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Operation Bombshell - By Samster (Imagery, SWG)

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Mar 11, 2007
~BBW, Imagery, ~SWG - Writers Note: This is a six part today with parts 1 to 3 posted today and the remaining three will be posted over the weekend.

Operation Bombshell
by Samster

Chapter 1 - Eye Candy

ILLUSTRATION: http://samster2009.deviantart.com/art/Operation-Bombshell-Chapter-1-244947504

He pulled the police cruiser into the Starbucks parking lot and waited. 8.15am and the sun was already bright in the electric blue sky. A line of cars, trucks and SUV’s were forming in the drive thru whilst the more active customers made their way into and out of the coffee shop. Sheriffs Deputy, Jack Ranger sat and watched it all. He was used to watching. Ten years in the army as an MP, a honorable discharge and he was six months into his career with the Wichita Falls Police Department. Compared to the rough and tumble of army bases in Iraq and Kabul it was easy street. Very little chance of getting shot at outside a suburban Starbucks.

Also way better visuals; Ranger watched a cute blonde walk from the coffee shop to her car, balancing her morning latte. Ranger watched her drive out of the lot and then focused on the raised highway exit. Wichita Falls wasn’t big enough to have a rush hour like Dallas, or Houston or any major city but with a population of 100,000 the morning work traffic was plenty busy. A line of vehicles were forming on the off ramp before the traffic light. Plenty of time for the keen eyed Ranger to clock his mark. Sure enough his eyes rested on the white Chevy Tahoe with the ‘Hills Autoplex’ logo running along the sides as it pulled off the raised highway and joined the line of cars waiting on the green light.

He shifted his weight in the cruisers seat and waited. Ranger was a brave man. The army had taught him to keep the toughest of the tough in line. He’d duked it out with drunk marines in bars across the world, the odd crazy ass Taliban and whatever other dumb asses chose to mess with the US army. Now in the WFPD he kept the drunk rednecks, bikers or whatever trouble makers the town had in line. None of them really scared him. 6ft5, 240lbs of tough muscle and an IQ well above average and Ranger was tougher and smarter than most. So he never got scared. When the chips were down Jack Ranger always performed. He had total confidence.

But the driver of the Tahoe scared the hell out of him.

Heart still beating like an over worked piston he watched the Tahoe edge forward in the traffic and then, as it did every morning, pull off into the Starbucks parking lot. Its driver was a creature of routine. Most civilians were in Rangers experience. They never thought anybody could be watching them. That’s why stalkers found it so damn easy. Not that Ranger was a stalker. Ahead the Tahoe rolled to a stop. Its driver never went into the drive thru. Always stopping, heading into the Starbucks and chatting with whoever was around. Maybe even Ranger?

His heart kept beating.

A bead of sweat ran down his forehead as the drivers door opened and the driver emerged. Krista Vaughan was drop dead sexy with curves to die for. Not toned and lean like an athlete but soft and plump like she spent most of her day sat on her butt at Hills Autoplex. Ranger gulped as he checked out her ass. Damn that was one hell of an ass! A big scoop of round jello that jutted out like an oversize bubble and hung there almost ponderously, begging to be squeezed.

Ranger groaned. He didn’t understand why but hot, fat women turned him on like nothing else.

Opening the door he followed on. He could hear her tall heels tick tocking on the asphalt above the traffic rumble. Her butt cheeks wobbled slightly with each step. How he longed to just reach out and take handful. He loved that softness; like she wouldn’t last ten minutes in army track training but fitted in so perfectly to modern America. The kind of lifestyle he’d been protecting all those miles away in Iraq and Afghanistan; or so the Generals had told them. Ranger always figured he was protecting the interests of the US government, big oil and a bunch of billionaires; not some overweight, curvy MILF with a big, fat juicy ass in Wichita Falls. Or maybe he was just a guy doing a job?

