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Jun 28, 2021
New York
(Modern romance between a lonely BHM and a heart broken FFA)

Teddy Bear with the Spiked Collar
By wow42

He grimaced trying to take a new selfie. Dating was hard. Dating in upstate New York was harder. Dating in upstate New York when you’re a big man was a raging boner. The local women preferred the toned farmers that littered the countryside. No one wanted the large beer bellied country boy, or shall we say keg bellied boy. Being that he was far from toned made physical connections difficult let alone the emotional desires he craved. These poor connections made Apollo’s self esteem hit an even further low.

Even though he disliked his appearance, Apollo was far from ugly. He was actually very handsome with his soft brown eyes and full lips that longed to fancy someone. Dark brown locks feathered his forehead while he fashioned a gingery beard and stash….but he wouldn’t be giving any mustache rides any time soon. His legs and arms were very thick and strong from all his heft that sat on in his large belly and ass. His family all had wide hips which is where Apollo’s love handles accentuates.

Apollo sighed flipping through the filters to hopefully disguise his round chin and cheeks. With a light blue filter doing the trick he added the photo to all seven of his dating profiles including tinder.

The next morning Apollo flipped through tinder profiles while splayed out on his couch, his large hairy belly textured with goosebumps while a fan oscillated in front of his naked body. Sipping his morning brew he stumbled upon what appeared to be an absolute gem. 40 Miles away, Name: Fay, 22 years old, works for: Real Estate. A short, curvy, dark haired, pale skinned beauty smiled up at him in her first photo. He smiled to himself flipping to the next photo of the same doll faced beauty standing barricade at a concert with a fist in the air, mouth poised to be screaming lyrics up at the performer. She’s a punk girl! The next photo stopped the air in Apollo’s lungs. It was a full mirror picture of the same beauty with a skin tight formal dress that clung to every beautiful curve on her body.

He sighed to himself, he could never even be in the presence of a belle like her. Her beauty was timeless, classy, and mesmerizing. The curves on her body led him to believe she wasn’t thin but wasn’t fat. With her beauty and what appeared to be a spunky, fast-paced personality, Apollo could never keep up! He looked down at his large pale belly that sat in his lap. Why would a goddess like her want a blob like me? He set aside his phone and self hatred to get dressed to distract his mind.

An hour later he returned to the app flipping between her photos. This is an online dating app, the worst that she can do to you is swipe left he thought to himself. He swiped right and her profile disappeared from the screen. He sighed at the lack of “You’ve matched” notification. He put his phone down and decided to go for a walk. If he wants a goddess he needs to work for one he thought walking down his drive away.

Later that evening with a failed attempt of a walk under his belt, Apollo plopped on the couch with his TV dinner. Sometimes, when he thought about the frozen food in his fridge, he grew sad wishing he could cook meals for a partner. The loneliness clung to him worse than the pounds on his waist. Apollo shook out of his self pity and grabbed his phone. “You have a match!” Yelled up at him next to a fire symbol notification. Apollo’s heart stopped as he opened the app and Fay’s profile popped up in his matches.

Apollo’s perception of time was nonexistent as that Labor Day weekend dissolved into the work week. He sat in his office chair smiling down at the good morning text he had written out for Fay. The long weekend had cushioned him in joy texting back and forth with the potential sweetheart. She had texted him everyday since he made the first move and the pings on his phone haven’t slowed down. The conversations held between the two were the most enjoyable interactions Apollo had had with a female in a while. He wondered if she knew of his bulk (it was noted on his tinder profile for the warning) having not mentioned it since they matched. What if she didn’t read his profile? The pictures on his tinder hid the chubbiness on his face which made him wonder if his large frame would scare her away.

Large was the nicer way of describing the abundant body that sat in the office chair. Since starting at the dispatch center Apollo had gone up three shirt sizes, 12 inches in the waist, and has needed at least 20 new belts. The need for so many belts was because of the cheap material the prongs were made out of. When the director stretched a little too far he could hear them bending under the weight of his large belly. After being bent to their limits they would snap forcing the faux leather apart which made his gut plop down since it was no longer contained.

