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Madeline Maple

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Jun 16, 2009
July 29, 2012

Stan marveled at the thick green oak trees perfectly manicured along the suburban streets of West Fargo. Reaching for the air conditioner he realized it was already blasting as much cold air as possible. The long, humid summer days almost made him forget last winter. And to think that he thought Iowa winters were tough.

Franny took the car most days, driving Stan to and from work. Exactly what she did during the day he wasn't sure. She was always running errands, going to the grocery store, mostly. And she always seemed extremely busy. As if she tried to do whatever she could to avoid working on her writing.

On the days when Franny didn't have the car, he knew what he'd find when he got home. Franny would be on the couch with the TV tuned to some Food Network show or maybe Top Chef, but she wouldn't really be watching. Instead she would be scanning through Tumblrs or browsing through Tweets or doing some other mindless social media task.

Stan worried that she got just enough free time at home that she never got sufficiently bored to start back on her writing. He tried sometimes to make up excuses to take the car in the hope of motivating her to get back to work, but she always had an excuse of her own to drive. And honestly, Stan was never good at saying no to Franny anyway.

He was pretty sure Franny hadn't written anything longer than an Instagram caption since they moved to West Fargo last year. Every once in a while he'd ask about her writing and try to sound cheerful. He just knew how happy writing made her, and he hated to see his wife anything less than 100% happy. She was so good at the Iowa writing program. Everyone loved her stuff, and Stan expected she'd get a big book deal within a year of graduating.

But to get a book deal requires an author to send in a manuscript. And Franny never seemed to finish anything, at least never anything that lived up to her own outrageously high standards.

The windshield wipers wiped away the first drops of the rain shower everyone had been saying would come for the past few days. Maybe the rain will cut down on all this oppressive humidity, he thought to himself.

He thought again about Franny's writing, or lack thereof. She did some writing for the two classes she taught at the community college. Sure, she only wrote emails to students and brief explanations for the grades she gave. But at least it was something. Stan was glad that Franny had something in her life that related to writing, even if it didn't require her to do much of her own work.

When they first moved to Fargo, Franny talked a lot about getting a job in addition to her part-time teaching. But Stan talked her out of it for two reasons. First, he wanted her to have time to write, and second, because he got a big raise with the move so they didn't need the additional income. Franny was happy to comply, full of the best intentions of realizing her dream of becoming a professional writer.

Stan turned onto the street where they lived which looked pretty much the same as the dozen or so other streets in the subdivision. He didn't mind the new construction homes that all looked nearly identical. Each one was full of drywall between rooms with a wet bar in the basement.

Franny found the suburban homes lacking in character. Stan had to admit that suburban life took some getting used to. There was no sound at night other than the crickets, and the neighbors seemed nice but not friendly.

The door to the garage creaked as Stan entered the house, and as usual he headed straight to Franny. As predicted she was lounging on the couch with her laptop. Stan loved coming home to Franny every night. He never took for granted the heavenly body in his midst.

Franny sat with a computer perched atop her bulging belly. Stan always loved his wife's wide hips and fat legs, but as she grew heavier, he appreciated the subtle changes to her shape. The belly, for example, was a relatively new development. It hung over the edge of the stretched out elastic waistband of her underwear.

The only other piece of clothing she wore was a triple XL t-shirt made of distressed cotton. Through the thin fabric Stan saw the curve of her breasts as they hung to the sides of the upper curve of her belly.

Stan felt the cold central air, and knew they had to blast the air conditioner to keep Franny from feeling overheated. Her natural insulation kept her warm in winter but overheated in the summer.

His eyes quickly traced the contours of her lovely legs that rested naked and fully extended out from beneath her stomach. Franny's hips spread out to her sides and formed lovely curves that blended to the flowing fat that clung to her heavy thighs.

Stan paid particular attention to a fold of fat that hung on the outside of Franny's lower thigh and rested on her upper calf. He had noticed it before, but it looked bigger than he remembered.

Stan knew Franny had gained almost exactly thirty pounds since they moved last year to the Fargo suburbs. He was now able to track his wife's weight thanks to a new scale they bought right before they moved.

The purchase made sense since the old scale maxed out at 500 pounds. Stan suggested the one they bought. He wasn't sure if Franny even knew the scale had a small memory card that stored the last few weights. Every once in a while he'd check the scale and keep tabs on Franny's growth. She weighed herself surprisingly often, so these days Stan always knew his wife's weight within a few pounds.

At 520 pounds Franny still got around pretty well, and given the large amounts she ate, he figured that her active lifestyle probably kept her from gaining even more.

Seeing his wife made him immediately excited, but he knew to bide his time. Their nightly ritual was always sensuous and fulfilling to both partners.

"How was your day, baby?" Stan kissed his wife on the top of her head.

Not taking her eyes off the laptop she replied, "Not too bad...uneventful."

Franny then closed the laptop and set it aside. She held out her hands, waiting for her husband to help pull her off the sofa. Instead Stan asked, "Can I get you anything, baby?"

Franny smiled and reached for her laptop. "Can I get some chips to tide me over until dinner?"

"You got it." Stan walked over to the open plan kitchen and retrieved a large bag of Ruffles. "We're having spaghetti tonight," he called out.

Stan opened the bag and handed it to his wife. "Spaghetti sounds good to me," she said while crunching on a potato chip.

The pasta was quick to cook, and the meatballs and marinara Stan had prepared the weekend before. In a short time Stan joined Franny on the couch, handing her a large bowl of food. He noticed that the bag of Ruffles was already empty yet Franny dug into the spaghetti with her customary vigor. Stan had barely eaten a few small bites before Franny asked for more, and he was happy to comply.

Madeline Maple

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Jun 16, 2009
June 19, 2013

Franny moved the seat forward so she could touch the pedals and gently rubbed the top of her belly as it pressed lightly against the bottom of the steering wheel. Her breathing slowed as she got over the exertion of climbing into the car. It pleased her to feel how soft her belly had become.

She couldn't believe she'd already lived in Fargo for two years. Her Iowa license was about to expire, so she figured it was finally time to get one for North Dakota. She'd been putting it off, somehow hoping the move was temporary. A license seemed more permanent than she wanted North Dakota to be in her life.

Franny pulled out of the driveway and headed to the DMV. She thought about the email she recently received from someone at the college where she taught a couple of writing classes every semester. They wanted her to start teaching classes online instead of showing up in person.

