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BOTH Mind if I Make Love to You, an erotic story by Donna Bee

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Well, bless your heart!
Sep 29, 2005
Kate & Spence-cvr art.png
This 2674-word NSFW erotic story contains explicit descriptions of a sexual nature and features a BHM and His SSBBW lover. This couple has been together quite some time and are still deeply in love. I was inspired by the love and chemistry between the famous actress Katharine Hepburn and her lover of twenty-seven years, the immortal Spencer Tracy, so I named this couple after them.

The story is dedicated to my own BHM Spencer, the star of all my dreams and the inspiration for all my stories.

Mind If I Make Love to You?

Emerging from her home office after a marathon writing session, Kate finds Spencer is still working. His office door is not closed, and she can hear him obviously involved in a Zoom meeting or phone call. His voice sounds unusually stressed. Glancing at the clock, she notes the late hour. He’s usually done with his workday by now.

Walking to his doorway, she stops in the doorway and leans against the door jamb. Because his company provided headset picks up every noise, she knows to be careful not to make any noise, even to call attention to her presence. Leaning there for a while, staring at him with wicked intention; she’s written some especially spicy words today and her body is humming.

Suddenly his nostrils flare, he swallows hard, and the stress lines on his forehead relax. Before looking up, he breathes in deeply through his nose and she knows the scent of her perfume has hit his nose. She expected angry or frustrated eyes given the tone of his voice she overheard; however, she is more than pleased to be greeted by Spencer’s intense and aroused gaze.

Throwing up a finger to silently ask her to wait a minute, he turns his attention back to his caller. The eyebrow creases have returned and he’s writing notes furiously, mumbling an occasional “yes” or “I see” so his caller knows he is listening. Kate observes him with awe, the way he moves, the soft baritone of his voice as he controls the conversation and steers the caller in the direction he wants them to go.

After several minutes, he lets out a small sigh and asks his caller, “do you mind holding for a moment? Or would you prefer I call you back?”

After a moment, he says, “very well. Please hold now.” Once the caller is on hold, his attention turns to Kate.

“What brings you to my door gorgeous?” He asks as she moves into the room to stand next to him. Resting her hand on his shoulder, she can feel his tension.

“Checking on you sweetest. You’re stressed, can I help?” she says with just enough purr in her voice to let him know what’s on her mind. His hand automatically goes up the back of her generous thigh, under her loose dress, to cup her more than ample butt cheek.

“Mine,” he growls softly. “I want you now, but I have to finish with this guy and get this report to my boss before 7pm. This account executive is being a tool and stomping on my last nerve.”

“I’m sorry,” she pouts and starts to pull away, only to have him pull her closer.

“I should be done within the hour,” he says, between kisses to her soft, round tummy as both his hands are now cupping her full, fleshy hips. “Do you mind waiting on me, darling?”

“Not a bit, not a bit…” her voice trails off for a moment as his hands travel back to her cheeks, giving each a possessive squeeze. “I’ll go do the lunch dishes and get dinner started,” she recovers her composure momentarily.

Pulling her face down to his gently, he gives her a soft kiss before releasing her. “Don’t go to too much trouble, agreed? Heat some of that leftover pasta primavera you made last night. We can finish that bottle of Riesling.”

Nodding, she turns to walk out, but before she is out of reach, she feels a hand smack her ass and she jumps slightly. Walking toward the door, she swings her hips exaggeratedly as she saunters out of the office. But not before she hears him pick up his headset.

“Thanks for holding Bill. I know you’re busy, so I won’t waste any more of your time. Do you have those numbers I need?...”

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