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Pajiba.com is fed up with the fatty-bashing

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May 16, 2006
Interesting trend on the super-snarky movie-review and cultural commentary site www.Pajiba.com: They (or one or two of the writers at any rate) seem to be calling society out for it's despicable and unabashed fat-bashing.

It's nice to see a non-fat-related forum acknowledging that fat people have been designated the last group toward which it remains socially and politically acceptable to mock, oppress and talk down to.

See their most recent "list" (they do a lot of lists): The Five Most Offensive Fat Movies. For example, number 3 reads:

3. Shallow Hal: This is another movie that’s actually doubly offensive, because it purports to offer some sort of sympathetic insight into a fat person’s psyche, all the while suggesting that beauty is on the inside, and beauty is, of course, exemplified by a rail-thin Gwyneth Paltrow. The audience is comfortable with the notion that obesity is OK, so long as they understand that Paltrow is underneath the fat suit; I wonder how well the conceit would’ve worked if they’d actually cast an honest-to-goodness overweight person?

Also, might want to check out their review of the cringingly offensive upcoming fox show, "More to Love", here (some of the chicks on that show are cute though, right?)

Anyway. Thought it might be interesting reading for some of us here.

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