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LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
A very short story in which two women talk about their relationships with the men in their lives, with food, and with their own bodies, as well as their desires to give into gluttony and let themselves get as big and fat as they want to.

My Chubby Valentine
by LJ Rock

“I think my boyfriend is trying to fatten me up,” Carrie said as she spoke to her cousin and dear friend Stephanie, who had stopped by her place for a visit. It was the middle of February, and the two of them were discussing what their respective significant others had done for or given them on Valentine’s Day.

“What makes you say that?” Stephanie asked.

“Well for starters,” said Carrie, “look at this huge box of chocolates he gave me for Valentines Day!”

Carrie held up an enormous heart-shaped box that was once filled with chocolate candies, but now was empty. “Yeah that is a pretty big box of chocolates,” her cousin agreed, “but one box isn’t going to make you get fat. Is it?”

“No, but a dozen of these will,” Carrie retorted.

“A dozen?”

“Yes! He actually bought me a dozen boxes of chocolates, and you know me. There’s no way I can have chocolate in the house and not eat it!”

“Yeah I hear you,” Stephanie concurred.

My Chubby Valentine (full color).jpg

The two young ladies had been hanging out in Carrie’s living room for most of the afternoon, sipping tea and conversing. It was a Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining but there was a chill in the air. Carrie was poised to go out on a date with her new boyfriend Elroy later in the evening, but for now she was happy to be catching up with her favorite cousin, as the two hadn’t seen one another in several weeks. Between work, school, and everything else the two of them had going on, they found it harder and harder to connect as time went on.

“Of course,” said Carrie, “all of that chocolate is in addition to the huge dinner that he made for me.”

“Girl, he cooks too?”

“He can chef it up something fierce!”

“Well what did he make?” Stephanie asked.

“More like what didn’t he make!” Carrie replied. “There was steak, lobster, shrimp, mashed potatoes dripping with melted butter. It was so good!”


“That’s not half of it!”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yes!” Carrie said exuberantly. “He also made this amazing pasta dish with all kinds of red sauce and melted cheese. I was so stuffed already, but it was so delicious I couldn’t help myself and I ate the whole thing!”

“Oh my God, Carrie!” Stephanie exclaimed, looking both astounded and amused by what she was hearing.

“I know!” Carrie said. “I’m turning into such a pig, but what can I do? He is such an amazing cook and he always makes so much of everything! It’s impossible to resist.”

“Well it sounds amazing,” Stephanie said as she licked her lips, her mouth watering just thinking about all that Carrie was describing.

“Oh, I haven’t even told you about dessert yet,” Carrie said.

“He made dessert too?”

“Girl, let me tell you, he made this amazing multi-layered strawberry cheesecake with a sticky sweet strawberry sauce drizzled all over it, loaded up with a huge side of French vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly!”

“Let me guess,” said Stephanie, “you ate all of that too?”

“Did I ever!” confessed Carrie. “My belly was so big and stuffed, it looked like I was about to deliver sextuplets!”

“Gosh,” said Stephanie as she scratched her chin pensively, “I guess you’re right. It sounds like he really it trying to make you get fat.”

Carrie had always been on the heavier side, but after she turned twenty one the extra pounds really began to stack up. In one year she had gone from a svelte and voluptuous vixen, weighing in at a modest two hundred and ten pounds as she stood at five foot eight, to a whopping three hundred and twenty pounds. Her wide hips and plump rear end got wider and plumper, her legs were growing to be as thick as tree trunks, and her already very ample breasts had grown to the size of two large and over ripened watermelons. By far though the most dramatic change had occurred in her midsection, with her belly filling out and becoming rounder and rounder by the day.

“The crazy thing is,” Carrie said, “is that I don’t even mind. I kind of like the fact that I’m getting bigger and softer all over, and I just love the way he looks at me and touches my body. The feeling when we are making love, the way he fondles and caresses every part of me, the way all my new fat rolls wiggle and jiggle with every stroke — it’s amazing!”

