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Feb 28, 2010
Both, Feeding, Stuffing, ~Sex, ~~WG - The adventures of a decadent couple.

Jack and Charlotte
By: Lady Luxury

Jack groaned in ecstasy as he bit into a freshly made hot dog with extra ketchup and extra onions. Oh, how he enjoyed his little trips to Costco. His wife, Charlotte, looked on as she toyed with her necklace; a contented smile on her pretty face. She was glad to see that her husband was comfortable enough in their relationship to indulge in what made him happy. This had not always been so.


When Jack and Charlotte had first gotten married, both had been slender, attractive, and unaware of each other’s secret desires. Ever since she had laid eyes on him in high school, Charlotte had been wondering what it would have been like to fatten him up so that he had a bit of a tummy. Normally, she was not attracted to overtly fat men, but in his case she thought it would be absolutely adorable if he had a bit of extra pudge. Charlotte grinned as she remembered how she had practically wet herself when a friend had off handedly remarked with disgust that the high school stud had gotten chubbier since the year before. She had been oblivious as it must have been a miniscule amount. Charlotte would not have known anyway. She had just changed schools. Besides, not that it mattered, but all the girls were still after him. Unbeknownst to her, Jack’s passion was to eat and he savored every bite. Deep down, he would have loved to let himself go, but he never saw it as a practical move. People were judgmental and it would not have fit with his image. To make up for this, he had a bad habit of dating thin girls and subconsciously trying to fatten them up. His favorites were girls who liked to chug beers because they were easy targets. He would vicariously experience the acceptance he would give them when it happened. Although he would never admit it to most people, Jack absolutely adored fat girls. Sadly, he had never fully succeeded in making any girls fat. Instead it always amounted to a few pounds here and there. Interestingly, Charlotte had never done drugs. Jack, who himself loved a good beer, found this both paradoxically charming, but problematic.

Years later, he had reunited with Charlotte by chance at a coffee shop. He was sipping a latte and reading the paper. She was buying a pastry to enjoy with Jane Austen. Jack had looked up for a brief second and there she was; her elegant silhouette standing by the counter. What followed was like magic. One thing led to another and on a June afternoon they were married. It was soon after their honeymoon when Jack took to spoiling his new wife. He would come back from work to present her with a box of rich chocolates. Charlotte rationalized it as him just wanting to keep the romance alive. Jack would seem so eager to watch her eat them that she was too polite to tell him no. Jack also had an interesting habit where he would order desert at every meal. “It keeps your breath sweet,” He would say. It was not long, therefore, before his small wife, who rarely ate sweets, was having them nearly every single day. Despite her best efforts, Charlotte’s already sizeable derrière was slowly expanding, as were her thighs. Secretly, she was disappointed because she had worked so hard to get nicely toned for their wedding. Though she had never been fat, she had recently just been in the best shape of her life and it was difficult to see her efforts so wasted. Currently she had reverted back to her pre-marriage weight, with a few extra pounds on her legs and butt. Charlotte had softened up considerably, but to her satisfaction still had no belly or love handles. A week ago, Charlotte and Jack had planned on going to the beach one last time before the end of summer. On the night before the event, Charlotte had expressed some doubts concerning the reflection she saw whilst trying on a two-piece. Theoretically, she could wear a wrap, still appearing beautiful as ever, but Jack would notice her reluctance to take it off. Thinking that her husband could have any woman he wanted, she solemnly decided it was time to eat smaller portions. There was just no reason for her to have been eating as much as Jack, who was a good foot taller than she. He was bigger, more athletic, and seemed to be constantly snacking. It was unfair, she thought, that he could eat anything and not gain a pound. Sometimes, during lovemaking, she would even try to reach out for his sides and would be disappointed that there was nothing there to be held as she climaxed. Even his stomach remained flat despite his taste for alcoholic beverages. As these thoughts raced through her mind, Jack walked into the closet and playfully slapped her butt,

“Babe, so hot!” He pretended to drop something and proceeded to rub his hands up her legs. Gingerly, he removed the bottom of her swim suit, being careful with her stilettos as she stepped out of them. He then reached into her vagina in order to pleasure her.

She moaned, her head thrown back, “Oooooooooh! Ooooooh Jackie…take me! Take me now!” He quickened the pace of his fingers and the intensity, feeling his way up and down her clitoris and then pressing firmly onto the g-spot. A sticky fluid came gushing out as her body rocked slightly and then stiffened. She was breathing hard.

