing him and playing with his cock. But being 16 and a first timer, he shot off in under a minute, spraying both Mary and me and making quite the mess! We squeeled then laughed as it was something totally new for all of us. Then, we fed him the rest of the donuts, every last one."

"What happened after that?"

"We kept having our little trysts once a week for the rest of the summer and all three of us got pretty experienced at the sex thing. And we packed at least 20 pounds on Ralph before the start of school with him soon being able to down four dozen donuts at a sitting! And it kept up until he went off to the University of Iowa. By then, the poor boy was at 325 pounds. It was pretty ironic, because everyone in school figured the fat boy couldn't even get a date, but in reality he was getting laid more than any boy in school!"

"Whatever became of him?"

"We were seniors when he went off to college and we wanted to keep seeing him, but the fat bastard met a chubby chaser who was a little sister in his fraternity and fell madly in love. It's a shame because the last we saw him at a high school reunion he looked like he weighed 500 pounds ... sorta like you will soon!"

Then she started ministering to me in earnest, making me harder and harder, and finally positioning herself on top of my shaft, riding me progressively harder and harder while grasping my bottom belly rolls like the reins on a fat plow horse. Midway thru there was a knock on the door and Marie yelled "we're in the middle of something." But the door opened anyway and it was Luisa with the food cart containing all the pies she had made plus a gallon of vanilla ice cream.

As Marie continued to ride me, Luisa started spooning pie and ice cream into my waiting mouth and playing with my big moobs. I'd never had two women minister to me at once and it was ...

Marriage Proposal

Mary arrived back from DesMoines around 6 that evening and was surprised not to find us getting ready for dinner. She wandered around the house trying to find someone and finally happened into Marie's master bedroom, only to find Marie and Luisa out cold with arms and legs perched atop my massive form.

As she studied the situation further, Mary saw that I had blueberry, cherry, and chocolate stains on my chins and cheeks, moobs, and upper belly. Then she panned her eyes over to the food cart where there were five pie tins, empty except for some crumbs. And an open gallon of vanilla ice cream that was empty to two-thirds down with the remainder having melted into just plain cream.

I was actually awake, but afraid to move for fear of awakening my two feeders who had been busy tending to my gluttonous appetite all afternoon and who were, no doubt, exhausted from all the effort. Mary caught me with one eye open and whispered "did you eat all of this?" I shook my head yes and her eyes lit with excitement!

Just then, Marie awoke groggily, then Luisa (who had been grasping my cock in her sleep!) and Mary chided them "I thought we'd agreed that you girls would wait for me before having this kind of fun with Quinn."

Marie responded "sorry Sis, but Two Ton here was just so fat and so sexy eating everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- in sight that Luisa and I couldn't resist!" Then Luisa added "Miss Mary, I just can't keep my hands off a man who loves my cooking so much ... and from now on he is Mr. Gordo to me!"

Mary laughed and said "well I guess I can forgive you girls."

"And as for you mister," she said pointing to me, "I am so proud of you! I had no idea you had this kind of capacity -- I mean five pies and almost a gallon of ice cream?"

Luisa added "and you should have seen the lunch I prepared for him before all this."

"That settles it," Mary said, I've been meaning to ask you this for a couple of weeks" and then climbed onto the bed in between Luisa and Marie, perching herself on my thighs at the base of my belly. "Quinn, sweet fat Quinn, eating machine Quinn, soon to be mountain of blubber Quinn, will you make the happiest FFA on earth and marry me?"

Marie vociferously added "you mean marry US, because as I already told Tubby here, we share EVERYTHING!"

"Fair enough," Mary said, "but this time the license has MY name on it."

"Whatdayasay Quinn?"

"How could I refuse? But just one question, does Luisa come with the deal? I'm hungry and could really use some dinner right now." Then I looked over at Luisa and asked "any pie left?"


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May 3, 2014
Time to Share My Story

At the mention that I was hungry again, Luisa scampered out of bed and toward the door, with the cellulite on her dimpled rear jiggling in the sexiest way. Then, it was if she forgot that she was naked and circled back showing off her perky breasts while she recovered her clothes.

Mary got off from on top of me and removed the stylish black pantsuit she had worn to the Republican State Central Committee meeting, revealing her own perky breasts and taut body, and slipped into Luisa's old spot. I had one flabby arm wrapped around her and the other wrapped around Marie, as both of them started licking the sticky pie stains off of my chest and chin. Soon I was painfully erect and Mary was going to get her turn getting me off. That made four times in less than seven hours!

While Mary rode me, much harder than usual, Marie provided color commentary, noting how my waves of blubber were crashing against Mary's tight body with each of her strong thrusts. With every thrust from Mary and every snide comment from Marie, I could tell my life with these sisters (and their live-in cook) was going to be remarkable indeed.

As we all three laid together afterwards, Marie said "if we're going to marry you Fatty, it's time we learned a little more about how you became the tub o' lard you are." Mary joined in 'tell us about yourself -- have you always been fat or did it come later?" Marie elbowed me in the belly and said "I bet you were always the fat kid in class, getting teased by everyone about being such a butterball, am I right?" Mary said "I'll take that bet -- I think you were maybe a little pudgy in school, but started packing it on in college."

I gave a little laugh and said "sorry to disappoint my future co-wives, but you're both right."

"Tell us more" they said, almost in unison.

"Well, though elementary school, I was the fattest kid in class every single year." "I knew it" Marie said. "How fat did you get by your last year in elementary school?" "I probably wouldn't have been too fat by current standards, but I was 130 pounds in sixth grade, which made me 20 pounds heavier than anyone else."

Marie asked "did you get teased all the time about being such a fatty?"

"No, people were OK about that generally, but it was a real drag always being picked last for teams and I was totally self-conscious about being the biggest kid in class. But all of a sudden, I started getting taller in seventh and eighth grades and I kind of grew into my weight and got better at sports and was a whole lot less self-conscious. But even though I wasn't the fattest kid in class anymore, I still viewed myself that way, particularly around girls whom I'd known since childhood. It wasn't until I went to college three states away, at Penn State, where no one knew me, that I was able to reinvent mysef a bit and put my past behind me."

Mary asked "how much did you weigh when you started college and how much did you gain?"

"I still had some baby fat in my teens, but it was in my belly, and I was pretty trim otherwise. I put on a little my senior year, going from about 155 to 175 so my pot was quite a bit bigger when I started college. But the amazing thing I found was that women didn't seem to mind too much and I had a lot of dates my freshman year. Unfortunately, the food on campus sucked, so me and my buddies in the dorm went off-campus every night for dinner and the Wendy's doubles and sometimes triples, and great biggie fries, and Frosties, finally caught up with me and I put on the freshman 30."

"Poor little Fatty," Marie said and started playing with my C cup boobs.

"I was up to 210 at the start of my sophomore year and it only got worse as I started dating my first fat girl."

"How fat? Mary asked.

"She was 325 when we started dating and a LOT bigger when we broke up. But then again, so was I. She was pretty cool about her weight and I liked her self-confidence and poise -- on our second date, we went shopping at a Kmart near campus and they had one of those scales you drop a quarter in to get weighed and she actually agreed to get on for me. She registered 326 -- I don't know why I remember that -- and I was 216. Then we went to the Baskin Robbins in the same shopping center and each ordered a huge ice cream sundae!"

"That sounds so hot," Mary said.

"It was -- we each lost our virginity and after the initial clumsiness, we got pretty good at it. And we were always eating, so much so that by the end of first semester I was over 250 pounds and she was pushing 380. We went back to the Kmart for a weigh-in before leaving for break, then went to an all you can eat buffet to pig out, and had the most incredible night in her dorm room. But unfortunately, her parents were not as thrilled about the relationship as we were and they forced her to drop out of Penn State and go to a school in her hometown so she 'wouldn't be around a bad influence' like me."

"So did you keep pigging out and get enormously fat? (Marie again).

"Sorry to burst your bubble Marie, but I got serious and started exercising and eating less, and lost 70 pounds by the start of junior year. That's when I met my future ex-wife. She was a freshman, so didn't know that I had weighed 250 the year before. We got married about five years later and that is when the pounds started piling on. Five years in I was back to 250 pounds and she was appalled, so I dropped thirty pounds and that placated her for a while. But within five more years I was up to 300 pounds, but again she nagged me and I got back down to 250. What I didn't know was that it was too late as she was fooling around with her female fitness instructor."

"I found out on my 37th birthday when I ambushed her coming out of the shower. I was buck naked and had worked up a throbbing erection while she was in the shower but when I came up behind her and started grinding a little, she told to stop. 'What's wrong?' I asked her."

"I just don't find you attractive any more -- you're just so fat."

"But I LOST weight like you asked."

"I know you did but you're just going to gain it all back and then some." Then she grabbed my bottom belly roll with both hands and said "you'll be 350 pounds by your next birthday and we'll just be having the same argument we always have when you pack on the pounds. I just can't deal with your gluttony any more -- but I guess it's my fault. People told me when we were back in college that you were gonna be a total fatty in a few years, but I didn't believe them ..."

I asked her to give me another chance and that I'd keep the weight off this time, but she laughed in my face. "Babe, let's face it -- you love food more than you love me. I've watched you over twelve years of marriage and you're never happier than when you're fat and never more miserable as when I force you to lose weight. You LOVE to eat, so I'm going to leave you so you can do what you love to do -- you can sit on the couch all day and eat. I can see you now ballooning up to 500 pounds while you just lay on the couch surrounded by pizza boxes, candy wrappers, donut boxes, and empty ice cream cartons! You can be the human mountain of blubber you've always dreamed of being."

A couple of days later she was completely out of our Park Slope apartment. That was two years ago, and I packed on 75 pounds between then and the time I met you. I guess she was right after all."

Marie, still playing with my boobs, said "and now you've packed on about 83 pounds more, my sweet Tubby." Mary looked surprised and asked "you weighed Quinn without me?" Marie said "yes I did and your fiance is now up to 408 pounds -- or at least he was this morning, only God knows how much he weighs now after eating five pies!"

Mary looked disappointed she'd missed the weigh-in, but said "I guess I can't be too mad seeing as how fat my fiance is going to get after eating so much today" and patted me on my belly. Then she said "speaking of eating, where is that Luisa? I'm hungry but my Big Man must be starving ..."

Luisa's ears must have been burning as almost as soon as Mary said it, the food cart rolled in the room so laden down that Luisa appeared to have trouble pushing it. Although I'd eaten enough for ten people already that day, I was salivating at the big spread Luisa had whipped up. Marie took one look at the food cart and told Mary "I think our wedding gift from Luisa will be a 600 pound husband!" Luisa laughed and said "you see the way he loves my cooking -- I'm thinking 700 pounds Miss Marie."

The County Fair Organizing Committee

I was actually a little queezy the next morning after all everything that I had consumed the day before. And my member was a little raw after five rounds of intercourse between the three women over about a twelve hour period of time. And this for a guy who had never done it more than twice in one night!

Even the elastic in my underwear was making my belly uncomfortable, so I ditched the briefs and put on a loose fitting pair of Mark's old 68" shorts and pulled the waistband down under my overhang so that there was no pressure on my stomach whatsoever. As I waddled into the kitchen, I asked Luisa to make me a light breakfast, maybe only three or four eggs and a couple of pieces of toast. And a Coke to settle my stomach.

What I didn't realize was that my trusty mechanic, Harley was his name, was returning Marie's truck that morning so that she could drive him back to his shop. Harley knocked and came in the kitchen door just as I settled into Mark's old heavy duty kitchen chair, with belly blubber and moobs spreading in all directions. Harley gave me a quick look, then looked away embarrassed, then shot me a second take, looked away again, and then gave me a third long take.

Marie walked in about the same time and said "like what you see Harley -- why don't you take a picture?"

He stammered a bit, then Marie added "don't you want to get as fat as Quinn here? All you've got to do is eat everything in sight, then you can have tits like this," as she walked behind me, reached around and started jiggling my man boobs. "Girls around her just love big man boobs," she giggled.

Poor Harley was definitely uncomfortable, but Marie later told me he looked like he had an erection under his tight jeans. She thought he definitely had the potential to gain and toyed with the idea of having the donut shop deliver him a couple of dozen donuts every morning, just "to see what happens."

The next couple of days were uneventful and I tried to take it easy on the eating. All three women noticed and Mary chided me "how am I going to have a 700 pound husband if you eat like a bird?" At that question, I could almost see the light bulb go on over Marie's head. "You know what we should do Sis?" "No, what?"

"It's time for a "Hedonistic Gluttony Weekend." "What's that?," I asked, as if I couldn't guess. "Well Fatty, it's a three-day stuffing and ***ing event. We used to do that with Mark at least once a month and that's when he realy started packing on the pounds, frequently putting on 15 to 20 pounds in just three days!"

Mary said "that's a brilliant ***ing idea" and Luisa giddily jumped up and down and clapped her hands together in anticipation.

"How does it work? I asked. "We start with a weigh-in on Friday morning at 5:45, followed by a pre-breakfast appetizer of two dozen donuts, then breakfast at 7, then second breakfast at 9, followed by the pre-lunch snack at 11, first lunch at Noon, second lunch at 2, mid-afternoon snack at 3:30, pre-dinner appetizer at 4:30, first dinner at 5:30, second dinner at 8, late night snack at 10, then midnight snack, and then one of us wakes you at 3:30 in the morning for a blender full of weight gain shake." All I could say was "OMG!"

But then I thought a little more and said "that describes the stuffing part, but how about the ***ing part? "Don't worry Fatty, with three feeders working on you, there will be plenty of opportunities to get ***ed."

"In that case, I can't wait until Friday!"

When Friday morning arrived, I literally jumped out of bed in anticipation of the weigh-in. I was ready to walk to the barn containing the livestock scale, but Marie pulled her pick-up around, let the tail gate down, and told me to sit in the bed. "You're getting too fat to be making that walk." Marie and Luisa climbed on too, sitting on either side of me and admiring the waves of flesh that came as the pick-up bumped along the dirt farm road.

Marie pulled into the barn and parked right next to the scale so I didn't have to walk far. But before letting me mount the scale, Mary asked Marie and Luisa to join her in a group weigh-in. The three women combined weighed only 360 pounds and I beat them handily when I climbed aboard and weighed 431 all by my lonesome!

We didn't have much time before first breakfast, so we all piled back into the pick-up and went back to the house, while I finished my first dozen donuts on the short drive. Then I finished another dozen and a half before first breakfast commenced and the rest of the day and night and the next two days and nights went much the same. There didn't seem to be any minute during the day when I didn't feel completly stuffed and I knew the pounds must be piling on as had happened with Mark before me. And I counted at least twelve acts of intercourse over the course of the weekend so the other objective was certainly being met too!

When it was over Monday morning, we again piled into the pick-up truck for the ride to the barn. I was covered only in a blanket as none of the clothes I'd worn on the previous Thursday would fit any more! I found out why when I climbed on the scale and it registered 453 pounds -- a gain of 22 pounds in three day -- over 7 pounds a day! All three women seemed to visibly swoon.

