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Greed, Gluttony and Passion by Anonymous (SSBBW, Stuffing, Sexual Foreplay, ~XWG)

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Green Eyed Fairy

Veteran of a 1000 Psychic Wars
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
SSBBW, Stuffing, Sexual Foreplay, ~XWG - Repressed woman wins the lifestyle she always desired

Greed, Gluttony and Passion
By Anonymous

(A tale migrated from the Dimensions Weight Room and
slightly enhanced as part of our Story Migration Project)

Part One

Tina concluded that money may be the root of all evil. However, that in no way means that money can't bring you happiness. The reason that cold hard cash has had such a bad reputation is simply because of the greed it brings out in people.

Greed…that unquenchable desire for more. It is true that greed at one level is one of the worst flaws known to humanity. particularly for the maliciousness is has been known to cause.

Tina found, however, that her particular greed was what made her such a fascinating person. In time, and after accumulating much wealth, Tina became known for her greedy indulgence in excesses.

Her deviant and deviously wild parties became an underground sensation among the adventurous class. Despite whatever she did, people still strangely found her to be extremely attractive.

I've known Tina McFarland for most of my life. The story of her rise to a mysterious social legend is most likely one of the most spell-binding you will ever hear.

Tina started off with humble beginnings. She was raised in a small suburban home which looked almost identical to all those around it. The house was a small rectangular dwelling with a carport attached to the side of it. A meager garden surrounded it's back corners.

My house was directly adjacent to hers and from a very young age, we were inseparable friends. We shared a fairly normal childhood together. playing in neighborhood softball games and exploring the creek a half-mile from our homes.

At that time we were indistinguishable from other children, happy, content and innocent. By the time we got to high school, however, things had changed.

Tina began to feel discontented with her life style. She was a meek girl whose figure was tall and slender. Her deep blue eyes and flowing, luminous, amber hair made her an easy target for guys on the prowl.

Her eyebrows were perfectly manicured so that her large, shiny eyes were always accented. She dated off and on, but her manner was always repressed. It wasn't that she was shy but more the feeling that she didn't belong.

I can still remember a conversation that we had around sophomore year. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were lounging around over at Tina's house watching a movie on TV. About halfway through the movie, Tina clicked off the TV and threw me a strange and unnerving glare.

"What's the matter?" I asked tentatively.

"Do you ever think things could be different?" she replied after a short pause.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well… what if there were no rules. I mean what if, you could wake up in the morning and just do what ever the hell you felt like doing? What if you could just let yourself go and act however you wanted to?" she asked, as though a burden were being lifted off her chest.

"Who doesn't want that. but what are you getting at?" I inquired.

"I feel like I'm suffocating, John, I feel like there's no way out of this monotonous life I'm living. I don't mean to whine but I feel like I'm about to go crazy. I can't eat what I want to eat; I can't say what I want to say. I'm surprised I'm even allowed to dress myself. I need more. You don't think I'm loony do you?" she implored.

"No not really, I think everyone feels like that to a certain degree. but I have a question for you. Why?"

"Why what?" she asked.

"Why can't you do what you'd like to do? I mean, no one is holding a gun to your head. If you feel that badly about not being able to do what you'd like to do, why not do it?" I queried.

"Well, I guess, for one I don't have the money. Other than that I'm not sure. I can't explain it. It's like I can't see my life in any other light than how I'm supposed to act." she conceded.

“I'm not really sure what to tell you. Maybe you need to break loose and take a vacation or something,” I said, for lack of better advice.

After that conversation, Tina didn't bother to follow my advice and take a vacation. She knew as well as I did that a simple vacation couldn't cure her restless longings.

Tina internally wasn't really one to be constricted by anyone else's standards and wanted to be a happy person. She had a greed and lust for life that seemed impossible to satisfy. Her penchant for overdoing everything seemed like an accident waiting to happen.

Tina's climb to the peak of happiness started around 6 months after she graduated from high school. She was working at a local convenience store, located on the corner of the busy intersection of 29 and Oakland Road at the time. She said she took the job for the money but I knew her true motive was one her secret vices…food.

She was still very thin and rarely over ate. However, I knew something about Tina that most people didn't.