“I was going to put on my PJ’s,” he whispered in her ear after he had risen, “But it’s such a chore. Why don’t you help me?” He began to kiss her neck as he held her arms close to her sides. Suddenly, she tore out of his grasp giggling and ran to their bed; her bottom jiggled slightly. Since they were newlyweds and it was summer, the bed was still draped in satin zebra print. She reclined there, with her long, silky hair running over her shoulders and framing her breasts. As he approached, she spread her bare legs. Her shapely, crimson mouth spread into a smile. He grinned as he mounted her. She loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Next, she unfastened his belt and then his pants. They continued petting until her top came loose. This signaled that it was time to kiss her breasts.

“That bikini!” He said between kisses, “Babe, you looked so hot, I couldn’t keep my hands off you!”

“Really?” She gasped. She blushed, “You don’t think it’s…unflattering?” She was too scared to directly address her insecurities, lest it ruin the sex. They still had to work their way towards intercourse.

“ No,” He stopped to look her in the eyes, “ I think you’re stunning.”

“You do?” She never tired of compliments.

“Yes,” He glanced down, towards her belly, “And I want you to know that I will always think so, no matter what. You could be bursting out of that suit and it would still be sexy.”

“What?” Charlotte looked at him incredulously. It had always frightened her how Jack always seemed to be able to know what she was thinking. Yet, she had longed to say the same to him, but was unsure it would have gone over well.

He laid himself beside her and patted her belly for emphasis, “I want you to be confident in your curves, babe. You are everything I want and always will be. As far as your body, I love playing with your thighs, your gorgeous ass…you’re so soft! Just like how a woman should be! It makes me go crazy.”

“Oh, Jackie, can I tell you something? Mr. Honeybunny?” She stroked his manliness.

“Of course, tell me anything. No fear!” The stroking relaxed him. He was ready to hear anything.

“Jackie, you are the most fantastic lover and husband a woman could ask for and I, too, want you to be genuinely happy. You’re so accepting, kind, and intelligent. So understanding! I want to reciprocate and be the loving wife you deserve. I’ve been watching you and I know how much you love to eat. I’ve seen you eat snacks when you think I’m not looking because you think it turns me off. But, I see the joy on your face with every bite and it really, really turns me on to see you so satisfied. In fact, it’s always been a secret fantasy of mine to feed you and watch you happily grow…”

“Wow,” He rolled over and stared at the ceiling in contemplation, “I-I like that.” He broke into a smile, then turned towards her again, “Let’s grow together.”

“You mean, let’s both get fat?” The realization of her previous words crept in.

“Yeah, we’ll have fun. We can be lazy, eat whatever we want, have lots of sex…”

“I don’t know if we should get too big… I mean, it’s nice to know we’ll always love each other, but…”

“It’s ok, babe. We don’t have to get huge. We can put a cap on it; maintain a certain weight. We could always work it off later. But I definitely think we should be more comfortable in our relationship, it’s healthy. If we indulge and get chubby, so what? Isn’t a good marriage based on tolerance and understanding, not oppression? People can be so shallow. Anyways, I think it could be good for us…” He reached down towards her vagina again. She could never resist him when he made such overtures.

“Twenty…oooh… pounds…oooh… max?” She inquired, gasping with pleasure.

“Twenty pounds is a good start…unless we decide otherwise. Now, babe, where were we?”


The day at the beach was the beginning of a week of sumptuous excess. Jack and Charlotte got up late in time for brunch. Charlotte decided to try out a new recipe she had learned from an aunt. Thus, brunch consisted of custard and French fries. Jack suggested that Charlotte cook and eat in a revealing piece of lingerie. At first she was a bit hesitant, but she obliged. During the meal, they took turns feeding each other. First Jack fed Charlotte. He had her sit back on a sofa in the living room so that he could sit beside her and message her belly between bites. It started off with a fry, a bit of custard, then three fries at once. Soon, she was eating five fries at a time and a large spoonful of custard (he gave up on the fork). When she was getting full, it was her instinct to stop him, but she remembered her promise and said nothing. He was also filling her up with juice so she could get a nice, taut belly. Her stomach began poking though her false corset and she felt like a small belch coming on. Matters were not helped by him rubbing her distended belly. She raised a manicured hand to cover her mouth as she relieved herself, but it was too late.