A few paces behind Krista he stepped into the Starbucks. The smell of coffee hit him hard and, like everybody who stepped through those doors, he took a deep breath and smiled. There was something about the smell of coffee that woke a guy up. After ten hours on the night shift he needed it. Standing in line he could smell Krista’s sugary scent mixing in with the coffee aroma. It was a nice mix. He listened as Krista ordered her mocha frappuccino. She had a sexy accent that combined Texan in with Southern Belle. Like maybe she was born in Georgia, or Alabama or Florida and then moved out to Texas years back? Ranger puzzled over that for a moment. He’d have to find out.

Then without warning Krista turned to him and said:

“It’s so awesome that guys like you serve and protect!”

Ranger blinked and tried to focus.


Krista continued, batting her long eyelashes and taking hold of his muscled up arms:

“Its amazing what y’all do. An’ I…ummmm…totally wanted to say how grateful I am.”

He felt that bead of sweat return on his forehead. Facing down bad guys and he was as cool as it gets; but looking into this MILF’s big brown eyes and he was going to putty. Desperately the big tough guy tried to collect himself.

“Thanks” he managed to stammer.

“Your very welcome” replied Krista before winking and adding “ya have beautiful eyes too.”

For a moment Ranger stood frozen. Was she hitting on him? He was no expert but he kind of got that impression. But could he be sure? The moment passed into ten long seconds as Ranger struggled to respond. The tension was broken by Krista’s frappuccino arriving.

“Your frappuccino’s ready” said the barista.

Disappointed Krista let go, took the frappucinno and turned on her heels. Flashing Ranger a final smile and a wink, whilst checking out his buffed up body, she headed back outside. Hauling herself up into the SUV she turned the motor back on and accelerated out of the lot; just in time to see Ranger emerge from the Starbucks. Krista bit her glossy lips. This guy was hot. Tall and buffed up he was bulging out of his uniform. Massive broad shoulders, buffed up arms, a hard bubble butt and legs that were as thick as tree trunks – he was her dream hunk. She liked a man in uniform. She waved; he ignored her. With a sigh she pulled out of the lot and back onto the raised highway and on to work. At some level Krista accepted he was out of her league. She took great care with her appearance with regular trips to the salon, expertly applied make-up, a little botox to hide the wrinkles and breast implants. But none of that could hide the fact Krista was fat. Aged thirty four, two kids, a sedentary office job and a love of all things sweet and sugary had the 5ft5 Krista was getting chunky. Not the kind of figure major league hunks like Deputy Ranger chased.

Getting back into his cruiser and Ranger sipped his Americano. His head was still thumping. Had she been hitting on him? How had he screwed it up that bad? For three weeks he’d been lusting after Krista Vaughan and she’d just hit on him and he’d fucked it up.

“Shit!” he snapped.

He knew plenty about her. She was aged thirty four, divorced and had two kids. The divorce was a year back and ten months ago she’s moved from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex up to Wichita Falls to take a job as Business Development Manager at Hills Auto Group. From the tax records Ranger figured she made about $60,000; decent money in Wichita Falls. Ranger guessed she’d taken the Hills job to move away from the ex-husband. She went to church every Sunday and had no criminal record. And she was hotter than hell.

“Fuck it” grunted Ranger as he turned the ignition and pulled the Crown Vic out of the lot. It was time to drop the cruiser at the station, sign out, head home and then plan his next move in Operation Bombshell. Maybe he did have a chance?

Approaching mid day and Krista was sat in the passenger seat of her bosses tripped up Chevrolet Avalanche as they headed back from a meeting. Either side the open Texas landscape was rolling by as they rumbled back towards town. The pair had just completed a successful sales pitch to Dan King of King Ranching & Petroleum; selling them a whole fleet of trucks and finance package at a healthy margin. Across, in the drivers seat, her boss, Hank Hill, was a happy man. For years he’d been trying to muscle his arch rival, Charlie Nearburg of ‘Nearbug Auto Mall’, out of the King business. Krista had breezed along, got him a meeting with Dan King and he’d won the deal. She was a dream compared to his usual sales guys; easy to get along with, always at work on time, no “issues” like drink or drugs and hotter than hell.

