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Headaches and blurred vision; any ideas?

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Well-Known Member
Dec 14, 2012
I've been having some weird symptoms since christmas eve and I guess I'm wondering if anybody here thinks it sounds like something that should be checked out, because my family seem to think it is nothing but I'm not sure.

Basically, christmas eve I had a really bad headache. I hardly ever get headaches, so unusual. As well, my scalp hurt like hell if I touched it. I also couldn't get my vision to focus properly, like I was looking through low quality glass. Really bad brain fog and sudden bouts of exhaustion along with dizziness and feeling sick.

These symptoms got better and worse over the next week and a half, but never went away. A couple of days ago I felt the need to crack my neck so I tilted my head and honestly, it made a noise that made me worry I'd broken my neck for a moment, hah. A loud popping/crunching sound.

Almost immediately my stomach stopped spasming/stopped feeling sick. I suddenly had energy again, and the brain fog/vision problem cleared up overnight. I was so relieved.

The last couple of days though, the scalp pain, headaches and exhaustion have been coming back again. Milder, but still there. I hoped that cracking my neck had fixed it but yeah, I dunno what it is. Does it sound like something a doctor could help with, what do you guys think?

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