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Howard Stern Needs His Chain Jerked - Hard! Bad Dog!

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Lions don't need to spank
Nov 8, 2005
Banned from facebook,
By now I'm sure you have heard the vile, nasty remarks Howard Stern made overs the radio about Gabourey Sidibes. He said she was the fattest girl he had ever seen and was too fat to get any more Hollywood roles. His evil remarks are likely to hurt the spirit of the brilliant new actress, Ms. Sidibes, who up until now has been well received (from what I can tell) in the film industry. I can't even imagine having the personal strength, courage, and talent to do what she has done. I feel the least we can do is "put a few burrs under Mr. Stern's saddle." His remarks are wrong. They are those of a hatemonger and they have no place in a society that is trying to improve itself from crimes and evils of the past. What he is spewing out, to quote Mr Stern himself, is just "pig vomit".

His remarks are racist, sexist, and fat hating, Male stars that are/were fat are totally cool and no problem. Guys such as John Goodman, Louie Anderson, Brian Dennehy, Charles Durning, the late Chris Farley, John Candy, and John Belushi are/were beloved by movie fans.

Fat female stars who have had roles (altho not as many as the men) are: Cameryn Manheim, Cathy Bates, Rosanne Barr, Queen Latifah, Monique, the late Shelly Winters, Mae West, Jane Darwell (Ma Joad in The Grapes of Wrath), and Hattie McDaniel (Mammy in Gone With the Wind) - plus many more.

Here are a couple of links to Howard's offensive broadcast.

One of Howard's main employer at this time is Sirrus/XM radio. This is private satellite radio that we use in our cars or can receive in our homes or businesses. [We currently have this service in the M2M cars - but this is about to change unless something is done about Mr. Stern! ] I think he either needs to be taken off the air or he needs to make a public, sincere, apology to Ms. Sidibes (that she accepts). I cannot continue to support XM/Sirrus radio (and Howard Stern) in this fat bashing and abuse of Ms. Sidibes. XM radio is going to lose my $240 a year if they don't fix this problem. Anyone else offended by Mr Stern's broadcast should follow their conscience.

Here is a link to XM/Sirrus satellite or internet radio.

They have a webpage featuring Stern and two channels completely devoted 24hrs a day (ugh!) to his broadcasts.
http://www.xmradio.com/talk/index.xmc Howard Stern featured on this webpage.
http://www.xmradio.com/howard100 Hear Howard like he’s never been heard before – live and uncensored beginning at 6:00 am ET and replayed all day and night.
http://www.xmradio.com/howard101 (west coast feed)

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