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Man Sues After Losing Legs Following WLS

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Proud FA Since 1962
Sep 29, 2005
Deepindahearta, Texas
The doctor involved in this surgery advertises his WLS services quite heavily on Dallas TV stations.

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Carlos Saucedo was living in Coppell (Texas) when he said he was enticed by a bariatric surgery website that states "it's about changing your life."

But he said that change was very much for the worse. "Everything just kind of just crashed down in my mind," Saucedo said. "I was kind of in shock.

Saucedo, who now lives in South Texas, said when he reached 275 pounds in 2013, he turned to North Texas surgeon Dr. David Kim for a gastric sleeve procedure. But a new lawsuit says before the operation, Saucedo learned that Dr. Kim wouldn't actually be the one performing the surgery; it alleges that the doctors who did operate made some mistakes that could have killed him.

"He's fortunate to be alive," said Saucedo's attorney, Douglas Wood.



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