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ok... why no game WG?

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womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
It's just something that i've noticed that Gaming, by and large, hasn't featured as a theme for WG stories. We have jealousy, revenge, pleasure, gameshows, love, but Gaming, despite having alot of possiblity for tying into WG, is not here.

Now, I might be wrong, of course, but I have been rifling through the archives on the Dimensions, especially in the fantasy section, which this could fit in quite nicely by the way, and it is strangely absent.

Some games have alot of themes involving eating, or possible gaining of weight, on the list it includes-

Pac-man (well, thats a bit obvious)
Mario (the mushroom could be used in a different way, and there are also those weird inflation balloons as well)
Cooking mama (all that food has to go somewhere)
Kirby ('nuff said about the little pink blob)

You could also think about linking the games score with the amount of weight that the person puts on.

so, really, all I'm asking is for people to consider the possiblities of this.

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