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"It's just a harmless ball..." (squashing, crushing, true story)

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Jun 19, 2007
Those are the words that uttered out of Luna's mouth right before she asked me to lay down so she could crush this small exercise ball that I was to be under.

But let's back up a little. Luna is a woman I've 'known' for a lot of years. Long before I'd consider myself a professional squashee, I had chatted with Luna about the things I wanted her to do to me. These conversations when on for years via chat. We ha never actually met, but from pictures I could tell that I wanted to squash with this woman.

While being a little standoffish, I could tell she was actually considering it. Her hesitation was justifiable though... seeing as how, at the time, she was 425 lbs and had never placed her full weight on anyone before. It's a scary thought for someone who was told they're too big their entire lives.

After a lot of years... it had to be 6-7... I had finally convinced her that a) she'd be great at squashing and b) she could actually make a name for herself doing it by opening a store on clips4sale.com. She agreed and so we met.

I had my fair share of squashings under my belt by this point, but never with a woman as large and mobile as Luna. I had no idea how much of a walking anomaly this woman was until she walked into the hotel room for this first shoot. Big people aren't supposed to be able to move like that.

I didn't own a bariatric scale at the time, but we were both curious to know her weight. As a fill-in, I brought two standard spring/dial scales that I had picked up at Walmart. She stood one foot on each and both scales read about 235. Now if you're into squashing, I don't care what your experience is... this sort of occurrence has to excite you.

Here's this supersized beautiful woman... and she is very beautiful... standing on two scales. Each of her beautiful feet are exerting more pressure on each scale than my entire body could on one. I'm 185 lbs.

What ensued was epic at the time.... full weight smothering on the bed, chest and belly sitting on the hard floor, and even some trampling, which, at the time, was the most intense thing I had ever done. All of this was filmed for her store and if you google "smashing good time bbw" you'll find a link. Go to her earliest videos and that's this experience I'm talking about... scales and all.

Actually, I shouldn't be lazy. She deserves the traffic, so here is a link to her store:


Now let's get back to this silly little ball...

A few years had passed since that first shoot. We had each gained a ton of experience. I was now in the process of compiling footage for my own store, which is where you can find the video that this story is about. The link to it is:


I had seen a lot of squash videos over the years that used exercise balls as props. Some were relatively intense... but nothing crazy. I always viewed them as more fun than intense. And I had never actually brought one into the mix personally. Well, Luna had different plans today.

When she came through the door, I was shocked by how much size she had put on since our previous encounter. Her hips brushed each side of the doorway as she entered. She's tall too... 5'9 I believe. But her height doesn't detract from her wideness like some might suspect. She has enormous hips and an even bigger ass. At our first session, when she sat sideways on me, one hip would be on my chin and the other would be well below my waist.

Well she looked much bigger this time.

I came equipped with a scale that goes up to 1,000 lbs this time around. This bad boy is advertised as a high capacity scale that's used for weighing freight and cargo in shipping facilities as well as for obese folks. It's awesome and if you're in the business, I highly recommend it. You can find it here:


I was enthralled by the idea that this woman was going to potentially use up half of this giant scale's capacity, and then afterwords, that same power that taxed that scale was going to find itself squarely on top of me.

When she stood on the scale, neither of us could believe our eyes. It read 519. Wow, she blew right past 50% of this giant scale's capacity.

Oh boy... I was stoked. And scared!

Luna had brought this tiny, purple exercise ball. This thing was solid. Solid to the point it actually concerned me. And it was small. I'm not talking about those big exercise balls. This thing was maybe 12 inches in diameter. To put this in perspective, which would be more difficult to endure?

1) A 500 lb woman with a giant ass sitting on your chest


2) A 500 lb woman sitting on a bowling ball that was sitting on your chest


You get the idea. The surface area that would transfer her load onto my chest was going to be much smaller with the ball than it would be if she simply planted her massively wide ass on it. And if you know anything about having women on top of you... the more concentrated the surface area, the more intense the experience.

At first she instructed me to lay on the couch. She sat on me facing sideways without the ball. She felt heavy, but the couch had a ton of give, which absorbed a lot of the pressure. I remember feeling like I was drowning in the cushions as I sank into them deeply.

I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, this couch has likely never had this much weight on it before. I love thinking about the simple power behind weight... especially that of woman like Luna.

Next she gave me a few butt drops for good measure. Even these were relatively easy to handle given the cushioning. Then she grabbed this ball, placed it on my sternum, and sat on it. Whoa! Now this was challenging. Even with the cushioning. I don't recall how long I lasted... I was too busy trying to survive. But what I do recall is her getting up and instructing me to get on the hard floor.

"Holy shit... is she serious?"

Part of me wanting to experience this without the absorptive aid of heavy couch cushions. The other part of me... that part that most of us have that prevents us from doing stupid shit that potentially harms of kills... was screaming, "DO NOT DO THIS. YOU ARE ASKING FOR A BROKEN STERNUM."

The former part won. I obeyed.

It's hard to explain this next part with words. It's better to see it with your own eyes. But when you have an ass as big as Luna's, it's very difficult to get down from a standing position onto a little rubber ball, all while keeping that ball in place, which is squarely on my chest.

Sure enough, when she got down onto it, the thing slipped back so that a massive amount of pressure was on my throat and chin. She could hear that I was choking and making all sorts of sounds that screamed, "This dude is flat out struggling." Yet, she continued to bounce and grind on the ball while laughing. It would slide up onto my chest when she grinded forward and back onto my throat when she grinded backward.

I'm not one to spruce up a story with falsities, so hopefully this doesn't come across as such, but when she parked that ball on my throat, I could feel my eyes swell from the pressure... so much so that it was hard to keep them open. In addition, within seconds I was seeing little specks in my vision. I'm no doctor... I believe they call these things floaters... but I have to believe they're what one sees just before passing out.

In the video, the ball flattens massively, which is a testament to the power of Luna's weight. Again, this ball was solid.

You can see a sample of this action here:


All of this happened in a span of under 5 minutes. Relative to my other videos, that's very short. However, if I allowed her to keep going, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I would have run into some trouble. The least of which might have been passing out, but the most of which may have been a broken jaw or damage to my throat or maybe even a ruptured ear drum. I'm serious... this pressure was like no other.

All in all, it easily made my top 3 list for most intense squash experiences. By the time I got home from the session, I had a bruised chin (no joke) and tiny burst blood vessels all round my eyes and eyelids.

Looking back, the experience perfectly solidified one of the things I love so much about being under supersized women. They have absolutely no concept of their power. I mean yeah, they know they're heavy. They can tell that I'm struggling to breathe under them. But nobody really knows what it feels like without experiencing it. Which, by the way, Luna is down for trying. We will definitely do some double filming with another big woman this year and she already said she's down for getting squashed.

Regardless though, we all sit down throughout the day... onto our beds, toilets, chairs, etc. It's second nature to us. But when you're dealing with a ssbbw, the power of something as simple as sitting down is awing. Bed frames break, mattresses wear faster, plastic chair legs bend, car suspensions sink...

I love the idea that everyday, sturdy things in our culture that are meant to support human bodies break and strain under supersized women. There's no way that other human bodies are meant to endure the sort of pressure behind these sorts of loads. Yet, that's exactly where I love to find myself. During it, I can tell that I'm walking this very fine line between sheer bliss and disaster.

Luna is supposedly a little heavier now. And guess what? As of this writing, I'm 5 days away from our next session. She already told me she wants to include a ball this time around too. Oh, and last she weighed, she was approximately 530.


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