On the one hand, the online classes paid the same amount and gave her more control over her work schedule. On the other hand, she couldn't shake the thought that the request for her to teach online was related to her weight gain.

Just a few weeks ago, one of the people in charge came to see her teach. She thought she did a fine job, and she got a positive review. However, it was clear to Franny that her size caught the person off guard. There was even a line in her review letter about how her teaching was "surprisingly energetic." What was so surprising about that? She had thought.

Franny hoped she was being paranoid, but she wondered if she was asked to teach online classes because they thought she was too fat to teach in a regular classroom. Franny knew the world was prejudiced against fat people and especially against people as big as her. But she didn't want to live her life assuming everything in her life had to do with her size.

Franny decided she would try to be positive and think about the online teaching as a challenge with added convenience.

As she pulled into the DMV parking lot and took note of all the other cars she thought, This place looks busy. It's gonna take forever. She let out a long sigh. Franny planned to get there right when it opened, but on the way she passed a Denny's and decided it was time for a grand slam breakfast, despite the fact she had already eaten a pretty sizable feast before leaving home.

Franny pushed her seat as far back as it could go to get out of the car. Half pulling half lifting she managed to get one leg out. She then wiggled her rear end to the edge of the seat. Again through a combination of pulling and lifting she got the other leg out. After pausing for a minute to catch her breath, she heaved herself into a standing position and began lumbering her way into the DMV.

The place was crowded, full of long lines and short tempers. Franny checked in at the front desk and prepared herself to wait a while before her number was called.

It wasn't more than a minute before her legs were pleading with her to sit. Franny noticed an unoccupied seat in the waiting room, but there was no way on earth she would fit into it. Luckily, a man seated next to the empty seat noticed Franny's situation and offered her his place.

Even with two seats it was a tight fit for Franny's hips. She squeezed into the space knowing that she was rubbing against the people on either side, but she had no choice. There was no way she was going to stand for as long as it took to have her number called.

At least I only have to do the eye test, she thought. When Stan did this last year he was randomly selected for a written test and a driving test, so as annoying as it was to be waiting at the DMV, she thought it could be worse.

Just when Franny was starting to wonder if she'd be at the DMV all day, her number came up. With nothing to support herself on either side, Franny had trouble getting out of her double seat, but she managed. She had now lived for many years as a supersized person, and she found ways to cope with environments not built for her.

Franny waddled to the counter wishing she would soon be finished with the whole ordeal. She tried to ignore the clerk's reaction as she approached. The skinny girl behind the counter looked astonished when she saw Franny. It was something she had grown used to. It's not everyday you see a 550 pound person. Franny just wished more people would hide their surprise.

The clerk finally pulled herself together enough to ask for her paperwork, and Franny handed it over with a smile. She may look at me like I'm a freak, Franny thought, but I'm gonna kill her with kindness.

The woman looked over the papers and then excused herself for a minute. Franny felt a bead of sweat trickle down the side of her face as she saw the clerk confer with a middle aged man dressed in a striped button down shirt and suspenders. Franny checked her phone for messages and tried not to think about the discomfort building in her knees as she continued to stand.

After a few minutes the clerk returned and started giving her directions on where to take her car for the driving test. Franny interrupted, "Hold on, what driving test?"

The woman pointed to her paperwork. Sure enough, next to where it read "eye exam required," someone had stamped in red "drivers test required."

Her face felt hot as Franny exclaimed, "That wasn't there before. What happened?"

"Ma'am," the clerk took on a slow condescending tone, "your paperwork requires you to pass a driving test."

Franny took a deep breath and stared straight into the skinny clerk's eyes. "Number one, don't talk to me like I'm a child. Number two, I demand to speak to your supervisor."

The clerk, looking sheepish, quickly turned around and disappeared into a back office. When she came back she was joined by the man in suspenders. "Can I help you, ma'am?" He said this with a fake smile plastered to his face.

"Why did my papers get stamped with this?!" Franny pointed to the stamp, smudging the fresh red ink.

The man in suspenders maintained his smile. "Well, ma'am, North Dakota state law gives us the right to require driving tests for any applicant who may appear unable to operate a moving vehicle."

Franny just looked at the man. She kept expecting him to continue, but she finally realized he was done speaking. Dumbfounded Franny managed to ask, "Are you saying that I appear unable to operate a moving vehicle?"

"Well, ma'am, it's just...your size..." The man didn't finish the sentence and just kept staring at Franny with that same dumb smile.

"How the hell do you think I got here? Of course I'm able to operate a moving vehicle."

The man and his smile just stared back in silence.

Franny quickly considered her options. She could raise hell, threaten a lawsuit, and name drop the ACLU. On the other hand, she could just suck it up, take the test, and consider this another micro aggression from the fat hating world. The pain in her knees helped her decide against the hell raising option.

"Fine!" She said. "What do I do?"

The man in suspenders directed Franny to pull her car around to the back of the building. Franny slowly backed away from the counter, and as she was turning toward the exit, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man in suspenders talking with a man wearing a long beard and cowboy hat. Franny couldn't be sure, but she thought they were pointing in her direction.

For twenty minutes Franny sat in her car waiting. Thank goodness she had stashed a Snickers bar in her purse to tide her over. Finally she heard a knock on the passenger side. The man with the cowboy hat and beard motioned for her to unlock the door.

He sat down and without making eye contact delivered a rote monologue about the rules for the test. Franny thought it seemed pretty straight forward. It boiled down to staying left of the traffic cones and doing what the man said.

He stroked his beard a couple of times and then ordered her to start driving. Franny complied, but as soon as she inched the car forward he told her to stop.

Again without making eye contact he said, "Please make adjustments so the steering wheel is unobstructed."

Franny noticed that the top of her belly pressed lightly on the steering wheel, mostly because her giant rear ended pushed her body forward in the seat.

Stopping the car, Franny moved her seat back a little, but it was almost impossible for her feet to reach the peddles. She pushed herself back against the seat, sucked in her stomach as much as possible, and inched the seat forward so she could again touch the pedals. She was feeling scared now, but she hoped that if she were careful she could keep her belly out of the way.

The car inched forward, and Franny thought her tummy wasn't rubbing the wheel, but it was difficult for her to tell and still concentrate on the test.

