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Dec 19, 2006
SSBBW, Magic, extreme feeding, XXWG

by BigLadyLover

[Here's my version of the classic bedtime story. Enjoy.]

Once upon a time in a part of a forest called Bear Country, there lived three bears. There was the papa bear, a mama bear, and a little bear. These three bears live in a quaint little house that they got for bottom dollar after papa bear haggled with the salesbear.

The morning was the same as usual; papa bear was reading the newspaper, little bear was playing with his toys and mama bear was cooking oatmeal with honey and bananas. She loves to cook and always made a lot. She also has a tendency to sample whatever she makes (which would explain why she is the biggest bear in the house).

"Ok, the oatmeal's ready." Mama said licking the spoon.

Papa bear put down his paper and Little bear stopped playing with his toys and followed his father into the kitchen.

Mama bear portioned out Little bear's bowl first, and then she put some into Papa's large bowl and got herself some in a bigger bowl than her husband. The bears were about to eat when Mama just remembered that she needed some ingredients for tonight's dinner.

"Alright," Papa grumbled, "we'll just leave this here and go."

Then the bears got up from the table. Papa continued to grumble and complain as he grabbed his hat and Mama got her purse. They went outside and were about get in the car when Mama almost forgot her shopping list. She ran back into the house while Little bear and Papa got in the car. Mama bear came back out a couple minutes later and got in the car as well.

"Did you remember to lock the door?" asked Papa.

"Of course." answered Mama.

"Alright now, I don't want the same thing to happen to us that happened to the Black bears down the road." Papa started the engine and pulled out of the driveway.

"I know. That's just awful. Came in and ate their food and sat in their chairs. She even slept in their daughter's bed. Just awful. No respect at all." Mama said.

Papa drove down the road, heading to the store.

A few minutes after the bears left, a young girl of 18 was walking up the same road. She was about 5' 5" with long wavy blonde hair that reached down to her thighs, havel eyes, a pale complextion and wearing a pink low-cut shirt that hugged around her cantalope-sized breasts and a slight pot belly. A pair of tight fitting blue jeans wrapped around her wide hips and bubble butt like a second skin and a pair of white tennis shoes.

She looked to be about ten pounds or more above 200 with most of her weight in her hips and legs. Her hips were about twice the span of her shoulders and her legs were plump all the way down to her feet. She didn't even have any ankles to speak of. The girl's name was Goldie, because of her lovely blonde hair. She was walking home from her friend's house after returning the red hooded cape she borrowed from her and she was starting to get hungry.

As she walked, the smell of bananas and honey entered Goldie's nose and made her mouth water. Goldie sniffed the air to find out where the delicious smell was coming from. She soon discovered that the scent was coming from a house less that twenty feet away from where she was standing. Goldie heads over to the house and breathes in deep, savoring the heavenly sweet scent. Her belly began to rumble as she has not eaten for a while. She hoped that whoever lives here will be kind enough to let her have something to eat.

"Hello?" she called, "Anybody home?"

Goldie knocked on the door and it creaked open a bit. She pushed the door open slowly.

"Hello?" she called again.

There was still no answer. Realizing that nobody was home, Goldie was about to leave when curiosity (and hunger) got the best of her. She stepped inside the house and looked around as she walked through. She saw plenty of pictures with bears in them and soon realized that the same three bears were in each one. Then she remembered her mom telling her about her grandmother who wandered into a house with a trio of bears living in it when she was a girl.

Goldie quickly dismissed it as another 'wives tale' and made her way to the kitchen. On the kitchen table, she found her prize. Three bowls of her favorite dish-Honey Banana Oatmeal. Each bowl was bigger than the last, so she decided to take a little bit from each one. Goldie only wanted to take just a little out of each bowl to throw off suspicion.

As she was eating, Goldie noticed that the oatmeal was much sweeter and tastier than she could ever imagine. She found it difficult to resist. She quickly ate the medium bowl and moved onto the large bowl. Goldie was plowing through the bowl with gusto. Her tight clothes were becoming even tighter as her belly expanded with oatmeal. She unbottoned her pants and tucked it under her bloating belly as she packed in more of the delicious oatmeal.