Finally Mary said "we'd love to spend another day feeding and f----g you but you need to get to work at the newspaper office." I protested and said "I've got to find some clothes that fit," but Mary was a step ahead, telling me she had laid out some of Mark's old slacks with 70" and 72" waistlines, along with some 7-X dress shirts. And Marie said she would give me a ride and pick me up since she had a County Fair Organizing Committee in town at 6 that night. "Hope you don't mind waiting while I attend the meeting, you can sit in the back, and it should only take an hour." "No problem" I said "as long as you have some donuts for me to knosh on." "Of course," she said, "we wouldn't want you wasting away to nothing."

Despite a huge breakfast prepared by Luisa, a huge lunch at the diner, and five dozen donuts, it was a really long day at work. I was so used to eating more over the course of the weekend that my body was telling me I was hungry even though I still pretty stuffed. I was relieved when Marie picked me up and had two dozen donuts as promised. One dozen was completely gone by the time we arrived at the feed store where the Fair Organizing Committee was meeting. Marie suggested I leave the other dozen for thd drive home after the meeting and I reluctantly did.

I sat as inobtrusively as possible in the back row of folding chairs, praying to my Episcopal God that the chair would hold me now that I weighed more than 450 pounds. It was a pretty boring meeting until the topic shifted to how more money could be raised for charity. Turns out that the Committee felt it would be about $20,000 short of its fundraising goal and members were throwing out ideas right and left. One lady suggested a bake sale and the feed store owner said "we'd be lucky to raise $500 from a bake sale -- we need a REALLY big idea that will raise some serious bucks."

Then I saw the light come in the head of the large woman who ran the local Farm Bureau. "You know, years ago, we used to raise a TON of money by having a Fat Man booth at the fair."

Marie craned her neck around and shot me a glance and I mouthed "NO WAY." Then the Farm Bureau fatty started up again, "in fact Marie, the year your husband agreed to be the Fat Man, we raised like $25,000 by charging $10 a head, then another $20 a head for the women, and a few men," she laughed "who wanted to see him let the flap on his bib overalls down to show his belly in ALL its glory."

Then one of the other members asked "but where would we find somebody like that around here."

The hardware store owner piped up "Marie I don't want to be rude or anything, but my wife told me that your sister is engaged and he is .... well ... a pretty big guy." The loud mouth Farm Bureau fatty lost it and shouted "he's sitting in the back row, you idiot!" Then everyone on the Committee turned around and Ms. Farm Bureau ketp shouting at me to stand up. When I did there was a round of applause.

The chair of the Committee asked me "will you do it? For charity? Please?" After that I had to relent and grudginly said "sure." Then more applause. When it all died down, I could hear Ms. Farm Bureau say to Marie, "he's definitely fat, but is he fat enough?" Then I heard Marie say "Mary and I will work on that, don't you worry."

Prepping for the County Fair

"Why do I feel like I was set up for that?," I asked Marie as we walked away after the meeting. "It wasn't me," she said. "Then how did they know I was engaged to Mary? That just made it so much easier to impose on me to be the County Fair fat man."

"I think it was Harley -- he is such a blabbermouth."

"Well, how did he know?"

"I may have let it slip when I was giving him a ride back to his garage." "Great," I said. Then she continued, "he is just fascinated by how fat you've gotten, he must have asked a hundred questions about how you've done it. If I didn't know better I'd swear he wants to get fat too ... maybe I'll have to invite him to dinner one night to see you in action ..."

As we climbed into her truck, Marie said "look in the glove compartment -- I've got a surprise for you." I fumbled around and found a half dozen Clark bars, my favorite! "Figured you'd be hungry after sitting around for an hour so those can be your before dinner snack. Eat up!" She was right and all six were consumed before we reached the farm.

When we arrived, Luisa had a good sized spread ready for dinner, when Marie announced to her "I should have called ahead and have you prepared more -- Tubby here is going to be the Fat Man at the County Fair and we need to pack some more pounds on him before then." Luisa got a huge smile on her face and Mary raised an eyebrow and said "REALLY?"

Mary continued "in that case we need to decide how fat my fiance needs to be get for the role. Did the committee talk about the weight they want to advertise him as?"

Marie answered "no, but I was thinking of a sign advertising him as 762 pounds -- that's a nice even number."

Mary said "in that case, County Fair ethics dictate that he be at least within 200 pounds of that, which would mean packing on another 110 pounds or so."

"Wait a minute," Marie said, our family has worked hard to establish a reputation for honesty, so we've got to do better than that! I'd say Quinn here has to be at least within 150 pounds of his advertised weight, so that means he needs to get up to 612 pounds minimum."

Mary looked at me to see my reaction and said "but we've only four weeks until the Fair starts and that would mean gaining over forty pounds a week!"

I started to protest, but Luisa stepped up and said "I know you can do it El Gordo. You proved it over the weekend, you ate everything I set in front of you and then you still wanted more. I thought Mr. Mark could eat, but you have so much more capacity than him."

"That's true" Marie said, "the first year he was the Fat Man, all we could pack on him in the month before was about a hundred pounds. But based on your extreme gluttony over the weekend, I bet we could pack 200 pounds on you easy, Fatty!"

"But all we're asking of you is 159 pounds," Mary added. "Make us proud Big Man!"

The girls kept discussing it over dinner and it was almost as if I wasn't there. "What will we dress him in to show off all his new weight?, Mary asked the girls. And there were numerous options thrown out, until Marie happened upon the idea of cut-off bib overalls.

"That's perfect," Mary said. "With nothing but briefs on underneath so everyone can see his belly and boobs hanging out the sides. And with the cut-offs they can see how fat his legs will be by then.

"I'm getting hot just thinking about it," Marie added. "At over 600 pounds, his moobs will be like big overfull cow udders just waiting to be milked and we can leave them hanging over the bib so they'll flop around like crazy as he walks. That will drive the women wild, and maybe a few of the men too!"

Then Luisa added "then he can undo his bib and show everyone just how big his belly will be stuffed with all my cooking!"

"That does it," Mary said, "I'm going online tonight and ordering our Big Man some size 84 bib overalls. I hope they'll still fit after you get through with him Luisa!


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May 3, 2014
The Pre-Fair Stuffing Commences

Luisa hadn't had time to bake that day, so after a light dinner (only four servings), the women folk piled me in Marie's pick-up and we ventured to the ice cream shop where they ordered me the belly buster sundae designed for a tableful of people eat. Only it was just for me and it was totally delicious! And there was so much ice cream that even my big belly was stuffed.

Other people in the shop were pointing at me and whispering "he's the new County Fair fat man." I was pretty amazed at it had only been four hours since the organizing committee meeting where I had been drafted to play the role. A couple of older women sitting in the corner seemed to be paying particular attention and as our waitress was cleaning up our table, another waitress came over to deliver a triple scoop ice cream cone "compliments of the ladies in the corner," who waved and blew me kisses.

I told the girls, "I can't possibly eat this I'm so full," but they insisted, with Mary kicking me under the table and telling me that those women were my followers now and we needed followers to ensure that my act raised the necessary money for charity, which coincidentally was the County's food bank! "OK, OK" I responded, "I suppose I can sacrifice my waistline a bit more for charity." Marie chortled and jostled my belly with her foot under the table, saying "you can do it Tubby."

As I finished the last bite, I leaned back as far as I could in my chair to give my belly some room to spread out. Just then, the two women from the corner strolled over and complimented me on my "instiable" appetite and telling me how they looked forward to seeing my act at the County Fair. "We heard that the girls here were planning on packing some more pounds on you before you before then," said one of the women, while the other one added "and it looks like you've gotten a nice start!" "That he has" said Mary and Marie added "with his appetite, he's gonna be SSOOOHHH much fatter by Fair time, I guarantee it!" Both ladies looked ecstatic and one of them patted me on the belly and said "we're hoping you get a LOT fatter."

On the way home, Marie stopped by the town's 7-11 for some gas, while Mary and Luisa went in to acquire snack food to continue my stuffing once I got back to the farm. They came back carrying several plastic bags full of goodies -- little chocolate donuts, little powdered donuts, four different types of chips, ten pints of Haagen Daaz in various flavors, four different types of Pop Tarts, twenty assorted candy bars, and more. I couldn't move from all the ice cream, but I figured I'd be ready for the onslaught of junk food in another hour or so.

Once I freed up some belly room, Mary took the first shift from 10:30 to Midnight, playing with my belly rolls and moobs as I polished off one of the large bags of little donuts and about a half dozen candy bars. My enormous appetite, so soon after consuming all of the ice cream, definitely got Mary excited and it got me excited too, as Mary exclaimed how turned on she was by my gluttony.

"Big Man, you are just going to get so fat with all three of us tending to your gluttony. I want to return home every night and see you in exactly the same place as when I left in the morning. Filling the couch with your rolls and rolls of fat, shovelling food into your greedy mouth, with poor Luisa sitting exhausted in the chair simply unable to move after serving you all day."

"Tell me more baby," I pleaded as Mary mounted me for one of her patented rides, starting slow by teasing my erect cock with her vagina, then picking up the pace dramatically so that my belly slapped hard against her tight little body.

"When I get home, I'll find the floor around the couch surrounded by all the evidence of your endless gluttony, littered with empty pie tins, ice cream cartons, candy wrappers, peanut butter jars, Coke bottles, and everything else you've stuffed into that massive belly of yours. Your fat cheeks will be smeared with food and your chest will be stained from what didn't make it to your mouth, and I won't even be able to see your underwear since your belly apron and love handles will completely obscure it from view. You'll be a 600 pound mountain of blubber and you won't even have completed your gain yet ..."

That last bit was all it took to take me over the top as I exploded my load into her and she howled in delight and collapsed atop my belly, then shimmied up a little to whisper in my ear, "I love you Fat Man." As we engaged in post-coital snuggling, I started thinking about what she had said about finding me at the end of the day in the same place I started it, and asked how I would do that if I was at work at the newspaper. Mary laughed and said "oh I forgot to tell you -- we decided that you should take a one month vacation from the paper -- it's a slow time of year and they can make do without you for a few weeks. They'll be busier in September when football season starts and you can go cover the games while eating everything in the concession stand!"

I protested and said I needed something to do during the day. She chuckled again and said "you do have something to do Big Man, you need to EAT and get really, really fat in time for the County Fair." Then she started shoving little powdered donuts in my mouth and I forgot all about my little protest!

This kept up all that first pre-Fair week, as all three served me breakfast, Luisa fed me continually during the day, and then Mary and Marie shared the night shift. I was feeling incredibly fat by the end of the week and figured I had put on a lof of weight as I having increasing difficulty getting myself from a sitting to standing position and was noticeably more tired as I walked around the house.

On the evening of day seven, the girls decided it was time to weigh me and Marie called two of the stronger farm hands to pull one of the farm trucks up to the kitchen door. The hands came in the house and Marie motioned for them to help me to my feet, which seemed to take a bit of effort even with all their muscles. Once upright, each one grabbed an arm to help steady me and we walked out to the truck and they let down the gate and had me sit in the cargo bed. Mary and Marie plopped down on either side and rode with me to the weighing barn as I had taken to calling it.

My weekly goal was forty pounds and I figured I had put on at least thirty, but everyone -- and in particular the farm hands -- were amazed when the scale registered 501 pounds -- a 48 pound gain in one week! Mary wrapped her arms around me -- at least as far as she could reach around my belly -- and told me I was amazing, while Marie exclaimed "my God Fatso, at this rate you'll be at 650 pounds by the time the Fair rolls around!"

The next week was more of the same, except that we had a couple of guests who wanted to check out my progress toward goal. In the middle of the week, Marie made good on her vow to invite Harley the mechanic to dinner. He was completely wide-eyed when he walked in the kitchen door and saw me probably a good 80 pounds heavier than when he had seen me last only a couple of weeks before. "Dude, how much have you gained since you arrived?" Mary scolded Harley that it was impolite to ask something like that, but Marie told him if he was a good boy they'd let him join us for a special mid-week weigh-in!

I had about six servings of everything that night and, at Marie's urging, Harley surprised us by matching me through three and a half servings until he threw in the towel. Marie patted him on his previously flat tummy and said "I'm betting Quinn here isn't the only man in the County getting fat." Harley grinned a huge grin and said "keep inviting me for Luisa's cooking and I might get fatter than Quinn!" Marie, Mary, and Luisa each raised an eyebrow over that comment and I warned him, "watch out for these women -- they WILL make you fat."

Marie looked insulted and reminded me that "WE didn't make you eat anything Fatty, YOU did it all on your own!" Luisa added "you DEFINITELY did it on your own El Gordo -- you're such an amazing eater!" Then she reminded us it was time for dessert and suggested we move the festivities to the living room. Minutes later she rolled the foot cart in containing two cakes she had baked that afternoon. She carefully sliced each one into eight pieces, then Mary started feeding one of the cakes to me, while Marie surprised Harley by shovelling slices into his mouth!

Harley surprisingly kept pace with me through four slices, but once he hit the halfway mark he was too stuffed to go on. "Good," Mary said, "that leaves more for my Big Man." Marie added "that means twelve more slices of cake, Fatty, you don't want to let down our guest do you?"

I was totally stuffed by the time Mary stuffed the last of "my" cake in and wasn't sure I could finish Harley's cake. Marie started encouraging me "that's it Tubby, just four more slices. I know you can finish the whole cake. You only think you're full...I know you want more. You're so greedy, aren't you? Just can't stop eating. Look at what you've done to yourself, you're enormous, so fat now...and I know you're only going to get fatter. Eat up for us Fatty, eat up!" And, of course, I proved her right and left poor Harley completely stunned.

Our next visitor was at the Fair's chairwoman, the one who was afraid I wouldn't be fat enough by Fair time. Marie invited her to my end of week weigh-in and the chairwoman was a little stunned herself when the girls had me strip to my underwear "to get an accurate measurement." I hammed it up for her, saying "you didn't think I was fat enough, what do you think now?"

She actually seemed to enjoy the view and squeezed one of my moobs and said "I'll admit when I'm wrong!" When I climbed on the scale and it registered a remarkable 550 pounds, she clapped me on the ass and said "another hundred pounds should do it Fatso!"

Two Weeks to County Fair

550 pounds with two weeks to go -- that's when it occurred to me that I might actually put on 200 pounds for my Fat Man performance. That would put me at an incredible 650 pounds, meaning that I would have doubled my weight since meeting these fat loving farm girls and their live-in cook.

If I'd really ancicipated upon my arrival that I'd double in size, I probably would have run right for the county line right away, but I was glad I hadn't. I was truly in love with Mary and totally turned on by Marie and was addicted to Luisa's cooking as well as her ministrations during the day. It was definitely getting more difficult to get around and I knew I had to rein in my gluttony sometime or risk becoming immobile, but so far it had been an incredibly erotic experience, particularly for a guy like me who had never experienced too much erotica in his marriage.

All these girls wanted to do was feed me like a prize hog and and then use me like breeding stock. I constantly found myself hummng the old Green Acres theme "Green Acres is the place to be ... farm living is the life for me ... land spreadin' out so far and wide ... keep Manhattan just give that countryside."

I decided right then and there that I would be at least 650 pounds for the fair and that meant gaining another hundred pounds in fourteen days -- just a tad over seven pounds a day. I'd done it before and I'd do it again!

