How does an admirer see your fat

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Oct 16, 2005
What do us visual guys- gals like about fat on others? I liked the thread about what do you like about your fat, so let me say, and sing the praises of bbw's to me.

I love looking at your curves, following all of the lines and contours of all of your lovely body. I like how complex many soft curves can be, how many lines my eyes can follow. How your apron graces your theighs curves down around, I follow with my eyes at the top and watch as your apron flows down, curves under then raises up again and flows up your theighs, my eyes continue to your bum, and follows all the curves on your back up, up I follow your curves, and gaze upon your fat luscious arms and how they curve and flow. My eyes gaze upon your chest and the wonder of your femininity.

I love the way you walk, sway, shake and mesmerize me with each step. I love watching you eat, feeling you, feeling your soft, warm, body, and feeling the joy of each curve. I love everything about the very fat female body. Ladies your bodies are the most wonderfull thing that makes life so wonderful for the Fa.
Now add all that to a lovely personality, and you have heaven on earth. That is what I feel about a bbw ........................
So ladies sometimes we fa's might ba a little goofy, or not quite adept at social skills, aquward at being forward, but consider truely when u have an admirer tend his garden, help him to grow, and he will give you the same in return.

Oh how wonderFULL is the gift of life.

Plus a lot more but it might get to erotic...............


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Sep 30, 2005
I find fat to be soft, warm, and inviting. Just the thought of snuggling up to somone fat really makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I really like giant asses and just seeing a but sway back and forth as it bounces really arouses me.

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