About halfway through she noticed her body had slouched down such that she was pretty sure her belly was again pressed into the steering wheel. She tried to make adjustments, but it was impossible to do it while driving. She briefly considered stopping again and seeing if she could slide back up the seat enough to keep her belly out of the way, but by that time the test was almost over, and it looked to Franny that she hadn't made any mistakes so she thought it didn't matter anyway.

She pulled the car to a stop behind the DMV, feeling relieved that she did so well. The man made notations on his clipboard and handed a form to Franny.

"You can retake the test up to three times per month with at least twenty four hours in between retakes." He then started to get out of the car.

"Wait!" Feeling frantic now, Franny almost grabbed the man's sleeve to keep him from leaving.

"Yes?" The man spoke while still not looking directly at Franny.

"Did I make mistakes?"

"The vehicle's operation was obstructed, ma'am." The man read his copy of the form as if that explained everything there was to say.

Speechless Franny just stared at the man until he again started to leave.

"So what do I do now?!"

He let out a sigh and repeated, "You can retake the test up to three times per month with at least twenty four hours in between retakes." And after adjusting the brim of his hat he added, "For now you can get a state ID inside."

The man made a third attempt to leave and this time Franny didn't try to stop him. She just sat there, stunned, not quite believing what just happened. She realized that she didn't even have her Iowa driver's license. It was still good for a few more weeks, but you had to turn in an old license to apply for a new one.

Franny cried softly as she reached for her phone and called her husband to get a ride home.

Madeline Maple

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Jun 16, 2009
November 21, 2013

The wind howled through the tree outside the bathroom window as Stan spread shaving cream across his chin. Already fall seemed like a distant memory. He remembered November in Iowa and how the month still seemed like autumn. But November in Fargo meant an early arrival of a brutal winter.

Five months had passed since Franny lost her driver's license. At first Stan couldn't believe her stubbornness. Time and time again he implored her to get a new car, a big one that would allow her to fit behind the wheel. They both knew money wasn't a problem. Still she said no. When Stan pressed her she said she would just have to lose a few pounds and take the test again.

Stan was in shock. For as long as he'd known Franny she spoke as if she'd rather die than diet. And yet there she was planning to lose weight. At first he was pretty upset, hating the thought of his lovely wife shrinking before his very eyes.

After a few weeks Stan calmed down. It wasn't that he got used to the idea of a diet. Rather, Franny just didn't seem to be eating less, so Stan started to think she wasn't really serious. Oh, there was a day or two when she stopped at one sandwich or she restrained herself to a handful of potato chips. But since then Franny had been eating more than ever.

There was no public transportation in West Fargo and nothing in walking distance for regular sized people let alone for someone like Franny. Maybe once or twice she called a taxi to run errands. But pretty much everyday, while Stan was at work, Franny stayed at home.

Feeling sad about Franny being at home all the time, Stan went out of his way to take her places. They would do date nights at local restaurants on weeknights and on weekends they would go to stores, coffee shops, parks or just about anywhere to get Franny out of the house.

One night, after a couple of months of these frequent outings, Stan suggested going to a local burger place for dinner. But Franny asked if they could do a date night at home instead. Stan was happy to comply. He got take out from the burger place, brought it back to Franny, and they had a cozy night at home together.

After that a new tradition of "date night at home" was born. Franny didn't want to go out, and Stan didn't mind staying in. In fact, he grew to appreciate it because it left his wife with more energy after they turned out the lights.

Stan knew groceries were delivered almost daily, and he would often notice the remnants of huge snack food binges when he took out the trash. It was clear that Franny was eating more and moving less, and this lifestyle change had an immediate impact on her weight.

Thanks to Franny's frequent weigh ins and the scale with a memory card, Stan knew she was up to 575. That was a twenty-five pound gain in five months. Stan was pretty sure Franny was now gaining faster than ever, and the mere thought of this made him undeniably excited.

The aftershave splashed on Stan's cheek as he heard Franny call his name. He entered the living room and saw his wife struggling to wedge her feet into a pair of shoes.

"Will you slip these on for me, Stanley?"

He bent on one knee and lifted one of Franny's feet. He felt the heft of her massive calf and marveled at her silky skin that bulged and then tapered to her tiny foot. Stan loved tracing the finely shaped arc from the base of her leg to the top of her foot.

Franny's legs amazed Stan. He often wondered how something could have such delicate features yet have such girth.

Stan noted the creases around Franny's knee and the large fat folds that had developed over her thighs. He felt himself getting too excited so he focused enough to finish putting on Franny's shoes.

Stan gave a little kiss to one of Franny's well-padded knees as he stood. "You still want to stock up for our Thanksgiving feast?"

"You bet!" Motioning to the front closet Franny said, "Could you grab my winter coat?"

He did as he was told and retrieved the long black wool garment from the far side of the rack. It didn't look like it had been worn since last season.

She held out her hands to Stan and the two went through the motions necessary to get Franny on her feet.

Stan helped Franny into the winter coat. He remembered it hanging a bit loose on her, but now it looked tight. There was no way she'd get it buttoned, and she didn't even bother to try and instead started shuffling toward the door to the garage.

Springing into action Stan rushed past Franny to open the door and and help her take the half step down to the garage floor. He then opened the passenger's side door and helped ease her down into the seat. He reached for Franny's left leg to help lift it inside, but she stopped him with a motion of her hand. Stan knew that meant she needed a minute to rest.

As they drove through their subdivision, Stan used the opportunity to learn about his wife's recent efforts. He knew she had been diving into several writing projects as of late. It seemed that her accelerated passion for eating mirrored her renewed interest in her own writing.

"I'm almost ready to send out the proposal!" She replied.

"The manuscript from your MFA thesis?"


"That's awesome, baby." Stan smiled. He knew Franny would get back to writing sooner or later, but he was starting to think it would be later (and later and later).

"And I'm working on something new."

"Oh?" Stan was intrigued.

"Well, I'm really getting into this online teaching." Franny spoke rapidly. It was obvious that she was excited by her idea. "But there just isn't that much out there in terms of resources."

"So you are writing about online teaching?"

"Yes and no," she replied. "It's taking the form of a blog so far." Franny tucked her hair behind her ears. "I write about my experience in online teaching and sometimes I share teaching tips."

"That sounds really promising," Stan encouraged.

"Me, too." They pulled into the grocery store parking lot as Franny continued. "And it's already getting tons of hits. It's pretty exciting!"