My thoughts were interupted by the County Fair chairwoman asking me if I thought I could do it. Marie, in her most sarcastic voice, said "are you kidding? If you ever saw this boy eat you wouldn't ask a silly question like that!" Then she jostled my boobs and told the chairwoman "the next time you see him his boobs will be hanging down to here" and stuck her whole fist into my belly button. "And this here belly apron will be hanging to here" and bent down to touch a spot right above one of my knees.

"Oh my" was all the chairwoman could say, then she hugged and thanked me, saying "we're going to break our all-time fundraising record because of you, my dear Fatty. So keep eating these next two weeks and make us all proud!"

After Mary and Marie shooed the chairwoman off, they bundled me into the cargo bed of the farm hands' pick-up and hustled me back to the house, where it was dinner time and Luisa had prepared her normal dinner for ten although there were only four of us. And I chowed down as usual to taunts from Marie like "eat Fatty, eat, you've got the whole county counting on you to be the fattest human being they have ever seen, at least since my beloved late husband." Mary, as usual, was much kinder and gentler, and was more the subtle encourager, saying things like "don't you want another serving of Luisa's famous mashed potatoes -- it would be a shame to see them go to waste." Then Marie would start up again, "oh they are not going to waste, they are going straight to Fatso's waist so he can fit in those size 84 bib overalls."

As was the norm by then, once I finished my dinner stuffing, the girls led me straight to Mark's old bedroom, laying me down on the oversized king bed for a little rest before dessert. Then, about an hour later, Luisa rolled the dessert cart in and all three women proceeded to help feed me. That night there were two pies and a massive layer cake on the cart, but Luisa forgot to bring the ice cream, and scurried back to the kitchen as fast as she could, revealing the most delightful sight.

I swore Luisa was packing on the pounds too as her bottom had a lot more bounce to it as she scampered off. With all the cooking she was doing for me, it was only inevitable that she would eat more herself! I mentioned it to Mary and Marie, who concluded I was right and reckoned that Luisa must have put on at least twenty pounds over the last few weeks.

When Luisa got back with the ice cream to slab on top of the pies, Mary and Marie started questioning her about her new softness. "Oh I've just gained a few pounds -- it's impossible not gaining a little while I'm responsible for feeding El Gordo here all day." Then Marie snarkily said "oh I see, four bites for Tubby and one for you, no wonder you're getting so fat too." Mary even chimed in, saying "four bites to one isn't fair, we'll have to fix that."

So when Luisa finished slicing the pies, Mary had her sit in bed next to me with pillows fluffed behind her, and picked up a piece of pie and started feeding it to her, while Marie grabbed a slice and started feeding me! After the first pie was gone, and Luisa had matched me slice for slice, the other girls started teasing Luisa about how fat she was going to get, then I was totally shocked when Marie leaned over my belly to reach Luisa and started kissing her, while Mary started tugging on Luisa's now tight jeans to get them off. Next Marie paused her kissing long enough to tug Luisa's tee-shirt over her head and then remove her bra which seemed at least a size too small now.

It was quite the turn-on for me, particularly when Marie and Mary switched sides of the bed so that Marie could tend to Luisa while Mary continued stuffing me, alternating between slices of pie and cake with ice cream spooned in between bites. Soon the second pie was all gone and only half the cake was left, but I was stuggling to keep up with Mary's shoveling of cake and ice cream into my mouth. Soon I was begging for mercy, but I received none.

"That's it, only about four more slices of cake. I know you can finish it, my sexy Big Man. just a few more bites, You only think you're full...I know you want more, you're so greedy, aren't you? You just can't stop yourself from eating until it's all gone. Just look at what you've done to yourself, you're so enormous, so fat now...ready for another slice of cake?"

As I opened my mouth wide, she said "I thought so... you're such a good piggy!" That last part surprised me as I was used to Marie calling me a pig or hog or hippo or blimp or tub of lard, but not sweet Mary ....

By then, Marie and Luisa had finished their play time and all three women teamed up to feed me the last of the cake and ice cream, with Luisa getting fed the occasional bite herself with the twins praising her on how good she looked carrying the extra pounds.

Finally, as the last bite went in my mouth, I begged to be left alone for a bit to recover. I was even too tired and too full for the normal extracurrculars. The three of them looked sad, but they promised to be back in full force in a couple of hours for my late night snack!

By the end of the week I felt like I had put on at least fifty more pounds as I had been full plenty much 24/7. I knew I had gained a lot because there just seemed to be so much anticipation on the part of the girls as we neared the time for my Saturday 4 p.m. weigh-in. I could particularly feel the gain in my breasts, which as Mary had predicted during our love-making a couple of weeks before were now beginning to look like big sagging, yet extremly ripe, cow udders. So much so that Luisa teased me that both of us would need to get hooked up to the milking machine for the cows (as her breasts were looking much fuller too).

4:15 rolled around the farm hands brought their pick-up around to load me on board for the short ride to the livestock scale. But as we started to pull away, someone else showed up. It was Harley and as he climbed out of his truck, I could tell he was noticeably heavier too, probably twenty pounds worth, with his belly now hanging a little over his jeans.

Marie said "glad you could come Harley, I thought you'd like to see this, plus maybe we can get you on the scale too, given how much you seem to be eating lately." Harley blushed and patted his little belly, saying "I guess I have packed on a few." "A few," Marie said, "you're turning into a blimp like Quinn here! We're gonna have you be the Fat Man next year."

When we all got to the barn, Mary suggested a change in plans, where Luisa would strip to her bra and panties and get weighed, then that Harley and the rest of the party do the same. Luisa eagerly complied and registered an amazing 222 pounds, up at least thirty over what I guessed her original weight to be. Then the twins, with Mary registered 118 pounds and Marie still coming in at 108. Then Harley, whom I had guessed was no more than 150 when I first met him, sheepishly climbed aboard and registered 182 pounds. "Definitely going to be next year's Fat Man," Marie cackled, but NOW it's time to see if this year's Fat Man has broken the 600 pound barrier!"

I could feel the anticipation as I wobbled over to the scale (wobbling had replaced waddling by that point) and I closed my eyes waiting for the result to be announced by Mary. There was a noticeable gasp when I climbed on, then a long and awkward pause until Mary stepped on in front of me, wrapped her arms around my neck as far as she could given that my belly was keeping her at arm's-length, and accounced "my big sexy hippo of a fiance, you weigh 608 pounds!" Wow, I thought, 58 pounds in a week, over eight pounds a day, a new record for me!

"Now let's get all these fatties back home for dinner," said Mary. "We've got three people to fatten now!"


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May 3, 2014
One Week to Go and Lots of Eating Left To Do

Before getting back in the truck to be taken to my nightly stuffing, Marie posed Harley and I in front of her iPad to compare the state of our bellies. Him with his little pot and the beginnings of some man boobs versus me with my belly apron hanging halfway down my thighs and my sagging melons of man tits reaching halfway toward my belly button. When she showed me the picture afterwards, the contrast was simply incredible -- I knew I was absurdly fat, but until then I had no idea how massive my body was compared to that of a relatively normal, albeit expanding, man like Harley

If you were comparing us to the silhouette line-up of fat men that's on the Internet now, with a slightly fat guy on the far right and an enormously fat man on the far left and various sizes of fat men in between, he was the guy on the far right and I was the guy on the far left only twice as large! And the comparison was even more comical because I was only 5'9" and Harley 6'3" or more, so we also kind of looked like the old fashioned ads for Big and Tall stores with me being the short super portly guy and him being the tall skinny guy!

Then Marie handed the iPad to Luisa to snap a shot with Marie cupping Harley's little pot in her hands, while Mary was grabbing two heeping handfuls of lard from my belly. Marie started giggling uncontrollably at the sight of Mary holding so much of my blubber and told poor Harley, "only 426 pounds to go to catch up with Fatso here." Harley looked a little aghast and looked at Marie and then at me and said "no offense my friend but I'll NEVER be as fat as you. Then it was my turn to laugh and looked straight at Harley and said "that's the same thing I thought the first time you warned me about how these two would fatten me up and NOW look at me -- 608 pounds of sexy!"

Then Marie pinched an inch of Harley's newfound fat and reminded him "with your frame, you ought to be able to pack on a LOT more weight than Fatty here -- you ought to be able to carry a half ton easy, what do you think Handsome?"

"I don't know about that, but I am hungry for Luisa's good cooking so let's get back to the house and help get my fat friend here ready for the Fair!" And that they did ...

The girls seemed more determined than ever to make a proper County Fair Fat Man out of me and I think they packed more into me than any night previously. I must have had ten servings and everything on the table was incredibly fattening -- a whole pork roast just for me (with another one for everyone else), mashed potatoes swimming in butter, endless dinner rolls, mac and cheese, and lots more, and all washed down by almost a half gallon of chocolate milk!

But equally surprising was the fact that Luisa matched me through five servings and Harley through six! By the end of the festivities, all three of us piggies were totally exhausted and in need of rest before taking our gluttony to any further heights. Poor Luisa still had work to do and managed to put five pies in the oven before trudging off to her bedroom with the help of one of the muscular farm hands who seemed to have taken quite the liking to the new pudgier Luisa. Harley had to get ready for work the next morning, but was in no shape to drive himself home, so Marie volunteered to take him. She and the other strapping farm hand got on either arm and lead Harley to Marie's truck, but before leaving Marie rushed back in to grab a huge coconut cake that Luisa had baked that afternoon. Mary gave me that look like we shouldn't expect Marie back that night while I gave the look of extreme disappointment as I had been dreaming of demolishing that cake all by myself!

That left Mary to wobble me to my extra-sized king bed, but I soon found I was not going to get any rest. She just couldn't keep her hands off of me, rubbing the vast expanses of my belly, then moving up the mountain of my flesh to plant her Mary flag on my bounteous man breasts. All the while, she was telling me how proud she was of me, "I simply can't believe how enormous you have gotten, 608 pounds. I thought you had potential the first time I saw you, standing there on the road with your broken car, belly hanging over your too-tight shorts, cute double chin, and those adorable jowls of yours. But I had no idea you could possibly get so fat so soon -- you're just my dream come true."

"You're mine too baby -- I love you so much and love how fat you have helped me to become. I never dreamed that I could possibly get so enormous, but it's all because of you ... and Marie ... and Luisa."

"Don't be modest Big Man, we couldn't have done it without that appetite of yours! But remember, you're not through yet -- I know you love to eat and that appetite of yours knows absolutely no bounds -- so I'm expecting you to pack on a LOT more pounds."

"How much more?"

"I'm thinking 900 pounds so you can surpass Mark."

"Why stop at 900?, I asked.

Mary got totally wide-eyed when I said that, smiled, and said "you really are going to be my prize hog aren't you?" Then she tried something new, spreading my legs wide and plopping her perfect ass on the bed in between. Then she reared her legs back, extended them, and started pushing my vast belly back with her feet. I was thinking that was an impressive leg press as she was moving probably at least 300 pounds of belly fat with each press!

After the first two presses, she kicked her feet in the air suddenly so that my belly came crushing back down all at once, and she giggled like a school girl and yelled "flabbalanche!" Then on the third belly press, she told me to use both hands to hold my belly out of the way, while she mounted me. She still had to hunt for a few seconds to locate my rock hard member under my pubic pad, but then started riding me in a most robust manner.

As she thrust herself up and down on my cock, she asked "did I ever tell you that when I was 12 years old I had the Blue Ribbon prize-winning hog at the State Fair?"

"No, you didn't" I said between her thrusts.

"I loved that hog! I started working with him when he was just a little thing, bringing him special feed and feeding him up real good several times a day. I even brought him table scraps from breakfast, lunch, and dinner and he really loved those. He would just start squeeling and oinking away whenver he saw me coming with food, kind of like you do when you see Luisa bringing food to the table!"

"I do love her cooking!"

"That you do, my Fat Man. You're just like that prize hog, so hungry, so greedy, and so happy when you get fed. You know, I fed him up so that he was the biggest hog in Iowa, kind of like you, I bet you're close to being the fattest man in Iowa and I know you won't stop eating until you hold the title, will you Big Man?"

By then, she had me going crazy, comparing me to her fattest ever hog! Not to mix my metaphors, but despite my weight I had turned into a bronking bucko of blubber beneath her. Her thrusting was replaced by my bronking and she had to grab a hold of two big handfuls of my belly blubber to keep me from bouncing her off my massive body. After a couple of minutes of that I was panting for breath but managed to say between gasps, "I love (gasp) being your (wheeze) prize (gasp) HOG (gasp), keep (double wheeze) feeding me (gasp) fatter (gasp) AND FATTER (wheeze), make me (gasp) the fattest (gasp) man in all of Iowa (gasp), please baby?"

She moaned "you can get as fat as you want baby, you can be the fattest man in the world!" Just keep eating and we'll keep feeding. We can't wait until you outgrow the livestock scale!"

With that utterance, I summoned the last of my flagging energy, arched my back and thrust my belly out as far as I could, and released myself into Mary. She moaned and then let out a bit of a pig-like squeal herself, then collapsed on my mountainous belly, not moving a muscle for at least two or three minutes.

When she finally regained a bit of energy she poked her head up out of my moobs and moaned "you're incredible, you know that?" "I'm incredibly hungry" I said and she laughed and said "a thousand pounds, here we come!"

As if on cue, Luisa knocked and came in our room, looking quite dissheveled and rolling the trusty food cart with all five fresh-baked pies resting on the top shelf. "Great," I said, "I'm starving," and Luisa lifted one of the pies out of the tin and handed it to me whole and I dug in like it was a sandwich. But then Luisa whispered in Mary's ear and begged her leave, but grabbed one of my pies on the way out! I said "WTF" but Mary patted me on the tummy and told me "she needs it more than you dear -- Joe (the farmhand) is going to feed it to her."

I gave Mary a faux serious look and said "that woman is going to get fat, fat, fat."

"Speaking of that," Mary said, " I wonder if my sister has finished stuffing all that cake into poor Harley yet? Pretty soon his appetite ... and his belly is going to be bigger than yours."

The County Fair Begins

The final few days before the County Fair went by in a blur of feedings. In fact, the women had me feeding at the trough so much there was hardly time for sex (usually no more than once, maybe twice a day), even though I was in a perpetual state of horniness.

First off, I barely saw Marie anymore as she was devoting all her waking hours to Harley and it was definitely showing on Harley's once muscled body. The boy was definitely needed some new clothes as he had formed a pot belly and love handles that were billowing over his jeans. I couldn't wait until our end of week weigh-in to see what Marie had been able to pack on her new boyfriend -- Mary had been filling me in on her sister's regimen with Harley and it wasn't unlike what they had done to me early on in my stay.

Marie would have a couple of dozen donuts delivered every morning to Harley's garage, then they would enjoy a long lunch at the diner followed by a trip to the ice cream shop. Then Marie would drop by mid-afternoon with something else sweet (and frequently do a quickie on the desk in Harley's back office). And for the last week before the Fair, Harley had been joining us for dinner every night and he was by then matching me plate-for-plate through about seven servings, followed by Luisa's scrumptious desserts. Then Marie would bundle him into her truck for a ride back to his house with a stop at the ice cream or donut shoppes or both, in between. Of course, we wouldn't see Marie again until the next day, as she seemed uttterly and completely enamored with Harley now.

