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Penis chopping lauded on women's chat show. Sharon Osborne mad for it.

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Exile from Main Board
Dec 26, 2007
It's hard to watch this without feeling like you've stepped into the Twilight Zone. On this ?light entertainment? show a panel of women discuss the real-life actions of another (not Bobbit) criminal woman who cut off her sleeping man's dick and dropped it into a garbage disposal. As far as we can tell from the show this was a premeditated act on the part of the mutilator.

Sharon Osborne waxes at length about how "fabulous" it is. No, really.
And everybody in the audience laughs along. It's gobsmacking.

Leah Remini doesn't look amused, and actually tries to tone it down, but then goes on to say that there is "one crime" that might cause her to act similarly.

Kudos to Sarah Gilbert who swims against the tide, by getting serious and pointing out that if it was a woman who had her breast cut off, they wouldn't be joking about it.

She's hushed up by Sharon saying "oh, but that's different".

A really startling display of misandry on TV, especially on Sharon Osborne's part.