“Helluva job back there Krista” said Hank.

“Thanks” she chirped.

“Ya know” continued Hank “I’m damned impressed by the job your doin’ for me. One helluva catch you were.”

Krista smiled. She liked Hank. He was an easy going boss. As long as her targets were hit Hank didn’t mind the occasional long lunch to get her nails done or leaving early to pick Megan and Hunter up from her mom and dad. What had originally been taken as a “stepping stone” job to get her away from the ex-husband was looking more like a long term deal for Krista.

Checking his Rolex wristwatch Hank added:

“We’ll get some dinner on the way. You fancy Chillis or McBrides?”

“Ummmm…Chillis! I totally love their fajitas and all those sauces ya get to dip em in! But ya gotta watch me Hank because I’m trying to lose some weight…my ass is getting so fat its like in a different zip code!”

Hank laughed.

“If your ass got any hotter we’d be fryin’ eggs on it.”


Glancing across Krista checked her boss out. He was hot too. Twelve months being single and Krista was starting to get restless. She was starting to look at guys like she had back at high school. Taking her faith seriously Krista knew she needed to find a good man soon before she started doing things she would regret.

“Oh my Gawd Hank I need to find a hot guy soon!!”

Hank blinked; he liked Krista but she was crazy as hell. The woman was like a battering ram; just saying whatever popped into her head. At first he’d wondered how a guy could have been so stupid as to divorce a hottie like her. A few months working with her and he figured he understood. She’d driven the poor guy crazy.

“Hey, I introduced Hoyt to ya?”

“Screw you Hank!” countered Krista, slapping his arm “that guys a total goof ball and ya know it!”

“What about Chris?”

“He isn’t answering my texts.”

“His loss.”

“I thought he was cute” mused Krista.

“How many texts did you send?”

“Ummmm…fifty yesterday.”

“Jeeze Krista,” groaned Hank.

“I like him!” protested Krista “and ya know I’m the kinda person who is just out there and I say what I think, ya know? Its like why pretend I don’t like him? He’s cute and has a good job and all that soooooo…”

“You send him fifty texts?” asked Hank, eyebrows raised.


“Any response?”


“Then move on. Any other fish in the sea?”

“Ummmm…I met a totally gorgeous cop this morning at Starbucks. I’ve seen him a few times and he is so freakin’ hot it’s out there. He’s ass is sooooooooo hot I was like sticking to the seat excited! Every time I see him I’m thinking Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy! Like a he could be a Chippendale or something…”

“I get the damned picture!” cut in Hank before the description went any further “you like the guy?”

“Yeah I do,” nodded Krista.

“So ask him out!”

“I told him he had beautiful eyes this morning and he said nothing. It was like I was freakin’ begging him to ask me out! But I guess he could be married or gay or…”

“Not many gay cops round here,” mused Hank.

“Whatever! Oh lordy, he’s waaaaaaaaay too hot to be single! His name tag had Ranger on it but his uniform was so tight round his pecs I could hardly read it and I bet he’s got an awesome six pack…”

Hank groaned as he watched Wichita Falls approach ahead. Listening to Krista could be hard work. Even his wife struggled to talk that much. It was like she ran a mile a minute and didn’t give a damn what she said. But Hank liked her. Not just because she was hot but because she tried. Krista tried to be good at her job, tried to be a good mom, tried to look her best and so far as Hank was concerned didn’t deserve to be single.

“Hell, if you shut up about the guy I’ll find out if he’s single for ya!” shouted Hank.


“Debbie’s dad’s a cop, he’ll tell me.”


“Now shut the hell up about pecs, six packs and hot ass.”

“I’m not embarrassing ya, am I Hank?” winked Krista.

Moments later he pulled into the Chillis parking lot. It was time for Hank to have his fun. He could listen to Krista yacking on as she stuffed herself with fajitas any day of the week. As long as the gal worked for Hills Autoplex that ass wasn’t getting any smaller.

