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Story about bet between Vanity and Lust

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steve pearson

Feb 23, 2006
I'm looking for a story that I thought was on fantasy feeder, but I cannot find it.

It entails a woman who works as a clerk in a clothing shop and unbeknownst to her, the manager is a rather cruel and arogent supernatural being of Vanity. This manager has a bet with a man, (who is a similar being who controls Lust) that Vanity will be more of a driving force in a human than Lust, and to test the theory, the man begins dating the woman in the shop, who quickly succums to his charms.

Problem is, every time she is with him, she gets a bit fatter. Ultimately, the manager and the man let her in on their wager, and she has to choose: abstain from sex and she'll get thin again, or give in to her sexual desires, and become morbidly obese.

Anyone know of this story and where it can be found?

Thank you

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