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New novel announcement: Udder Girl

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Sonic Purity

Apr 9, 2006
Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
I am excited to report the release of my second novel, and the first one with illustrations—by a competent artist!

Udder Girl was the title of a series of drawings done circa 2013 by the artist moduloks (sometimes modulokss), which i found on DeviantArt. Someone (i thought it was him, but it wasn’t) wrote some rudimentary story text which started but never went anywhere. I took up the challenge, and now it’s an approximately 55,800 word completed novel.

In a span of only a few minutes, the Accident changed life on Earth worldwide forever. As with other major world calamities throughout Earth’s long history, creatures wishing to remain living needed to adapt—and quickly! Mutations were the inescapable New Normal—especially for humans. Could it be that amongst the many deaths and downsides there could be upsides, possibly even significant upsides?

Shy Larissa Larson is one of the many survivors, going about her daily life in this new world. She invites you to read her (and her friends’) story.

Having re-read the Dimensions story rules, i don’t know that it can be posted here. There is assuredly fat gain and transitioning from societal-typical fat dislike to fat appreciation, but the main theme is the sci-fi fantasy mutations with a lot of sex organs and secondary sex characteristics—in pictures as well as text. Hence at this time i’m just announcing here, not posting here. If anyone amongst the Dims library or greater mod team wishes to have a look and render an opinion, then i’ll know for sure.

At the moment, the story is only on my personal story site, jigglejunkie.com. Direct link to story home/TOC page for Udder Girl. Going with a relaxed release cycle of 1 chapter a week, or several if they’re short chapters, looking at about an 8 week run. This is Week 1, from Sunday, and Chapter 1 is live right now. The first couple of chapters are text-minimal and picture-heavy, as i’m working with the existing original story line. Gradually there’s more text and fewer pictures.

Original artist moduloks has read the entire novel and loves it (and has explicitly granted me permission to reuse his artwork wherever i post my novel text), as does an associate of his who’s so far only seen chapter 1.

Here’s a test for you to decide whether you might want to check out this work:


If that word intrigues you or make you curious, you may well appreciate reading (and viewing the art for) Udder Girl.
If that word makes you uncomfortable or disgusted or you feel your body tensing up or your skin crawling, Udder Girl may not be for you. You can’t unsee the pictures😈.

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