Being a 911 dispatcher was mentally tiring but did nothing for the physique. When he started 8 years ago, Apollo weighed 180 pounds. After 6 years of being under the headset and 2 years as director, he now weighed 350. With little to no love life, the lonely man found himself constantly ordering out and eating junk food. At least three times a week he would stuff his belly with one or two family sized calzones from the local pizzeria and every time he finished he would sit back to massage the pressure in his swollen belly. Apollo’s self esteem sat in the “I don’t care” column when it came to food. Growing up, his family denied him fast food and take out but with independence and money, Apollo made up for all the years lacking. His monthly fees for take out usually sat around 300-400 dollars. And at the rate Apollo was going he was also looking to be sitting around 400.

“Let’s meet up this weekend, I’ve had enough of texting,” Fay said over the phone that evening. Apollo flushed at the thought of her seeing his body but agreed. He caved and called her that evening after day dreaming about her all day at the office but he would have never pushed for their physical meeting. With all his nerves, Apollo still kept positive about Fay because of how bad he wanted things to work out.

“I know this beautiful park at the capital that has a cute pond with ducks and fish.” She chimed through the phone. Apollo could hear the smile in her voice. Fay enjoyed some of the simple things in life. She had told Apollo about how excited she got that the full moon landed on her birthday and that the leaves on the trees were starting to turn yellow. Fall was her favorite season which Apollo made sure to take note of.

“Saturday at noon sound good?” She asked.

“I’m seeing you, of course it’s good!” He replied getting a giggle out of Fay.
That Saturday......

So let’s play a game
I’m a master at hide and go seek. This park is huge and I bet you won’t be able to find me :)
Fay typed to Apollo<33

I will have you know I am the three time reigning champion of our neighborhoods manhunt.

But you have to give me a hint. She texted back as she sat anxiously at the stop light before the park. She received a photo of a red plaid shirt.

That’s all you get missy!

Pulling into the parking lot Fay felt her nerves hop around like grasshoppers in her stomach. Her toes tingled thinking about how she planned on tackling Apollo in a huge embrace. It had been a week and she already felt a connection with the man she hardly knew. Fay’s heart was still fragile after her two year engagement had dissolved her concept of love. In desperate need of a dick appointment she accidentally started connecting with Apollo on tinder who she couldn’t resist. She had read in his bio that he was a larger gentleman but with no picture evidence, she had to use her imagination.

Fay was an FFA all her life but it wasn’t until she was 18 and in college where she found her understanding of her desires. It was orientation day she was partnered up with a particularly large freshman boy. They were working through ice breakers and the task was to see if you could rub someone else’s tummy while patting their head. When her hand met the round, soft, giggly flesh on that boys belly she blushed and felt her self crossing her legs. The virgin 18 year old didn’t understand the feeling but she loved it. She lusted after big bellied men from that day on to the point where it ruined her.

Although her lust was one entity, her love was another. All her past loves had dad bods or lacked fluff all together. This had made pillow talk difficult for Fay, so much so she started to wonder if she had physical issues and went to a gynecologist. It wasn’t until her private moments of self pleasure that she realized what her body craved.

Fay made her way down the paved path that circled the pond in the middle of the park. Hundreds of geese, ducks, and birds played in the water teasing the gigantic koi fish that splashed about. Scanning through the trees she saw no traces of plaid. The anxious 22 year old whipped out her phone and simply sent the white flag emoji to Apollo.

Making her way back to the entrance of the park she continued scanning but still no sign of her date. She looked down at her phone to see that Apollo read her surrender. Leaning on the railing at the pavilion that sat half on the water she glanced around again. She caught sight of the flannel and then sight of-
Fay felt her legs automatically cross and cheeks flush. Apollo lumbered past the tree line with a huge smile on his face. Apollo was truly a god. His large thighs flexed under his jeans as he walked towards her, his chubby face beamed while his double chin jiggled slightly with every step. But what made Fay squirm was the huge belly that bounced up and down with every step Apollo made towards her. His belly was perfect which made her squeal.

Fay charged and met Apollo with a huge embrace, wrapping her arms around his tummy and burying her face into his chest. She felt his big Santa-like belly move as he laughed hugging her back. She didn’t want to let go and didn’t care if he thought the extra moments were awkward. Apollo shifted his weight but hugged her tighter welcoming her closer to his soft body. She pulled away and met his warm brown eyes. She sensed his nervousness and stretched our her hand.

“Fay McEntire, the first, the last and the only” she chimed getting a giggle out of the big boy.

“Apollo Wesley, the terrible” His deep voice replied meeting her hand. She felt an obnoxious giggle erupt from her throat as she covered her grin with her free hand.