Goldie finished the large bowl and hobbled over to the larger bowl. She ate this bowl a little slower and had to lean back in the chair as her belly inflated more and more. Soon, she had finished all the oatmeal and sat there for a bit, rubbing her round, taut belly.

She then got out of the chair and walked back into the living room. She held her bloated belly as it swayed from side to side while she walked. Goldie was starting to get tired and decided to go upstairs. Along the way she passed three chairs and thought about sitting in one of them to take the load off.
But she changed her mind and continued upstairs.

When she got upstairs, Goldie noticed three beds in three different sizes. She looked at the first bed; it was a nice size (about a full human body length) but much too firm. Then she looked at the next bed which was a king and much softer. She also looked at the third bed but the weight of all that oatmeal was making her too tired, so she laid in the soft king bed and fell asleep.

The bears arrived home sometime after Goldie fell asleep. "I told you not to park there. But did you listen? No. You wanted to be the big bad grizzly and park in a loading zone. 'Oh nobody will notice. No one's watching'." Mama bear complained as she, Little bear and Papa got out of the car.

Papa bear gripped and grumled as they walked to the door, obviously upset over the parking ticket he got. When they got to the front door, Papa stopped suddenly and stood on the porch, dumbfounded and shocked to see that the front door is open.

"Martha!" Papa bellowed angrily.

Mama bear, named Martha, trotted to the front door followed by Little bear.

"What's the matter, George?" she asked slightly out of breath.

"You left the door unlocked." Papa bear, George, said upset.

"I could've sworn..." Martha Bear started to say as they walked in their house.

George cut her off. "I specifically asked you if you locked the door and you said 'yes'."

Martha tried to calm him down. "Ok, honey just calm down and let's look around the house and make sure everything's all right."

Martha and George head out to the kitchen while Little bear, George Jr., went upstairs. They look at the table and see that all of their oatmeal was gone.

"I knew I should've made sure that that door was locked." George said sternly as he stomped out of the kitchen.

"I know what you're thinking, George, and the odds of the same thing happening to us as it did when that girl went into Greg and Pamela Grizzly's house in very unlikely." Martha said as she followed her angry husband out of the kitchen.

"Mom, Dad! Come here quick!" came Junior's voice from upstairs.

George stomped his way up the stairs. "I can't believe you left that door unlocked! Now, because of you, somebody came in, ate our oatmeal and they probably sat in our chairs, and..."

"And what?!" Martha interrupted, raising her voice, "They're sleeping in Junior's bed!"

The Bear parents reach the bedroom and are shocked to see the chubby blonde haired girl sleeping comfortably in Martha's bed.

"Not Junior's bed, Martha. Yours." George said sarcastically, receiving a harsh look from his wife. "All right, let's get her outta here."

"Wait a second George. I just got an idea." Martha said.

"After what you did?! The last thing we need is an idea from you." George remarked.

"But you'll like this idea and it involves getting back at this girl for violating our home and eating our food."

George exasperates a sigh. "Alright, whadidja have in mind?"

"Well, look at her. With a belly like that she must really love our Honey Banana oatmeal. I was thinking why don't we give her all she wants."

"Our revenge against her is to feed her? Somehow, I think we already took care of that." George said with sarcasm.

"Not just feed her, dear. What we do is we get every bear in Bear Country to stuff her so full of oatmeal that she'll never again walk into another bear's house uninvited." Martha smiled wickedly.

"Hmm... not bad. Not bad at all. Alright, let's do it. We'll teach her a lesson she'll never forget." George said devilishly rubbing his paws together.

The bears leave the room and go downstairs to call every bear they know and tell them their plan. Goldie wakes up a couple hours later and sees the Bear family standing over her. She starts to become a little frightened but Martha reassures her that everything is okay.

"We're not gonna hurt you. You just caught us by surprise." she said tenderly.

"Yeah, we were a little upset that the door was open but when we saw you sleeping here, we assumed that you just needed a place to rest a bit." George said sincerly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. I guess my curiosity got the best of me." Goldie said.

"I know dear. Would you like something to eat?" asked Martha.

