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  1. I

    BHM The Officer and the Intern

    This is my first ever attempt at writing down one of the fantasies that circulate my head. I'm not a writer by any means but it felt so freeing to finally write down an idea that I've had plaguing me. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The Officer and the Intern...
  2. Ghostboo

    BHM After Quarantine

    After Quarantine by Ghostboo As the world returns back to normal, everyone is excited to spend time together in person again. Including River and Sam, who have been best friends for most of their life. This dramatic romance features a BHM, enjoy! Chapter One - River River sat tapping...
  3. Build-A-BHM

    Looking Ballarat BHM Feedee seeking FFA Feeder

    Hey there! My name's Neil (38) and currently I live in Ballarat, an hour out of Melbourne, Australia. I'm looking to connect with a Woman who is Feeder (Between 28 to 48) and is interested in regularly meeting with a Feedee they can encourage to reach their fat goals. Currently, I'm 90kg and...
  4. Salacious Caitlin

    BHM The Transformation of Midnight (Historical fantasy, BHM)

    This is the first chapter, and it's meant to be a slow burn, but it will go to some big places... trust me. It's more along the lines of a romance novel than anything I've written before, so please let me know what you think! The Transformation of Midnight by Salacious Caitlin Chapter 1...
  5. michaelscottmiller24

    Looking Introducing myself (BHM, 46, Milwaukee)

    Hi all, My name is Mike, and I'm a 46-year-old BHM from Milwaukee. I'm eager to return to the plus-size scene. Specifically, I came back to the Dimensions Forums in search of information on BBW dances in Milwaukee and/or Chicago. I have fond memories of events held by Linda's Big Connections...
  6. Yor

    FFAs, are you into seeing a normal sized man ballooning up?

    So would you date a normal sized guy like me who willingly wants to become big and fat, and help fatten him up? Or do you want your SO to be fat to begin with? And are there more men like me on this board?
  7. stevita

    BHM From B*tch to Boss

    A/N: This is a story I wrote a few years ago but never posted anywhere. I hope you enjoy! From B*tch to Boss by stevita -- Another late night. 12 midnight found Nick stuck at the restaurant as closing manager, and he was just about to lock the back kitchen door when he heard out on the...
  8. F

    BOTH I was curious if anyone has written a story involving Thor?

    Especially since Endgame has been out for a while, I'm surprised that I haven't seen really any weight gain stories involving him. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Has anyone found or written some weight gain or feederism related stories about the character?
  9. ALS Again

    An Unexpected Realization

    Greetings! This story originally began as an adoption of the unfinished work "Black Magic." However, after I began writing, I realized that I was unhappy with the direction my part of the story was headed, so I decided to edit and adjust the story. "An Unexpected Realization" is the result...
  10. fiestyMad

    BHM To Serve (BHM, FFA, WG, Historical)

    To Serve by fiestyMad Part 1 "Rose!" a voice shouted, effectively stirring me from my restless sleep. "You're going to be late! Get dressed," Gretchen shook my shoulders until my eyes focused on her face. I quickly shot up from my cot and threw on my skirt and corset, tying the cheaply...
  11. Corey

    BHM Private Practice

    Private Practice By: Corey *A licensed therapist and first time mom watches her husband gain weight throughout their marriage. BHM, romance, sexual content* Chapter 1 It was 5pm on Friday when I carefully drove into the garage and pushed the off button on my Acura MDX3. I slipped my black...
  12. coyote wild

    BOTH Before & After: a Smorgasbord of Stories (~BBW, ~BHM, ~BOTH, ~XWG, ~GAS, ~IMMOBILITY)

    Author's note: Hi there! Been a minute! Been working on this little project for a while now. It's a collection of short stories told in two parts: before & after. The before chapters will release first, and the after chapters will soon follow. The entire thing is pretty much written, so don't...
  13. J

    please post new Ffa/bhm stories

    please someone post a new story, there are only new bbw in recent aditions.
  14. Panzito

    Is there minimum requirement to be considered a BHM?

    I'm not sure if it really exists
  15. coyote wild

    So I guess no one saw Avengers: Endgame? (spoilers)

    Thor gets fat! Discuss!
  16. fireonthemountain

    BHM His Student's Secret (~BHM, ~FFA, ~XWG, ~Romance)

    Note by Author: I wrote this story about 15 years ago under the name “The Taxidermy.” (Its somewhere in the BHM archives of Dims. It was a poorly written story including bad dialogue and poorly written characters, especially my male protagonist. I felt he deserved to be written better and to...
  17. F

    BHM BHM & FFA/Female Feeder Story Reccomendations?

    Hello all. I've been on the hunt for some stories involving BHMs and Female Feeders lately. Does anyone have any reccomendations, be it a story on this site or another? Mainly what I'm looking for I suppose are stories similar to Coyote Wild's excellent "Then and Now" piece, but with more of...
  18. xxeell

    Interesting comic book :)

    First of all, hello everyone its been a long time since I posted anything :), So... I'm a big ol' nerd and as a nerd I buy comic books pretty often. When it comes to comics, books, TV shows, and movies; I often search for overweight characters cuz I like the representation. I read a lot if...
  19. RVGleason

    Roly Poly Man

    I literally dreamed this song up. Roly Poly Man Oh, I just met the roundest man The roundest man you’d meet He’s big and fat and very cute Though he can’t see his feet But he’s as sweet as he can be I love him pound for pound I want to hug and squeeze him If my arms can get around! Oh...
  20. BigElectricKat

    Should I consider gaining?

    Was considering perhaps trying to gain some poundage as I don't think I'm big enough for any FFA to notice. I suppose I really need to commit to putting the Big in BHM (though I would never call myself Handsome) but you get the drift. It seems I don't really fit in any world these days. What...