They made small talk walking towards a bench close to the pond. Fay felt the nerves drain from her stomach as she held Apollo’s large paw which was warm and soft. He paused before sitting down to unbutton the plaid shirt which his large fingers fumbled with. She watched in amazement as he gave up and lifted the long sleeve over his head and his belly peaked out. He panicked to pull down his shirt but she already caught sight of the boys sagging hairy underbelly. She gulped as she felt her legs twitch. Brushing off the belly reveal Apollo sat next to her smiling.

“So tell me your life story?” Fay asked trying to distract her racing imagination.

“Oh boy…. Where do I begin….”


Jun 28, 2021
New York
WARNING: Some burping, suggestive themes
Part 2

A few hours later Fay and Apollo felt the space between them decrease and their touches increase. Apollo kept brushing Fay’s hair out of her eyes while Fay kept grabbing Apollo’s hand when he let go for too long. As they grew more comfortable around each other, Fay became much more confident.

“So where did this come from?” She smiled poking his large belly. Apollo flushed looking down.

“Well I am a full time sitter as in the only time I move in my job is to relieve the ol’ bladder or get food….. that and my reclusiveness keeps me inside 90% of the time. No girlfriend, no friends, but plenty of calories.” Apollo was shocked at the confident tone of his words. Fay was rubbing off on him in the best of ways.

“Not to be dark but I slowly gave up on myself and that’s where this blob came in.” He said disapprovingly patted his tummy.

“Why do you call your beautiful curves a blob?” Fay caught Apollo off guard.

“May I?” She asked hovering her hand over his large midsection. Apollo nodded confused at the gesture. She placed her hand on his belly which she began to massage in a circular pattern. Apollo felt his body relax at her touch. The gentle pressure of Fay’s tiny hand combined with the motion made Apollo melt into pure bliss. No one had ever touched him like this and the pleasure it gave him was indescribable.

“Can you do me a favor Apollo?” Fay asked continuing to rub up and down his belly.

“Yes, Fay?”

“Please don’t be so hard on yourself, especially your looks. You seem to not even give your body a chance. I can tell ya now, there’s a community of women who worship curves like yours but luckily I got to you first.” She giggled scratching his underbelly through his t-shirt. Apollo blushed at her kind words.

“Cccc hubby chasers……….,Er right?” he tripped over his words from the incredible sensation of her nails on his flab. She chuckled tracing circles around his belly button.

“FFAs is the technical term,” she got up to stretch and then bent down in front of him. Apollo gulped at her close positioning to his body.

“Female. Fat. Admirer. And you sir are a BHM. Big. Handsome. Man.” Poking his belly playfully Fay looked like a child who received a new toy on Christmas watching Apollo’s belly wobble. Apollo had never heard the terminology before. He knew of the BBW community but never knew theres was a male equivalent. How lucky was he that this beautiful woman kneeling in front of him was part of that admiration community?

“You’ve never had your tummy rubbed before?” her green eyes looking up innocently at him.

“No but this is heavenly.” He sighed with a smile. She giggled and planted a kiss on his belly.

“Well, I bet it will feel even better when your belly is filled to the brim with my home cooking.”

“Mmmm, when are you gonna cook for me?” Apollo asked kissing her hand.

“I guess we should find out what you like first.” Fay smirked kissing his underbelly.


Apollo sat in his car astonished at the 12 hours he had spent with Fay. She was everything he could have ever asked for and then some. Being an FFA, Apollo’s worries about the goddess not liking his body disappeared as he felt the first spurts of confidence in his soul. To prove she was not bluffing, when they had gone out for dinner she ordered extra only to give him 75% of her leftovers. Apollo, whose gigantic stomach held his large bowl of pasta and her grilled cheese burger with fries, felt pretty full after scarfing everything down. She convinced him into having dessert which was a slice of Bavarian chocolate cake. Apollo had to unbutton his jeans to fit it in his distending gut. By the time he had finished he was panting and slightly uncomfortable. She rewarded his hard work with her magical belly massages. There was no doubt in his mind that Fay adored his figure. While she rubbed his tummy she kept squirming in her seat and shyly biting her lip. The thought of Fay being turned on by his stuffed belly gave Apollo’s imagination some beautiful images.