"Well I am a little hungry."

"How would like some of our Honey Banana oatmeal?" Martha asked sweetly as she, George and Junior led Goldie downstairs to the kitchen.

Martha made a big pot of oatmeal and portioned it out to everybody, giving Goldie a lot more than everyone else. She was about to say something about her big bowl but the heavenly scent quickly subdued her and she began to eat. The bears watched her eat as she got lost in the sweet goodness of the oatmeal.

Goldie appeared to have entered a trance-like state while she put more oatmeal down her throat. She was eating almost absent-mindedly and this gave the bears their chance. As Goldie ate, Martha poured more oatmeal in her bowl when it got low. Goldie was lost in herself as she ate, completely oblivious to anything around her. Martha and George Bear smiled devilishly at each other with delight seeing as how their plan to teach Goldie a lesson will be much easier than they expected.

"This girl loves to eat. This is gonna work out better than I thought." Martha said.

"Absolutely, and I thought getting this girl to eat would be difficult. Just wait 'til I take her to the town square and every bear in Bear Country comes and stuffs her full of our Honey Banana oatmeal that she seems to love so much." George rubbed his paws together again in anticipation.

Martha looked at Goldie's bowl and notices it's almost empty. The crafty bear mother quickly sneaks in another bowl in front her, removing the empty one. The chubby blonde doesn't skip a beat as she continues to fill her face. Her belly starts rounding out and stretch against her shirt as more oatmeal is packed into it. Goldie continues to eat and grow and the bears keep replacing her empty bowls.

After awhile her belly has inflated to twice its size, about as big as a basketball and it was straining the waist band of her jeans. Her shirt rose above her ballooning belly a while ago and continues to get bigger the more she ate. The button on her jeans that's been fighting with her belly to stay on lost its battle as it was forced open by Goldie's expanding gut, which forces the zipper out of its way and comes to rest on her thighs.

George Bear sits the last of the oatmeal in front of Goldie and she slowly finishes it. She expresses a sigh of pleasure after a loud burp. "Mmm, that was delicious." she said with a satisfying grin.

"So you liked the oatmeal?" asked George.

"It's my favorite." replied Goldie. Then she looks down at her bloated belly and the empty pot that once had oatmeal. "Oops, I did it again."

"Did what again?" asked Martha.

"Well, um, I have this problem. Ever since I was young, I've always had this problem with eating. Once I start, I can't stop. especially if it's something I like. As a result, my aunt, being a witch, cast a spell on me so that whenever I lose control of my eating my body would accomodate and adjust. The spell was supposed to prevent me from gaining weight and as you can see, it worked just the opposite."

"Well that's alright dear. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a healthy appetite." Martha Bear said sweetly, "In fact, George, why don't you take...what's you name sweetie?"


"Such a lovely name. Why don't you take Goldie on a tour through Bear Country? You can start with the Town Square."

"Sure, dear." George said, "Goldie would you like see Bear Country?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice." Goldie smiled. Then she heaves herself up from the table and follows George Bear out to his car. "Are the other bears in Bear Country just as nice as you and Martha?"

"Of course. It's very rare that we get vsitors to or lovely town so the other bears will really be glad to meet you." George said as they walked to his car. He opens the door and Goldie gets in, then he gets in himself. After Goldie and George pull out of the driveway, Martha picks up the phone and starts calling all the other Mama Bears, telling them to bring pots of oatmeal to the Town Square.

George and Goldie arrive at the Town Square 20 minues later where it seems that every bear (especially the Mama Bears) has come to meet Goldie. When Goldie gets out of the car, George walk her over to meet some of the other bears. There's the Brown family, the Kodiak and Teddy families, the Grizzly family, the Polar family (from up north), and the Black family.

After meeting and greeting the bear families, George introduces Goldie to their 'custom' for meeting new visitors. The plump blonde girl is led to a cushy, throne like chair.

"We have a custom here in our town. All visitors get to sample oatmeal made by each family's Mama Bear." said George.

"I don't know if I shou..." Goldie started to say before she was instantly overcome by the smell of the delicious Honey Banana oatmeal brought to her by Pamela Grizzly of the Grizzly Bear family. Goldie's mouth began to water as her nose took in the sweet smelling scent.