And Luisa didn't have much time for me either, as she was either cooking and baking or spending her free time with her farmhand beau. Oh, and did I say eating? With the vast amounts she was preparing for me and Harley, she continued eating more and more herself and, like Harely, her gain the last few days had been quite noticeable, most of it going to her rear end which was actually beginning to form a sexy shelf.

That left Mary who had taken the week off from her other duties to tend to my feeding and I must say she was extremely attentive to her new duty, constantly cramming food in my mouth and encouraging me to eat more and more, even when I had reached my capacity. Most of the time she used sweet encouragement, like one morning while stuffing me with donuts,
"you came here three months ago, all skin and bones at 325 pounds, but I just knew there was a real fat man waiting to get out, who just needed some encouragement ... and LOTS of fattening food. And now, you're almost twice the man you were! So fat, so sexy ... and such a glutton! Just two more dozen to go, prove to me that your gluttony knows no bounds, eat them ALL for me Big Man."

But sometimes she would get a little exasperated with me when I hit the wall and couldn't eat any more. That's when she broke from form and started calling me names, as Marie always had, to goad me into eating more than my fill. Things like, "we need to get you to 650 pounds you tub o' lard and you are going to finish this cake. I know you like to eat Fatty and God knows you've never had an ounce of willpower. All you do is eat and eat and eat, so suck the rest of this cake down you Blimp!"

Still other times Mary would use sex to get what she wanted. Her favorite was to play the eating game, where she would massage and lick my member as long as I continued to eat. It was usually a calorific finger food like chicken tenders or fried shrimp or donuts or candy bars and she kept going as long as I kept popping things in my mouth and chewing. She was quite adept at playing me, stopping just short of orgaasming me, then starting up again as I increased the speed of my food intake.

By the last five or ten minutes, I would be begging for release, but she would pause and tell me to eat even more if I wanted to ever shoot my load! By the end, I would have consumed thirty or more chicken tenders or a couple of pounds of shrimp or twenty candy bars or two dozen or more donuts. I simply couldn't believe my capacity for stuffing my belly or holding my erection!

In moments when I wasn't eating, which were few, Mary loved to play with my enormous body and I loved to have her featherweight body on top of me, sinking into all of my soft billowy flesh. She particularly adored my breasts which she had consistently taken to referring to as my udders, and I had to admit my hooters now did look like those of a milk cow, hanging low and full and swaying when I walked or moved. "Look at these things," Mary said, "each of these udders must weigh fifty pounds a piece," cupping them in her little hands and giving them a playful milking motion. Then I'd suggest that there was another part of me that needed milking too and I'd part my legs and pull back my belly apron as best I could and beg her to ride her big fat milk cow. And as she rode, she would usually use my two massive udders like reins to hold on to while squealing with delight.

Two days before the Fair's opening and one day before my final weigh-in, Mary lugged a huge box into the bedroom and unveiled my Fair attire, the size 84 bib overalls! As she held them up they looked simply enormous, looking like they could hold ten of her. That really hammered home for me just how enormous I had gotten, that I needed something that gynormous to wear.

"Let's try 'em on Big Boy" and she undid the shoulder straps and side buttons so I could climb in. My legs and ass, still much smaller than the rest of me, slid in with ease. But I was concerned about the belly, which was simply enormous in its circumference while at the same time hanging more than halfway to my knees. Once I had my legs in, Mary pulled the big up over my belly rolls and boobs and, although a little snug, it fit with me with maybe a couple of inches to spare.

Still, my massive udders were hanging out the sides of the overalls and there wasn't much room in the middle given the enromity of my belly rolls. Mary had me standing in front of a full length mirror and I had to admit I looked a lot like the old Guinness Book picture of Robert Earl Hughes completely filling up a massive set of overalls! Mary was thinking the same thing and said "you're looking awfully fat Robert Earl!"

"Well, at the rate you're feeding me, I should weigh more than him in home no time, do you think the hardware store can order me some bigger versions of these?"

"I'm sorry my Fat Man, but Harold at the hardware store said 84's were as big as they could order. So I guess you'll just have to parade around town in your birthday suit, puttin' on a show with your udders and blubber bouncing all over the place!" Then she gave me a hard clap on the ass to get a preview of coming attractions. She got so excited she quickly stripped the overalls off me and had me bend her over the foot of the bed to attempt to take her from behind.

Logistics didn't work so well with that, but she loved all the hundreds of pounds of my belly fat enveloping her back, billowing out nearly to her shoulder blades. Once I got upright again, Mary consoled me "poor baby, too fat to take me from behind" and stuffed a large piece of pie in my mouth as she got me arranged on my back for another of her sexy cow girl rides. And as she corkscrewed herself onto my rigid cock she kept shoveling in more and more pieces of pie. It was cherry and the red goodness was spilling out onto my super jowly cheeks, triple chins, and chest. It was a lovely mess and when she finished with her task gently started licking the remains up, then gave me a big slobbery cherry-soaked kiss. It was wonderfully sexy and I almost felt like I could go again!

Finally, it was the afternoon before the start of the Fair and the whole crew showed up for the pre-dinner weigh-in, and three of us had gotten noticeably fatter over the last seven days. As I sat on the pick-up truck bed, legs dangling off the back, my blubber was bouncing like crazy with each bump in the path to the weighing barn. And upon arrival at the livestock scale, everyone was oohing and ahhing at my girth, with Marie saying I would no doubt easily top 650 and probably even get within a hundred pounds of my advertised 762! I didn't doubt her as Mary, Marie, and Luisa were all hands in checking out my inflated body. Their men actually looked a little jealous with all the attention I was getting from the girls.

As usual, the lightweights got weighed first, but surprisingly the twins each gained some weight in the prior week while tending to their men's appetites. Marie, who had been at 108, put on six pounds to go to 114, while Mary who had outweighed her sister by ten pounds, put on eight pounds to go to 126. I thought she looked marvelous with a few more pounds!

Luisa mounted the livestock scale next and had porked up to 244 pounds from her prior 222, a whopping 22 pound gain which was huge for a woman of only 5'3". Her farmhand beau was clearly salivating at her new figure, particularly her growing shelf butt.

Then it was Harley's turn and I teased him "dude (his preferred name for me), you have gotten REALLY at this week" and he had, having done a very respectable job of keeping up with me at dinner every night. His response was "well look who's calling the kettle black -- you have got to outweigh me by at least 400 pounds Fatso! I mean just look at that belly and those teets" and gave one of my udders a good tweak. I retorted, "but you're gaining on me fast Blubber Boy and Marie is gonna make sure you catch me." Marie seemed to like that idea and winked her eye at me!

He climbed on and everyone, including him, gasped when he registered a 38 pound gain to 220, in just one week. Mary looked at Marie and said "I guess we've got a pair of blimps for boyfriends." Marie then turned to me and said "it's your turn Blimp Boy."

As my belly apron bounced off my thighs, I took baby steps and lumbered onto the scale ...


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May 3, 2014
As Big As A Barn

I had weighed in at an incredible 608 pounds just seven days before, but as I clambored upon the livestock scale, my suspicions that I had achieved untold feats of gluttony during the week were confirmed. I was an astronomical 666 pounds, a gain of 58 pounds in a week, over eight pounds a day!

There was a sustained round of applause from everyone in the barn and shouts of "you did it Fatty," "way to go Fat Man," and the like.

Mary seemed the most excited of all and I heard her whisper in her sister's ear that they should all go back to the house, but she was "taking this one," pointing to me, "to the hay loft." I guessed dinner would have to wait, but I was still excited because Mary and I hadn't done it in the barn in a few weeks!

As the others got in the pick-up or walked back, Mary grabbed my hand and started pulling as briskly as a 126 pounder can pull a 666 pounder. We skipped going to the second floor as the steps would have taken me forever to navigate and I would have been totally pooped afterwards. Instead, she headed for a vacant stall that had a healthy bed of straw, then she gave me a big shove sending me flat on my back on the straw and proceeded to belly flop on top of my belly! She slathered me in kisses and told me yet again how proud she was of her Fat Man, "666 pounds of sweet lovin'. And before too long, you're gonna be as big as this barn!"

She acted like a woman possessed, more like her sister Marie used to do, a very physical form of sex, and I loved it. First with me on my back, she heaved my giant belly aside to carress between my legs and quickly brought me to a rock hard state. Mounting me, she rode me, my huge blubber belly tossing around with our motions. And using both hands and all of her strength she heaved it from side to side with each of her thrusts, then hoisted it as high as she could and dropped it on her thighs, driving her deeper onto my shaft. All the while, she was laughing and taunting me about how enormous I had become. She just couldn't seem to get enough of my belly, hugging it, holding it, clutching it to her now not as tiny body.

"The people at the Fair will be in for a real treat -- most of them have never seen a human being as ***ing fat as you, you are the prize hog to beat all prize hogs, it's a wonder you can still move you are SSOOOHHH ***ing fat, but I love every ounce of this enormous body and I want to marry you right after the Fair. Whatdayasay Big Man?"

"Let's do it" I moaned as I released myself into her and she lifted and dropped my gargantuan belly one last time.

After a few moments of rest and snuggling, Mary said "let's get you back to the house for dinner, I can't have my future husband waisting away to nothing." While I struggled to get into the minimal clothes I had worn to the weigh-in, Mary called the farm hands on her cell to pull the truck around to pick up their heavy load.

When we got back to the house, Marie showed me a picture of the sign the Fair Committee had made up for the tent where my appearances would take place. I was astounded, as a local artist had painted a pretty striking resemblence of me in my bib overalls with the front flap down showing my belly and moobs in all their glory. At the top, in big letters, it said "ALIVE Fattest Man in the Midwest" and below "762 pounds. Behold The Spectacle!"

"Pretty impressive Fatty, isn't it?" Marie asked. "I'll say," I said.

Marie continued "and you made it to within 96 pounds of your advertised weight" and poked me in the belly. "I knew you could eat, but I really doubted you could make to within a hundred pounds, but you did us proud Tubby!" "He sure did" Mary said, then asked Luisa if she had doubted that I could make it that close.

Luisa let forth a huge belly laugh that made her growing belly and shelf butt shake, and sneared "you didn't see how much he ate during the day when you weren't here -- I was surprised El Gordo didn't hit 700 pounds!" "That's our next goal dear, right?," Mary said to me as she hugged as much as she could of my belly and leaned in to give me a kiss. "Now let's get some dinner in you."

We awoke late the next day in order to give me more rest in anticipation of my long day and night at the Fair. My first act was at 3 p.m., then another at 6, and a grand finale at 9. The girls fed me a big brunch then started working to wedge me into the size 84 overalls, which I spilled out of even more than the day before. Marie and Luisa, who had not seen my trial run the day before, were chuckling and wondering if these would last me through my one-week Fat Man run.

Frankly, I was wondering that too, but figured the Fair schedule wouldn't give me as much time to eat Luisa's big meals, so maybe the overalls would hold up for the week. But then I thought about all the fattening Fair food that would be available and my mouth began to water at the thought of endless fried Twinkees and Snickers and what not! Reconsidering, I pondered if I might not have to appear in my underwear or perhaps a couple of bed sheets sewed together by week's end. The mere thought of it was giving me a huge erection underneath all my rolls of lard.

We arrived at the Fairgrounds around 1 p.m. in order to give us time to get me set up for the first act. Walking the half mile from the field where we were supposed to park was out of the question, so the girls got permission to drive Marie's big pick-up slowly down the midway with me hanging off the back, Mary by my side. The afternoon fairgoers looked either amazed or aghast at my size, with my moobs and side fat bulging out of my overalls. Fingers were pointing and mouths were open wide. Mary elbowed me and said "you're already a hit Big Man, you are gonna raise so much money for charity, you should be so proud!"

I was actually embarrassed as this was the first time that so many people had seen how enormous I had gotten. But as we rolled down the midway at 5 mph I slowly warmed up to the idea of my vast tonnage being on public display. Soon the sheer surprise of the crowd gave way to shouts of encouragement and otherwise, like "looking good Fat Boy" or "Sexy Beast" to "will you marry me" to "cut back on the donuts man!" By then, Mary had her arm around my massive shoulder and was snuggled up next me, planting kisses on my jowly cheeks every few feet as we rolled to my tent.

As we arriived at the tent, the girls helped me slide my ass off the back of the truck bed and wobble inside. I saw the sign and almost couldn't believe that was me -- I had fantasized back to my teenage years what it would be like to be a midway Fat Man and there I was living the dream. Although I wasn't 762 pounds, as advertised, I was pretty damned fat, fatter than I'd ever thought realistically possible and it was all because of these wonderful farm girls I had happened upon entirely by chance.

Admission to see me was going to be $10, then the Fair chairwoman came in to brief me on what else was in store. She lead me over to another work by the local artist, a profile of me (which looked absolutely massive with my head and chins merging into my back fat and moobs and belly hanging dangerously close to my knees), which for $5 people could stand in to compare themselves to the fattest man in the Midwest and have their pictures made. And, at the end of each of my half-hour appearances, for an additional $10 the women folk could come backstage to meet me in person. Or people could buy the entire package for a flat $20.

I was beginning to feel like a 666-pound slab of meat, but resolved myself to it, telling myself "it's all for charity." The Fair chair seemed to sense my discomfort and slapped me on one of my butt cheeks and said, "don't worry, we'll take good care of you -- if you raise half as much money as I think you will, I'll personally make sure there is an endless supply of fried Twinkees for you." "Great," I said, "getting paid in fried Twinkees." Mary grinned and whispered in my ear, "just think of what I'm going to do to you when you get home after being fattened even more by the fried Twinkees."

Then it got even worse, when the Fair chair mentioned some of the special appearances she had lined up in connection with mine. That night, she had arranged for the NCAA champion superheavyweight wrestling champ from Iowa State to appear with me (and since the weight limit for that class was 285, I was going to outweigh him by almost 400 pounds!). Then, at the end of the week, the offensive line for Iowa State's football team was going to appear (all at 300 pounds or more, but still a lot more than 300 pounds lighter than me). She assurred me the crowd was going to eat it up, but I was again beginning to feel like a slab of meat.

Mary and Marie could tell I was having second thoughts, and sent Luisa out to the midway on a mission to come back with fried treats to stuff into my belly before the first show. Then they escorted me to the back room of the tent, sat me down in a sturdy chair, and commenced unfastening the clasps and buckles on my overalls. Then they started massaging and kissing my udders and sensually rubbing my belly while they both worked to plant kisses on my lips, cheeks, jowls, and chins. Soon Luisa arrived and started feeding me all nature of fried Fair treats and soon I was feeling all better ...

The Show Goes On

One thing led to another and Mary and Marie managed to get my overalls down to my ankles and leaned me back on a bed that had been provided for my comfort between shows. While Luisa watched the door and Marie helped me hold my belly back out of the way, Mary expertly located my member under all the surrounding fat and through a combination of massage and suction brought me to climax in less than five minutes, which was what I needed to calm myself down before my big debut.

Afterwards, I finished off the remaining deep fried delicacies that Luisa had procured for me, then the girls tidied me up and got me ready. Right at 2 p.m., I heard an annoucer, the baritone voiced morning DJ for the local radio station. begin his schtick to get the crowds into the tent. I soon got embarrassed again ...

