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Jun 24, 2015

By Blame Picasso

Two sisters decide to chase the affections of a young FA

BBW to SSBBW, Xwg, Xtreme Sexual situations

Author's Note: Anyone who has read my older work knows what to expect of me, I trust I will not disappoint!
Moderator's Note: Anyone who hasn't read BP's older work ... let's just say that you'll find most of them in the erotica archive. If you aren't comfortable with fairly extensive sexual content this may not be the story for you.

Chapter One

I met Paula Jacobs in high school, she sat behind me in homeroom for four straight years, and we ended up taking a lot of the same subjects. My name is Gordon Haskell. We were friends, nothing more for most of our time in school. We joked around, flirted a bit, she loved when I gave her back rubs and would often ask for one between classes. We didn't hang around outside of school though. She was a jock, I was the artist type. Paula wasn't a classic beauty, but she was cute in a tomboy, girl next door way. Makeup wasn't something she was interested in, I never saw in anything but jeans and t-shirts unless she was wearing sweatpants or shorts and a soccer jersey. She had a body though, that's no lie. Most guys might not agree with me, but I thought she was incredible, but I'm not like most guys.

Paula was short, only 5'1 and he legs were short and thick. Her thighs filled her jeans almost as well as her big mushroom shaped butt did. I'd estimate that her hips were 42 or 43 inches, and her waist was like 24 or 26, she had curves that a Porsche couldn't handle. Some guys and girls made comments behind her back when she wore yoga pants to school, I was mesmerized, in fact the first time I saw her in a pair of them I had to hide an erection behind my books as I walked to class. Her boobs were c-cups, I found that out just before we graduated, but I'm getting ahead of myself just a bit.

It was the last week before graduation, I was in homeroom waiting for the teacher come in and take attendance. I was tired and I stretched, reaching back blindly to where Paula sat right behind me. I'd done this before and normally I would brush against her hair and she would giggle as she hunched over her desk, or if she saw my hands coming, she would take them in hers. This time neither her hair nor her hands touched mine and I felt something soft brush against my fingers. I wiggled my fingers and Paula laughed. I turned around saw Paula had seen my hands coming towards her and had sat up straight, thrusting her chest out. The soft something my hand had brushed against was her right breast. She looked at me with a look of shock, like I had done it on purpose. My face turned beet red and my mouth hung open. She burst out laughing. I had just touched my first boob! I took that as a hint she was interested in me and I swallowed my shyness and in a moment of sheer terror, I cornered her outside of my chemistry class that afternoon and finally asked her to go out.

We went out for the first time that night. It was a Friday and we went to a movie and then a diner for a late burger and fries. I was impressed how she wolfed down a large cheeseburger and fries and topped it off with a gigantic chocolate shake. I could see where she got that big butt from and I was more than a little turned on by it. After the burger I took her home and in front of her house, we sat in my car and Paula kissed me. We were both 18, I was painfully shy around most girls, Paula was certainly no virgin, but she knew I was. Her tongue danced in my mouth and mine in hers and before long, her hand reached down to take mine and guide it to her breasts. She moaned softly and let me feel her up outside her tight sweater. I felt her nipples get hard through the fabric of her bra and top.

I don't know how long we kissed as I massaged her boobs, but finally Paula had enough and whispered. "My room is down in the basement...would you like to see?"

"W-won't your parents mind me being your room this late?" I stammered.

"Yes they probably would." Paula replied with a look of consternation. "So we probably should be real quiet and not tell them."

Ten minutes later we had successfully sneaked into the house, and were down in the basement with her door closed and just a small desk lamp illuminating the room. We were kneeling in the middle of her queen sized bed kissing, my hand roamed over her sweater again and her hands clutched my back and slowly slid down to cup my ass. It felt one had ever touched my ass before, I was getting extremely aroused. I took that as a sign it was time to go beyond feeling her up outside her top. I slipped my hands under her sweater and to my dismay, she let go of my ass and leaned back. Just as I was about to apologize for misunderstanding her 'signals'...she pulled her sweater off over her head and began kissing me again in just her back lace bra and jeans.

