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Sonic Purity

Apr 9, 2006
Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
What writer doesn’t have a sexy nurse story? Here’s mine.

Hellooo Nurse!​

by Sonic Purity​

Incurably ill Dean Evans has been left to die in the public hospital system. Transferred to what amounts to the system’s poor excuse for hospice, middle-aged nurse Becky Larson, whom no other patient wants to see, heals him with her love, innate fat sexiness, and eventually something deliciously more.

Author’s note:
This is my most autobiographical story to date. Written in the first half of the 20-teens, it accurately reflects what life can be like with an inflammatory bowel disease—at least for me. Later in the decade, i was thankfully able to get over my excessive sense of entitlement and develop greater gratitude, along with availing myself of new information which continues to help me deal better with the situation, even if the underlying root problem remains incurable. The very start of the story up until Dean is moved to the smaller facility is almost but not 100% my actual life story, as is a majority of the medical material ’til near the end. Everything else from the first mention of the small 20-bed hospital is pure fiction.

There’s lots of fat and fat gain sexiness, so despite the gloom, i believe still worth a read. Hope you give it a chance and hope you enjoy!

Novel (approximately 68,100 words). Originally written 2012-2014.

This story features:
  • Altruistic fat gain
  • Uncontrollable unintentional undesired physical pain, moodiness, suffering
  • Lactation
  • Heteronormative couple
  • SNS: Sexy Nurse Syndrome
  • Light pharma sci-fi (nearer the end)
  • Male feminizing via fattening (nearer the end, and that’s why it qualifies for the Both prefix rather than BBW)

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