Stan and Franny slowly made their way from the car. Once inside the grocery store Stan helped Franny into one of the motorized scooters. She had been using them for years so she could shop without getting winded. They chose this particular store because their scooters were sturdy and large enough to accommodate Franny's hips. Stan loved to hold his wife's hand while she scooted alongside.

It had been a while since they shopped for groceries together. Franny seemed to point to everything on the shelves to go into their cart. They hadn't even shopped for the actual Thanksgiving meal before the first cart was full. Stan parked it by the registers and they started filling a second one.

Stan passed a rack of sunglasses and for fun he donned a pair of Rayban lookalikes. Franny burst out laughing at the sight of her dorky husband wearing such hip shades.

They took their own sweet time perusing the aisles. In fact they spent such a long time shopping that, on Franny's suggestion, Stan replaced the ice cream in the first cart in case it would melt before they got home.

After checkout they had two shopping carts piled high with groceries. Stan was glad they had splurged and bought a second freezer to keep in the garage.

"Sit tight, baby," he said. "I'll load these and be right back."

Franny smiled in response, but Stan could tell she was uncomfortable. He knew she had been sitting on that small scooter seat for a long time, and she was used to the heavy padding of their living room couch.

It wasn't easy getting all the groceries to fit, but he managed. By the time he returned, Franny looked impatient. Stan saw it in her knitted brow and lack of eye contact.

Standing next to his wife Stan put one hand under her arm and the other on her lower back, ready to help her stand. Franny leaned back and tried to propel herself up and out of the scooter. She made it only about an inch off the seat before flopping back down.

After several more attempts Franny was nowhere closer to standing up.

Stan was about ready to ask for help when he tried pulling her up from the front. That finally got her standing. He held her close as she carefully swung one of her thick legs over the base of the scooter.

Clearly the effort of getting out of the scooter exhausted her. She didn't even have to ask, but they both knew she needed to sit on the stone bench outside the store so Stan could pull the car around.

When they got home Franny collapsed onto the couch. She fell into a deep sleep but not before eating a box of cookies and two canisters of Pringles. She awoke several hours later ready for her first meal of the evening.

Madeline Maple

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Jun 16, 2009
January 3, 2014

Franny stared briefly at the red digits. "585," she read. Bracing her hand against the bedroom wall she stepped carefully off the scale.

Ever since her trip to the grocery store she hadn't been feeling that steady on her feet. So she just took it easy as she waddled around the house. She'd put a hand on a wall or on a piece of furniture as she went along. She was never really in a hurry. Only her need to sit down and give her body a break motivated her to quicken the pace at times.

Before leaving the bedroom she glanced out the window. Glistening icicles clung like stalactites. Yet another storm had dumped a few inches of snow on top of the several feet already accumulated. Franny shuddered at the mere thought of being out in that cold. She was glad to be inside and to be heading toward the cozy living room couch.

After swinging by the kitchen to grab some snacks she was ready to rest. She eased her massive rear end into the couch, flopping down the final two or three inches. As was her regular routine she arranged her snacks and opened her laptop.

The number on the scale didn't really surprise her. She knew how much she was eating these days. Plus, it had only been a month since she last weighed herself and there wasn't much change. A five pound gain in one month would be extreme for most people, but ever since last summer it had become the norm for Franny.

She looked but didn't see her desktop image, a photo of the wedding cake Mrs. Dalloway baked for her. Instead she was lost in thought.

Franny was thinking that she loved to weigh herself. In particular, she loved to weigh herself at home, when Stan was at work, when she could be alone. Her recent change in appetite felt personal. As if she were learning more about herself with every pound she gained.

Franny put her laptop to the side and reached down to grab her belly from below. It wasn't easy to stretch that far, and she had to lean forward. And to think I barely had a little bulge of a belly when I was in the 300s, she thought. Her body was changing in radical ways, and she wanted to be sure to take time to appreciate it.

Her belly dropped a few inches as she slowly moved her hands closer to the sides of her hips. Always the biggest part of her, the hips poured out on either side. She could barely reach their edges without leaning over to touch one at a time. Franny smiled as she lightly caressed her soft features.

The stretch cotton house dress was all she'd been wearing for the past month or two. She had a few other things that probably still fit, but they would be tight and uncomfortable, and these days comfort was a top priority. So once or twice a week she'd just go naked for a couple of hours while Stan washed it. At night she didn't bother with pajamas. They just got in the way.

A grumbling stomach led Franny to reach for a bag of pretzels. It had only been an hour or two that she ate a huge breakfast Stan made for her. Even a six egg omelet, several slices of buttered toast, and a package of bacon was only enough to tide Franny over to mid-morning.

Returning to her laptop she checked in on her blog. Every day she gained more hits and more comments. Recently she chose to include small ads on the margin, and those were doing so well she was considering other ways to monetize her site.

She planned to post something later in the day. A few ideas swirled around in her head, but so far there was nothing she could grab onto. Franny wasn't worried. She'd figure it out. She always did.

Her email awaited, but she was dreading it. She had already put off responding to a request to teach another online class. With everything going so well with her blog and with her writing, she didn't have a lot of spare time. Still, they were offering her a class on literature, so she was intrigued.

Out of habit she pulled on her ponytail to make it tighter. She drew a deep breath and opened her email. She knew she would have to accept the offer of an additional class so why keep putting it off?

Expecting to see the email about the class she instead saw a new email from the literary agent she hired to help her with her manuscript. The subject line read "Offer in the Works!"

Franny's heart raced as she read through the email. It looked like a publisher wanted her novel. She felt like jumping for joy but settled for raising her arms in the air and giving a spirited "Yay!" Ripples rang through the hanging flesh of her upper arms.

She cast away the empty bag of pretzels and reached for a package of Chips Ahoy as she grabbed her phone to give Stan the good news. Franny was already imagining the meal they would have to celebrate.

Madeline Maple

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Jun 16, 2009
June 27, 2014

The edges of the pancake bubbled as Stan held his spatula at the ready. He surveyed his stovetop, observing the bacon, grits, and sausages that occupied the other three burners. The coffeemaker dripped black drops into the pot below, and Stan knew smells were wafting back to the bedroom. Won't be long now, he thought. Bubbles formed in the center of the pancake, and he flipped it with ease. He'd had a lot of practice as of late. These big breakfasts used to be weekend treats, but these days they were routine.


Stan jumped at hearing his wife's voice. He rushed to the bedroom and smiled as Franny rubbed her eyes and yawned.

