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Sex Question for BBWS and Men who have been with various sizes of women

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Green Eyed Fairy

Veteran of a 1000 Psychic Wars
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
I had a strange thing happen to me today and thought I should ask if others find it a normal/usual thought process.

I've been seeing a new man lately. We had sex earlier today. He got out of bed and asked if I need a wash cloth. He had offered me one after sex four times previously.
I've never asked for one but have always accepted this offer. He seemed to get upset this time and started making comments about things being different.
OF course, my next inquiry was to ask what he meant/was talking about. It turned into a long argument with comparisons to his ex wife and another woman he had seen before me. I told him I didn't appreciate the comparisons and that they are the "then" and I am the "now".
So it eventually came out that his ex-wife is only about 20 lbs over weight and all other women he was with weren't big but he has been with one other bbw, about my size now.
(218 lbs at 5'4" tall). The " other " bbw would ask him for a cloth after sex. His wife and other women did not. He seems to be relating the desire to clean his jizz off after sex as a "bbw thing".
So now I'm wondering, is he as nutty as I'm finding him to be or does this have some basis in fact?
I have decided to ask other BBWs and men who have been with smaller AND bigger ladies, is any of this true? Please share your experience, if you don't mind?

ETA: I'm also suspecting that the cloth discussion/complaint was covering for another issue.
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