Looking Single, mature 20s Male Feedee Looking for Love & a Female Feeder or Mutual Gainer

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May 7, 2014
Well since this thread has been implemented I may as well try my luck here.

Hello everyone! I'm a shy chubby guy just starting out gaining. I'm a quiet, kind person looking for a longterm relationship with a feeder or mutual gainer. Perferably somewhere in between 20-30 and in the US. But I'm flexible.

My current weight as of writing this is hovering around 190lbs, but ideally I'd like to be much bigger, maybe 300 or 400lbs. Yes, I'm aware of all the health issues but this is something I want for myself.

I'm sort of average with my interests being a little mundane, and I am an introvert so I prefer staying at home most of the time. I like to read fantasy and sci-fi, I love history, and I always enjoy a good movie or tv show to watch and cuddle up with. I enjoy video games as well.

Anyone interested feel free to contact me through PMs or (preferably, since I only log in occassionally) email, which is: feedthefatty2748@gmail.com

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