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Rudeness and clueless

Dimensions Magazine

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skinnie minnie

Well-Known Member
Feb 22, 2006
United states
I just want to relate a quick story of what I consider to be rudeness, possibly brought on by ignorance. Or maybe I'm being too kind and giving somebody the benifit of the doubt.
I am in a very loving long term relationship with who I consider to be my soulmate. A few days ago she and I were on our way home from a wedding and needed to stop at the local office supply chain store for a few things. Having just come from a wedding both my girl and I were dressed very formally. She especially so in a very tasteful knee length dress which showed her very large, what I consider to be, very sexy calves. She is a large, (weighing in the 260ish range at 5' 5") pearshaped lady with big legs and looks wonderful in heels. I thought she looked stunningly beautiful. One of many reasons I love her so much.
Well, we entered the store and as I went to the printer ink section, she went to look at things in another aisle. As I turned back from the racks of ink with my selection I noticed a young girl and young man standing behind the information counter and they were openly laughing at my lady as she was walking toward me. The young girl even going so far as to point at my lady's legs as she laughed. I am so sick of this kind of behavior and for the very first time ever, I confronted the perpetrators of this despicable act. All I said was, "Is there something you find funny? The two of them looked at me in complete shock as I walked over and took my fiance by the hand and walked to the checkout counter. I know it wasn't much, but the embarrassed looks on the faces of these two rude young people made the way my heart was pounding well worth it.

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