“Ugh, excuse me.” She tried to act sarcastic, but she was actually embarrassed. She had never burped in front of him before.

“Mmm, sexy…done already, babe?” He took a napkin and gently wiped her mouth.

“Definitely. I’m feeling sluggish.” She was glad he ignored her little outburst.

“ Mrs. Honeybunny did such a good job today!” He teased her.

“Let’s see what Mr. Honeybunny can do. But only after I rest a little.”

“Don’t take too long if you still want to go to the beach.”

“I won’t, but I need fifteen minutes. Look what you’ve done to me!” She playfully patted her protruding stomach, which slightly spilled over her lace panties. Charlotte was stuffed.

“Hmm, made you the amazing belly goddess of sex?” He smiled and kissed her.

“Oh, yes! Worship me, fool!” She commanded.

“I hear and obey, oh goddess!” He joked, “a thousand adulations!”

She laughed. Strangely enough, she found this arousing. Had she been asked several days ago, Charlotte would have had no interest in gaining weight; she much preferred watching others gain. However, apparently, Jack really did know her best. He was her liberator and she was grateful to him for it. They proceeded to talk about the itinerary for the day, which lasted for a few minutes until Charlotte was ready to reheat her delectable delights. She seductively sautéed into the kitchen to let Jack catch a glimpse of her jiggling rear; he could feel his penis harden. She returned with what remained in the two trays, which was a little over half of what she had made.

“Wow, you’re gonna feed me all that?” He inquired.

“Yep, you get to eat all of it. Oh, and I think you’re going to want to unbutton those jeans.”

“No problem.”

“Just relax,” She raised his shirt and began to slowly massage his flat stomach, “and open wide.” A large spoonful entered his mouth. She let him lick it clean before shoving more into him.

“Mmmm…Is it good, baby?”

“Oh, yeah, real good, sweetie! Keep it coming!”

“Your wish is my command! But first, how about some Heineken?”

“I love Heineken!”

She held the bottle straight to his lips as he drank most of the bottle in a single shot. A large belch erupted from his lips and slowly his face began turning red. She reassuringly kissed his lips.

“How’s my big boy?”


“Want some fries with that?” There was a twinkle in her eye.

“For sure.” As she bent over to feed him some French fries, Jack happened to see the bottom half of her recently formed stomach bulging out from beneath her corset. Similarly, he noted how her swelling thighs were forcibly constrained by her stockings. He was then reminded that his own belly spilled forth in contentment; his inner desires were coming into fulfillment. The knowledge that she was getting bigger and that he himself was expanding was too much to bear. At that point he experienced ejaculation and his semen exploded all over his pants.

The day at the beach was particularly gratifying. Charlotte and Jack took a walk at the beach and played in the waves. He was entranced by the effect the morning’s escapade had on her body, showcased by her bikini. In a similar vein, Charlotte could not take her eyes off Jack. She almost had to stop herself from overtly staring at his belly for risk of being perceived as odd by fellow beachgoers. Of course, Charlotte’s fears were a tad unfounded, but being Charlotte, she was rather conscientious and one could never be sure. Though, at one point, she even caught herself licking her lips while examining her husband; her Adonis. Luckily nobody had noticed. Sadly, the effects of the overeating had worn off after a few hours. Jack, who had been having so much fun staring at his wife’s newfound curves, found it a little frustrating and instructed her to find a suitable place to set up their beach towels. Jack found a refreshment bar and returned with a pina colada and a margarita. “Fattening and delicious!” He thought.

“Jack, is that a virgin?” She peered at him over her studded sunglasses.

“Nooo…,” He averted her gaze.

“Honey, you know I don’t drink.”

“Babe, it’s ok. You won’t taste anything, I promise! You work so hard, you need to unwind.” He quickly added, “You’ve been stressed lately. I can tell. I don’t like seeing you stressed.”

She raised an eyebrow, but went along with it anyway realizing it would be ridiculous to try to give the drink back to the bartender. She sat up to accept the glass, “Oh, my God! Mmm…this is delicious!” One sip and she was hooked. Jack smiled to himself and quietly sipped his margarita.

“Told you so,” He said empathetically, caressing her back as he sat next to her. He truly was a genius.