“Okay, that’s a little TMI,” Stephanie replied with a wry grin, “but that does sound pretty hot.”

“And this is going to sound crazy,” Carrie continued to confess, as she was now on a roll and unable to contain herself any longer, “but I really love the fact that he is shaping me and molding me into something he wants me to be.”

“Really?” Stephanie asked, sounding a little skeptical. "Is that really what you want? To be molded?"

“I can’t explain it,” she said, “but something about the fact that I am getting fat just for him and no one else — it makes me feel so close to him.”

“Well how big are you going to let him make you?” Stephanie asked, sounding genuinely curious as much as she was concerned.

“I’m really not sure,” Carrie answered, “all I know is that the bigger I get the hungrier I seem to be. It takes so much more food now to make me feel satisfied. Sometimes it feels like I can just eat all day and I never get full. I could just stuff my face twenty four hours a day until I’m big as a house!”

“I know that feeling,” Stephanie related as she leaned back in her seat and looked up toward the ceiling, “some days when I know my husband Harold is going to be working late or going out on the road for business, I will still cook a full meal for the two of us — and then I’ll eat it all myself.”

“Isn’t that the best?” Carrie said with an impish giggle. "Sometimes when I do Chinese take out or something, I'll just order three or four whole meals and eat them all myself."

“Oh God,” Stephanie went on, “I get so stuffed that I feel like I might pop, and yet I still want more. Harold comes home and tells me I look like I’ve been gaining some weight, and I just play dumb like I have no idea why — it’s kind of my dirty little secret I guess.”

“We all have at least one. Don’t we?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Stephanie replied. “I wish my husband was as enthusiastic about my weight gain as your new boyfriend seems to be about yours. I would let myself go and get fat as a cow. That would be like a dream come true at this point.”

“Isn’t if funny,” said Carrie, “how afraid we were when we were younger of gaining weight and getting fat. Now look at us: a couple of ‘Chubby Valentines’.”

Carrie and Stephanie talked for a little while longer, until Carrie finally had to excuse herself so she could go get ready for her date with Elroy. “We’re going to a buffet for dinner,” Carrie said, “I’m going to try to break my record tonight.”

“You’re record?” Stephanie asked.

“The most I’ve been able to put away so far at a buffet is ten plates,” Carrie confessed as she rubbed her bulging belly sticking out in front of her, “but tonight I’m going to see if I can go for an even dozen!”

“Wow!” said Stephanie. “Well good luck, cousin, and Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Thank you,” Carrie said as she reached out and hugged her cousin and dear friend Stephanie, “and Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well!”

Carrie and Elroy went out that evening, and she managed to beat her record and surpass her goal of twelve plates, putting away a total of fifteen plates loaded up with everything under the sun. At the end of the night she was so stuffed that Elroy needed to help her out of her seat and keep her from falling over and rolling away as the two of them wobbled their way out of the restaurant and back to their car. It was a beautiful evening, one that both Carrie and Elroy would remember always.

Stephanie’s evening was not nearly as enchanted. She cooked a nice meal for two as she always did, but once again her husband Harold called to say that he’d be working late and wouldn’t be home until well after midnight. No mention of it being Valentine’s Day or anything.

Distraught as she was, Stephanie dug in and polished off every last bit of the dinner she had prepared. She stuffed herself until the pain in her stomach masked the pain in her heart. As she thought about the conversation she’d had with Carrie earlier that day, she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she just let go and gave in to her glutinous desires.

“What would Harold say?” she thought to herself. “What would he think if I really let myself go and get as fat as Carrie is — or even fatter?”

Laying on the sofa, rubbing her distended belly, Stephanie mulled over this question in her mind until she drifted off to sleep. When she woke up the next morning, she came to the decision that she really didn’t give a damn what Harold thought anymore.

“I think I’m going to get fat,” she said aloud as she stared at herself in the mirror, “and I think I’m going to get a divorce.”