Late afternoon and Vickie Wooton was sat at her desk. She had a corner office that overlooked the expansive parking lot of her successful gym. Founding Activ8 ten years previous she’d grown it into THE upscale gym in Wichita Falls. All the soccer moms, office workers, professionals, rich seniors and the like called in and dutifully paid their $75 monthly subscriptions. The when you added in all the training classes, vending machines, spa treatments and coffee shop you had a thriving business.

It helped that Vickie was a toned, fit red head with picture perfect looks. Every time the local press wanted a successful female businessperson to talk to they went to Vickie. Her picture was always in the Enquirer and she regularly appeared on local news. Over time she’d become a mini-celebrity. None of which was making her feel good at that exact moment. Her idiot girlfriend, Taylor, had moved out of Vickie’s smart condo and wasn’t answering calls. The spat had begun after Taylor’s pug puppy, Gonzo, chewed up one of Vickie’s spikey red wigs. Mad as hell Vickie had lashed out at the dog and Taylor had stormed out. At first Vickie had been glad to be shut of the bimbo and her dog. Now she was missing Taylor.

Reaching for her desk phone Vickie punched a number in from memory; Taylor’s cell phone. Two rings and the line went dead.

“Bitch!” snapped Vickie.

Then the desk phone rang. Anxiously Vickie grabbed the phone; maybe Taylor was calling her back? That made sense! Taylor was naturally happy go lucky and wouldn’t stay mad forever. Hell, in Vickie’s experience she was too dumb to remember what she was mad about.

“Yes,” said Vickie.

“Hey, is that Vickie Wooton speaking?” said a chirpy, friendly but unfamiliar female voice.

“Yeah” snarled an irritated Vickie. It wasn’t Taylor and this sounded suspiciously like a sales call.

“Awesome! I’m Krista Vaughan and I’m calling from…”

Vickie cut her off.

“How did you get this number? I’m off any crappy sales databases so it better be good or your gonna hear from my lawyer,” snapped Vickie, enjoying letting out some of the frustrations. This was just the sort of stupid ass phone call she could imagine Taylor making in her crappy sales job.

There was a pause before Krista regrouped and said:

“I work for Hills Auto Group and my boss, Hank Hill, gave me your number. I’m totally sorry if your busy and I can call back some other time? But we have this awesome promotion we’re runnin’ called ‘Loyalty Trac’ where we can cross sell and up sell your product as part of the fantastic package we offer our customers, vendors and strategic partners like Napa, Subway and GM. Our Loyalty Trac plan is market leading and provides ya with a constant pipleline of…”

Rolling her eyes Vickie listened to the sales crap; this woman could talk a mile a minute. Vickie knew who Hank Hill was. If she was a mini celebrity he was a full on major league. Football star turned businessman he was the face of Wichita Falls business. Not only did he own Hills Auto Group but a load of Subways, a Napa franchise and a few car washes. Along way from Bill Gates or Warren Buffet but a big deal in a small town. Whatever this Loyalty Trac crap was Vickie figured it was worth talking about just to get in with Hank. When Krista finally paused for breath, Vickie said:

“Okay, I get it. You want to meet and talk me through it?”

“Sure thing!” exclaimed Krista “you’ll be amazed by the benefits and…”

“When do you want to meet?” cut in an irritated Vickie.

“Ummmm…I can do tomorrow at….ummmmm….ten?”

“Fine. You’re in my diary. Now quit wasting my time.”

At that Vickie hung up.

Across town Krista replaced the headset, clicked on the Outlook diary icon and booked Vickie Wooton in for 10am. She liked meetings at 10am. That meant she had another hour or so in bed and got a bit more time with her eight and six year olds; Hunter and Megan. Glancing across her desk Krista looked at the portrait that held centre stage. Still she couldn’t quite believe her ex-husband had walked out on all that. Krista loved her kids more than anything.

“How’s the Loyalty Trac promotion going?” asked Hank Hill as he walked past.

Looking up from the family photograph Krista smiled:


“How many meetings booked?”


“Cool” nodded Hank “by the way I found the goods out about your Chippendale cop.”