"It's almost ready," Stan said as he absentmindedly picked up the empty "value size" bag of M&Ms on the floor by the bed, a remnant of a midnight snack he'd left for Franny before he went to sleep.

"Do you want me to bring it to you here, or do you want to get up?"

It was a daily question he asked, and Stan noticed with more and more frequency that Franny was opting to spend the morning in bed. But today Stan guessed she would get up for breakfast, and he was right. He watched his wife swing her fleshy arms from right to left to help build momentum to propel her large legs toward the edge of the bed.

Stan held up a finger, saying "be right back." He rushed back to the kitchen and turned the burners on low. By the time he returned, Franny had worked herself to the edge of the bed with her left leg dangling off the side. Stan helped pull his wife to a seated position and slowly rubbed her back as she caught her breath.

"You ready?"

Franny answered with a quick nod, and Stan held out his hands to help steady his wife as she stood and with quick, short steps slowly waddled toward the living room couch.

Stan stole brief glances of his wife, watching her methodically make her way through the mounds of breakfast food he'd prepared. He smiled as he watched Franny eat a syrup-soaked sausage link in one bite.

After a while Franny's eating slowed. Stan was nibbling on a piece of toast as she asked, "When does her plane arrive?"

"11," Stan said as he put down the toast. "I'll have her here by 11:45...noon at the latest."

Franny slowly munched on a piece of bacon, lost in thought. After a minute, Stan spoke again, "Is there anything I should do to get things ready?" He stood and walked over to the kitchen. "I have the guest room all made up."

"Is my house dress clean?" Franny asked.

"It's all set and ready to go," he replied.

Stan had been anticipating this request. It had been more than a month since she wore her house dress, deciding instead to forego clothes altogether. All the grocery and food deliveries came in the evening, and Stan got them at the side door so no one saw her naked and so Franny didn't have to get up. It just seemed easier to go naked, and Stan didn't object since he always looked for a chance to see his expanding wife in all her glory.

On this day, Stan figured that his wife would want a little more modesty. He retrieved the large garment and presented it to Franny. He watched her run her fingers over the faded, stretched, floral print that had been the only clothes she'd worn for months before deciding to wear nothing at all.

Letting out a long sigh, Franny said, "Well, let's see how it goes."

Stan pulled his wife to her feet and helped steady her by gently pressing against the side of her voluminous hip. He pulled yard after yard of fabric over her head and slipped her arms through the armholes. Stan felt his wife grip his arm with an anxious squeeze, and he knew that was a sign that she'd soon need to sit down. The fabric bunched around Franny's midsection. Working quickly Stan pulled the fabric down, past his wife's enormous hips and thighs as the fabric stretched and strained. Miraculously, the dress remained intact.

Stan gave Franny a gentle pat as a sign she could sit down. She immediately flopped onto the couch to relieve her aching joints, and a soft ripping sound echoed through the apartment. Franny looked to her husband.

"How bad is it?" she asked.

Franny leaned forward. Stan lifted one of her hips and spied a long tear down the back of the dress, not even along one of the seams.

"To be could be better," he replied in a quiet voice.

"Well," Franny brushed away a strand of hair that had fallen out of her pony tail, "there's nothing to be done about it now."

Stan gave his wife a reassuring smile as he stroked her cheek.

"Anything else you need before I head to the airport?"

"No, that's it," Franny answered. "Thanks, sweetie." She flashed a kind, tired smile. Stan walked over and kissed his wife on her forehead.


The clock on the dashboard read "11:45" as Stan drove through the West Fargo suburb with his mother-in-law by his side. They exhausted their arsenal of small talk topics, and neither of them felt prepared to move on to more serious matters.

Stan could sense that Mrs. Steinfeld was worried about seeing her daughter again, and he knew she feared to find out how much weight Franny had gained. At least she knew better than to ask why her daughter wasn't there to greet her at the airport, he thought.

The car pulled to a stop in the garage, and Stan came around, opened the passenger side door, and offered his two hands to his mother-in-law to help pull her out of the seat. Mrs. Steinfeld still looked to be carrying a bit more than 400 pounds, but Stan noted how relatively small she looked to him since he was used to seeing Franny.

Stan watched from over his mother-in-law's shoulder as she entered the house and saw her daughter for the first time in three years. Stan knew that was roughly 120 pounds ago, and he had to admit that the recent weight gain to surpass 600 pounds had caused some dramatic changes.

Franny's hips remained her most outstanding feature, but the rest of her body was catching up. As she grew, boundaries were blurring between body parts.

It was no longer absolutely clear where the thighs stopped and the calves began, such was Franny's thick knees with folds of flesh that called attention away from the leg joints. Similarly, the definition between upper and lower arms was harder to discern. Franny's upper arms had developed a heavy, pendulous look with a crease of fat that folded over when she bent her elbow. The elbow itself was only visible as a dimple pulled deep within each fat laden arm.

If Mrs. Steinfeld was surprised by her daughter's transformation, she didn't show it. Rushing into the the room she draped her arms around her daughter's neck, and the two embraced for a long minute.

When Mrs. Steinfeld and Franny finished hugging, the two women sat in silence and smiled at each other. Mother and daughter shared an unspoken understanding, and Stan figured he would give them some time alone together.

As he turned to leave, Mrs. Steinfeld called out, "Oh, Stan? Please be a dear and get started on lunch." Franny's mom put a hand on her daughter's arm and said, "We are absolutely famished."


By dinnertime Franny had dispensed with the torn house dress. It seemed to Stan that his mother-in-law was handling her daughter's weight gain better than he expected, and Franny already seemed relaxed and happy to have her mother around.

It was actually Mrs. Steinfeld who noticed the tightness of the house dress and offered to help her daughter remove it. Stan noticed the grace and delicacy with which his mother-in-law handled her daughter's body. Mrs. Steinfeld let Franny do as much as possible, but she seemed to have an intuitive understanding of when an extremely fat person needed help. Stan made mental notes, diligently observing the caretaker techniques.

Stan expected they would keep up a pretense of modest meals while his mother-in-law visited, but after Mrs. Steinfeld asked for third helpings of the casserole he'd made for lunch, Stan decided to prepare a sizable feast for dinner.

Surveying the dinner table full of fried chicken, mashed potatoes with heavy butter, and an assortment of side dishes, Stan thought back to the incident that prompted the visit by Franny's mom.