But that’s a story for another day.


like the pancake
Dec 7, 2019
Fantastic story! It's a rare treat to see weight gain tied in with women's empowerment that still promotes loving relationships but I think you pulled it off! Happy Valentines Day!


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Thanks for the Valentine's Day story, it was fun! I do appreciate when we get short stories on here. I love all the long serials, but sometimes it is nice to have something snack sized :D

LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
Thanks for the Valentine's Day story, it was fun! I do appreciate when we get short stories on here. I love all the long serials, but sometimes it is nice to have something snack sized :D

Thank you, @Tad! Honestly I struggle with keeping focus on any one set of characters or plot lines for too long, so these types of short little vignettes tend to be more my speed. :)
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LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
A continuation of "My Chubby Valentine" this story sees Carrie and her good friend Karina dishing some more "fat chat" as they talk about their mutual friends sudden weight gain, all the while sipping coffee and eating cheesecake.

Good Company
by LJ Rock

“Come on,” Carrie prodded, “thereʼs only one slice left. Go on!”

“Ugh! I canʼt!” Karina gasped as she leaned back in her chair, her hands placed on either side of her bloated tummy. “Iʼm so full! If I eat anymore they're gonna have to send a tow truck to pull me out of this chair.”

“Okay,” Carrie replied, “if you donʼt want it.” Then she grabbed the last slice of cheesecake with her bare hands and crammed it into her mouth all at once, practically swallowing it whole.

“Such a pig!” Karina teased, crinkling her nose as she grinned. “Honestly, I donʼt know where you put it all.”

“Are you kidding?” said Carrie as she slapped herself on her rounded gut. “Look at the size of this thing! I could eat nonstop for days on end and never get full. Plenty of room in here!”

Good Company (full color).jpg

It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in early spring, and Carrieʼs dear old friend Karina had stopped by for a friendly visit. The two long time friends, once considered virtually inseparable, now were lucky if they could make time for a coffee date a couple of times a month, and yet every time they got together now it felt as if no time had passed, picking things up right where they left off.

“I remember when I used to be able to out-eat you,” Karina said as she held a napkin up to her lips, attempting to suppress a hiccup. “When we were kids I could eat you under the table — *hiccup!* — any day!”

“Yeah, what happened to you, fatty?” Carrie teased with a devious grin, her insanely long tongue falling out over her lower lip.

“I donʼt know, fatty — *hic!* — I guess you showed me who was the real pig-out queen!” Karina answered.

“Oink oink!”

The two young ladies laughed boisterously as they both sipped their coffee. Carrie and Karina grew up in the same neighborhood and the two of them have been best friends since they were in middle school. The only friend whom Carrie held to equally as dear is her cousin Stephanie, and the three of them spent a lot of time together in their teens and early twenties. Since finishing college, Carrie felt she had to make an extra effort to keep her gang all together.

Carrie and Karina often used loving terms of endearments like “fatty” or “piggy” to address one another, purely in playful jest. Both of them have always been plump since childhood, and their love for eating copious amounts of junk food was a major bonding element for them in their youth.

“I was always the fat one,” Karina said through a toothy smile, “and you were the one with the big boobs.”

“I still have big boobs,” Carrie quipped, “but now my belly is even bigger.”

The two girls chuckled as they each took another sip of their coffee. Then Karina got a somewhat serious look on her face, as a thought came to her mind of something that she had meant to bring up to Carrie.

“That reminds me,” Karina said, “have you seen your sousing lately?” “Stephanie?”


“She was just here a couple weeks ago.”

“How did she look to you?”

“Fine, I guess. Why?”

“I ran into her at the grocery store the other day. Oh my goodness!”


“She is getting really fat!”

“What?” Carrie balked incredulously. “Sheʼs never been fat. Maybe sheʼs put on a few pounds here and there.”

“More than a few,” Karina informed her. “Sheʼs gotta be pushing three hundred pounds!”

“No way!”

“Her cart was loaded with crazy amounts of junk food,” Karina went on, “chips, ice cream, all sorts of sweets.”