One day she had been home supposedly "sick." so after school I went to see how she was feeling. Considering Tina's house was like my second home, I walked in the house without knocking. What I saw made me feel that I had discovered something secret and shameful about her.

Half a leftover chicken, half a chocolate cake, a microwave pizza, a box of cinnamon toast crunch and a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese were scattered all over the kitchen. Tina lay on the floor with her pants unzipped, rubbing her protruding stomach. Her stomach made her look like she was expecting a child.

She had in her hand a generous piece of chocolate cake and chocolate icing surrounded her lips. She looked like she was wearing smeared chocolate lipstick.

She was moaning from the nausea of her over-indulgence but when she saw me she tried quickly to get to her feet. After standing up, her seemingly pregnant belly pushed through the zipper of her pants and her cheeks turned red.

It sent a rush of embarrassment through me to see my long time best friend in such a demeaning position. Strangely, however, I also found the situation to be incredibly erotic.

"Can you please just turn around?" she said with a mouthful of chocolate cake and hint of embarrassed defeat in her voice. After running upstairs and returning with a clean face and a bathrobe on, she hastily cleaned things up. Then she awkwardly began trying to explain things to me.

"Please don't tell anyone about this. I just wanted to see what if would feel like to eat all that I wanted. I can't explain why. If I never ask you for anything else, can we please just pretend this never happened? I'm going to go upstairs now. I'm feeling uncomfortably full…" she trailed off.

Before heading upstairs she reiterated, “Please don't tell anybody.”

I nodded silently and slowly began walking away. I gazed back at her for a second and saw her smiling at me; a glint in her eye told me that her spirit was more free than I had ever seen it. I returned home feeling both confused and very turned on.

So because of this episode I thought that's why Tina ended up taking the job at the convenience store. She would stare at the food, never consuming any, just gazing. I caught her torturing herself that way many times over the course of her employment.

One day, six months after graduation, she snuck her daily lottery ticket into her pocket from under the counter and began checking the stock of bread. After glancing in both directions, she began filling in numbers on her ticket. The lottery was the biggest it had been in years….168 million dollars.

Everybody was flooding into the stores, crossing their fingers and purchasing a ticket. Everyone wanted a piece of the wealth; they were all secretly greedy.

That night Tina watched the show that announced the winning numbers, believing deep down that she would never win, yet hoping.

After the announcer had said all the numbers his first time, Tina stared at her ticket in disbelief. It couldn't be true; she couldn't have won. She turned up the volume and checked the number again. She sat in utter confusion for several minutes until some sort of joy sank in. Her ticket matched the winning numbers! She had won 168 million dollars!

Abruptly she took her sleeping bag, went out onto the front lawn and went to sleep. She later explained to me that this act of spontaneity was done simply because she now could. Apparently, according to Tina's logic, the rich can get away with murder and anything else they desire.

From the day that Tina went to collect the first installment of her winnings, she was a different person. She became the person she had always wanted to be, no longer repressed. She became the person I saw lying stuffed on the kitchen floor.

The news of Tina's newly won fortune spread quite quickly as did her new popularity. Tina wanted to duck all the attention. She decided to take some time to reflect upon the new life she was embarking on with her thousands of blank checks.

Tina wasted no time spending her money. Her first big buy was an incredibly nice house on the Magothy River. Her parents were hesitant about letting someone still so naïve out into the world with so much money. However, she was legally an adult and provided well for her immediate family. It was her call and beyond their control.

The house was a beauty of modern luxury. Almost its entire structure was made of windows and could pass for a hotel to anyone who didn't know better. Around the rear of the house was an elegant stone patio overlooking her Olympic sized pool. Her new home was on a large wooded plot of land and sat atop a large clay cliff that slowly stepped off into the water.

After that it seemed that Tina went into hibernation for a while. For over three months I didn't hear from her. I felt hurt, thinking that since she had gotten her money she didn't need me anymore. However, after asking around, I found that no one had heard from her either.

I wondered what she could be doing, all alone in that big house. Feeling lonely one Saturday, I decided to take a trip over to Tina's new mansion. After rolling my car up to the curb, I looked through one of the humongous windows and was shocked by what I saw.