"Come one, come all, see the fattest man in the Midwest. 762 pounds of humanity, 9 feet around, bigger around than he is tall by over 3 feet! You'll want to tell your grandchildren about this amazing specimen of man with a belly that hangs to his knees and breasts bigger than most any woman's. It will literally be tons of fun. Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Only $10 admission, a bargain for this much entertainment, pennies on the pound! And it's all for charity, ladies and gentlemen, help the needy of our county by viewing the biggest man you'll ever see in your lifetime ..."

Once the crowd got ushered in the entrance to the tent, there were maybe 150 people, meaning I had raised a whopping $1,500 for charity. I got a little disappointed, putting up with this much humiliation for such a small draw. But then I thought, if I draw that many for three shows each day for five days, that would be close to the $30,000 goal at least.

Then the announcer in his best baritone introduced me to the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, as advertised, meet the fattest man in all of the Midwest and he lives right here in our county, the amazing Quinn, 762 pounds, over nine feet around, no doubt the fattest man you have ever seen or ever will see in your lifetimes, come on out Big Man!"

I wobbled onto the stage escorted by the lovely twins, each dressed in extra tight hot pants and sexy halter tops, and each hamming it up, playing with my overflowing breasts and side fat as we moved slowly to the middle of the stage. When I got to centerstage, both girls leaned into me and gave me kisses on the cheek and I gave a little bow.

First there seemed to be stunned silence from the crowd, then oohs and ahhs, then murmuring as people talked amongst themselves, then scattered shouts from the crowd by the less inhibited members of the audience.

"Look at all that blubber!"

"You're enormous!"

"Fatty Fatty Two By Four!"

But I also got received some favorable feedback, including a couple more marriage proposals and one very attractive young woman who told me "do me Fatty, do me!"

All the comments got the girls hamming it up even more and they unbuckled my shoulder straps and let my bib hang down to my belly button. Then they started playing with my pendulous breasts again, bringing a wave of catcalls from the audience as the girls bounced them up and down and all around, then Mary turned me to the side and planted her face between my udders and motorboated me for the audience! The crowd went wild, even the hecklers. All the while, the announcer was providing play-by-play, "ladies and gentlemen, look at those cow udders, we should enter Quinn here in the livestock competition!"

Then the girls turned me back facing the audience and pulled the overalls down underneath my belly overhang, to give the audience a brief glimpse at what 666 pounds, or rather 762 pounds, looks like. The announcer gave a rowdy "ladies and gentlemen, have you ever seen a belly anywhere near that big, two giant rolls of fat and a belly button that must hang down half a foot!" To emphasize its enormity, Mary stuck her fist in my belly button and started wobbling my rolls up and down, again bringing loud response from the audience. Then both girls reached down under my overhang and briskly started wobbling my bottom roll up and down, sending waves and ripples in every direction. One 40-ish woman even tried to run onstage, but the announcer restrained her, mentioning like a good salesman that there would be a private viewing afterwards for a small investment of only $10 more.

By then, I'd been onstage and on my feet for about fifteen minutes and my legs needed a rest. So the announcer rolled out a chair for me to sit and the girls fastened my bib back to the shoulder straps and sat me down. The announcer then indicated that the show was over but that for an additional $10 the ladies could have a private audience with me and see "much, much more" of me "in all of his glory." About 25 women, of all ages, plus a couple of young guys, lined up to pay the extra $10, while my handlers escorted me back stage and stripped me down to my 13X boxer shorts, making sure to pull the elastic down underneath my overhang to show just how fat I was.

There was a strict "no touch, no feel" rule, but several people tried anyway and I did allow a few women to give me a kiss on the cheek and a couple of them caught feels of my udders as they did. I didn't mind as they were kind of sweet about it and there weren't any hecklers in the small group.

All in, my half hour appearance turned into about 50 minutes and I was exhausted when it was over, retreating to the bed in the back and Luisa being dispatched to pick up a couple of burgers and a half dozen hot dogs to tide me over.

I had until about 4:30 p.m. to recover, when I was expected to make an appearance with the Iowa State superheavyweight wrestling champ. I hadn't expected to do a fourth appearance that day and was a little bummed that it had been sprung on me, plus the potential for added humiliation. But I decided to take it in stride since Mary and Marie seemed so pleased by my earlier appearance. The things I did for love (and food)!

We went back on stage about fifteen minutes early to meet the champ and he was a very imposing young man, about 6'3", and ripped with muscles, but a little soft around the middle, looking like he had to lose a few pounds to get down to the 285 pound maximum for the weight class. Plus, he was a really nice guy, introduing us to his girlfriend, a very cute Asian woman who was mabye 5'2" and no more than a hundred pounds; she was what one of my old New York friends used to refer to as a "spinner" (I'll let you figure that out). I could only imagine the fun that the two of them had in the sack.

His name was Ron and he was very polite, saying that he thought I would be a formidable opponent on the mat given my "low center of gravity," my massive hanging belly. I reciprocated, telling him I would have no chance against unless I managed to fall on top of him and crush him under all my tonnage. He laughed and said "yeah, that too would make you a formidable opponent." Then he asked, very politely how much I really weighed, and was astounded when I said 666 pounds. Then I asked him and he said "I'm really fat right now, 312 pounds, and the coach is gonna be all over me when school starts to start getting back down to the 285 range so I can defend my title."

By then, it was time to let people into the tent for our joint appearance and it was then that I noticed there was a wrestling mat on the stage! Surely, they couldn't expect us to wrestle? Mary whispered in my ear "don't worry baby" and walked me over to one corner of the mat while Ron went to the other, and the announcer announced:

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our main event of the day. In this corner, we have our statewide hero, the reigning NCAA superheavyweight wrestling champ and future Olympian, Ron Wilson, 6'3" and weighing in at 285 pounds. And in this corner, we have the undisputed super super heavyweight, the reigning champion at all you can eat buffets all over our great state, the fattest man in the Midwest, the Amazing Quinn, 762 pounds, 9 feet around his belly, but only 5'9", so three feet bigger around than he is tall."

After that rousing introduction, he directed us to the center of the mat where we shook hands and then he had us bump bellies and Ron pretended to bounce backwards a couple of feet, bringing great applause from the audience. Then he asked us to flex our muscles and Ron showed a massive pair of guns, while when I did it my underarm flab hung down close to a foot and Mary stepped up and wiggled and waggled it for the audience, bringing a huge round of laughter, applause, and catcalls.

The announcer then asked us to give a little exercise exhibition and Ron got down on the mat to do pushups, then got up to do jumping jacks, then ran from end to end on the mat about ten times. And to top it off, he flexed the muscles of one arm and had his girlfriend come over and grab a hold and lifted her off the ground one handed, doing five reps!

When it was my turn, I kind of shrugged my shoulders, as if physically incapable of any exercise whatsoever, but Marie came running onstage with five fried Twinkees so I did five exaggerated reps to lift each Twinkee to my waiting mouth. That brought down the house! And it was at that point that I found the showman in myself.

Afterwards I bid adieu to Ron and his girlfriend and wished him success in defending his NCAA championship. I immediately went backstage and was tired but feeling energized at the same time. I almost couldn't wait for the 6 p.m. show and was thinking of ways to ham it up for the crowd.

I was thinkng I might make a pretty decent sideshow Fat Man after all ...


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May 3, 2014
And On and On

Soon it was time for the early evening show and this one went much better as I was feeling less self-conscious and more like a showman. If I do say so myself, I was much more engaged than in my debut performance and was actually dialouging with the crowd and putting on quite the show. For instance, if someone yelled out something about how fat I was, I would reach down and jiggle my udders or my belly rolls and then ask the crowd if they liked what they saw. And the crowd would roar with approval with chants like "show us more Fatty, show us more!"

Plus, it was a bigger crowd, maybe 225 and I figured I had benefitted from my appearance Ron the wrestler from Iowa State. People had seen that, then came back for my show.

Afterwards, at the private viewing part of the show, I was totally surprised by one of the fans who had ponied up the extra $10. It was Ron's petite and super-cute girlfriend, Steph. She thanked me for putting myself out there for charity and then told me something that made my jaw drop. Tiny little Steph leaned over my belly as far as she could, losing her balance and having to wrap her arms around my neck, then whispered in my ear "my dream is, when Ron finally gives up wrestling, I have plans for him to get fat just like you."

Flabbergasted, I asked "does he know about this?" And she said "no, it's my little secret." Since there were 20 people behind her, I couldn't hold up the line, but I asked her to stick around so we could talk more about her dream and how to make it possible.

Once the last person was through the line, a horny looking 20-year old farm girl who didn't want to stop talking about how hot she thought I was, I moved over to the bed for a little rest and to consume a few hamburgers that Luisa had fetched. I motioned Steph over to chat while I ate and had my three feedists join the conversation to offer tips to our young friend. As we ate and talked, Mary and Marie were seated a little behind and on either side of me, massaging my tired shoulders with one hand and fondling my udders with other. Steph definitely looked hot and bothered as they did that, no doubt imagining herself doing that to Ron one day in the not too distant future!

First, Steph asked me if I really weighed 762 pounds and I admitted I was only 666. Then she asked how long it had taken for me to get to my weight and I deferred to Mary. "Would you believe that less than four months ago, this sideshow Fat Man only weighed 325 pounds?" Steph looked stunned, "you mean you added over 300 pounds in just four months?" We all shook our heads yes and I said, "but it helped to have an incredible cook like Luisa here" and pointed out my ever-expanding feedress, "and two sisters who owned their own donut shop and who like their men to be in the half ton range."

I could tell that was sending Steph's hormones raging as she was noticeably grinding her legs together and constantly re-adjusting herself in her chair. Marie noticed too and said "it's OK Steph, we constantly have to change our panties after we fantasize about feeding and ... uhm ... playing with this behemoth, wondering each day how much new blubber we'll have to dig beneath to find his little plaything. It's a constant logistical challenge but it's so worth it, and before long you'll discover what we're talking about!"

Then Mary chimed in, "just think what you can do with Ron, he's so tall and so strong. I figure 800 or 900 pounds is the most we can pack on Quinn, but with Ron being so much taller you should be able to pack a thousand or more pounds on him easily."

At that point, Steph couldn't take it any longer and put her hand between her legs and started rubbing. Marie left my side and went to stand beside Steph and rub her shoulders and neck as Steph brought herself to climax. "That was so embarrassing," Steph finally said, "but hearing all that made me so ***ing horny I had to ..." Mary cut her off, saying "it's OK sister, you're among fat-loving friends."

I decided to change the subject a bit and asked Steph "so are you responsible for Ron having to lose so much to get to his weight for competition?" She got a Cheshire Cat grin on her face and meekly said "maybe." "Well," I said, "you have to let him get back to 285 before the season starts, but when it's over and he has won another NCAA championship, you two will have to come out to the farm for a weekend and my three evil feedresses here can show you a thing or two about how to fatten your man."

She beamed at that and said "I'd love to," then glanced at her watch and said "I'm late to meet Ron for the drive back to Ames. Thanks so much, I love you guys," then hugged each of us and took off at a sprint.

Then Luisa said, "you know, all that talk about fattening El Gordo here and then fattening that incredible hunk of man Ron, made me horny too." Marie suggested "why don't you go fetch some fried Twinkees for us and when you get back we'll play stuff the Fatty." "Goodie" Luisa said and that was what I thought too.

An e-mail Out of the Blue

During the 9 p.m. show that first night of the Fair, my friends from the newspaper showed up to cover the show and snapped a few photos of me in all my enormity. I didn't think much about it until the paper came out the next Monday with a huge front page picture of the "fattest man in the Midwest, our own Quinn McCauley."

Tuesday morning, as I was trying to roll myself to the side of the bed to get up, I heard the mail alam on my iPad go off. Not thinking much about it, I continued my struggle to throw my legs over the side of the bed and attempt to gain enough momentum to hoist my 666 pounds (or likely 670 plus by then) off the mattress. By the time I got myself to a standing position, there had been four or five more mail delivery alarms, making me think WTF?

I waddled to the bathroom and heard a few more alarms. Finally, by the time I relieved myself and waddled back to the bedside table to open my iPad, I saw that I had 35 new emails. When I opened my mailbox, I discovered why. The front page photo from our little newspaper, circulation 5,000, had gone viral! It had been republished in newspapers around the world and was now all over the internet. The emails were from old friends and colleagues from college and from New York, mostly questioning whether that really was me, "couldn't possibly be you, you should sue," and what not. Another, from an old girlfriend, herself about 300 pounds, said "at least now, I'll never feel fat again -- thank you, thank you, thank you Quinn!"

But the tenth email in the queue totally floored me! It was from my ex, Martha, the one who left me for her female personal trainer because at 250 pounds, I was "just too fat." She wrote:

Dear Quinn,

I have been thinking a lot about you lately, how badly I treated you simply because you had gained a few pounds over the years. I had heard you gained more after our divorce, and felt bad about that too, but then I saw your picture on the Internet this morning and saw that you are now simply enormous! 762 pounds, what have you done to yourself?

Lorna (her partner) saw it posted on the bulletin board at the health club when she went to work this morning and called to tell me. It had a caption, "DON'T BECOME THIS GUY" and people were laughing about it. Then, when I found the image on the Internet, it had 200,000 hits in only three hours, but I have to say there were quite a few comments from women (and men) who found you quite sexy!

Lorna's reaction completely surprised me too. She is so chiseled I thought she would be totally repulsed by all your blubbery bulges, but she told me she was really turned on! That's amazing because she has never been into men, but she suggested we look you up and invite you over one night, "that is if he can fit through the door!"

After I got off the phone with her and had a chance to study your picture more, I began to see what she saw. You, my ex, are a sexy beast, with those breasts that are bigger than mine and hers put together, and that enormous belly that looks like it hangs to your knees under those bib overalls (I can't begin to imagine what size they are!). And those jowly dimpled cheeks and your boyish grin and that massive chin that wraps around your neck like a tire! You know, in those overalls, you really look like that picture of Robert Earl Hughes you showed me when you were drunk one night right after we married.

You may have been too drunk to remember, but you told me that when you were a teenager you saw his picture in the Guinness Book and fantasized about being that fat, a thousand pounds, and what it would be like. It shocked me at the time, then when you got up to 250 pounds, I feared that you were living out the fantasy. But now I understand and think it's kind of sexy! It looks like you are finally living out your fantasy of becoming Robert Earl Hughes and I'm happy for you if that is what you really want.

But can I ask you a favor? Lorna and I have only seen you in the bib overalls, so can you send us some pictures of you without the overalls, in all of your blubbery glory?

And, when you get back from Iowa, or whatever God-forsaken place you are, give me a ring. Lorna and I would love to have you over for dinner and stuff you with all the canoles from the Italian bakery down the street! You are our new male sex symbol! I just wish I had known how hot you would become when we were still married, but maybe I can make up for it a little now.



While I had no intention of going back to Martha or getting it on with her and her lover, I was definitely aroused by the email and decided to go to the full length mirror and snap a couple of naked shots of myself, before going to the kitchen for Luisa's big breakfast. I attached them to an email response, then threw on my 12X robe (way too small at my current weight) and waddled off to breakfast.