“I mean it's crazy,” said Karina, “because she was always the one who was super fit and in shape.”

“I know,” said Carrie, “sheʼs always been so athletic. Back in high school she did track, basketball, volleyball, tennis — “

“Not to mention Dance Squad!” Karina interjected.

“Right!” Carrie said. “They wouldnʼt let our fat-asses onto Dance Squad. We were lucky we even made the cheerleading team.”

“I know,” Karen affirmed. “So whatʼs going on with Stephanie? Do you think sheʼs okay?”

“I guess her and Harold have been going through some hard times,” Carrie said. “She really didnʼt get into it too much. Come to think of it, I really spent more time talking to her about Elroy; I really didnʼt even ask her too much about her and Harold — poor thing!”

Carrie and Karine were both silent for a moment as they thought about their dear friend Stephanie. It had been so long since the three of them were able to get together and hang out, and they both started feeling like maybe it was time to do something about that. Carrie then asked whether or not she talked to Stephanie when she saw her, and what if anything she had to say about her weight gain.

“Well I didnʼt really ask her about it,” Karina said somewhat sardonically. “I mean how do you ask somebody why they got so fat, and in public no less?”

“True,” Carrie agreed. “Well I'll go talk to her. Iʼll call her tonight and see how she is doing. Make sure sheʼs alright.”

“Thatʼs a good idea,” said Karina, telling Carrie to let her know if there is anything that she could do and that the three of them really need to catch up soon.

“Oh! Speaking of which,” Carrie interjected excitedly, “have you seen Gina lately?”

“No,” Karina answered.

“Oh boy!” Carrie said. “You wanna talk about someone getting FAT? This girl is huge!”

“She’s always been big,” Karina responded. “Even back in high school. She had to have been pushing five hundred pounds by the time we were eighteen.”

“Well if she was five hundred pounds ten years ago,” Carrie chided, “then she must weigh a ton now!”


“No lie. I stopped by her place the other day just to see how she was doing, because I hadn’t seen her in a while.”


“Karina, the girl can barely walk now.”

“For real?”

“I thought I was bad,” Carrie confessed. “You know sometimes when Elroy and I go for a walk someplace, I have to stop for a minute to catch my breath.”

“Yeah, me too.” Karina said.

“Elroy thinks it's cute, so he doesn’t mind. He’s very patient with me.”

“He’d better be!” Karina kidded. “He’s responsible for at least half of the flab you’re carrying around now.”

While Carrie had always been heavy and had a big appetite, there was no question that in the months since she’d started dating her new boyfriend Elroy, the pounds were beginning to stack on. The two of them had developed a feeder-feedee relationship, and it seemed to be working out just fine for them both.

“Anyway,” said Carrie, “Gina can’t take more than a few steps before she’s huffing and puffing, wobbling all over the place. Her belly is just so huge!”

“Poor girl,” Karina said sympathetically. “It’s too bad she’s having such a hard time getting around.”

“Yeah, it’s true,” said Carrie before pausing a moment, “but you know, if I’m being totally honest, part of me is a little jealous.”

“Jealous?” asked Karina.

“Yeah, I mean haven’t you ever wondered what it would feel like to be so big and round that you can’t even move? To be completely immobile, just laying in bed like a lump, eating more and more?”

“Honestly?” replied Karina. “No, I haven’t.”

“Really?” said Carrie. “Not ever?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Karina answered, “I like my body and I like being chubby, and I’m always down for a good pig-out session as much as anyone else – but there are certain things that I need to have in life, and my mobility and independence are included on that list.”

“Yeah, I hear that,” Carrie responded.

Karina had been through a lot in her young life, and Carrie had been there by her side to witness most of it. Her mother passed away when she was very young, and her dad was an abusive alcoholic. She had spent most of her life being scared and miserable, until when she was sixteen years old she and moved in with Carrie to get away from her father’s abuse. It was a dark time in her life, and she’d go through a lot more dark times as life went on, but she never liked to be contained or held down; Karina’s freedom and independence was indeed very important to her.