She was wearing nothing but a bra and panties that looked like they were cutting off her circulation. Her soft belly hung delicately over her panty line and seemed to bounce ever so slightly when she walked. Her breasts spilled out of her bra and were pushed up high. Her panties cut into her hips and her butt seemed to bounce and roll, doing the wave as she walked.

I rang the doorbell and was ready for anything. She approached the door and greeted me with smiling eyes. She ran up to me and gripped me tightly, raising her heels. I could feel her soft flesh of her belly and breasts pushing against my body. Once again, I experienced arousal like I had never known.

Suddenly, I was completely confused and entirely wrapped up in the moment. My whole life seemed to take on a new light, as if everything had been leading up to this second. Wrapped up in my urges, I reached for her ass and gripped its soft flesh in my hands.

"John, it's so wonderful to see you! You seem happy to see me, too," she winked.

"Wow, what's gotten into you?" I asked.

"Food, my friend. A lot of food," she chuckled and grabbed at some of the new flesh on her stomach, shaking and swaying her entire belly and hips.

I was taken aback, the timid and slender girl I had once known as Tina had come out of her cocoon. She had gotten fat and seemed happy about it. I was perplexed. Had she gone crazy, not able to handle so much money at once?

"Come sit and I'll explain everything to you," she said, leading me into her giant and spacious living room.

We sat on one of her expensive, imported couches and began to chat.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you, Honey. I've just finally been living! Oh, these past few months have been almost magical. You see, I've always had such strong desires for food and excesses. I think you've known this dirty little secret about me for a while. Anyways, once I hit it big, I really thought about the things I've always wanted to do but couldn't."

"And so?" I asked, suspeting what had happened.

"I made up my mind that it was time I stopped denying my impulses. I'm now financially secure and have no reason to be acquainted with anyone who will criticize my diet or any other way in which I choose to live my life. I'm going to stuff myself everyday with the richest and best tasting foods. I'm going to make my house as nice and comfortable as I'd like it to be and I'm going to fulfill whatever whim comes to me in a dream or a fantasy. It's as simple as that,” she declared.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up," I began hesitantly. "Money isn't freedom and anyway this is probably very unhealthy for you. I mean…"

"So is smoking, so is breathing city air. Listen, I know I'm being very frank but I've made up my mind not to censor myself anymore. Life is too short not to live it to it's fullest. I realize this may be unhealthy for me but it makes me feel alive. And yes, money isn't happiness or freedom, but the way I see it I have been given a gift. Why not use this gift to do what will make me happy?" she reasoned.

"Well as long as we're being frank, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually very turned on by this whole thing," I said, immediately regretting I had let it slip out.

"I know; I've known it since that day in the kitchen!" She shot me a devious grin. "Let's head over to the kitchen, I'm starved."

Her kitchen was a sight to see with ceilings at least 20 feet high and covered entirely by glass. From the windows you could see for miles across the bay, into the vast expanses of river. The pantry was stocked so full of food it resembled a grocery store. Apparently, she had ordered daily deliveries of many goodies and already prepared meals.

She set out three plates and began to pile them high with food.

"I get two plates of food, because I can," she said playfully.

She began ravenously devouring fried chicken legs, piles of ribs, French fries, pastries and whatever other highly caloric foods she desired. At the end of the meal, she patted her stuffed belly and began rubbing it.

I lent her a hand, cautiously putting my hands on it at first and than proceeded to vigorously massage her growing mounds of flesh. She hiccupped from eating too fast and breathed as though she had just finished a marathon.

"Slow down," I said. "The food isn't going anywhere."

"I like eating fast, I can get more down that way," she said defiantly.

Her eyes caught mine and she leaned close to my face. We kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity before she broke away and trounced off to lounge by the pool.

I observed her sipping a cocktail through the window, her pudgy body glowing with sunlight, in all its glory. This whole thing was happening so fast that my head was spinning with excitement.

She slowly began stripping off all of her clothes. She took a mound of her stomach in her hand and let if flop back down and jiggle. She looked at me, giggled and proceeded to wade into the pool.

Later on that evening, during a late dinner on the patio, she once again gave way carelessly to an idea that popped into her head.

"Why don't you stay here, John?" She exclaimed happily.

"You mean for the night," I asked longingly.