With everything that had happened, he still couldn’t believe that someone actually liked….. loved his curves and wanted to cook for him? His desire to be wanted and dreams of sit down dinners were now fulfilled. Fay was truly a magical unicorn.

Unfortunately the night came to an end, but next weekend they were having a cooking slumber party. Fay agreed to cook all her popular dishes so Apollo could taste her talent and so he could experience a super duper full belly being rubbed. Oh how excited he was that he found her….. his fat admiring goddess.


The fall air made steam dance off the fresh pies Fay made for Apollo. She carefully placed all five of them in her back seat for the long trek to the Adirondacks. It was the peak season for the high peaks region and Apollo had rented them a nice cozy cabin with a view for miles. He had went up early and sent her a photo of the trees clad in a multitude of colors. Fay packed all the essentials from her spices to her spicy red lingerie she bought specially for the weekend. She felt the pleasure in her toes knowing the capacity of Apollo’s belly was going to be in her control for the weekend.


Apollo stuffed himself full Friday afternoon knowing his little sweetheart was on her way. His belly was only slightly puffed out with plenty of room to be filled with Fay’s delights but he figured she would appreciate the head start. He wanted to treat his beauty to a nice getaway and the Friends Lake Cabin was the perfect spot for privacy. He could have brought her to his humble abode but she deserved the coziness especially when cuddling up to her large teddy bear.

Apollo sat on the porch, deep in thought as the leaves fell around him. What he learned that Saturday in the park is that Fay was a title researcher for a law firm. She loved attending concerts and traveling. Her and her sister were products of a terrible marriage that she never received closure on when it ended. The divorce left the pair without a father at very young ages. Fay had recently dealt with the ending of an engagement to an abusive loser. Emotionally, the spunky 22 year olds needed to be healed for everything began to catch up to her. As part of the healing process Fay craved touch but not just anyone’s, she wanted a teddy bear.

Apollo respected her emotions reassuring her he was prepared to provide all the physical affection she needed while being supportive. He also agreed to play out her fantasies because Apollo was beyond curious about this kink he had never heard of. He still intended on being respectful to her boundaries and wants because she meant the world to him. Their meeting had left a permanent smile on Apollo’s face and after 5 years without a date, Apollo was glowing. They had laughed so hard in the park that both of their tummies hurt by the time the late summer sun set. This was the start of something beautiful.


Apollo heard the sound of gravel crunching outside and instantly felt the joy consume him. He darted to the porch stairs to see the beaming Fay jumping out of her sedan and racing towards him.

“Apollo my dear, oh how I’ve missed your warmth.” She said as she buried herself in his embrace. He brushed her black curls out of the way to kiss her forehead as he swayed with her in his arms.

“You are the reason I am warm” he pulled her closer breathing in her lavender shampoo. Apollo felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. The pair began unloading her car however Apollo was not allowed to touch what was in the backseat.

“So I might have overdid it on the pies,” Fay said from the kitchen smirking at the five tins that she lined up on the kitchen island. Inhaling deeply, he could smell apple, pumpkin, and blueberry in the air. Apollo felt his belly grumble under his sweater. He unknowingly grabbed his belly which made Fay blush.

“Do I have a hungry bear on my hands?” she smirked.

“Well, this bear is trying to prepare for a lengthy hibernation. Are you going to help this beast gain his winter coat?” He teased her with a half smile smacking his belly making it wobble.

Fay bit her lip bending over pretending to look for pans but really to ease the tingling under her panties.

“Guess I better get cooking!” Fay said slightly flustered.

Apollo had stuffed the fridge with meats, cheeses, heavy creams, and everything else Fay had asked him to bring. The cabin was equipped with a huge stove and although she had to cook a lot, Fay could multitask. She did not want to waste any time for Apollo sat at the island watching her every move very hungrily. Fay was about to prepare the largest meal she has ever made. She had not lied about her cooking abilities having been the sole chef back at her homestead; however, this was a different level of cuisine. She was going to load some of the dishes with heavy carbs that would make sure the bloat in Apollos belly stuck to his mass.

Within minutes, the very hungry Apollo was sitting in front of three appetizers that he could dive into. There was a large bowl of artichoke dip with chips that he began munching on while Fay put a platter of bacon wrapped crab and a large bowl of beer cheese soup in front of him.

“Please dig in, I don't want you to starve much longer.” She said placing a large pitcher of beer in front of him.