“Still,” said Carrie, “I think I would like to know what it felt like – at least once in my life.”

“Kind of a hard thing to walk back from,” said Karina. “I mean once you get so fat you’re bedbound, it’s not like you can go on a crash diet one weekend and go dancing. You’d be pretty much stuck.”

“That’s why I’d need to know that I was with someone who would really take care of me,” Carrie said. “Someone who’s always going to be there and who’ll always love me no matter how big I get.”

“Do you think Elroy is that someone?” Karina asked.

Carrie looked down and didn’t say anything at first. Her lips were smiling but her eyes looked pensive. “I don’t know,” she answered finally. “Maybe.”

“Gosh,” said Karina with a hearty chuckle, “what is it about us? Why is it that everyone we know seems to be getting fat?”

“Maybe it’s us,” Carrie giggled, “maybe we’ve been a bad influence on all of our friends, and now they’re all trying to get as big and sexy as us.”

“Ha! Maybe you’re right!” Karina laughed. “Well it’s good to know we’re in good company at least.”

“Very good company,” Carrie concurred, patting herself on her rounded tummy and making her flab jiggle.

Later that evening after Karina had gone home, Carrie was sitting alone in her living room watching television and eating a snack when she decided that maybe now would be a good time to call her cousin Stephanie and check up on her. She dialed the number and let the phone ring until it went to voicemail.

“Hey girl,” said Carrie as she left a message for Stephanie, “just wanted to see how you’re doing. I haven’t heard from you in a while, and I wanted to make sure everything is okay. Give me a call.” Then she hung up.

Not even ten minutes later the doorbell rang. Carrie struggled a bit to lift her heavy body up off the sofa, but once she did she wobbled her way over to the door. Upon opening it, she was surprised to see a rather distraught looking Stephanie standing before her. She was flanked on either side by some large suitcases.

“Stephanie!” Carrie exclaimed. “I was just trying to call you!” Then she thought to herself, “Damn, Karina was right: this girl is getting huge!”

“I’m leaving him,” she said, tears in her eyes. “I’m leaving, Harold! I can’t take it anymore!”

“Oh, honey!” Carrie cried as she reached out and threw her arms around her dear cousin.

Carrie invited her in and helped her move her bags. Since she was a teenager, Carrie’s house had always been a place where her friends could come and feel safe, and now was no exception. Stephanie asked if she could stay there for a while, and of course Carrie was all too happy to have her there. It felt like old times, having her cousin and best friend staying with her – but what Stephanie would tell her about what she’d been going through made Carrie realize just how much things had really changed.

LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
A continuation of "My Chubby Valentine" and "Good Company," this episode of our ongoing story picks up where the last one left off; after Stephanie arrives at Carrie's doorstep, the two girls spend the evening pigging out on junk food and gossiping about their mutual friend Geena, who apparently is in denial about how fat she is getting.

There Is A River In Egypt
by LJ Rock

“She’s totally in denial,” said Stephanie as she sat back on the sofa, unscrewing her eighteenth Oreo top, “it’s like she has no idea how fat she is.”

“It’s weird, right?” Carrie concurred. “I mean denial is one thing, but to be so out of touch with your body to not even realize how huge you’ve gotten - it’s borderline delusional!”

Having settled into her cousin’s house, Stephanie was making herself at home and taking advantage of the abundant supply of snacks and junk food always available in Carrie’s pantry. The two of them had been sitting around all evening as Carrie listened to Stephanie commiserate about her relationship with her husband. Feeling guilty for not having given her cousin a chance to vent when last they met, she was all too eager to listen and be a shoulder for Stephanie to cry upon.

A River in Egypt - FULL 001.2.jpg

After hours upon hours of crying and bemoaning the lack of love, intimacy and trust that plagued her marriage, Stephanie had grown tired of listening to herself talk about how miserable she was, and as such chose to turn the focus of the conversation on someone else. The unwitting subject in this instance would be their mutual friend Geena.