"No silly, for as long as you'd like. I'd really like some company around besides the cook, maid and grdener. From what I can tell you like to see me eat and I'll be doing a lot of that, so we're a perfect match" she explained.

"As tempting as that sounds, I really have to start looking for a steady job or maybe look into applying for college," I responded.

"I'll take care of you here, don't worry. Whatever it is you want, you got it, you're my best friend. I can't begin to spend all the money I've got. I'm sure you'd be good at helping. Besides, maybe you could give me some more of those belly rubs," she winked seductively at me, as she sipped on another cocktail.

Her crystal blue eyes met mine and the new pudginess of her face made it look jovial. Believe me, I wanted to say no. I should have said no but I didn't. My fascination with her new lifestyle was just too strong.

I felt as though Tina's new charm was sucking away any control I had over the future of my life. I was docilely being led by a binge-driven fat woman.

From that day on, Tina and I were the same friends we had been as kids. We were happy, content and freshly innocent. However, this time Tina was greedy with the ability to indilge!

Our daily routine was based around her greed. We'd wake up and she'd greedily suck down foods soaked in grease, fried, battered, frosted and just downright fattening. At lunch we'd lounge by the pool and look out over the river while she greedily consume more goodies that would have made her former self cringe. On our rides in her sleek new boat, she'd greedily eat snack cakes and chips.

Finally, during dinner, we'd set out a large feast spread across her custom ordered 50 foot table. She was never able to eat all the delectable foods on the table but Tina liked to try. How she loved her excesses. Her weight gain was stalled only by the times she didn’t want to eat, which were rare.

About 10 months into my "visit," I really began to notice the excess taking a toll on Tina's body. Her belly rolled out of all of her shirts and over her customarily unzipped pants. This created a beautiful ocean of blubbery folds that pushed out further daily. That drooping sack of fat seemed like a bottomless pit, never able to be full, only coming close.

Her legs were bulked up and fed into her large and excessively soft, bouncy thighs. Her arms sloshed when she moved and her boobs were like large, bouncing melons.

Her butt stuck out as if trying to reach something unattainable. It was now impossible for me to grab the entire mass of one of her ass cheeks. It rolled and bounced as she walked, even more so than previously.

One April night when the sky was clear and the stars were out, Tina decided that she'd like to start a monthly tradition of a feast that far exceeded all her other meals. It was customary for Tina to overeat but not to the ends of being extremely uncomfortable. She decided that, on a monthly basis, she would challenge the limits of how much food she could eat, only stopping when it was absolutely necessary

To make the feast extravagant and memorable, we hired a staff of people to set out several buffets. They were to decorate the entire patio with exotic lights and ribbons and arrange large buffets with every type of delicious food imaginable. Tina fasted for a day and a half in advance to prepare for the feast, which was not an easy task for her.

By the time the staff had left, Tina was famished and ecstatic with excitement. As if about to jump into a swimming pool, she pulled her shirt overtop her head. Then she lifted her belly up and let it fall back down to droop immensely over her ever-tightening jeans.

She slowly unzipped her jeans and pulled them off of her soft body, leaving her belly to further droop over her panties. Her hair shone beautifully in the moonlight, illuminating her glistening eyes and the stunning features of her face.

She stepped towards the first buffet. After rubbing her hands together in delight, she began eating. Alternating hands, she reached for various pastries, cookies, cakes and pies. She shoved them into her mouth, spilling particles of food onto her body. After starting with dessert, as she usually liked to do, she headed over towards the main courses.

She took a few bites out of a steak she was holding, then tossed it over her shoulder onto the patio. Then she reached for a large pitcher of Kaluhum, a rare Arabic juice mixture. She put the pitcher to her lips and began gulping down the slightly alcoholic substance, letting trickles of juice run down her face and onto her body.

She proceeded to consume part of a spicy sausage and rice dish, a few ribs, a Caesar salad, linguine with smoked clams, half a hamburger, a Spanish omelet, a small portion of fettuccini alfredo and topped it all off with a large cold cut sandwich piled high with every type of meat and topping imaginable.

Afterwards she lay on the patio and moaned a little, removing her overly tight panties.

"I'm too stuffed to stand," she told me, half-playfully, half frightened. "But I can't stop now."