As it turned out, it did not stop there. Charlotte got tipsy after finishing her fast glass, but wanted another. Jack, on the other hand, didn’t get buzzed until his second margarita. By early evening, Charlotte had drunk two pina coladas and Jack had three margaritas. Being drunk and near a refreshment bar that was playing music, the two decided this was a perfectly good reason to break out into a sexy dance. This did not last long, however, because Charlotte’s voluptuous form and swaying hips incited arousal in Jack and he had her right then and there on the beach. Then they fell asleep. It was fortunate that they were in a nice, upscale town; else they might have been mugged.

In the morning, they awoke without the slightest recollection of what they did. When Charlotte realized she was at the beach and was naked, next to her equally naked husband, it all began to sink in. The memories came rushing back.

“See, this is all your fault!”

“What?” He said, “Don’t lie, Mrs. Honeybunny, you enjoyed it.” He smirked.

She shook her head, “Looks like I’m gonna need to give you a good whipping when we get home!” She said with a saucy grin as she wrapped herself with a towel, “But you know, I have a headache and you-yes, you- are the undeniable cause.”

“Oh, don’t even start with that!” His stomach growled and then he was reminded. He playfully gasped, “How thoughtless of me! You have a headache because we missed dinner last night and your hypoglycemia’s acting up! Well, we’ll just have to make up for that with extra portions.” It was true, she did suffer from hypoglycemia from time to time. However, in this case, she knew it was really the alcohol, though she, like Jack, was truly hungry.

“Fine. But I want to pick where we’re going since you’ve…humiliated me,” Her expression was smug.
“Go ahead. Knock yourself out.”

“Out…out,” She muttered as if thinking, “Yeah, let’s go to In-N-Out!” In-N-Out was one of Jack’s favorite burger places. He had never grown out of certain boyish tastes, and this was one of them. The concept was simple, tasty, and like everything else that would be on the menu for a time to come, fattening.

“You’re my perfect girl,” He said kissing her on the forehead. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the wrist and they ran to the car, Charlotte in tow.

When they arrived at the nearest In-N-Out, their order consisted of the following:

2 3x3 cheeseburgers without the pickles
4 orders of animal-style fries
1 large Dr. Pepper and 1 large Coke

As they drove up to drive-thru window, Charlotte put her sunglasses back on and sunk back into her seat so that one could barely see her head through the window. Then, despite the fact that they were about to eat, she applied some lipstick.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Jack asked, noticing her odd behavior.

“In case we run into somebody,” She whispered, “I don’t want to be seen.”

He chuckled, “Ummm, Charlotte, babe, you were just seen in front of hundreds of people at the beach in the nude.”

“Shhh!!! Don’t say my name out loud, damn it! People can hear you!” She slapped his thigh.

“Oh, Charlotte, you’re funny…”

“Besides,” She continued, ignoring him, “it’s one thing to be seen naked engaging in hot sex, it’s another for people to see you stuffing your face.”

“Babe, you’re so vain,” He laughed. It’s true that he could have found her insulting, but with a woman like Charlotte, you just had to be amused.

“No more than you,” She replied.
He seriously reflected for a moment, “True.”

By the time Charlotte and Jack got home, half of the fries had been devoured. It was a conscious effort on their part to keep from eating everything because it was more enjoyable, they discovered, to help stuff each other’s faces rather than just their own. Also, they were so ravenous; Jack probably would have gotten them in a car accident. They polished off the burgers and remaining fries with gusto, though Charlotte who was not accustomed to eating so much. In fact, she needed Jack to feed her the rest. For once, she was glad to be wearing non-restricting clothing because she was so bloated, she felt like she was about to pop. In a few short hours, what looked like a pregnant belly would soften and convert into pure fat. Maybe she would even start to get that belly she had been working so hard for. Jack, too, was rather distended. His stomach jutted out and to sit comfortably, he had to settle far back into his chair, slumped. He rested a hand on it and he looked tenderly at his wife. He was not sure exactly why, but she seemed particularly beautiful to him at that moment. True, she had not gone through her usual primping routine that day, but he did get a rare glimpse of her in a truly natural state. Jack found it oddly striking, but intimate. Normally, he took no pleasure in such things; he preferred fantasy to reality. But she was different. She was Charlotte. It was all fundamentally very bizarre because Charlotte was all show, like a carefully constructed and artificial piece of art. Yet, her relationship with Jack was real; pure and special. He alone got to see her vulnerabilities, to see that her false bravado was indeed false. For a split second, he thought that was interesting.