Fay then got to watch in amazement as Apollo gulped down the beer cheese soup in one swallow. He then began grabbing the finger foods shoveling them down his gullet without a break. Within three minutes there were only crumbs left of the chips. The large man housed a mug full of beer and let out a large belch. Fay’s eyes bulged as she watched Apollo sit back in his seat with a big smile.

He had inhaled everything before she even got to start the next course. She smirked and although she wanted to rub the slightly larger bulge of his belly, she began to focus on whipping things up faster. This was now a competition for her trying to get the next round of food in front of him before he finished what he was working on.

She loved a man who could eat the way Apollo did but was not expecting his fast paced binging. After the appetizers she put a heaping plate of super cheesy quesadillas in front of him with bacon sour cream and salsa for dipping. Apollo grinned at her, leaning forward to start shoveling. While he was working on his pile she began the steak and fries which she got in front of him before he could finish his last quesadilla. He chugged down another mug full of beer after finishing the fries. With almost five pounds of food and beer in his stomach, Apollo was not slowing down. She put the Mac and cheese in the oven watching in awe as the bear chewed large chunks of steak blissfully. Fay noticed his gingery beard had dribbles of cheese in its strands while his mustache kept some of the froth from his last beer. What a messy bear she thought to herself feeling the warmth between her legs begin to throb.

As Apollo was beginning to slow down after eating chunks of steak, he leaned back in his chair which caused the button on his jeans to creak loudly. This stopped Fay in her tracks but before she could rush around the island to help him out of his pants they burst open while the mountain of his large flesh pooled on his lap. She closed her mouth having felt the beginnings of drool at the corner of her lip.

“Oops?” Apollo shrugged slapping his large but tight midsection. The thuds of his slaps indicated he was becoming full. But full was not good enough for the bear or the admirer.
Apollo lifted his shirt off and over his head while the girl rushed over the huge steaming pan of Mac and cheese. Before turning around Apollo grabbed her hand.

“You’re just going to turn your back on your struggling papa bear?” He said placing her trembling hand on his flesh.

Fay felt the blood rush to her cheeks for she never saw his gut unclothed. The roundness of his belly had grown three times its original size since Fay had arrived. Patterns of hair circled around his deep deep belly button. Her tongue danced between her teeth thinking about massaging inside and around his navel. His hair traveled down from there pathing his happy trail….. happy hill. His under belly sagged slightly in comparison to his huge mountain of flesh where his stomach was being filled.

“I could never….” Fay murmured rubbing up and down the shirtless midsection in awe. His upper tummy was taunt and tight against her hand. She applied slight pressure but Apollo inhaled sharply.

“Sorry!” She squeaked reverting to her finger tips to massage little circles against his skin. The tightness almost pushing against her light touch. Apollo leaned back with his eyes closed in pure bliss. She felt his belly clench as he turned his head away from her to release a large burp. He slapped the side of his belly causing the spot she was massaging to wobble. Fay felt something begin to drip down her leg.

“My dear,” Apollo chimed up to the girl.

“As much as I am enjoying the view of you cooking to fill up your papa bear, I think I would much rather prefer to have you next to me quenching my endless appetite.” He took her hand and began rubbing large circles on his stomach.

“Why don’t you finish the last dish you started while I take a little breather? Then you can finish me off with that and all those yummy pies you prepared, sound good sweetheart?” He looked up longingly to the beauty at his side.

Fay smiled and agreed, skipping back to the kitchen.


Jun 28, 2021
New York
Warning: BDSM, Sexual themes
Part 3

Apollo took everything but his underwear off to tease the drooling Fay. Fay was too busy cooking to notice his doughy body splayed out on the couch, watching her intently. The contentment he felt from his meal and spending time with Fay left him in a haze. He had also been in a constant state of being mildly turned on at the pressure in his tummy and the reactions of Fay from his binging. What an expressive doll she was.

Fay turned around and nearly dropped the platter of meat in her hands. Apollo hadn’t noticed her turn around for he was inspecting the beauty marks on his belly. A giggle erupted above him and he saw Fay looking lovingly down at him.

“Hey sweetheart! Check this out!” He pointed to some beauty marks speckled across his chest and upper abdomen.

“If you look closely you can see that they form the Big Dipper” he traced an imaginary line connecting the random flecks. Fay placed a finger on his sternum and followed the path. Apollo felt a tear beginning to well up in his eyes due to the way she as gazing at his body.