“I was just telling Karina earlier,” said Carrie, “that I went over to see Geena not too long ago, and I couldn’t believe how fat she’s gotten.”

“She’s huge!” Stephanie affirmed.

“She could barely walk,” Carrie added. “She was huffing and puffing, her belly all hanging out. A couple of times it looked like she might just topple over.”

“Tell me about it,” Stephanie interjected. “I went out with her last week.”

“You did?” Carrie asked, sounding surprised.

“She asked me to go out with her and her friend Carmen to get some drinks,” said Stephanie. “At that point I was so sick of Harold’s ****, I was like ‘Sure! Anything to get me out of this house!’”

“I hear you,” Carrie said, “I’m just surprised; when I saw her it looked as though she hadn’t left the house in a while.”

“Oh no,” said Stephanie. “She goes out! Anytime Carmen is around all of a sudden Geena thinks she has to act like she’s still twenty one or something.”

“Really?” Carrie scoffed. “Ugh! You couldn’t pay me to live through twenty one again!”

“Get this,” Stephanie said, sitting up suddenly, causing her now very full belly stuffed with Oreo cookies to come flopping out of her shirt and over the waistline of her skin-tight stretch pants, “I go over there to pick her up, and she is wearing this dress that looks like she’s going to come tearing out of it at any moment. It was so tight on her, there wasn’t a crevice or a curve left to the imagination. Her boobs were all hanging out, rolls of flab were coming out of the sides. It was incredible! I told her, ‘Geena, you can’t wear that out!’ and she’s just like, ‘Why not? This is my favorite dress!’”

“I think I know the one you mean,” said Carrie. “Is it that light blue summery-looking one with the little pink flowers on it?”

“Yes, girl!” Stephanie cackled.

“She’s had that dress for years!” Chuckled Carrie. “In fact I think she actually wore that to my twenty-first birthday party!”

“Yes she did!” said Stephanie, now laughing uncontrollably. “I told her, ‘Honey, you are way too big for that dress now. Don’t you have something else you can put on? Something that fits you a little better maybe?’”

“And what did she say?”

“Oh, she was just like ‘Well, maybe I’ve put on a pound or two – but this dress still fits me perfectly.’”

“Oh boy!”

Both girls were boisterously belly laughing almost to the point of tears. Neither one of them held any ill-will toward their friend, but they couldn’t help but think it was funny that Geena seemed to think that she was still young and slender when she was in fact the eldest and fattest amongst all in their circle of friends.

“So we’re out,” Stephanie said, “and these two are pounding drinks like water. They’re getting totally wasted, laughing and dancing around. Of course there are a bunch of guys hanging all over them, thinking they’re gonna make an easy score.”

“So creepy!” Carrie excoriated. “Why can’t a fat girl go out and have a good time without a bunch of creepy guys thinking it’s an invitation for them to come and creep all over us?”

“Oh, honey, we needed creep-repellent that night!” Stephanie joked. “We needed some serious Raid up that joint!”

While she considered her clubbing days behind her, Carrie thought back fondly to the many nights she would spend out with her friends, getting dressed to the nines and rolling around town in her father’s limousine. She had the good fortune of being raised in a family with lots of money, but as most will attest to, money doesn’t always lead to happiness.

“So anyway, these two are drunk as hell,” Stephanie continues, “they’re full of liquor and they’re stumbling and wobbling about. Then after last call, they say that they’re hungry and want to go to the diner.”

“My diner?” Carrie said, referring to the diner owned by her father where she worked as a teen, and still sometimes worked as a manager.

“Not even,” Stephanie replied, “we went to the one down on Hamilton.”

“Eww! Why?”

“Why anything at this point?” Stephanie cackled. “At this point I’m just along for the ride.”

“Their burgers are like hockey-pucks,” Carrie chided, thinking about how superior her family’s diner was to their competitor on Hamilton Boulevard, “and their grits are the worst! They’re like sand floating around in scalding-hot water. Our grits are so much better!”

