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  1. Corey

    BHM Private Practice

    Private Practice By: Corey *A licensed therapist and first time mom watches her husband gain weight throughout their marriage. BHM, romance, sexual content* Chapter 1 It was 5pm on Friday when I carefully drove into the garage and pushed the off button on my Acura MDX3. I slipped my black...
  2. Rachel Scarver

    Hello I’m Rachel and I’m new here... How about you?

    Just became a member recently. I’m trying to find someone to connect with. In case anyone cares, I’m 365 pounds. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Believe it or not I’m actually looking for someone to date in person. I say that because lately I’ve noticed people online just wanting belly pics and...
  3. fireonthemountain

    BHM His Student's Secret (~BHM, ~FFA, ~XWG, ~Romance)

    Note by Author: I wrote this story about 15 years ago under the name “The Taxidermy.” (Its somewhere in the BHM archives of Dims. It was a poorly written story including bad dialogue and poorly written characters, especially my male protagonist. I felt he deserved to be written better and to...
  4. RVGleason

    Roly Poly Man

    I literally dreamed this song up. Roly Poly Man Oh, I just met the roundest man The roundest man you’d meet He’s big and fat and very cute Though he can’t see his feet But he’s as sweet as he can be I love him pound for pound I want to hug and squeeze him If my arms can get around! Oh...
  5. Unbasher

    BHM The Improved You

    Meet Mandy, a clever but plain nerd and handsome, shallow Severin: once study partners, they meet again after seven years under profoundly changed circumstances. Author's note(s): a) I wrote this story about five years ago when I had no clue whether fat attraction was a real thing, let alone...
  6. fiestyMad

    BHM Mary and John (bhm,ffa,romance)

    Mary and John by fiestyMad Mary took a deep breath when he walked in the room. He had black hair that peaked out of his baseball cap. He had kind blue eyes, which sparkled when he looked her way. She lowered her gaze to what had initially caught her attention. His grey T-shirt that hung onto...
  7. RVGleason

    Waldo Wyde - Circus Fat Man

    Here’s a new story, I hope Folks like it. (Image: Tubberton) chapter 1 - meet Waldo Wyde It was a beautiful early June, 1947 morning as the Sun shone brightly over the Big Top tents of the Clyde Wonder Circus. The roustabouts had been up since dawn getting things ready for the expectant big...
  8. Halrion

    BBW The lady wot lunched a little too much (~BBW, ~~WG, Gluttony, Romance, Karma)

    A lighthearted story about a troupe of glossy lipped estate agents with a penchant for pasties and posteriors that are rapidly buying up real estate. (~BBW, ~~WG, Gluttony, Romance, Karma.) Comments and feedback very much appreciated! Some illustrations of the characters (also by me) can be...
  9. Unbasher

    BHM The Untouchables (SSBHM, Romance, Karma)

    Griffin, morbidly obese, jobless and recently homeless is ready to end his life, only to be intercepted by Blanche. Blanche, more existing than living herself, has not been able to touch a living creature for three years due to what she believes to be bad karma. She offers to let Griffin stay...
  10. F

    BHM Lorelai and Jake (~FFA, ~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

    A confident fitness instructor meets the shy guy of her dreams and they find out they have a lot more in common than they think Hey there! This is my first story ever and first time ever posting on a forum like this. I've been very secretive about my FFA preferences so I thought writing a story...
  11. RVGleason

    BHM Round - by RV Gleason (~ FFA, BHM, Romance)

    ~ FFA, BHM, Romance - new neighbor gets more of a welcome than anticipated Illustration by FFA Artist on deviantArt. Round by RVGleason Round 1: meeting the new neighbor Gwen kept a tight grip on the plastic bags she was carrying as she fumbled for the keys to the door of her apartment. She...
  12. RVGleason

    Lucky Se7en

    Lucky Se7en: BHM-FFA, Eating and Stuffing. Based on the movie and graphic novel 'Se7en'. Illustration by Tubberton at deviantArt Lucky Se7en Chapter One - The Meeting Frank groggily opened his eyes, feeling a dull throbbing in his head. The room he was in was brightly lit and he blinked his...
  13. WG Story Drone

    Nancy & Ellie

    BBW, WG: A story of revenge and weight gain . . . Nancy & Ellie – Who’s The Piggy Now? By Sly ( Part One Ellie was 26 years old and she just lost her job as an administrative assistant for a large company. This came a little unexpectedly, it was...
  14. RVGleason

    Story For The FFA's: A Little Out Of The Way Place

    I wrote a new story on the FF website which I've also posted in the Dimensions Library which I hope the Dimensions FFA's might enjoy called 'A Little Out Of The Way Place'. Here's a direct link to the story in the Dimensions Library...
  15. RVGleason

    BHM A Little Out Of The Way Place ~FFA~BHM~Eating~WG

    Here's a new story I started on the Fantasy Feeder site. Hope everyone here likes it too. :) RV (Illustration by FFA Artist: DiviantArt) A Little Out Of The Way Place (FFA~BHM~Eating~WG) Chapter One: Meeting Iris Bill sat at his computer staring at the screen. He just got home from a long...
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