“How could you ever think so negatively about yourself when your body is made of stars.” She whispered retracing the constellation. Apollo felt tears rolling down his chubby cheeks.

“When you’re constantly looked as a hideous person, it’s hard not to.” He shrugged. A small finger whipped away a tear. Apollo let out a gasp as Fay’s lips kissed a gentle parade around his navel. His breathe shuddered as she lingered on his happy hill.

“I hope to change your mind about that.” Fay reassured him as she reached for the Mac and cheese.

“But first," she smirked shoving a big spoonful of cheesy noodles into Apollo's mouth, "Before the bear gets any hungrier”

“Uuuuuughhhhhh mmmmm aghhhhhh” Apollo moaned from the couch grabbing at his swollen belly. Next to him lie the five tins of pies Fay brought except they were all completely empty. Fay had disappeared and too distracted by pressure in his belly, Apollo didn’t even notice her leave.

“Fay!!?” Apollo panted, unable to get very loud because of the pressure in his belly. The short girl walked into the room with a little vial. Moving the pie tins, she had Apollo lay his head at the arm of the couch as she placed herself between his legs.

“So, are you full?” She peered up at the man having to look over his large belly. Apollo let out a half hearted laugh which caused slight discomfort.

“Never” he defiantly licked his lips. Fay giggled as she crawled up his body, planting a light kiss on his lips. The light pressure of Fay’s body on his tummy caused him to belch loudly.

“Let me ease your burden,” Fay crept back between his legs and brought out the vial. She splashed little droplets of oil on the distended part of his stomach which she slowly began to massage into his flesh.

“I really enjoy your fetish,” Apollo smiled down at her. “I wouldn’t mind being filled up like this if it makes you as happy as I’ve seen you tonight.” Fay’s cheeks reddened.

“Please don’t think I’m only sexualizing y-“

“I could never” Apollo interrupted with a smile. “I can feel the sensuality in the way you go about feeding me which is what encouraged me. And this” he gestured to her hands glazing his gut with the oil “Is my kryptonite”

“But now that our feeding is over, I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to hold you” Apollo said with adoration. Fay felt a tug at her heart strings as her large bear began struggling to get off the couch. He managed to his feet with a few huffs all while holding his now oily, bloated belly. She smiled and followed her waddling bear to the bedroom.

After hours of cuddling, stuffing, heavy petting, and adventuring, the weekend had disappeared in a dreamy blur. The autumn leaves fell as gently as Apollo and Fay were falling for each other. Fay, trying to be responsible about her emotions, almost slipped the four letter L word several times. Apollo, who kept all his promises, knew he was in love. For the first time in his existence he felt desirable and sexy. There was no doubt in his mind that he was handsome thanks to the reassurance of Fay.

Being exposed to her fetish had his mind swirling. Although Apollo considered himself quite vanilla, his imagination took him to wild places when he was all alone. One night while flipping through a streaming service he stumbled across a documentary about the BDSM community. Although the film didn’t do much for him physically, it inspired him during a personal session. He pictured himself fully clothed with a naked girl tied to a table in front of him as he face fucked her. Needless to say, he completed very quickly with that imagery.

With his new-founded confidence he felt worthy to explore. It’s amazing how far a little self worth could go! He never had anyone to explore that fetish with but had wondered if Fay would be interested. He figured he would test the waters during their next stuffing with some light dominance. With some research he found a niche community of BHM who dominated their women and was incredibly turned on by the inspiration they provided.

What he hadn’t let on to Fay was how ridiculously turned on he had felt being stuffed. Apollo had gone on many late night binges that ended in full capacity fullness where he would jerk off because of boredom. He had never thought that the cause of his excitement was a stuffed belly. The pressure of his tight paunch felt orgasmic and he understood why Fay liked to see him so indisposed of. It also helped that Fay was incredibly beautiful. He had not seen her entire beauty but was sure when he did her body would be irresistible.


It was a late Thursday afternoon when Apollo was beginning to wrap things up for the day. Scheduling and employee complaints had been taken care of and all that was left-. His office phone buzzed indicating there was someone in the lobby for him. Apollo confusingly looked up at the clock. Who could need help at 4:45 on a Thursday? He turned to his desk to look at the security camera to see the top of a girls black curly hair standing at the lobby door. She was holding a large white box.
She didn’t, he thought to himself.