When I returned 90 minutes later (it was a big breakfast, I said), I had a humdinger of a response from Martha:

Dearest Quinn,

Thank you for the pics. I was immediately aroused and reached for my vibrator as I took in every luscious inch (and there were a LOT of them) of your now enormous body. You must have been quite the greedy pig since our divorce, eating anything and everything in sight! You must be an eating machine to have gotten so ***ing fat!

I mentioned Robert Earl Hughes before, and you know, there is a new Internet post now which is getting thousands of more views, showing you in your bib overalls and him in his side by side. It's incredible how much you look like him, massive bellies filling up the overalls, blubbery double chins, puffy cheeks, you and REH could be body doubles!

It's just getting me so hot I can't think of anything else! I want you to come back to New York right now. If you can't fit through my apartment door, I'll get a sledgehammer and make the door wider! I just want to rip off those bib overalls and play with all the blubber hiding underneath, I want to motorboat those massive boobs of yours, I want to stuff you full of cheesecake, then strap your belly to the bedposts and ride you while your belly slaps back and forth against my tight six-pack abs,

Come back Fatty, come back!

Waiting for you,


After that, I was the one getting hot and bothered. As I read, my cock got rigid almost immediately and I reached down to attempt to stroke it ever so gently. But damn, I was too fat to access myself with only one hand, as I had to hold the iPad with the other! But once finished with reading, I stuffed a couple of pillows under my butt, leaned back as far as I could, and utilized my now free hand to pull back on my apron enough to allow the other hand access to my nether region.

Again, I had no intention of leaving my loving Mary (or Luisa and her cooking), but the thought that my ex, once so disdainful of my bulk, was now lusting after me, was just too much to dismiss from my imagination.

Then, just as I was about to climax, I had another thought -- what if Martha and her partner were to pay a visit to Iowa? Maybe Mary and Martha and I could have a nice menage a trois, while Luisa added some pounds to the woman who stole my wife? What a delicious conspiracy that would be ...


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May 3, 2014
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Mary and Marie both arrived back at the farm around Noon, to help Luisa feed me lunch, and to get me ready to transport to the Fairgrounds.

Marie had a wicked grin on her face as she walked in and said "I've got two surprises for you." "What are they?" I asked.

Well first, the Governor is going to be here for the last day of the County Fair, and the family has known him for years, back when our dad helped him on his first campaign thirty years ago." "And?" I asked. "And I called him up this morning to see if he could officiate our wedding ... and he said YES!"

"You mean get married at the Fair?"

"No silly, we'll do it here that morning before your final set of appearances." That was much better, I thought, I didn't want to get married in the three-ring circus that was the County Fair! "That would be great," I said with great relief. "But we'll have to buy rings and I wonder if we'll be able to find one to fit my fat ring finger!" "Don't worry Big Man, I've got it covered, now start eating your lunch!"

"Now, what's the second surprise?"

Marie interrupted Mary before she couid say anything, "well Fatty, it turns out that you're the hottest thing on the Internet today, a half million hits as of twenty minutes ago!"

"You mean this?" as I held up the newspaper? "Ugh yes" she stammered.

"Believe me I knew. As of twenty minutes ago, I had over 200 emails from people I haven't seen in months or years, including my ex."

"What did the bitch say?" Mary asked. I decided to come clean to Mary, particularly given my evil idea to invite Martha and Lorna out to Iowa and maybe exact a little revenge on them. Turns out her personal trainer partner was turned on by my wire service photo, then she got turned on by the idea of a 762 pound ex-husband, and now the two of them would like to do me."

Marie giggled but Mary had steam coming out of her ears! "That bitch! Leaves you because you are too fat, but then decides that maybe it was because you just weren't fat enough. I could kill her!"

"Calm down," I said. "They want me to go to New York, but that ain't happening, so I thought, what if they come to visit Iowa in a month or so? We'll be married then and they'll be able to see me in all my gluttonous glory, but you and Marie and Luisa can show them your wonderful Iowa hospitality including all the wonderful food."

I could see the lightbulb going on over Mary's head and she repeated "all the wonderful food ... we could hog tie those two bitches and feed 'em up real good with Luisa's most fattening recipes AND by the time they're ready to head back to New York, they'll each be at least a hundred pounds heavier. Then they can play with their own fat, instead of playing with yours!"

"That's a brilliantly evil idea, sis!" said Marie and Luisia shook her head in anticipation too.

Wedding Day

It was finally the last day of the County Fair AND it was my wedding day to boot. The Governor showed up at the farm with his State Police security detail around 9:30 that morning and it was like old home week. You see, the Governor was as close as you can get to Governor for Life in Iowa as he had served a bunch of terms and he had known the family going back 30 years or more when Mary's and Marie's father had been a political heavy hitter in the state. Plus, Mary was currently serving on the Repubican State Central Committee and was a heavy hitter herself (no pun intended).

I was in the bedroom getting ready when he arrived so Mary and Marie met him and engaged in small talk, then he asked to see the marriage license to "make sure everything is legal." When I wobbled in a couple of minutes later, His Excellency couldn't resist saying, "so your name is F. Quinn McRae? I guess the F stands for Fat!" and he smiled and patted me on my most ample belly. Then he continued "you are a very big man Quinn and I hear you are packing 'em in at the County Fair -- the charities in this county are certainly going to be appreciative. in fact, I'm going to be seeing the Executive Director of the State Fair this afternoon and I plan to mention your act to him to see if he has room to bring you to DesMoines next month."

I wasn't sure how to react to that, but then the Governor changed the subject slightly, turning to my intended and saying "Mary, you and your sister certainly like your men big, don't you?"

Marie chuckled and responded "you know us too well Governor! We look for men who could go pound for pound with our dad."

The Governor got a look of astonishment on his face. "Well your dad was certainly a big man ... and no offense Quinn, but he was probably half your size. He certainly wasn't the fattest man in the Midwest, like you, 762 pounds as I recall from the newspaper clippings the last few days. You know, you are quite the celebrity now -- people all over the world know who you are from your photos and you've really put this county on the map!"

Mary came over and put her arms around me, but she could only get about halfway around my circumference, and told the Governor, "he's really not 762 pounds, that's just exaggeration. We weighed him again yesterday and he's only 681 pounds. That's only a couple hundred pounds more than Daddy weighed at his peak, so Quinn here has a ways to go to lap Daddy's weight."

The Governor looked highly bemused and said "well Quinn I guess that gives you a goal, everyone needs a goal." Mary got a Chesire Cat grin on her face and said, "oh Quinn has a goal, he just doesn't know what it is, and Luisa here is all ready to help him get there!"

The Governor looked at his watch nervously and said "now, let's get the show on the road as I have to make a couple of more appearances before showing up at the Fair."

Mary was beautiful in a slinky white dress that showed off her figure brilliantly. The extra few pounds she had gained tending to me had created a little more cleavage up top and added some ever so slight junk in her trunk. I was really turned on just standing next to her and hoped that we would have time to steal a quickie before my first show at 2 p.m.

As for me, Mary had commissioned a custom tailor in DesMoines to construct a white suit which probably took a couple of bolts of summer weight wool fabric. I thought it a waste as I would no doubt only be able to wear it once as the girls would no doubt pile more weight on my frame so that it would no longer fit after only a few weeks, or maybe even days. But Mary insisted, I think because she wanted to see how massive I looked dressed all in white! I had stolen a look in the mirror before leaving the bedroom and had to admit, the suit made me look like I really was the fattest man in the Midwest -- it seemed to add fifty more pounds to my already massive girth.

We had only a few guests, including Luisa, who was noticeably pudgier from just the week before, and Harley, who had really packed on the pounds. He had missed the weigh-in the previous day, but he looked to me to have put on twenty, maybe thirty pounds in the last week, at the hands of his personal feedress, Marie. I figured that by Mary's and my first anniversary that good old Harley would weigh 400 pounds and would no longer be able to slide under cars without first putting them on a lift! And by our second anniversary, I was wondering if Marie would have to put Harley up on the lift just to gain access to his manhood! (Note to self: Mary and I will have to borrow Harley's garage sometime and try that ourselves).

After we said our I do's and the Governor pronounced us "Fat Man and wife," the guests commenced to eating brunch prepared by Luisa, while Mary and I retreated to the bedroom where Luisa had earlier wheeled in the food cart stockpiled with fattening treats. Mary got my wedding suit off in record time and backed me up to the bed then gave me a big shove. It was a good thing the bed was reinforced because it made an awful groan when my 681 pounds hit it with full force. Mary laughed and said "I can't wait until you are so fat that you break the bed when I do that -- that would be SO sexy to have you that fat!"

As she climbed atop my mountainous form, I asked "well how fat do you think I'd have to be to reduce this bed to splinters? 800 pounds?"

"Oh no, my tubby hubby, I'm thinking at least a thousand pounds. A half ton ought to break any bed, don't you think?"

Before I could answer, however, she reached over and grabbed a piece of breakfast quiche from the food cart and began stuffing it in my mouth. Seven slices and five minutes later, the whole thing was gone, and she started stuffing donuts in my mouth while trying to leverage my belly apron enough to get underneath to my favorite plaything.

Finally, she got exasperated that there was so much of me that she couldn't reach her objective. "I swear, you are so damn fat that I'm gonna have to pay someone to engineer a solution to hold all this blubber out of the way while we have sex!"

I got a good laugh out of her predicament and asked "well, what do you have in mind baby?"

"I don't know -- we'll have to get an engineer from Iowa State in to size up the situation and by situation I mean this gargantuan mountain of blubber you have sitting between your legs."

"That's kind of hot," I said, "being so fat that you need mechanical assistance to access me."

"You're definitely getting there Fatso" as she playfully punched me in the belly a couple of times. I could see the engineer rigging up a pully system to lift up your belly, but it would have to be strong as there has to be at least 400 pounds of blubber in your belly alone! Or maybe we could add some steel bedposts bolted to the floor and create some type of strap to hold your belly in place ..."

"Keep talking dirty to me baby," I said, then motioned toward the food cart and told Mary to "keep it coming babe, your Tubby Hubby is HONGRY!"

That was all the inspiration she needed, as she reached to the food cart for a full dozen donuts and wedged the box squarely between my two massive moobs, then with all of her 128 pounds behind her she used her shoulder to push my belly out of the way enough that I could grab a hold with my two hands. There was so much fat that I had trouble holding it, but I held on long enough for Mary to plop herself down on my rigidity, again laughing at my enormity.

When I finally let go, my belly slapped her with such force that it almost knocked her off me, which brought me to uncontrollable laughter. "What's the matter honey, you can't ride your prize hog anymore?"

"Just you see Fatty, I'm gonna give my prize hog the ride of his life."


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May 3, 2014
County Fair Finale

After Mary and I consummated our marriage, we got cleaned up and began to head over for the last day of the Fair. Our guests appluaded as we exited the bedroom, then Marie got on my other side to help me wobble toward the back door and the waiting pick-up truck.

Marie grabbed a hold of some side fat sticking out of my now very tight bib overalls and commented on how fat I had become in just a few months in Iowa. "To think you were a skin and bones 325 pounder when you arrived on our doorstep and now you are a 681 pound mountain of blubber. I'm just sorry my sister got her clutches on you first" and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I reminded her that she had Harley now and commented that I could definitely see her handiwork on his growing body. She agreed, "he's definitely becoming a little butterball, nothing like you Quinn (the first time she had ever called me by my name!), but in a year or so he should really be showing the effects!"

Mary and I arrived at my tent just a few minutes ahead of my last special appearance, this one with the offensive line of the Iowa State football team. Although ours was not a big county, there were a lot of ISU season ticket holders from the county, so the coach made a pilgrimage to our County Fair every year to try to keep his fan base happy. And since there was one huge hog on display for all to see, he decided the perfect complement this year would be to bring his Hogs, the starting offensive line, each over 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, the biggest being 6'4" and 335. Of course, that meant that I weighed more than any two of them combined, with twenty or more pounds to spare!

When I arrived Coach Smith came over to the truck bed to help me get down and walked me over to the microphone that had been set up. We shook hands and introduced me to his wife, who commented "I've seen some awfully big boys on the football fields in thirty years as a coach's wife but you son really take the cake." Mary had joined us by then and elbowed me in the side and said "that's because he ate ALL the cake." We all laughed and Mrs. Coach said "you do like to eat, don't 'ya boy?" Mary gave a knowing look and said "you wouldn't believe, out of house and home, I finally had to marry him, figuring if I had to pay to feed him, he might as well be mine!"

I was getting pretty hard under my overalls, then noticed that the Coach had quite the pot belly himself, and wondered if Mrs. Coach was a closeted feedress too ...

Finally it was time to get the show going and the fair chairwoman got up to introduce the Coach. He launched into a pep talk about the upcoming season, then introduced his o-line and gave their heights and weights. Then he turned to me and announced to the crowd, "and now ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce you to my newest recruit, your own Quinn McRae, the biggest man in the Midwest, all 762 pounds of him."

The crowd announced their approval and Coach's wife then handed him a big bag, from which he removed what must have been the biggest football jersey ever made. It was so big, it had space for three numbers across the back, "762" for my weight and had a name, "Big Boy" at the top. Then Coach looked to Mary and his wife and said "help Big Boy get this on." It was massive on me, probably enough to fit me if I really did weigh 762 pounds, and the crowd cheered wildly.

Then Coach continued, "I'm a little concerned about his mobility defending the QB, so we're thinking of playing him at nose guard. With Big Boy here iin the middle of the d-line nobody's gonna run up the middle on ISU. Running backs will just be swallowed in this big old gut of his, never to be seen again!" That really got the crowd going, with chants of "go Fat Boy" and "Eat the Competition!"

It was all a lot of fun, much more than I thought it would be, and the ISU sports information director posed some publicity shots after it was over. First, the o-line lined up in formation and they put me in the middle of the shot. Of course, I couldn't begin to get into a three-point stance by myself, so the two guards got on either side of me and gingerly lowered me into my stance for the photo. Then Mary asked the SID if he could get a shot from the back, just for her, and he snapped one with my big old ass hanging out!

I was about to collapse from leaning forward that long, so the two guards again got on either side and helped me stand straight again. I had to seek out a chair to rest for a minute, then the SID started snapping pictures again, with me posing one-on-one with each of the linemen, no doubt to show the extreme contrast in size between those so-called behemoths and the one true behomoth that day! Mary loved all those pictures and nowadays she pulls them out from time-to-time to (1) show me how enormous I was then ("bigger than two linemen combiined ... and then some") and (2) how skinny I was then compared to now ("couldn't imagine you being any fatter, but you are"). My only solace is that Harley, six or seven inches taller than me, now outweighs me by a hundred pounds ... but that's a story for another day.

Even though I had three shows left to do that final day, I was expecting anything out of the ordinary. After a few days of doing this, I had settled into a routine and really found myself enjoying the showmanship associated with being one of the big acts at the Fair. So, being the last day, I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary, but boy was I wrong. And it all started when I saw the Governor and his entourage approaching ...

He walked up and slapped me on the back like the consummate politician he was, saying "that's quite a jersey you got there, something that big outta be filled with helium and be in a New Year's parade!" I gave a fake laugh and asked "what do you want Governor?"