It was a couple of months ago when a Skype call with Franny's sister led to the worst fight Stan had ever seen in his wife's family. Franny and Zoe hadn't seen each other since the wedding and had communicated only via brief texts and Facebook likes. Franny was tired of the tension and set up a Skype call to invite Zoe to visit. The call started bad and got worse.

Stan saw that Franny made an effort to frame only her face and shoulders, but Zoe immediately saw how much weight Franny had gained. In fact, it was easy to tell with Franny's fuller cheeks and added padding around the chins and neck.

Zoe chastised her sister for "losing control." In turn, Franny accused her of being a fat shamer and being obsessed with weight as the only thing that matters about a person. Zoe responded by accusing Franny of being addicted to food and in desperate need of an intervention. The sisters yelled at each other for several minutes until Zoe declared that she was going to get their mother to come and "talk some sense" into Franny. Franny was so mad she slammed the laptop closed. Then, a few weeks later, Franny got a letter from her mother saying that she'd be coming for a visit.

Stan's thoughts returned to the present as he saw how both women's plates were piled high with chicken bones. Mrs. Steinfeld was leaning back in her chair and rubbing her sizeable stomach while Franny was slowly chewing through one of the fried chicken legs that remained uneaten.

In-between bites Franny looked right at her mom and asked point blank, "So...did Zoe send you here for an intervention like she promised?"

Stan watched his mother-in-law grow tense at the question. "Your sister means well," she finally managed to say.

Expecting another huge fight, Stan sat in silence and waited for the shouting to begin. Instead, Franny drew a deep breath and said, "I know she means well." She set down the food and licked her fingers before continuing. "It's just that if she cared so much about my well being why didn't she come and visit herself?"

Mrs. Steinfeld looked at her daughter and gave a small shrug.

"It's like she thinks extreme fatness is contagious," Franny said.

Mrs. Steinfeld reached forward as far as her own belly would allow and patted her daughter's pudgy hand.

It was clear to Stan that there would be no fights that night. After a minute or two he asked, "Who saved room for dessert?"

Both women knew it was a rhetorical question.


Mrs. Steinfeld sat in a kitchen chair, dish towel in hand, as Stan passed dripping dishes. Franny had retired to the bedroom to catch up on some grading as the two cleaned up.

After the mostly tension-free dinner Stan was keeping conversation light, but it soon became clear that Mrs. Steinfeld had something to say.

"You have a new responsibility now, Stan," she began.

He didn't quite know what she was talking about, but he nodded nonetheless.

Stan saw that his mother-in law was looking at him intently. "Franny is going to need you more and more in ways she won't even understand," she said.

He dragged a soapy sponge over a greasy platter as he waited for her to continue.

"When people get as big as Franny they often get afraid to ask for what they really need," said Mrs. Steinfeld.

Stan turned his head to show that he was paying serious attention, but he wrinkled his eyebrows to signal that he didn't quite follow.

Mrs. Steinfeld got the hint and waved her hand at him as if shooing a pesky fly. "Oh, they get very comfortable asking for things. They ask for help out of bed, to be given a glass of water, to have their hair washed. In fact, really heavy people have to ask for nearly everything." After a pause she added, "Believe me, I know."

Stan figured his mother-in-law must be thinking of her own grandmother, the happy, massively fat woman he saw in the photograph during their visit to Florida.

With a pensive look she continued, "When a person grows past a certain point they need love and attention, and judgment and criticism just makes things worse."

Stan nodded as he turned back to his sponge and platter.

"The thing is," Mrs. Steinfeld raised a finger to emphasize her point, "they get so used to asking for the little things that they have trouble asking for what's most important."

Stan handed over the platter now ready to be dried and asked, "What's so important that they have trouble asking for?"

Mrs. Steinfeld answered immediately, "Their dignity."

Stan stood thinking for a moment before he turned back to his mother-in-law. "How can I help?" He asked.

The large woman smiled as if she had been waiting a long time for the question. "First, I'll need some sheets, preferably with a nice print." Mrs. Steinfeld set down the platter and clapped her hands together. "Second, I'll need your sewing kit."


Stan woke to the strong smell of coffee. Looking over to a sleeping Franny he took a minute to admire the way her rounded shoulders gently rose and fell with her breath.

Taking care not to jostle the bed, he headed for the kitchen to find his mother-in-law sipping coffee perched over an iPad.

"About time you rolled out of bed," she said smiling. Stan saw that the clock on the microwave read "6:45."

Reaching for a mug of his own Stan saw a large blue and red shape covering the dining room table. He went for a closer look and saw it was a massive tent dress made of the sheets he provided the night before.

"What do you think?" Mrs. Steinfeld called out from the kitchen.

"Looks great!" Stan answered emphatically. He had to admit that the garment was impressive. It was sewn with beautiful sheets of a high thread count featuring ornate rose blossoms over a periwinkle background. The design was simple. It featured a flat front and back with reinforced shoulder straps at the top. He noticed that there were long pleats at each side that started small at the shoulders and grew tremendously wide at the base. It looked to Stan that this dress would actually fit Franny's hips and give her room to grow. Furthermore, each seam was triple-stitched so it would be hard to tear.

It looked to Stan like the dress was lovingly crafted by a mother for her daughter. He figured that Mrs. Steinfeld must have been awake half the night to finish so quickly, and he wondered how it would be received.

"Hey, Stan! Do you have a contractor you recommend?" Mrs. Steinfeld called out.

Stan returned to the kitchen and topped off his coffee.

"A contractor? Why?"

With a wide smile Mrs. Steinfeld said, "We've got a lot of work to do."

Stan took a big gulp of coffee and nodded silently.

"And we'll also need an engineer," his mother-in-law added.

"Um..." Stan was a loss for words but finally uttered, "An engineer, too?"

"But of course," Mrs. Steinfeld replied. "How else will we know which walls we can knock down?"

Stan's eyes bulged as he dropped his coffee mug.


The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity. Stan was impressed by the energy level of his 60 year old, 400 pound plus mother-in-law who never seemed to stop working. It probably helped that she was never without a cup of coffee in her hand.

Before noon Mrs. Steinfeld had a contractor come by to discuss widening doors to the bedroom and bathroom. She also pointed out places for handrails and the small steps that needed permanent slight incline ramps. But the main renovation was to make a large walk-in shower with an extra long nozzle and a reinforced seat.