“Are you looking for a job or here to report a crime ma’am?” Apollo jokingly said to Fay meeting her in the hallway. Her light eyes met his with pure excitement. She nearly threw the white box on the floor running up to him.

“Yeah someone stole my free time, my sexual will power, and free thought,” she replied wrapping her arms around the large man.

“You’re dealing with someone really villainous!” Apollo tilted her head back, planting a long kiss on her warm lips.
“And hopefully handsome”

“I figured I haven’t seen your handsome face in 120 hours and I’ve simply had enough” she pouted.“I’ve also never seen you in uniform and I do have to say” she stepped back leaving a hand on the buttons of his white dress shirt.

“I am enjoying this look” she bit her lip at the way he had his shirt tucked in and belly hanging over his black work pants.

“Well thank you for making my Thursday a little more interesting. Let me show you my 9-5 throne” he lead the swooning girl through the hallway.

“This chair is really the only important tool here” he chuckled plopping his wide butt onto the leather office chair.
He patted his thigh suggesting for the beauty to sit on the small part of his leg that his belly didn’t rest on. She obliged wrapping her arms around Apollo’s neck for stability.

“You really don’t understand how happy I am to see you baby bear” he whispered into her ear. They decided on the pet names baby bear and papa bear, after the weekend at the cabin it stuck and always made Fay flush bright red.

“I’ve been thinking about moving closer,” Fay chimed. Fay and Apollo had 98 miles between their homes which, due to work scheduling, allowed limited time together.

“If anyone moves anywhere it’s going to be me, I don’t want to see you leaving your job” Apollo protested. Fay frowned.

“But we have been over this, I hate my job”

Apollo sighed. He was going to say something but got distracted by the white box Fay had placed on his desk. He used his free hand to lift the lid to see what looked like two dozen head lights. He smiled wickedly.

“When were you gonna tell papa bear you brought treats? You know these are my favorite” he licked his lips gazing at the chocolate covered pastries.

“Apollo, I really want to mo-“ he cut Fay off by grabbing her chin.

“I’d love to talk about this later, but” he forced her to look at him. “I want you to feed these to me until I am nice and swollen”

Fay gulped feeling herself tingle.

“And if you don’t feed me fast enough or to my liking, you’re going to get punished” he demanded cautiously waiting to see how she would react. “Do I make myself clear?” He pulled her face so close to his he could smell her floral lipstick. She did not appear to flinch or look at him with any disgust. Her innocent eyes looked afraid, but her cheeks turned red and she kept squirming on his lap.

“Yes Papa Bear” she murmured quietly.

“Good” he released her blushing face. “Grab that box and get on your knees sweetheart”
She quietly obeyed, keeping her head down. She is accepting the submissive roll, Apollo thought to himself. He was intending on being gentle with her for this first go about.

“Between my legs” he commanded as Fay placed herself between his legs. Fay’s view was something she had only dreamed of. She looked up at the rolls of his stomach jutting out and resting on her. Where she was positioned, Apollo’s belly hang sat against her breasts with the slightest brush of his paunch making her nipples hard. The buttons on his shirt looked strained, especially at his belly hang, but not quite tight enough to pop. She also could see his glorious double chin that swallowed his jawline.

She reached into the box and grabbed the first head light and lifted it to Apollo’s waiting mouth. In one bite the hungry bear had half of the pastry gone with some of the white cream stuck in his mustache. He moaned as he chewed and finished the pastry in her hand with another large bite.Fay was marveling at the way he closed his eyes savoring the headlight before swallowing. She was so entranced by the site above her that she forgot to lift another donut to Apollo’s mouth in time which caused his brow to furrow.

Before she knew it she was being bent over Apollo’s desk with her leggings around her ankles.

“I thought I was quite clear” Apollo sternly muttered rubbing her ass. His hand came down on her ass cheek causing Fay to squeal quietly.

“Your papa bear is very hungry, I know you want to admire my body but those pleasures come after you’ve fed me” his hand came down again on her ass cheeks. Her skin stung and felt warm where he spanked her.

Apollo laid on top of her, his erection pressed up against her red butt cheeks, large belly squished against her back.

“Do you understand now?” He whispered in her ear. Fay who was soaked violently shook her head. Apollo raised his body and brought down his palm on her ass again causing her to yelp.

“Yes papa bear” she cried out.

*** I might continue this story, I might not. Let me know what you guys think :)****

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