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Looking for a story

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New Member
Nov 2, 2021
I've had trouble finding a story and have accepted that I'm not going to find it on my own, so I'm asking for help.

From what I remember, the story was in five parts, and starred a man and a women in a relationship (I forgot to what extent). She had some kind of eating disorder, and the boyfriend was told to give the girlfriend appetite supplements. He did so when they were eating large tacos/burritos, and she ate all of hers and most of his. Through this, they discover that they love her doing this, so they train so she can do it better and keep doing it. She participates in various eating contests, culminating in a final eating contest themed around Elvis Presley. She wins the competition, but her stomach needs surgery so she can never eat like she used to, though the couple are content with what they have/did. Then the mafia kidnaps them so they can see how much she can really eat, and the story ends right there? (Probably a sequel hook, though I have no idea if a sequel even exists.)

I don't think I got any details so wrong that it would lead to a wrong story being found, but if I need to provide more details I might be able to remember some things upon being prompted with specific-ish questions (other than names)

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