Franny took the time to work, updating her blog, responding to student questions, and line editing one of her latest manuscripts. She only took a break for meals and snacked as usual throughout the day.

Before dinner an engineer came by and approved the demolishing of one of the bedroom walls. The plan was to make an extra large sliding glass door to make easy access to the outside and to give Franny a view of the garden and woods out back while she was lying in bed.

Stan could tell his mother-in-law was a little nervous when she presented the dress, but Franny took it graciously and immediately asked for help to try it on. The pleats kept the fabric from bunching too much or stretching, and by later in the day it was clear that the dress was a welcome addition.

Stan never knew his wife would want clothes, and he cursed himself a bit for not asking her. At the same time, he was so used to Franny asking for everything that it didn't dawn on him that he should anticipate her needs. He made a mental note to consider things more from her perspective.

By the end of the day, Stan was exhausted and his mother-in-law was already asleep in the guest room. He helped Franny out of her dress and eased her back into bed, positioning her supporting pillows with care.

He saw a curious look in his wife's eyes and asked, "What's on your mind?"

"I'm just thinking about how happy I am to have my mom here," Franny replied as she took a sip of water from a glass on the nightstand.

Stan smiled and tucked in a sheet around the bedside.

"And..." she added with a devilish grin, "I'm happy to have you here." Franny took her husband's hand and slowly pulled him in for a deep kiss.


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Aug 5, 2006
great story. I can see mom moving in and the author letting her expand for us older guys.

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Jun 16, 2009
June 3, 2016

"T minus 15 minutes!" Mrs. Steinfeld cried.

"I'm almost done with makeup!" Susie shouted as she smoothed eyeliner with the side of her thumb.

Franny's mom was running around trying to be helpful, but she was mostly just in the way. Franny noted that Stan had the good sense to stay to the side and let the spectacle unfold.

The conference production assistant put the finishing touches on the lighting design and turned her attention to clipping a microphone to Franny.

Her friend Susie came over with a mirror. "What do you think?"

Franny saw herself with her new makeup and hair style with a fancy new blouse courtesy of her mom's sewing skills. She looked good, and she felt like she could accomplish anything.

Handing the mirror back to Susie she said, "Thanks for helping me with all this."

Susie patted her friend on the shoulder. "It's not everyday you get asked to give the keynote speech for the National Association of Online Educators."

Franny smiled.

"And you'll have...what? 20,000 people from around the world watching you in a few minutes?" Susie added.

Franny glared at her friend. "Geez, Suze, way to take the pressure off."

Susie waved away her friend, "As if you couldn't handle the pressure." Susie smoothed the ruffles on Franny's blouse. "And what was your gig last week? Some other big shot deal?"

"You mean my call-in interview for NPR with Terry Gross?" Franny replied.

Susie gave her a dirty look. "Do you know how many writers would kill for the opportunity that you just mentioned like it was a dentist appointment?" Susie smiled, but Franny could tell that she was a little envious, and honestly Franny didn't blame her.

The past couple of years had been very good to Franny. Her second novel was published to even better sales and reviews than the first. Her online teaching blog was one of the most respected in the industry, and it was so successful that she had to hire a small staff to help handle the commercial applications and social media tie-ins.

The conference PA yelled, "We go live in one minute! Everybody out of the shot except for Franny."

Franny smiled to herself. At 730 pounds she couldn't get out of the shot in less than a minute if she tried. She looked down to her spreading hips and sweeping thighs and couldn't resist surreptitiously moving her fingers until she found the edge of one of her tummy rolls, pinching it softly. She loved being built for comfort not speed.

The PA counted down, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three..." and then mouthed the words "two" and "one" before pointing to Franny.

Franny saw a red light appear on the front of the camera. She smiled, gently released her tummy roll, and began her speech.


"You nailed it, girl!" Susie exclaimed as she squeezed Franny's arm.

Franny saw Stan smiling broadly as he walked into the bedroom carrying a large tray carrying an assortment of desserts. Her mom came over and gave her a big hug as everyone found space to sit on the bed around Franny.

Noticing the conference production assistant dismantle one of the lights, Franny spoke up. "That can wait. Please, join us."

The young woman turned and saw the tray full of food. "Don't mind if I do!" She licked her lips and grabbed an eclair.

Franny noticed small rolls of fat protruding from the young woman's sides. Those rolls won't stay small for long, Franny thought as she saw how the woman eagerly bit into her dessert.

"I love what you did to the place." Susie gestured to the large window with a screen door that let in soft natural light and a scenic view.

"That giant door might be big enough for both of us to squeeze through!" Susie chuckled as she grabbed the top of her pendulous belly that shook past her knees.

"Don't flatter yourself, girlfriend!" Franny said as she wagged her finger. "Maybe a few years ago we could've fit, but I think we've packed on too many pounds since then."

"You may be right." Susie leaned over and grabbed a brownie. "So what's next, Franny?" She took a little bite and continued, "Another book? More media appearances?"

Franny finished chewing as her mouth was full of profiterole. "Well first I gotta say thank you for importing Mrs. Dalloway's treats!" She gave a long sigh of contentment. "And to answer your question: it's all of the above."

Franny wiggled her toes and absently stroked the top of her hip through her blouse. "I'm making progress on the third novel, and next month I'm doing a virtual TED talk on the future of higher ed."

She grinned and raised her fleshy arms above her head. "The sky's the limit!"


Gripping the hallway railing with one hand and Stan's arm with the other, Franny made her way from bathroom to bedroom. She shuffled her feet as quickly as her tremendous body would allow.

As she made the turn and passed through the extra wide bedroom door, her husband said encouragingly, "Almost there, sweetie."

Franny let out a long sigh as Stan helped her sit on the edge of the bed. He slowly rubbed her back as she regained her breath.

Holding one hand on each hip, she looked down at the cascading folds of flab that hung from her belly to thighs to calves to feet. She thought that her body was a wonderful place full of mystery and variety. She felt the warmth of her husband's hand on her back, and she was glad to have him there to help enjoy what her massive body had become.

It took several minutes to get Franny in the right position where she felt comfortable to sleep. Once the ritual was complete, Stan sat on the edge of the bed with his feet dangling off the side.

"You did an amazing job with your speech, baby." He tenderly rubbed the edge of her flowing hip, so full of fat and bulging far from the rest of her body.

Franny smiled and enjoyed her husband's touch. "Susie got off alright?"

"On her way back to a Iowa," Stan confirmed.