"Well Quinn, my boy, I want you to meet the Executive Director of the State Fair, he's the guy I told you about before I performed your marriage this morning." A nerdy, rail-thin fellow in glasses held out his hand and introduced himself. Then he started talking.

"I just got out of a meeting with your local fair committee and they have been utterly astounded at your fundraising ability. Did you know that you have doubled their original estimates, raising over $60,000, and there is a still a full day of receipts left to be collected."

I shook my head no, being a little astounded myself. And Mary gave me a big hug, uttering "wow, now you're a fundraising machine too!"

There was a pregnant pause and the Governor finally said "ask him." "Ask me what?," knowing full well what must be coming.

"Well Quinn, I, or rather we, were wondering if you would reprise your act at the State Fair in two weeks?"

"Absolutely not" I said. "That's an 11-day event and over a million people, I hear. I'm not sure I can make it physically."

"Oh but we took that into consideration. You'd have only one show every other day, so six performances max, versus the 15 you have had here at the County Fair."

"And you'll put us up at the best hotel in town and feed my husband well?" asked Mary. "Of course," said Nerd Man. "With a million fair visitors, if one in ten comes to see Quinn, we'll raise over a million dollars for charity and can definitely afford to treat your husband like visiting royalty." "As befits the fattest man in the Midwest," added the Governor, as I shot him quite the glare.

Before I could definitively say no, Mary said "let us think about it and we'll get back to you tomorrow." I could tell right then that I had a night of food and sex in store for me until I relented and said yes. The only questions in my mind were (1) how far I could extend the debauchery and gluttony before relenting to the will of my beautiful wife, and (2) if Marie and Luisa would join in the fun!

To State Fair or Not State Fair?

My 9 p.m. show was over and the County Fair was winding down to its midnight closing. The crowd had gotten sparse around my show tent so Mary was able to pull her extra large pick-up beside the tent so I wouldn't have to waddle too far.

The extent of my sheer obesity had been pointed out to me in the final show where the Saturday night crowd was a lot rowdier than past audiences, perhaps because they had enjoyed a few beers beforehand. There were continuous taunts from the crowd of "fatty," "two ton," "blubber boy," etc. And while Mary was helping out, she was pelted with rhetorical questions like whether she can find my dick buried underneath all my blubber, and that was from the women in the audience! Definitely a rough crowd that night ...

It was making me wonder whether there was anything Mary and the girls could do to make up for me doing another gig at the State Fair in a couple of weeks. At that point, I was thinking there wasn't enough sex or food that would make me want to put up with something like this again. And to think I had been having fun doing the act just a couple of nights before ...

My sheer immensity was brought home to me once more when I climbed into Mary's pick-up. Even though it was an extra roomy cab and the seat was slid back as far as it would go, my belly had grown so enormous that it was resting against the dashboard! After helping me get in and fastening the seatbelt, with extra long extender, around my ample middle, she climbed into the driver's seat, looked over, and chuckled.

"You know, I went out at the break and bought about twenty candy bars for you for the trip home. But I made the mistake of putting them in the glove box and looking at how that belly of yours is wedged in there, I know there is no way you or I could possibly get into that glove box to retrieve them!"

That even made me laugh and took my mind off the rough crowd that night. I looked back and Mary and said "but I'm hungry babe and I NEED those candy bars." So she got out of the truck and walked back around to my side and opened the door. Then with all 125 pounds of her strength she tried to move my belly out of the way but she could barely budge it! "I could use a little help here Big Man," she said wih some exasperation in her voice.

So I reached as far down my belly as my arms would allow and pulled back with all my might, while Mary attempted to open the glove box. But at 681 pounds, my belly hung down so far now that it was hard for me to grasp enough in a seated position to pull it back very far. I moved it barely enough for Mary to open the glove box door but not enough for her to reach inside for the candy. And my belly weighed so much I was only able to hold it back for a few seconds until I had to let go, sending it crashing down again and slamming the glove box door shut again. It was a good thing Mary's fingers were clear or the force of hundreds of pounds of blubber might have taken her fingers clean off!

I think Mary had an orgasm right then and there, seeing how enormous she and her two helpers had helped her new husband to become. She unfastened the top of my now too small bib overalls and started licking and massaging my two massive udders and playing with my belly rolls, as departing fairgoers walked by checking out the spectacle of a near-700 pound man and his 125 pound wife. Finally she leaned my seat back to provide enough clearance for her to climb atop me and close the door.

She settled herself atop my belly, grasped my jowls and triple chin with both hands, and shoved her tongue down my throat for perhaps the hottest kiss I'd ever received from her or any other woman. And though she rarely hurled epithets at me, even though I loved it when she did, that night in that truck cab she went wild.

"I can't believe what a tub of lard you've become, a big fat Mount Everest of blubber, too damn fat to even reach into the glove box!"

"I know baby, I've gotten so fat, I just can't stop eating when you're encouraging me. I want to be your tub of lard, eating whatever you command me to."

"Well then, I've got good news for you Tubby -- you're going to get even fatter for me, I want you to be at least 750 pounds before the State Fair starts."

"But that's only a couple of weeks away," I protested.

"You can do it Fatty, you've proven it before and you'll prove it again. We've got to weigh you when we get back, but I bet you're only sixty pounds or so away and you could do that much in two weeks easy. You might even get up to your advertised weight of 762 pounds -- wouldn't that be something Fat Boy?"

"I'm not so sure," I said.

"No excuses Fatty, just eat yourself silly the next two weeks and you'll pack 'em at the State Fair. Just think of all the joy seeing a big fat blimp like you will bring to the all the chubby chasers of Iowa!" And by then, you REALLY will be the fattest man in the Midwest."

Before I could protest further, she buried her tongue in my mouth again for a good two minutes, then pulled out and said "now let's get you home for a good home cooked meal -- Luisa has been working on it all night -- AND I'll stop at the donut shop on the way home for a couple dozen donuts to tide you over. You are just going to be the sexiest fatty ever when we get through you with you!"


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May 3, 2014
The Robert Earl Hughes Effect

It was close to 11 p.m. by the time Mary climbed down from Mt. Quinn, as she had sometimes taken to calling my belly, and sauntered around to the driver's seat of the pick-up. I was exhausted from my three shows that day and our aggressive make-out session (I imagined that I would wake up the next morning and find hickeys all over my neck, udders, and belly, it was like high school romance all over again except that I was more than 500 pounds heavier than I was back when I was an undersized 170 pound right tackle in Fairfield County, Connecticut, outside Stamford).

I remember her starting the truck, but must have dozed off almost immediately thereafter, not waking up until we reached the farm. From behind me in the back seat of the crew cab, I detected the always erotic aromatic experience of fresh donuts. My neck was nestled in too much fat to turn my head around and Mary could tell that I was dieing to know how many dozen and what kind of donuts awaited my by now very hungry stomach.

I told her "I can't believe I slept through you picking up donuts ... I'm totally starved since you couldn't get into the glovebox for the candy bars." She did her school girl giggle and said "you mean couldn't get in there due to this massive belly of yours getting in the way?" I gave her my most pleading look and said "PLEASE baby, your chubby hubby is hungry, I NEED some of those donuts!"

Mary gave me a playful scolding look and replied "let's face it Fat Man, you stopped being chubby about 350 pounds ago" and used both hands to push my belly too and fro. Even though she only gave it a couple of pushes, fifteen seconds later it was still wobbling from side to side under my now almost skin tight denim overalls! Then she continued with what really was my favorite compliment -- "the way you fill out those overalls really does make you look like a young Robert Earl Hughes."

"I know," I said. "Before the Fair started I had begun to look over his pics on the Internet and comparing myself to him in his overalls and I really do look a lot like him when he was 700 pounds or so." Mary then leaned over and gave me another extremely wet kiss while vigorously feeling up my side boob. But I had to interrupt, "babe, you're the greatest kisser I've ever known, but I'm really hungry, so hand me some donuts please, so I can start working on becoming the half ton version of Robert Earl."

She wagged her finger in my face and said "Quinn, sometimes I think you love donuts more than you love me! Besides, eating donuts now will spoil your appetite and Luisa has been slaving all evening to prepare a feast befitting your idol."

"You think Robert Earl is my idol?"

"Fatso, just look at you! The way you eat, the pleasure you derive from eating, the sheer gluttony of your intake, you're obviously aiming to top him one day and make it into the Guinness Book yourself. You've even admitted that you fantacized about being that enormous when you were a pudgy little teenager back in Connecticut."

"Well, I still wouldn't say he was my idol -- maybe more of a goal I set for myself when I realized that you didn't just want me fat," but Mary interrupted to say "you were already fat when I got my greedy little hands on you." "As I was about to continue until you rudely interrupted me, you didn't just want me garden variety fat, it was clear you wanted me to be world class fat!"

She giggled and said "fair enough Fat Man" and for good measure added "and you're certainly well on your way."

"I certainly am due to you and your sister and Luisa, definitely Luisa, as it's her cooking that will get me there."

At that, Mary said "speaking of Luisa, her cooking is probably getting cold, so open your door and let's see if can get all that blubber dislodged from the cab."

"I don't think I have the energy, hand me a donut first."

"OK Lard Belly, but just one. I swear you're going to be a half ton mountain of blubber in no time!"

State Fair Preparations

The next two weeks until the State Fair were a blur of food and sex and business opportunities. Business opportunities you question? Well, it seems like my wire service photo that went viral on the internet attracted all kinds of attention from companies that sold products to ... shall we say, "men of size."

It started almost as soon as I waddled through the kitchen door with Mary after our little make out session in the truck. There was no "hay, how are you doin' Big Man" or "what a successful run" or "are you tired after a week of entertaining tens of thousands of rude people?"

Instead, Marie rushed over and said "what took you guys so long? We gotta get Fatty here ready for his next gig at the State Fair ... you got lots of eating to do between now and then, don't 'ya Tubs?"

Before I could even respond, Luisa got on one side of me and Marie on the other and started unbuckling everything on my bib overalls and Marie told me "let's get you ought of these tight old things and measure you for new ones."

Mary came to my defense and said "let's give him some time to rest." Marie shushed her and "we have to work fast, got a call this afternoon from Overall Worlds, the bib overall maker, and they are willing to give Fatty here a lifetime supply to jeans and overalls, no matter HOW fat he gets and to give him a promotional deal that only requires a few photos a year with him wearing their product."

Mary finally was able to say, "but do you have to do it right now?"

"Yes," Marie bellowed, "'cause I told 'em he was going to the State Fair in two weeks and needed a new pair of overalls, or even better two pairs, with one in a larger size in case he needs a back-up." Then she prodded me in the belly and cackled "and the way this boy eats, a back-up pair or four is a good idea!"

Meanwhile, Luisa brought over a heaping plate and started shoveling pork barbeque in my mouth with sauce dripping onto my massive hanging belly below. It was freakin' delicious and I decided to shut up while Marie measured me, now with Mary's assistance.

But Mary persisted, "but can't he rest a bit and do this in the morning?" Finally, Marie got exasperated with her twin and said, "we need to ship the measurements off as soon as possible because 20X bib overalls don't make themselves! He's too big for their largest size now and that's 10X, 80 inches of waist, so they've got to make custom patterns for our big blimp here. And we're taking the ones he's wore this week to the airport first thing in the morning and they're sending a jet to pick them up to help in putting together the new pattern."

By the time they finished that discussion, I'd scrarfed down the first plate of barbeque and Harley, looking noticeably chubbier than I'd seen him a week before, handed Luisa another one to shovel into my gaping maw.

Then, all of the new information hit Mary's consciousness (while I was too busy devouring barbeque to give it much thought myself). "But 20X?"

Marie responded, "it may not be 20X, but the Blimp is gonna pack on more pounds in these next two weeks, so it's probably at least a 16X. Based on prior experience, if he puts on eight pounds a day, that's 112 pounds in the next two weeks before the State Fair. If he does that, Blimpster is going to be right around 800 pounds and he may need the full 20X. If not, then they'll scale back accordingly."

That finally got my attention, "800 p ..." but before I could finish Luisia shoveled in more barbeque to shut me up.

Mary got kind of dreamy-eyed and said "wow, 800 pounds" and started rubbing my belly and boobs adoringly. "Just think about that baby, your apron will probably be hanging to your knees after that and imagine how much fun it will be for me to find your favorite plaything buried underneath all that fat." Again, I couldn't respond properly because Luisa was loading my mouth with the contents of the third plate and I just mumbled incoherently.

Finally my measurements were finished and I didn't think I could possibly stand any longer, so Mary pulled over one of the reinforced kitchen chairs that Marie's late husband Mark had used. Since Mark had weighed close to 900 pounds, I had always assumed that the chairs had been stress-tested to handle my comparatively much smaller weight. But tonight, my theory was proven wrong or maybe my legs were just so shot that I collapsed with too much force. Whatever the reason, the seemingly indestructible chair was reduced to splinters when I plopped down into it!

My belly and boobs were wobbling violently as I sat upright on the kitchen floor in nothing but my briefs, while everyone in the room was laughing heartily, including Mary. I eventually had to join them as it was pretty funny. While Harley grabbled a hold of one of my massive armpits and Mary and Marie grabbed the other, they made one big heave yet my ass stayed glued to the floor. They tried again and again, but I was too heavy to move! Now I really was beginning to feel like the Fattest Man in the Midwest ...

Marie was really beginning to get amused, telling Harley, "maybe we'll have to rent a crane in the morning to get him upright again!" But then she remembered something else the denim manufacturer told her -- "wait, don't move, they also want some measurements of Tubby sitting ..."


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May 3, 2014
The Airplane Hanger Incident

After taking my seated measurements, talk then shifted back to how to get my *** off the kitchen floor. Harley had the inspiration to go to his truck and fetch his one and a half ton capacity lift jack, normally used to jack cars and trucks up off the garage floor to change a tire. He brought it in, positioned it behind me on the kitchen floor, and tasked the smallest of the bunch, Marie, with wedging it under my butt once the rest could get me elevated a few inches.

Then the girls fetched the two strong farm hands and got one under each of my arms to pull, while Harley positoned himself behind me to push. On the third try, they got my ass not quite a foot off the ground and Marie was able to push the jack underneath while Mary and Luisa positioned my cheeks just right. Once on board, Harley used his foot to jack me up to about two feet off the floor, which gave them all better leverage to help me to my feet.

Mary looked relieved, then said with a half laugh, "he's not even 700 pounds yet, imagine when he's a half ton." Then it was off to bed for me as it had been a long day.

And morning came much sooner than I wanted, with Mary awakening me at 6, saying that the Overall World people had texted to see if I could meet them at the airport at 8 "to get some additional measurements and pictures." Luisa made me a quick and light breakfast -- only a dozen scrambled eggs and a pound of bacon, plus buttered toast and coffee -- and I was off by 7, still a little hungry! The nearest airport was about 45 minutes away in the next county over and could accommodate corporate jets.

We arrived a couple of minutes before the Overall World Gulfstream corporate jet arrived and, judging from the looks on their faces as they deplaned, I must have been larger than even they anticipated. An erstwhile young woman deplaned first, quite cute but a little pudgy herself, and the first words out of her mouth were "your Internet photo doesn't do you justice." Marie laughed and asked "is that a polite way of saying he's much fatter looking in person?"

