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BHM From Arrogant Pig, To Just Pig (~BHM, FFA, Dom, Revenge, ~XWG)

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Nov 30, 2007
~BHM, ~FFA, Dom, Revenge ~XWG - A teacher and classmates teach a campus stud a lesson

From Arrogant Pig, To Just Pig
by ZXC098

CHAPTER ONE: Ms. Stone comes to school

Although not very bright Eric was hot and he knew it, tall and athletic with defined features. Chiseled abs, rock hard pecks and muscles to boot at only the age of 18 made him arrogant beyond belief much to the dislike of his teachers and classmates.

He had just returned from Christmas break and was headed towards the gym when a somewhat plumper Katie and her chubby friend Michelle walked by him in the hall on their way to gym class.

“Wow someone’s been eating too many cream pies,” he teased while slapping Katie on her larger jiggling rump that she had squeezed into a pair of black tights that morning.

“Screw you Eric,” Michelle retorted hopping to defend her embarrassed fat bottomed friend.

“I would let you if you weren’t such a tubby bitch yourself,” Eric replied while grabbing a handful of Michelle’s muffin top and giving it a good shake.

Little did Eric realize but the new gym teacher Ms Stone had just seen what was going on and decided to come on over and intervene.

“Girls get to class I’ll be there in a few minutes; Eric come with me,” she announced.

As Eric sheepishly followed her down the hall he couldn’t help but stare at her incredibly round and tight little ass clad in oh so small gym shorts. Long, lean muscled legs that almost distracted from her firm but equally muscled arms.

Best of all Eric thought to himself his new teacher was at most 30 and had a killer rack on her, most likely fake but hey, he didn’t care.

Eric sat down in her office and watched as Ms Stone bent over reaching into her drawer to pull out a detention slip. This gave Eric another great opportunity to stare at her round and overly pumped up EE cups bulging out of her tight sports tank top.

She looked up and caught him drooling, gave him a little smile which crinkled her cute button nose and handed him a one month’s detention slip.

“I’ll see you later on this afternoon in detention now head of to class like a good boy” she said.

Gym had always been Eric’s favorite topic but this year with Ms Stone as his new teacher it would be better then ever.

“Welcome back to a new year I hope you all had a good holiday, my name is Ms Stone and I will be your new gym teacher for this year”

Most of the girls grimaced when they first took note of how fit and toned their new teacher was, she was sure to be a real bitch they all thought. The boys on the other hand found it hard not to stare at this life sized Barbie doll mega sports babe that was now their teacher.

“Let’s start with some basic fitness and strength tests, I will keep a record of your performance throughout the year and your grades for gym class will largely be based on these scores at the end of the year, we will also weigh each of you so as to help create a personalized program for diet and exercise, to demonstrate I’ll go first”

Height 5 foot 7
Weight 130 Pounds, ‘All muscle, with a lot of boobage’ she thought to herself and it was true.

Eric, thinking he was such a stud, pushed his way forward and went next.

Height 5 foot 8’
Weight 165 Pounds

Next was Katie the girl Eric had passed in the hall that morning. She was a tall and cuddly girl with a wide bubble butt, thick thighs, a round pot belly and some very large and full J cup juggernauts. Katie was certainly a very pretty girl just not the most confident girl due in part to jerks like Eric making fun of her.

Height 5 foot 8’

Weight 227 Pounds

Next Michelle was up, a short and somewhat round girl with tubby arms, a full muffin top and a wide ass that stuck out giving her a good sized shelf.

Height 4 foot 9’
Weight 208 Pounds

“Man, what a couple of whoppers," Eric said loudly when Katie and Michelle got off the scales”

As was to be expected Eric scored a perfect 10/10 in all the tests. Once finished he showered and headed of to his next class smugly watching Katie and Michelle beat red huffing and struggling to finish.

The rest of the day Eric couldn’t stop thinking about Ms Stone, her long blonde curly hair neatly tied into a sporty ponytail. Those toned and tanned muscles and the form fitting little outfit that reveled almost more then a teacher should.

The final school bell rang and Eric headed to detention. He was somewhat pissed that he would miss his regular work out after school for the next few weeks, but it did give him a great chance to perve on his hot new gym teacher and her killer bod.

He sat down in the room and waited for Ms Stone. She had a stern look on her face when she entered the room and proceeded to sit down at her desk. Crossing her well defined legs in such a way as to give Eric the best view of her bronzed thighs while reading her book and pretending not to notice what she was doing to the poor boy.

When the bell rang Eric went home as it was quickly getting dark forcing him to skip his usual work out. Like most teenage boys Eric had a filling dinner, watched some T.V, played a few video games and went to bed.

Unlike most nights when he would jerk off to his latest copy of Playboy or Sports Illustrated tonight he dreamed of Ms Stone and her luscious big boobs and sculpted round buttocks.

The weeks rolled on with detention never boring as Eric was treated to a range of revealing outfits that accentuated his teachers ever improving physique. Without noticing Eric’s body began to show the effects from missing his work out each day. Sitting in detention for 2 hours with nothing to do but stare at his lusty teacher slowly but surly began to work against him. Weeks of inactivity caused his stamina to weaken and his well defined muscles to slightly lose some of their prized mass and definition.

Arrogant and cocky as ever it was not long before he was caught by Ms Stone teasing the girls once again for there less then stellar bodies.

“Moooo for me you fricking tit cow, lets see those whoppers, man you’re a fat overgrown cow” he would mock Katie while grabbing for her full and creamy young bosoms, while Katie stood there tears running down her cheeks seemingly unable to fight back.

“Well, well, well Michelle, look at the arse on you, recon I could rest my lunch on your shelf or will you eat it while I’m not watching” Eric laughed while slapping and pinching Michelle’s fat bottom while the girl helplessly tried to defend herself.

By this time the girls had come to realize that Ms Stone was not the cold stuck up fitness bitch that they first thought but rather a very good teacher that was helpful and supportive, and always ready to step in and defend them when Eric was around.

Again Eric found himself in detention for another month with Ms Stone. By this time however he didn’t mind at all and was in fact becoming quite chummy with her. On some days he was the only one in detention which gave him a great chance to try and chat up his hottie teacher.

“So you must work out a lot,” Eric asked one day.

Looking up from her book Ms Stone raised one eye brow and gave Eric a little smile.

“What gave you that impression” she replied while stretching out her muscled arms to emphasize her obvious feigned attempt at innocence.

“Do you like big strong muscles on women?” She asked while sauntering over to Eric’s desk.

“I….I… um don’t know….um maybe…” Eric was getting very hot, not nearly the stud he thought he was when it came to dealing with a real women.

“Would you like to know my secret Eric, I eat these specially formulated bulge bars which keep me looking good and help to build these impressive muscles” sitting on Eric’s desk and flexing her biceps right under his nose so as to emphasize her strength.

Having made every attempt to pull himself together in front of this goddess Eric started to try and show of about how he to was into body building and would love to try one of her protein bars some time.

“I don’t know Eric these really are only for professional athletes who take muscle building very seriously, they might be too much for you to handle, but I guess if you’re willing to follow my instructions and stick with the bulge bar program I could give you some”.

Eric thought this was heaven, getting to bulk up and show of his ever improving muscles to his hot teacher, ‘Bet she will fall in love with me and my muscles once I get even more beefed up’ he naively thought to himself.

Ms Stone bounced back over to her drawer and got out a bag of 2 dozen bulge bars. She placed them back on Eric’s desk telling him with a sly smile that “This will be our little secret ok”.

As Eric left detention for the day with his bag of goodies Ms Stone had a wicked smile on her face.

(Continued in post 3 of this thread)

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