“Oh lordy!” gasped Krista “tell me!!”

“Get another two Loyalty Trac appointments booked and I’ll spill the beans.”

“Hank!! Please tell me!!!”

“Two more appointments.”

He walked away. Krista bit her lips and watched; she wished Hank Hill wasn’t married. He was hot in the cocky, ex jock turned businessman way. Then she thought back to Ranger, the cop. Crossing her legs she felt herself get a little hot and bothered. He was totally hot. Then she turned back to her computer screen; it was time for the next appointment.

5.30pm rolled around and Sales Director, Colt Henderson, had timed his departure to run directly alongside Krista Vaughan. It was no coincidence that he was a few steps behind as she exited the dealership. When Krista had first started at Hills, the usually skinny chick loving Colt hadn’t paid her much attention. But over time he’d developed a crush. True, the spikey haired blonde was fat and as she made her way across the parking lot her wiggling walk combined a waddle as well. Unlike many women who got fat Krista hadn’t let herself go; she was always sexily dressed, perfectly made up, funky hair do, tall heels and the works. All added up she was the hottest fat chick Colt had ever seen.

For the first time in his life, however, it wasn’t just looks that had Colt chasing. He really liked Krista the person. She was always chirpy, happy, funny and laughed at just about everything and anything. Downside was she just kept talking and half of it was total crap but that was way better then the standard bitchy chicks Colt chased. There was a kooky religious side but Colt figured he could live with that. So, always a man of action, Colt Henderson was going to go for a date.

“Hey Krista!” said Colt “you got a minute?”.

Krista glanced at her wristwatch.

“Ummm…sure but I’ve gotta pick Hunter and Megan up from daycare.”

“Sure,” nodded Colt “you know I got VIP suite tickets for that IndyCar race down at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend?”

“Yeah,” nodded Krista.

“It’ll be one hell of a race. The first dual IndyCar races in one night, pit passes and we get to watch from one of the suites. It’ll be awesome let me tell you!!”

“Okay” nodded Krista again.

“I got two tickets and wanted to ask you to come with.”

Biting her glossy lip Krista thought. At work Colt was her direct boss so that made things complicated. Plus he reminded her a lot of her ex husband. Not in that he was a jerk but they looked alike; ex jocks who were losing the pumped up figure that attracted her in the first place. Then there was the complication of who would look after her kids Saturday night.

“Ummm…thanks sooooooo much for the offer” replied Krista “but I gotta think about it, okay?”

Disappointed Colt nodded:


“I’ve gotta think about a babysitter cos mom and dad are down in Florida over the weekend and I’ve never been to a what’s it race?”



Collecting himself Colt recognized a polite rejection when he got one. With Krista as an employee he didn’t want to push too hard. Let her think it through. But he wasn’t going to back down yet; this one might be a keeper.

“No sweat, it’ll be awesome but you think it through,” he said with a wink “it’d be cool to have the hottest chick round here hangin’ out with me.”

A broad smile flashed across Krista’s face. Compliments were always the way to her heart.

“You think I’m hot?” she laughed.

“Hell yea!”

“I think I’m fat” pouted Krista.

Stepping in a little closer Colt ran a hand around her bulbous posterior and squeezed. Her butt was a big round jello bubble held firm by a pair a ready to pop Spanx. She didn’t push him back.

“You’ve got some killer curves for sure” chuckled Colt before stepping away.

“So curvy’s not fat?”

“Not for this ol boy,” replied Colt “you think about Saturday and let me know.”

“Sure thing,” nodded Krista.

Stepping up into her SUV she waved at Colt before turning the ignition key and pulling out of the lot. It was nice to have a decent guy chasing her. Colt, imagined Krista, would have been a total hottie in his baseball playing prime, but in his late thirties those days were behind. Glancing down at her own porked up figure Krista smiled ruefully. Her own cheerleading prime was well past her. Maybe it was crazy to be even thinking about buffed up younger guys like Ranger the cop? Maybe Colt would work out much better? Whatever, it was a nice problem to puzzle over.

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