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Has anyone else met an F/FA in real life?

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Well-Known Member
Sep 29, 2019
New england
I don't mean just briefly either, or someone who you suspect was. There was someone in high school who I highly suspected was FFA but I never talked to her, we weren't friends or anything.

Like, I know this probably seems unimportant. I've posted on here enough for you all to know I'm in a very strong, healthy, happy relationship with the curvy nerd of my dreams. I feel confident in my preferences, I no longer feel any shame or anything. I also am able to reel them in a bit and keep it from overwhelming my attitude towards sex and romance, because that is not only unhealthy, but no fun either. All this to say I'm in a really good place in this aspect of my life.

But man, I wish there was a friend in real life who shared the same feelings as I did. Any gender or sexuality, doesn't matter. I just wish I could for once not feel alone in this facet and have someone who actually understood. Like, one of the things that makes my partner so great is that she actually *understands* my autism on a deep level. I want that with FA preference too.

Has anyone ever met someone like that in real life? How did it go? What did you learn?

And if anyone is in eastern New England, hit me up haha!

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