“Oh, yeah,” Stephanie concurred, “so much better!”

“Nice and creamy, with lots of butter and cheese,” Carrie said, licking her lips as her eyes seemed to glaze over. She got lost in thought for a moment before adding, “Their pies aren’t bad though.”

“Well these two would know,” Stephanie dished, “because they ordered every damn pie they had on the menu!”

“Oh my!”

“I thought I was being bad by ordering two entrees,” Stephanie went on to say. “See, I couldn’t decide if I wanted breakfast or dinner, so I just ordered both.”

“Hey, that’s what I would do,” Carrie affirmed.

“Carmen and Geena were on a rampage though. I have never seen two people eat so much in my life – and that includes those insane pizza parties we used to have back in the day.”

“Those pizza parties were pretty epic,” Carrie said, again losing herself in thought as she looked up at the ceiling and reminisced about the good old days, and the obscene amount of pizza her and her friends used to demolish every weekend.

“I noticed something too,” Stephanie said, suddenly seeming to get very serious as she propped herself up on the sofa and leaned forward, “I feel like Carmen kind of gets off on watching Geena eat.”

“You mean,” Carrie stammered, “you think she’s a feeder?”

“Maybe,” answered Stephanie, “all night she was encouraging Geena to have more and more of everything. ‘Have another drink, have another shot! Come on, you can do it! Have some more fries, have another burger, have some more pie!’”

“Definitely sounds like a feeder,” Carrie concluded. “Do you think they’re like – together?”

“I don’t think so,” said Stephanie as she leaned back on the sofa once again, “I didn’t get that vibe. It just seems like she has a preoccupation with fattening people up or something.”

There was a lull in the conversation at that point. It was late and both Stephanie and Carrie were getting tired. There was something on Carrie’s mind though, something that she hadn’t thought to verbalize until just then, but suddenly she felt compelled to get it off of her chest.

“Do you remember that girl Debbie who used to intern at the radio station?” Carrie asked, referring to a radio station in town that was yet another business venture of her father’s.

“She was the one with the dark curls, right?” Stephanie asked, trying to match the name with a face.

“Yeah,” Carrie said, “you know the last time I went over to Karina’s place she was there, and I kind of got this weird vibe. It was like I had walked in on something.”

“I didn’t even know they knew each other,” Stephanie said as she reached for yet another Oreo.

“Yeah, I mean I knew they were cool,” said Carrie, “but it seems like they’ve gotten really close.”

“How does that make you feel?” Stephanie asked after pausing a moment to lick every last bit of creme off of her fresh Oreo cookie.

“I just want her to be happy,” said Carrie as she leaned back and put her hands behind her head. “She’s been through so much, and clearly her relationship with Jeremiah was a disaster.”

“Ugh!” Stephanie scoffed. “Don’t even say his name!”

“I just wish that she would talk to me about it,” said Carrie, her facial expression turning to one of concern. “I mean, I don’t even really know this girl. Who is she?”

“She always seemed nice to me,” said Stephanie, “but then again I never really hung out with her that much, so I wouldn’t know.”

“Next to you Karina is my closest friend,” Carrie said, turning to look at her cousin, “it would just be nice to know what’s really going on with her.”

Carrie and Stephanie stayed up chatting for about another hour before both of them were too exhausted to keep their eyes open any longer. Even though there was a guest room just down the hall, Stephanie opted to just sleep on the sofa for the evening, feeling too tired and unmotivated to even get up or deal with any of her luggage, putting it off until morning.

As Carrie dragged herself off to her bedroom, she thought about all of the things that she and her cousin had been talking about, as well as the conversations that she and Karina had earlier in the day, and she couldn’t help but think of her own relationship. Was Elroy really the one for her? Would he really be the one that she could rely on to always be there for her, no matter what?

Tucking herself into bed, Carrie wondered to herself if maybe her friend Geena wasn’t the only one who was living in denial.

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