With her stomach growling loudly, she was no longer able to resist temptation and started eating the big pot of oatmeal at a quick and staedy pace. Once again she lost herself in her eating and was completely oblivious to the next pot placed in front of her by Jan Polar of the Polar Bear family. She ate this one quickly and was starting on the third pot brought to her by the Brown Bear family's mama, Ashley. Gwendolyn Kodiak was next to bring more oatmeal for the growing Goldie.

Her body and belly were growing at a rapid rate as she ate the Mama Kodiak Bear's extra large pot. She was swelling up all over. Her hips and legs were expanding out of proportion with the rest of her body. Goldie's upper body was growing nicely with two honeydew sized breasts that were straining her pink shirt that had been pushed up by her bloating belly.

Her pants gave away a while ago trying to contain her widening hips and ass which were still getting bigger as she began on the last and biggest pot of oatmeal given to her by Patricia Teddy.

Goldie it turns out wasn't kidding when she told George and Martha Bear that her aunt's spell caused her body to accomodate for whatever amount of food she eats. The evidence was clear as she kept eating and getting fatter. Her rapidly widening hips and thighs were on the brink of explodig out of the chair as she neared the end of the last pot.

When she finally finished, Goldie rubbed her belly and moaned with delight as she licked her lips. She was almost twice as large as she was before. Luckily the platform that the chair was on is also a scale and it read her at 378 pounds.

"Mmm, that was delicious." said Goldie with a satisfying tone.

"You really do like our oatmeal, don't you?" asked Pamela Grizzly.

"Mm-hmm." was Goldie's reply.

"Would you like some more?" Patricia Teddy asked kindly.

"I don't know. I've already eaten so much."

"Nonsense, dear. There's always room for more." Jan Polar said snidely.

Just then Goldie's hands were strapped to the arm rests of the chair. She was surprised and frightened by what was happening. "George, what's going on?" she asked with fear in her eyes.

The kind smile on George's face melted away and was replaced with a sly grin. "Oh just a little lesson."

"A..a lesson?"

"Yes, a lesson. For years, little blonde headed girls such as yourself have a nasty habit of going into bears' homes and eating their food, sitting in their chairs or sleeping in their beds. But today was the final straw. Now that we have another blonde girl," He leans in close, "namely you, we bears are gonig to make an example of you. We're gonna stuff you with so much oatmeal that you'll get tired of eating it. Or you'll get to fat to enter another bears' house ever again. And we'll do this to every one of you golden haired girls that gets caught in a bears' house uninvited. So open wide cause the fun's about to begin."

George stands back up and steps to the side. Two Papa bears roll some type of machine up to the platform ans sat it next to Goldie.

"This machine is used to fill barrels and we modified it so it will now fill you." Dan Grizzly told her with a deep burly voice.

Before Goldie could protest, a tube was shoved into her mouth. John Polar turned the machine on and it began to hum as the oatmeal came down the tube and into Goldie's mouth. The blonde girl reciprocated and started sucking on the tube. It was becoming harder for her to control herself.

Jan Polar, Gwendolyn Kodiak, and Patricia Teddy started bringing up barrels of oatmeal and Pamela Grizzly and Ashley Brown began pouring the barrels in the machine. Goldie entered her oblivious state of consciousness and allowed the machine to pump her full of oatmeal. Her protruding belly was bloating up as it started to roll over her rapidly thickening thighs. The seams on her pants and shirt are starting to tear as her boobs and hips fattened up more and more.

Soon afterward her shirt and pants lose their fight her widening hips and inflating tits as they rip apart, exposing creamy rolls of fat. The chair she was sitting on was groaning as it struggled to support the growing Goldie as she neared 500 pounds. The straps on her wrists were removed as they were becoming fat as well. Suddenly her chair gives way and Goldie drops to the ground; however she was too wrapped up in her stuffing to notice.