Asking me not to help, she began pulling herself across the floor on her belly, as if it was a large rolling ball. She let a few loud belches out and used her feet to push her body across the floor on her dragging belly. She drew in large breaths before hiccupping and her eyes were glazed over with fatigue and nausea.

After she had slithered across the patio, lying belly side up, she began clawing at the dessert table trying to reach the food. Accidentally, or perhaps accidentally on purpose, she pulled the table cloth off the dessert buffet and caused pastries and syrup to fall all over her body.

She grinned and cautiously began to eat a large novelty waffle with large crooks to hold extraordinary amounts of butter, syrup and whipped cream. I sat next to her and gently rubbed the naked lower half of her body.

After she could eat no more, she went to sleep with pastries strewn about and on top of her body. However, before drifting off, she lazily reached out and patted her mound of a belly. Her big tummy stretched up towards the sky and protruded out onto her plump legs.

Her hands sunk deep into its soft flesh, and she whispered, "I wish I hadn't done this, I feel terrible. Yet, I've never felt so good."

I tried to carry her into the bedroom and tuck her in. However, I soon realized that it would now require a few guys my size to attempt that feat.

Soon after that first feast, we placed a scale in every room with a full length mirror beside every one of them. She was up to 290 pounds at this point and her body was her pride and joy. The gluttony and giving in to every urge never satiated her greed, however. She always needed more!

"I say we have a party today," she told me one morning.

"A party? " I asked.

"Yes, a party. I say that we invite everyone who's anyone and just see who shows up. People will be anxious to see what kind of party I throw now that I've won the lottery," she said.

"I say it will be fun," she added.

"I suppose," I said, knowing better than to argue with her.

"Yes and I can order a huge buffet. It will be a great time for everyone. We can all swim in the pool and do whatever we'd like" she responded happily.

Per her specifications, I hired a catering company to prepare a large buffet. I also hired a bartender for the newly installed bar next to the pool. After all the preparations were completed, Tina made many phone calls. All that was left to do was wait for the people to show up.

That night, it was a party. I'm not sure where all the people came from, but they came. Everyone showed up to the door, with a bit of curiosity. The large glass house must have been offsetting to some but a few people we knew showed up.

A local newscaster, doing a story on Tina winning the lottery, was in the crowd. An actor who was in the neighborhood and looking for a good time also made an appearance.

The evening was going as planned and all were having good time when suddenly it became clear that Tina was too out of practice at restraint to deny her impulses. She began eating and made a spectacle out of herself.

People were already surprised by how much weight she had gained but were now outright shocked at how much food she could now put away. It seemed to have a synonymously, hypnotic effect on all of our guests.

She never looked ashamed or guilty She actually looked everyone in the eyes and smiled. She didn't apologize for what she had done and her entire presence emitted self-confidence and isolated greed.

There were a few moments of awkwardness after Tina had finished stuffing herself. The actor, who had just finished his first major movie and was looking for adventure, began taking off his clothes.

He muttered, "Hey. I say we take that fat ladies example and have a little fun."

He jumped in the pool and began splashing up water and encouraging people to join him. Inspired by Tina's greed, with the whole situation loosened by alcohol, everyone began to gradually indulge themselves, as well.

Not everyone did it with food but everyone did it some manner. Some stripped naked and jumped in the pool, following the actor‘s lead. Some had a few too many drinks. Others just let loose and danced in a manner that, under normal circumstances, would have been totally unacceptable. In a twisted way, Tina was the life of the party.

At the end of the night Tina pulled off her dress that was becoming uncomfortably tight. Her belly rolled massively over her custom-made, sexy, lace panties. Her humongous fat, half-naked body jiggled as she scarfed down her last cinnamon bun.

As the last of the stragglers wandered out the door, Tina belched and cried out, "Thanks for coming everyone, we should do this more often!"

Everyone left the party that night a little dazed, confused and slightly euphoric. Needless to say, there were more parties to follow that one. It seemed that almost overnight; our parties became an underground sensation.

We had to hire a bouncer to keep the crowds out. We even bought a large plot of land next to Tina's house so we could sustain all the people. Tina was growing as fast as her fame. Her eating habits remained the object of speculation and myths throughout the world of those who attended our parties.

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