"And mom?" Franny spoke with her eyes closed.

"Asleep in the guest room," Stan replied.

Franny felt the weight of her body sink into the soft surface below her. She loved the fact that she lay in the center of a giant bed yet her body was so large that it nearly filled the entire mattress. She felt powerful and safe, but more than that she felt sexy and sensuous.

She lifted her arm and watched the flab that hung low as her arm extended. She caressed the arm fat, feeling its weight beneath her fingers as she raised and lowered the hanging flesh. Franny noticed Stan watch as she played with her own body. She gave him an inviting look.

Stan smiled and moved closer. Franny slowly directed her husband's hand across her massive thigh down between her legs where she could no longer touch herself. She gently rocked her pelvis, a movement that was nearly imperceptible given the girth of her hips, but Stan sensed the rhythm and moved his fingers accordingly. Franny's breath quickened.


Flipping through a twitter feed, Franny munched on a donut careful not to get powdered sugar on her laptop.

"They are amazing, aren't they?" Mrs. Steinfeld replied while sitting on the edge of the bed. "Stan picked them up this morning from some mom and pop place that just opened."

"Just in time, too." Franny licked her lips. "I was going to scream if I ate another one of those gelatinous globs that pass for donuts at Dunkin'."

Mrs. Steinfeld quickly replied, "Oh your sister would agree! She always complains about Dunkin' Donuts."

Franny grew tense at the mention of her sister Zoe. Her mother noticed the change and looked at her daughter with compassion.

After a moment Franny spoke, "Did you invite her to come?"

Mrs. Steinfeld nodded.

"And what did she say?" Franny asked.

" know...this and that." Franny's mother tried to look busy and rubbed talcum powder under a fold of flesh on her daughter's thigh.

Franny opened her eyes really wide and spoke in a condescending tone, "No, I don't know. What did she say exactly?"

Mrs. Steinfeld looked at her daughter and said in a soft voice, "Zoe said she didn't want to see you in your condition."

Franny slowly closed her laptop and sat quietly. After a minute a couple of tears trickled down her soft cheeks. In a shaky voice she said, "We haven't even talked for two years."

"I know, sweetie." Mrs. Steinfeld moved closer and hugged her daughter as Franny's tears turned to sobs.

Mother and daughter held their embrace. Franny felt the hole in her heart where her sister used to be.

Mrs. Steinfeld used a tissue to dry her daughter's eyes. "I have an idea," she said.

Franny cocked an eyebrow.

"I think you should call Zoe." Franny's mom rummaged through her pocket and pulled out her phone. "Use my phone. She's sure to answer."

Slowly taking the phone from her mom she asked in disbelief, "You want me to call her now?"

"Well, why not?" Mrs. Steinfeld replied.

Franny sat for a while holding her mom's phone. Before she knew it the phone was ringing.

She heard a voice say, "Hey, mom, how's it going?"

Franny didn't reply.


Finally Franny mustered the courage to speak. "It's me," she managed.

Zoe didn't respond right away but finally said, "Hi Franny."

The two held an awkward silence until Franny spoke, "You haven't been returning my calls....or my Facebook messages...or my tweets..."

Zoe said nothing, but Franny continued, "I know it's because of my size." Franny drew a deep breath. "I know it's hard for you to see me get this fat."

Franny thought she might have heard the sound of muffled crying on the other end of the line, but Zoe still wasn't speaking.

Finally, Franny spoke, "Remember when you lost all that weight after that 'reality check' you had?"

Franny paused mostly for dramatic effect and went on. "We'll let me give you another reality check. I currently weigh 730 pounds, and I'll probably gain even more. I am very very fat, and it's a huge part of my life, no pun intended. I spend almost all of my time in bed, and I can barely stand without help. My husband takes care of me, and I haven't been out of the house beyond my backyard for three years."

Zoe was audibly crying now, but Franny was on a roll. "But you know what? Even with the weight I can honestly say I'm happy. I have a loving, devoted husband and a great sex life. And I have a thriving career. I assume you know about the books. And I'm highly respected in online teaching. I live a full life, even though I'm forced to live it from my bed."

Franny smiled to herself as she reflected on her current lifestyle. "And you know what, I also eat delicious food and by and large I don't feel guilty for what I put in my mouth."

The two women, separated by miles but connected through the phone, sat in silence. Franny drew another deep breath and continued. "But my life is incomplete because I don't have my sister."

At that Franny started crying again until she heard a soft voice say, "I'm so sorry, little sister."

Franny was overcome by surprise to hear Zoe apologize, and right away she was now crying tears of joy as she said, "I'm sorry, too, big sister."

The two sisters held onto the moment, and then Zoe spoke. "And there's something I have to admit."

Franny sat patiently waiting for her sister to speak.

"I'm a little jealous of you," Zoe said with a smile.

Franny blushed.


Franny types furiously on her laptop while her sister Zoe sits on the corner of the bed doing a crossword. One year has passed since the two sisters reconciled.

Zoe is visiting her sister for the second time in a year. She's slipped a bit from her constant dieting and carries a burgeoning belly. She's learned to let go of some self-hate and has even started dating a guy who admires her curves.

Franny continues on her career path. Her third novel, dedicated to her sister, is due next fall. Her weight gain is starting to plateaux, only adding twenty pounds to her 730 pound frame over the last year. She and Stan are closer than ever. It's not a perfect life, but it's her own.

Zoe looks up from her crossword. "Hey, Franny?"

Franny looks briefly at her sister while continuing to type, "Hey, what?" She says.

"The clue is 'chronically misunderstood.'" Zoe squints her eyes a little and looks to the ceiling. "Nine letters," she adds.

Franny raises her eyebrows and counts on her fingers.

She looks to Zoe and says, "Fat people?"

The two sisters smile in unison.


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Jun 16, 2009
Thanks to everyone who read Reality Check and thanks to those who left encouraging comments especially Dave the Brave. Big thanks also go to Conrad Blickenstorfer who's brought untold happiness into the world.



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Oct 6, 2005
Amazing story. Such a complete and unbiased portrayal. Thank you.


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Dec 21, 2007
What a wonderful, full story! I love the way the writing portrays a complicated nature of extreme fatness. It's more honest, and truthfully, hot.

Thanks for the shout-out MM! I can imagine a decent amount of time went into this, but I have to say I can't wait for the next one!


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This was wonderful. I look forward to more writing from you.

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