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Looking Introducing myself (BHM, 46, Milwaukee)

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Jan 28, 2020
Hi all,

My name is Mike, and I'm a 46-year-old BHM from Milwaukee. I'm eager to return to the plus-size scene. Specifically, I came back to the Dimensions Forums in search of information on BBW dances in Milwaukee and/or Chicago. I have fond memories of events held by Linda's Big Connections twenty years ago. Speaking of ages ago, I even remember the Chicagoland BBW board on AOL! Good times! (I also remember taking a photo print of myself with a friend on the Odyssey--which I still have--to a copy shop to have it scanned and saved to floppy disk, in some format with an incredibly ginormous file size that would take about half an hour to download. Not such good times?) In the meantime, I've landed a great job as a full-time technical translator from German to English, an apartment in a happening neighborhood of Milwaukee, a nice though unpretentious car, and (if I say so myself) a great personality. I'm 6'1", and my weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the years. I'm currently at about 220. I like to think that I'm in exceptionally good health for my age. Work keeps me pretty busy, but in my free time, I enjoy road trips to the Chicago area, taking long walks, photography, and puttering around on the computer (including Instagram and such). In a cursory Internet search, I've found news of a BBW event in Chicagoland the weekend before Easter. Are there any other upcoming events I should be aware of? I'm looking for a woman for anything from casual dating to a serious relationship. No pressure--we can see how it goes. I suppose dating range would be within a 5-hour drive of Milwaukee, and I'm happy to do most or all of the driving. Friends and pen pals are welcome too. I'm not sure if board etiquette permits me to give out contact information other than PMs, so I'll find out and add it soon if I can.

Looking forward to talking soon,


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