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  1. DaJuiciestPeach

    The First & Only Expo for the SuperSize Community and those with Lipedema/Lymhedema is in Atlanta this June.

    2000 SSBBW and USSBBW in Atlanta at the same time! Will YOU be there? I hope so! I'd love to have your support. Happy to answer any questions!
  2. LJ Rock

    Surprises Bring Life [BHM, BBW, Mutual Weight Gain, Feeding, Stuffing, Romance]

    This is a short and sweet story about a chubby guy from America who falls for a pretty young lady from a foreign land and fattens her up good. This is a censored version of the story, an uncensored version appears exclusively on my Patreon page. Surprises Bring Life by L.J. Rock I’ll...
  3. J

    My crush is putting on so much weight

    Hi fellow FA <3 I’m 27F feeder, am pretty new here and was so glad to discover this community of likely-minded people, as I’m closeted with my kink irl with most ppl and those who know don’t know how far it gets :( they just think I like bigger guys. So I got this story I want to share … sorry...
  4. Ghostboo

    BHM Sickle and Heart [BHM, Fantasy, Romance]

    Have I been reading a ton of fantasy lately and going “someone needs to write all this as way less thin & mono-normative - oh shit that someone is me”? Maybe. Enjoy! Sickle and Heart by Ghostboo Chapter One The slight tightening of Kelvi’s small green body around her wrist alerted Odine to...
  5. C

    BOTH An embarrassing gut (BBW / BHM / BOTH) (WG, stuffing, sexual)

    An embarrassing gut by Cutiepops I pulled my stretchy T-shirt down and wrapped my long cardigan around my middle. I’d polished off a whole pizza and a few ciders, and the low rise jeans of the mid 2000s weren’t doing me any favours. It was my first year at uni, and the pounds had rather...
  6. stevita

    BOTH B&B:// The Commune of Crucifix

    ((Summary: Big Tech and Bombshell enter the public spotlight as a feedist crimefighting power couple, but authorities and the public alike are reluctant to accept their methods and their unconventional love. Enter Bombshell's old college bestie, now a radio talk show host, mutual gainer and...
  7. stevita

    BOTH Deviance: the Bombshell origin story

    A/n: Welcome back, party people, to another Spark story! This time detailing the origin of Bombshell, everybody's favorite walking controversy. There's plenty of rapid XWG ahead in this relatively short read, and it'll go to some dark places, but rest assured, all triggers will be tagged. Now...
  8. Ghostboo

    BHM The Honorable [bhm, ffa, historical romance]

    Happy Valentine's Day! This felt like the perfect time to release the first half of a little period drama I've been working on. Disclaimer that this tale (and the longer ones I'm planning to put out there in the future) may not always line up as being perfectly historically accurate, but much...
  9. 20220121_155803.jpg


    Weight gain update
  10. W

    FFA treats

  11. S

    BHM Expectations

    Expectations by StillGotNothing Part 1 - The pool “Cass! Is this all of your stuff? I thought there would be more.” “That’s everything Dad. I did a big clear out. I made decisions based on what I would be happy putting in a house I would buy, even just to make do part time. If the answer...
  12. D

    Looking FA looking for a Feedee or a BHM in Buenos Aires!

    Hi! I'm a 23 years old female looking for a feedee. It would be ideal if you are already chubby but I don't mind helping you gain from scratch. Hola! Tengo 23 años y estoy buscando a un feedee. Seria ideal si de por si ya sos rellenito pero no hay problema si queres que te ayude a subir de...
  13. W

    BHM We will geek together

    Long time lurker. I have finished this story as a rough draft and will post each chapter as I edit it. BHM, FFA, slow burn. I know I tend to overdo it on the exposition. There will be some explicit content, but it will take awhile to get there. “For my bonus action, I cast spiritual weapon!” I...
  14. C

    Looking Ottawa, Canada BHM looking for someone special (I am looking for a woman)

    Hi! My name is Chuck, i am 25 years old and have been exploring my weight gain kinks more and more! I love stuffing myself, being fed, chugging, belly rubs, navel play, belly play and many others. I am willing to explore further with someone but I do need to start somewhere. So i am looking for...
  15. EpicureanTaurus

    BHM Blackmailing Evan [BHM; FFA; Female Feeder; Slow Burn; XWG]

    Blackmailing Evan by EpicureanTaurus Chapter 1: Evan checked his phone for the third time in twenty minutes. Nothing. He had always hated waiting. What’s worse, the meeting he was stuck in wasn’t making the time pass any faster. Evan adjusted his posture to hide his impatience, and added...
  16. F

    BHM The New Hire

    The New Hire by Faloverbabe Kristen sat at her desk. Monday mornings were always a drag and thus far this Monday was no different. The coffee was just as bitter, her chair just as uncomfortable, and the florescent lights just as bright. She loaded up her computer ready for the mundane work to...
  17. Y

    BOTH The BBQ (Weight Gain, Multiple, BBW, BHM, Magic)

    The BBQ (Weight Gain, Multiple, BBW, BHM, Magic) Ch 1 Finally unpacked, John and Jen sat exhausted on their new couch. John ran a hand through his wife’s long brunette hair as they relaxed their aching bodies from the move. They were both fairly fit, John being a muscular 180 lbs at 5’ 10”...
  18. Y

    BHM The Weed Store

    The Weed Store by yo18 Andrew was by no means a “pot head”, but living in Seattle did have its benefits with legalization. He just liked to indulge in the occasional toke, an edible here or there depending on the situation. He had smoked occasionally before he had moved to Seattle for work...
  19. Y

    BOTH Growing Together

    (Working on some new stuff and wanted to re-upload some old stuff since its been a while. Also did not realize this was still pretty active with stories until the other day, but I'm glad I checked back in. Hope you still enjoy even if it’s a second time around.) Growing Together by yo18...
  20. Y

    BOTH A Change of Weight

    (Working on some new stuff and wanted to re-upload some old stuff since its been a while. Also did not realize this was still pretty active with stories until the other day, but I'm glad I checked back in. Hope you still enjoy even if its a second time around.) A Change of Weight by yo18...