The young woman stammered and stuttered, bringing Mary, Marie, and I to laughter. Mary patted my belly and said "that's OK missy, he knows he's as big as a barn!"

Another, less flustered, woman who had joined her, looked on admiringly and said "we've been looking for an overall model like you for a long time -- you're just so ... so ..." "Is enormous the word you were looking for?," Marie finally said. "Yes, enormous ... infinite even." Mary hugged my side and said "infinite is definitely the right word!"

It turned out the two women had come along because they wanted to see their subject firsthand before attempting to make something to fit me. They suggested that we adjourn to a nearby hanger where we could have a little privacy and once in asked that I strip down to my 84" inch briefs. They took a look at the measurements Marie and Mary had made the night before and took a few more of their own, generously poking and prodding my rolls and folds as they went.

I could tell the pudgy one was getting a little out of breath and quite flustered as she went along, while the other woman seemed fascinated in a more scientific way, ribbing the pudgy one and whispering just loud enough for me to hear ...

"Wonder how you'd go about ***ing a guy that fat? How would YOU go about finding his dick under all that blubber? I know, roll him in flour and find his wet spot ... no wait, that's a fat woman ... I don't know what you'd do with this one. You like fat guys, what would you do hon?"

The pudgy one definitely looked uncomfortable now and I decided to add to her discomfort, waving both of them over to me and whispering to them "my wife doesn't have any problems with it, she usually pushes my belly back as far as she can, then I grab hold with both of my hands and hold it back while she mounts me, and ..." Just then, I could see the pudgy one shudder a bit as she no doubt orgasmed solo. She excused herself for a moment and came back minutes later.

The other one smiled at me and said "good job Fatty, you really made her day, she is such a chubby chaser and you're the chubbiest guy she has ever met." I smiled and said proudly "I should definitely hope so!"

When the chaser returned, we got down to business. It turns out the company had purchased some computer assisted drafting software specially for this project and they wanted to try it out on me there in the hanger. But first we talked about my anticipated weight gain prior to the fair, with the girls indicating that they thought I could easily gain 110 pounds in the next two weeks, which would put me on the doorstep of 800 pounds. The two Overall World women explained that their new software was intended to take into account just such an event and that by taking photos and loading my measurements, the computer could take into account how such a weight gain would look on me and adjust the overall pattern accordingly.

So they lined me up on the hanger floor and began taking digital photos of my belly hang and moobage, which loaded directly into the software. Then they showed us images on the computer screen of how every extra twenty pounds on my body would change the pattern, starting at 700 pounds and going all the way up to 850 "just for fun.". They explained, quite interestingly, that the waistline would not be the key measurement, as my apron would hang lower and lower away from my waist as I gained even more weight. That meant that the extra denim wouldn't go to the waist, but much lower, expanding to its widest point somewhere just above my knees where the largest concentration of belly blubber would come to rest.

The computer images grew more and more interesting as my hypothetical weight increased and particularly at the 800 to 850 pound ranges my body definitely transformed into a pear shape! My boobs, which were then growing outward more, wrapped completely around my body and sagged heavy and low at the increased weights. My belly rolls, which had always sagged, sagged even lower with the apron hanging to only an inch or two above my knee and wrapping around what had once been my waist to form a layer that half covered my ass cheeks. I could definitely see what the women were saying as my center of gravity was no longer at my waist but much lower toward my knees.

The pudgy woman turned out to be a textile engineer and she went on to explain the tensile strength of fabric required to hold in place several hundred pounds of belly fat without ripping apart. Then she showed us some samples of the high tensile strength denim she planned to use. This time it was me who was getting excited although no one could tell since my belly was more than covering my briefs and what lay buried beneath.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and excused myself and asked Mary to come along. I waddled as fast as I could to the restroom and once in held up my belly with both hands and asked Mary to jack me off. She laughed and said "of course, my Tubby Hubby, I could tell you were probably getting excited back there, seeing you grow before your own eyes on the computer screen. When they took you up to 850 pounds, just for fun, I thought I was going to cream my panties!"

Once cleaned up a bit and noticeably more relaxed, I returned to the hanger floor and we finished up our business and let the Overall World team return to their headquarters in Arkansas. They promised on a future visit to run the computer program for us again, this time showing what I'd look like at a thousand pounds! That immediately gave me another erection and I was actually kind of glad when they got in the plane and the wheels were up.

I was glad mainly because I was starved from the meager breakfast I had enjoyed a couple of hours early and needed vast amounts of food fast. So it was off to the donut shop for a snack of six dozen to take back to the farm.

I polished off two dozen on the short drive to the farm and Mary looked over adoringly and said "oh yeah, you'll definitely be 800 pounds before the State Fair starts!"

With my mouth full of fried lard, I mumbled "but at least we know the overalls will fit ...."

800 Pounds Here I Come

The next week required getting used to being continually stuffed again. I had received a bit of a break the week of the County Fair as there just wasn't time to eat but so much. Grated, I still ate more than a normal fat man (someone who weighed maybe 300 pounds), but consumed far less than what I had in the lead up to the County Fair, when I had packed on almost sixty pounds in the last week before the Fair. Actually I had kind of enjoyed the respite and in the aftermath of the Fair was having difficulty consuming at my old level.

Nonetheless, when the time came for my weigh-in that week, I tipped the livestock scale at 742 pounds, a gain of 51 pounds over my initial post-Fair weigh-in. And only 58 pounds away from the 800 pounds that everyone was encouraging me to get to in the week left before the start of the State Fair. Mary had hoped for a little more, but encouraged me to do my best in the week we had left, chiding me that she wanted me to be "too fat for the new overalls."

And so the stuffing continued, with Mary, Marie, and Luisa taking turns to make sure I ate as much as possible. Around mid-week, the Overall World team called to arrange a trip to make the final adjustments to my overalls and the pudgy member of the team expressly asked that the girls weigh me before coming to the airport for another meeting in the hanger.

So, the women got me loaded in the bed of the pick-up for the short drive to the livestock scale and, lo and behold, in just four days I had packed on another 32 pounds, making it up to 774 pounds, just 26 away from 800! Marie did the quick math, figuring that I had added eight pounds a day so far that week, so three more days times eight pounds would put me exactly two pounds away from 800 on the first day of the State Fair. Everyone was giddy about that, except maybe me.

Then they got me, somehow, wedged into the passenger seat of the truck for the drive to the airport. What had been a tight fit on the final night of the County Fair was now an almost impossible fit after packing on another 80 + pounds in less than two weeks. Even with the seat slid all the way back my belly was mashed all up against the dashboard and finally Mary had to lean the seat back as much as it would go to make me slightly more comfortable and even then she and Marie had to get on either side of me to arrange my blubber just so!

Once we pulled into the hanger it was just as difficult to get my belly dislodged from the cab of the truck. The two women from Overall World had already arrived and set up shop in the hanger so they got to see the entire show. The thin one strugged to stifle her laughter while the pudgy one eyed me with unbridled lust and came over to lend a hand to Mary and Marie in manipulating my blubber to help get me freed. She seemed to be enjoying herself grabbing a hold of my my endless rolls and folds.

Once freed of the cab, the two Overall World women started helping me get into the prototype overalls, which they had produced in a size 96. That pair didn't work at all as they couldn't get the denim pulled up over my apron, which now drooped to a couple of inches above my knees.

Not to be undone, the pudgy one, aptly named Bertha (who named their kids Bertha anymore, I thought), went to an oversized duffle bag and pulled out a size 100 model, nothing that they'd just skip the size 98 that they had also brought. That size made the trip over my apron, but just barely! As the women prodded and poked to get the overall to fit, I noticed that Bertha had an uncontrollable shudder, just like she had during the trip the week before. I was kind of proud of myself that my enormously fat body could get that kind of reaction out of a cute little pudgette like her!

They finally determined that the waistline was fine and that it fit everywhere else too, EXCEPT around my hanging apron. They quickly decided that all that needed to be done was to replace the already extra-sized lower panel covering my apron and make sure that it should accommodate an additional thirty pounds or so. A little extra denim was all that was needed!

Ninety minutes later the Overall World women were back on the Gulfstream and they promised to deliver the final pair of overalls to me, plus another pair that was a few inches larger all around, on the morning before the State Fair was to start. They would meet me at my luxury hotel and make any final adjustments, then I'd be ready for the big stage in DesMoines.

Mary and Marie seemed quite pleased with everything and on the way back drove by the donut shop and picked up ten dozen of my favorites, "to make sure you make it to 800 by Saturday morning!"

By Saturday morning, I felt like I truly was the Fattest Man in the Midwest -- I was more massive than ever and movement was becoming more and more difficult at my advanced weight. I figured I had to be over 800 now and that was confirmed after breakfast when Mary and Marie lugged me over to the livestock scale barn for my final weigh-in. 803 pounds read the scale! I'd done it, but just didn't feel the excitement that at one time I definitely would have felt at achieving such a lofty goal.

I was dreading the drive to DesMoines in Marie's huge, but now too small for me, truck. But then I received a very pleasant surprise when a stretch limo pulled up in front of the barn. It had an extra wide back door that I could fit easily through and plenty of room between the back seats to accommodate my belly! I was going to DesMoine in high style.

And when I got in the limo, there were even more surprises in store -- dozens of donuts and once inside, Mary stripped down to total nakedness which no one could see from the outside due to the tinting on the limo's windows. She slid next to me, in the small space remaining, and tucked one shoulder underneath one of my meaty upper arms and huge cow udder man boobs while using her free hand to reach across the vast expanse of my belly and chest to feed me donuts one-by-one! I was in feedee heaven!

And even more so by the time we hit the interstate to DesMoines and she started playing with my rolls and folds, then leaned me back and started pushing my belly out of the way with her shoulders to free up access to what lay beneath. It was to be quite the limo ride after all!

The Wrap Up

My run at the State Fair was pretty smooth, since with only one show a day I could relax most of the day and get three square meals into my belly. Mary loved hanging out in the hotel room with me, ordering room service and helping stuff it into me, giving me just the right "encouragement," sexual and otherwise. While I got my share of taunting from the statewide audience, I was much better prepared to handle it, having gone through the experience of the County Fair, plus being far more rested and less iritable only having to take on one show per day, instead of three at the County Fair.

Two surprise guests at the State Fair were our NCAA champion super heavyweight wrestler from Ohio State and his erstwhile feeder girlfriend. The poor guy was on crutches having sustained a knee energy in early season practice and the prognosis was that he'd be out of competition for a year. It definitely looked like his girlfriend was taking advantage as he had gained a noticeable amount of weight and I was guessing that he was at least forty pounds over his 285 weight limit. From the amount of time that the girlfriend spent talking with Mary backstage, I wouldn't even have been surprised if he came back the next season a hundred or more pounds over his weight class limit! I didn't know whether to be happy or sad for the guy ...

When it was all over, I had raised about $800,000 for statewide charities, which meant about 80,000 of the estimated one million fairgoers paid admission to see me in my all my glory. The Fair's executive director had already invited me back for the next year, but Mary and I both insisted that I might need a longer hiatus than that. Mary was no doubt thinking two or more years out when the State Fair could legitimately advertise me as the "Half Ton Mountain of Lard."

And the Overall World people seemed to make out pretty well too. An ad campaign right after the State Fair got a lot of attention as they manufactured size 100 models for retailers to hang on the walls of their stores and produced posters, some with me filling up the overalls all by my lonesome and others with two or three plus-sized guys or women fitting inside with room to spare. All of the attention drove up sales by 25%, not just with big guys, but across all sizes.

When we finally got back to the farm, I put my foot down with Mary, Marie, and Luisa, explaining that I needed a break from the extreme gluttony I had lived through in the few months since arriving at the farm. Granted, I still had a big appetite, but I couldn't keep on gainng like I had been. I wanted to take a break, primarily to let my exhausted body get used to carrying what was by the end of the State Fair, more than 825 pounds.

I needed to work on building some muscles underneath all my blubber so I could move around better and be a better lover for Mary, who seemed to be doing almost all the work in bed as almost all I could do was lie there. So Mary and I started interviewing personal trainers and ultimately hired a female body builder who had the muscles to help me get up and moving and the knowhow to start achiving results with me.

Within six months I was moving much better and had actually lost about fifty pounds, taking me to a more manageable but still enormous 775 pounds. But meanwhile, Marie was working on Harley, who during the same time (with Luisa's help) had ballooned to over 400 pounds and gotten married to Marie and moved into the big house with us. It was definitely entertaining to hear their lovemaking through the bedroom wall with Marie taunting Harley to eat more and *** her harder! I suspected old Harley would be at my size within a year or eighteen months!

And Luisa's farmhand boyfriend was encouraging her to eat more and more of her own cooking, so that over the six-month period she had crested at around 350 pounds! Her boyfriend loved it and they were engaged to be married themselves.

Even the lovely twin sisters got in on the act, but to a much lesser degree. Mary, who had been around 135 at the time of the State Fair, kept eating and was up to 175 pounds, and was looking better than ever with her expanded breasts, belly, buttocks and hips. And Marie, who had gained almost no weight in the run up to the State Fair, finally started packing on the pounds after she and Harley got hitched. It was as if he was consuming so much it was only natural that Marie took a few extra bites herself, with result being an expansion from about 115 pounds to 160. Harley definitely liked the results, as even at 160 pounds, Marie was still a featherweight compared to him and had no problem perching on top of his now massive belly.

So, I rated it as a win-win for everyone involved. I still don't know if I'll ever attain Robert Earl Hughes stature, as I'm pretty satisfied at 775 and I've got plenty of overalls and jeans from Overall World that fit me just fine. I guess I'll talk it over with Mary sometime to see if she'd like me to break the half ton barrier, but for now the extended family is focused on feeding Harley up to whatever optimal weight that he and Marie eventually agree to.

Oh, and did I mention that Mary is pregnant now? I'm kind of hoping she'll put on 50 or 75 pounds during pregnancy, so I can do the teasing for once! And I really can't wait for Marie to get pregnant, so we can pack at least a hundred extra pounds on her once so tight bod!

I love living in Iowa now and it's hard to imagine my life if my old Fiat Spider hadn't broken down in front of the farm house of the two feeding farm girls. The good Lord was definitely looking out for me that day!



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Sep 29, 2005
Quite a food story which should never end

Jerry Thomas

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Apr 22, 2011
Badger State, USA
I am just commenting on your first chapter, since I haven't had a chance to read the rest of the story yet. I really like your realistic, straight-forward way of telling the story. You seem to have a knack for producing a lot of material in a short period of time (I still haven't gotten to the other stories yet - please slow down!). The first-person point of view really works well in this type of story. And I have driven all the way through Iowa myself - you describe it perfectly (corn, corn, corn = boring, boring, boring). The idea of the Anderson sisters and Luisa fattening him up like an Iowa hog in a remote, relatively secluded rural location is more than a little exciting to me. Can't wait to read more!

Mr. Jigglesworth

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Such a wonderfull story and great reading and no mistakes in or using the wrong word like the common wore in place of were. Your language teacher from grade school would be so proud😀😉