“I’m going to shower now,” She said after she had finished digesting her large meal.

“You’re beautiful,” He said simply; his eyes staring off into the distance.

“Thanks,” She smiled a fake smile, wondering what her husband had been thinking.

“I mean it,” He finally looked her square in the face. His expression was placid and his eyes were hollow. Jack was not attempting to seduce or joke around with her. She was slightly taken aback, not knowing how to take his sincerity. Charlotte said nothing and left the room. For a time, he sat there in silence.

Charlotte put the towel in the hamper and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her hair was disheveled and her day old make-up was less than immaculate. Yes, Charlotte even wore a full face of make-up to the beach. As a result, her reflection annoyed her greatly. She caught sight of her plumpening body. Her stomach had indeed softened and she now had a permanently small pooch. Under most tops, it would have been unnoticeable, but she could no longer wear anything she wanted if Charlotte wanted to appear perfectly slim. She was surprised that she was rather indifferent to it relative to what she expected. Perhaps it was because Jack thought it was attractive and she was getting something in exchange or because he would be satisfied with her gaining only twenty pounds. She would never allow herself to get bigger than that. Maybe it was because she knew that she would have gained weight eventually due to aging and eventual childbirth and she wanted some control over it. Or still, it might have been that she saw an opportunity to keep equality between her and Jack, so she exploited it the moment she could. Both of them were highly intelligent, but in some ways, Jack was the smarter of the two. Charlotte instinctually knew this and ultimately, he usually pulled the strings. For this reason, she both admired and feared him. That was how he had initially captured her. Strangely, nobody else had ever been able to invoke that feeling in her, which was one of the reasons she married him. He was unique and he fascinated her. In some ways, she felt salvaged because what could have been the only potential threat in a man had turned into her greatest ally. It made her feel invincible, up to a point. However, she was frightened of being replaced. She knew he had a reputation before marrying her, no matter how many years it had been. If he fattened her up while staying thin himself, maybe one day he would wake up and not be attracted to her anymore. It was only fair that they both gain weight. Besides, she really did like seeing him happy, eating. He did like to eat, she never convinced him he did. Finally, she did have a physiological reaction to him getting larger. She could even feel her vagina pulsating. Indeed, there was the chance Charlotte was being hard on herself and the truth remained that she and Jack were actually being innocently intimate in ways that happened to fall outside the norm.

Charlotte was in the hot, steamy shower getting to know her new body when Jack entered to explore right along with her. Without a word, he drew her close and kissed her. It was not the theatrical, passionate kiss of lust that had marked their relationship thus far. No, it was a soft, slow, and sensual kiss that seemed to last forever. Truth be told, he had not even kissed her that way on their wedding night. He began kissing her all over her body and for the first time, she stood there somewhat limply just enjoying the sensation for what it was. They caressed each other’s blubber with an acceptance they both thought could never be afforded to them. There was no show, no loud noises, no dirty language, no seduction, no fireworks, and no pretension. It was just plain, spontaneous love making. The whole time they were silent, but it was a meaningful silence. For the first time, nowhere in the context of sexual ecstasy, was there a fear of mind games, power struggles, manipulation, or betrayal. They had seen the best of each other and the worst of each other, yet neither party had quite been able to chase the other away. It was like losing one’s virginity all over again. It could have happened with flowers, candles, silk sheets, and dim lighting. Instead, it happened on the cold surface of a tile shower. It was such an intense moment that once they had both finished orgasm, tears began to flow down Charlotte’s cheek. While at first, Jack was frightened that he had done something, when Charlotte mouthed an inaudible I love you, it was all that needed to be said.

To be continued…

Jul 12, 2008
DAMN good. Especially for your first story.
You write in a way that makes a very preposterous thing seem as perfectly natural and loving as it feels and it is greatly appreciated.


Jun 9, 2009
I really like this story, it's some really good writing. I love the last couple paragraphs the most. It gets very intimate, and beautiful. Keep up the good work. :)


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Apr 23, 2007
That was great :) !!!
please make more :)

I´m curious about your little mind plays hehe