Dan Grizzly picks up the peices of the shattered chair while John Polar lifts the still expanding girl so Dan can grab the cushion. The big Papa Polar bear gently sits Goldie back down, as she is still locked in her wolrd of content as she continues to eat. The Mama Bears continue to pour more oatmeal in the machine as it continues to fill Goldie up more and more.

Goldie's big golbular gut was expanding so much her legs were geing forced apart as it spread towards her knees. Her butt and thighs were fattening up nicely as thjey start to lift her up the bigger they got. Her breasts were now the size of prize watermelons, thighs as big as barrels, arms so laden with fat that it started to cover her football sized forearms which in turn started to roll ovr her wrists.

Her calves were the size of sacks of potates, merging with her ankles and beginning to cover her feet. Within two hours since the bears started stuffing her with oatmeal, Goldie is now four times her old size at 847 pounds. She continues to inflate as the bears keep feeding her oatmeal. Some of the other bears have gone to their homes and come back with more food to stuff inside Goldie.

An hour later and still blowing up as she approaches 1000 pounds.

Over the next two hours she reaches and passes 1350 pounds and is now so fat that standing, or any movement for that matter, would be difficult.

The sixth hour of fededing has put Goldie at more than 1600 pounds but the bears aren't stopping; in fact, they start bringing her even more food.

With the extra food being fed to her, Goldie starts putting on more weight at a faster pace. An hour afterward she nears a ton.

Still not satisfied, the bears continue to pack more oatmeal into the fattening blonde girl. Her supremely distended belly now rests about six feet in front of her and is about 10 feet in circumference. Her thighs ar built up with some much fat that they over lap her calves which now envelope her feet. Her huge calves were so riddeled with cellulite that the heels of her feet are six inches from the platform.

If her hips were measured they would probably be over 15 feet wide. Goldie's breasts have gotten so big and heavy that they lost their shape and now sag down towards the platform on either side of her bloating belly. Her widening body pushed her arms out to the side with layers upon layers of bluddery tissue that dangles down to her humungous ass.

The eighth hour has Goldie at 2389 pounds and the bears keep it coming.

She balloons up to 2947 at the end of hour number nine.

With her aunt's spell and the bears merrily fattening her up, her weight climbs to an unbelievable 3380. Goldie is so huge that her bloating butt lifts her three feet off the platform's surface. She is now 20 feet wide in her hips and her mammoth belly is about 14 feet in circumference as she still continues to suck down all the food the bears keep putting into her. The tenth hour has passed and they're approaching the eleventh.

Goldie keeps eating and expanding all the way to nearly 2 tons. The bears are starting to become satisfied with their payback but they want to see just how far they can go due to the spell placed on her by her aunt.

A weight of 4467 marks the twelfth hour for Goldie. The bears decide that she has had enough and they will stop feeding her...within the next two hours.

They feed her the last bit of food and are amazed by what she gained in the final two hours. Her weigh since they started is now an incredible 5000 pounds. No longer being fed, Goldie comes out of her trance-like state and asks George Bear what happened. "We kept stuffing you for over twelve hours straight and now we're satisfied. You now weigh two and a half tons, so I hope you learned your lesson." said George.

"Yeah, but there's one thing I should've mentioned." Goldie said.

"Like what?" George asked puzzled.

"Remember my aunt's spell? It makes my body adjust for any amount of food that I eat. This also accounts for even after I finish eating."

The bears were in shock to hear this. George and the other bears look at the scale to see that Goldie was telling the truth. In the last five minutes her weight went up to 5128 and continues to rise steadily...


The bears of Bear Country have made their point with now 3 ton+ Goldie to set an example of what happens to any girls who wander into the house of a bear while they aren't home. Since then a couple girls have been caught and were taught a lesson through forced feeding but they were only fattened to a point that was twice their size.

As for Goldie, she is fed enough food to maintain her weight. Her final weight check--6400 pounds.......or so?


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Nov 14, 2005
Cute story with great imagery. I like fairy tales that are revisited.

Still a Skye fan

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Oct 1, 2005
Good ol' Upstate New York!
Cute tale.

I wrote a similar one once. Mine doesn't have such extreme weight gain but it's got a chubby gal with a big appetite. I'll dig it up and share it here sometime.


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