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Giant Love (Original Version)

Dimensions Magazine

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Active Member
Aug 2, 2020
United States
WARNING: dark story, but also a really cute one. Also, if you’re not a fan of giantesses, this story may not be for you. Otherwise, though, enjoy!


Green trees, colossal oaks, a dark sky, and an owl cooing at the moon.

Sirens. Loud ones.
I have to run.

They’re close this time, I wish I heard them coming sooner. There’s no time for regret, though. I‘ll leave my stuff behind, I can come back for it later, just run!

They‘re catching up to me, I’ll take a sharp turn to catch them off guard.

They‘re still after me.

Every passing second those damn sirens get louder and louder. I’m running with everything I got, nothing to hold back, no concern about saving my energy for later, if I can’t get them off my tail now, there’ll be no later to speak of.

Goddammit, those headlights are coming closer!

I need to hide somewhere, they’re gonna see me!

There’s nowhere to hide, just a bunch of scrawny twig trees on this side of the forest.

I take another sharp 90° turn, but suddenly-


I trip and slide across the ground. The grass bruises my legs, my boney ass scrapes the ground, and the car chasing me comes to a screeching halt. At the very least I didn’t get run over.

From it, two humongous, naked women emerge. Both of them at least 35 ft (10.5 m) tall, both with long beautiful hair flowing down to their knees, both with beautiful faces that sparkle in the night, despite having a look of bloodlust on them, and both looking like they weigh about 300 lbs (140 kg), or at least that’s what they would weigh if they were of normal height.

“Well well well, what have we here?” One of the huge women says as she slowly walks up to me. I get up and try to make a break for it, but before I can, one of the large ladies grabs me. God Fucking Dammit!

“Just where do you think you’re going, big boy?” With that, the ladies tie me up, gag me, and throw me into the back of their car, where I am met by several other men, though they all appear to be unconscious for some reason.

Suddenly, I feel myself getting tired....oh shit...

Later that evening, I wake up, still in the back of the truck, but no longer tied up or gagged. Though we are all chained together by the leg. My fellow inmates are still there, this time most of them are awake, and much like me, they’re fearing for their lives. Suddenly, the car starts to tilt. What’s going on?!

A door opens, we all start spilling through into a strange building. Some of the men appear to be injured from the fall as they scream indescernible nonsense at the top of their lungs. Another woman comes in. Just as tall, just as fat, and just as beautiful as the women I saw the other day, and by the looks of it just as evil. Also just as naked.

“Settle down, shits!” She yells at the men. They all continue to scream, until she whips them, “I SAID QUIET!” They calm down, but they’re still in severe pain. Just then, two more giant naked women walk in, one middle aged, blonde hair in a bun, and looking 400 lbs (180 kgs), the other young, also blonde hair which goes down to her heels, and looking about 250 lbs (110 kgs). Again, this is just how much they look like they weigh. I have no way of knowing how much they actually weigh. (Although I, the writer, do, but since I don’t expect anyone to pop out a calculator while reading this, I’m just going to write how fat they look. Though for the sake of curiosity, keeping in mind they have the proportions of normal human females, the average woman here actually weighs about 79,300lbs/36,000kgs).

I also note that the fatter one is somewhat taller than most of the women I’ve seen so far, while the other one is somewhat shorter. Though that may just be due to an age difference, either way though they‘re all around 6 times my height. The woman who whipped us looks to the two ladies and politely speaks. “Sorry about them. New shipment, not properly trained yet. What can I get you two?” The older one speaks, “Well, we could use some more staff. We need 8 more servants and 4 more...well, you know...” The younger one interjects, “We need more hookers!” The older one snaps at her, “TIFFANY! We don’t speak that way in public?” “But everyone knows w-“ “yes, but that’s still not appropriate.” The lady who whipped us speaks again “No need to worry, your highness. Like I said, we just got a new shipment, so there are plenty of men to choose from. Come on over.” They all walk over, their gigantic bodies jiggling in the process. They look to see which ones to pick out. They first pick 8 strong bulky men, presumably to be the aforementioned servants. Then they grab 4 young guys the queen says “look handsome.”

As they‘re about to leave, the princess comes over to me, leans over (her colossal tits hanging down as she does so) and starts staring at me for some reason. I become nervous. “Mom, I think this one looks cute”, she says, a sweet smile on her face. “Sweety, we already have all the guys we need.” “But mooooom! This one’s really REALLY cute!!!” I can’t help but blush. Also her tits were really big, so I...totally don’t stare at them, totally.

As the daughter continues to beg, the mother finally comes over and takes a look. “Hmm, well...” she looks to her, and then back at me, “he does look kinda, ‘cute’, as you’d put it. Actually, I’m surprised I missed this one.” She looks down at my crotch and back up to my eyes, “...hmmm...okay, we’ll buy this one, but no more, okay?” “Yay!” She grabs me and takes me over to have me purchased. That’s something I never thought I’d say. As they pay the lady who whipped us, they take us all to their car.

They load all the other men into the far back, where they are tied up and restrained, but for some reason, the daughter decides she wants me to sit right next to her in the front seat. As the queen goes to the restroom, the princess waits in the car. “You know, little guy, it’s a good thing we grabbed you when we did.” I looked at her a little confused. “If it weren’t for us, you would’ve been made into someone’s lunch.” I stare at her. “WHAT?!!!” She looks down at me. “Wait, do you speak English? I thought you were a new shipment?” “Whoa whoa, back up, you said I would’ve been eaten?!” She sees her mom waddling back to the car, “Shit, my mom’s coming. Look, I’ll explain everything later, but right now you need to shut up.” I shut up.

After waving goodbye to the lady who yelled at us, they drive off, the mother behind the hand wheel (that’s what I always called them whenever I saw one in the wild). It’s actually really weird, I’ve seen cars so many times in my life, but I’ve never actually been in one myself, unless you count that one unpleasant experience where I was gagged. In fact, I’ve never even dreamt of it before. The men who took care of me always warned of cars, telling me of how no one who’s been caught by the women driving them ever comes back. Yet, here I am, in the front seat of one, next to the only woman who’s been anywhere near nice to me (squashed into her boob as she holds me under her arm). There’s a screen to my left reading in flashy green numbers “12:07”. A little past midnight, I’m guessing this is how they tell time. I don’t know how I remember what midnight is, I think it has something to do with a distant memory of when I last saw my parents. Under the numbers, there’s a box playing beautiful, soothing music.

I look out the window next to me, I see something absolutely gorgeous. Having spent my whole life in the woods, I had never seen a city before. And let me tell you, it was breathtaking. Images moving on bright screens, streets overflowing with moving vehicles, and great buildings that tower 6 fold over the clouds. Everywhere there are beautiful giantesses flaunting their bare titanic asses while they tap away at a strange flashing rectangle. It’s odd, all of the people here are both tall, female, fat, and stunningly beautiful. Between the beautiful sights and the beautiful women, all I can say is just wow.

As we continue driving, Tiffany grows tired. She has me in somewhat of a hug/hold, and as she gets tired and slowly drifts off, she starts pulling me closer and closer, until at some point, I can’t breathe. I‘m gasping for air, I scream. At some point, my muffled screams are heard by the queen. “Tiffany! For flying out loud, let the poor boy breathe!” “H-huh? Oh crap.” She lets my head out of her breasts. Hyperventilating, I try to catch my breath. “For Pete’s sake, Tif, we paid good money for that hooker, the least you could do is take care of him.” Yawning, she replies, “sorry mom” She sighs. “I still don’t see why you didn’t just leave him in the back with the rest of them. You don’t know where that thing’s been, you’re probably gonna catch something.”

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