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New story: Dating Dilemmas

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Sonic Purity

Apr 9, 2006
Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
156 days of interminable illness + 1 serious freak eye injury later…

Dating Dilemmas
epic-long (approx. 107,000 words fully finished) novel by Sonic Purity the Jiggle Junkie

Behind a screen, Nate Scarborough is a force to be reckoned with. In Real Life, not so much. Can this fat-loving nerd get with real women without a wall of technology between? And if so, what kind of women will he get with?

Originally written 2010-2016. Story set contemporary to that time. This is its initial public release.

Only being released on my site jigglejunkie.com. Why?: This story violates the rules of this and most other sites: historic incest with a minor. Being told in detail by the then-minor as a 30-something adult. Social commentary, neither glorifying nor demonizing incest. Real life is nuanced like that, as is this fiction.

Note that it is entirely possible to read chapters 1–18 of the total of 26 chapters and stop at the end of chapter 18 before the incest stuff starts, enjoy a nice story of the trials and tribulations of dating, and end with a dramatic cliffhanger (and never know the additional twists and turns and eventual true ending for the two main characters). You could even just read chapter 10 in isolation (when it’s published in a few days or sooner) and read the best story-within-a-story i’ve yet written: a fat princess fairytale.

So far i have one known reader, the very talented fatlovesex author on here as Mal57, who loves the story. For this reason my release cycle so far is based upon his desires. At the moment, it’s aggressively fast: 5,000 to 10,000 words (approximately) across however many chapters a day, as opposed to about that much a week, as i did with Unforgettable Cruise. That’s basically a full short story being released every day. I welcome opinions of other readers regarding adjusting this release schedule faster or slower. (I personally find too much too fast overwhelming, hence the original release timing.)

Chapters 1-4—a healthy 19,000-some novella’s-worth of words—are out now, with more each day ’til it’s all up. As always, my site is plain static text: no scripts, no cookies, no local storage, no ads, no trackers, no membership, no sign-in.

Happy Reading!

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