My hands immediately went behind her back and after some fumbling, I undid her bra. I slipped my hands around to cup her breasts as the garment fell away from them. I must have made some sort of moaning noise as the soft flesh filled my hands because she chuckled even as her mouth was on mine. Before I had a chance to feel self conscious about my inexperience or what embarrassing noise I may have made when my hands cupped her beautiful boobs, Paula's hand suddenly caressed my rock hard erection gently.

My eyes flew open and I was eyeball to eyeball with Paula. Her warm brown eyes crinkled and shined back at me. "Relax handsome." She whispered gently. It was late June, I had worn a comfortable pair of jams over a pair of boxers. Paula's hand deftly undid my drawstring and for the first time in my life, I had a warm hand that was not my own stroking my penis. Her other hand yanked my shorts and boxers down and they dropped to my knees. She broke off our kiss and pushed me gently back on her bed. A moment later she was beside me and before I could even register it was happening, my penis was in her mouth.

The warm wetness
of her tongue sliding over the head of my penis was
beyond anything I had ever imagined, the feeling was enough to make me feel dizzy. I tried to keep my mind off how good it felt, I didn't want to cum anytime soon, there was too much I wanted to do with her. I don't know how long she sucked my dick, I was just in how good it felt feeling her tongue and lips work over the head and shaft of my penis. I felt the pleasure building and building, finally, I just withdrew my hips a bit and she stopped.

"I-I want...I mean, I would like...if it's okay with you..." I whispered.

"You wanna fuck me, Gordon?" She replied with a sly smile as she got up off the bed and undid her jeans. Her boobs jiggled as she wrestled the tight denim down over her big ass and wide thighs. My hard cock twitched at the spectacle. She kicked her jeans off her ankles and stood before me in her black panties. Paula smiled at my hard dick and slipped the panties off, kicking them on top of her jeans. She then straddled my belly. He ass was warm and soft on my belly, my hands went to it, it was big, soft and smooth as silk. Her inner thighs were downright hot against my hips. My cock was standing straight up at this point and she stared directly into my eyes as she slowly slid down my belly and onto my cock.

"N-no condom?" I stuttered. Her pussy was like an oven. It was so much warmer than her mouth I was amazed. I slid in easily, she was quite aroused at taking my virginity.

Paula just smiled and shook her head. "I'm on the pill, I have been for a long time." Her smooth hands went to my chest to steady herself as she began riding up and down my penis. My hands massaged and caressed her big ass and thighs. "You like that big ass, don't you?" She whispered close as she bent to kiss me. Her breasts grazed against my naked chest. I just nodded.

"I could tell. Some guys just love a big ass...I thought you were one of them."

"Oh, I definitely am one of them." I agreed. Paula chuckled and closed her eyes, her vaginal muscles milking my hard on.

I managed to think about baseball and top ten hit songs for long enough to where I felt Paula's pussy clamp down and contract on me as she had an orgasm. She smiled down at me. "Not bad making a girl cum your first time." She whispered. That was enough for me, I came like a geyser inside her.

I hope she really is on the pill I thought to myself as she collapsed on top of me. We lied together for a few minutes before she rolled off of me and brought herself up on her elbow facing me. "You gotta go." She whispered running her fingers over the hair on my chest.

"I know...I...when are free again?" I asked rolling off her bed and standing.

"There's...not going to be a...this was a one time thing Gordon. I...have a boyfriend."

"Then...why? Why did you do this?" I asked a bit hurt, and more a than a bit confused.

"I like you, I wish you had asked me out a long time ago, but you didn't. My boyfriend has been away at college since Christmas break, I was horny...and you were too sexy to be a virgin anymore." She confessed.

"I see." I wasn't angry, a bit disappointed but I got dressed and quickly slipped out without bothering with a good bye kiss. Despite the fact that I probably wouldn't get a chance to it again with her, I was beaming as I got to my car.

Two Years Later.

In the two years since Paula took my virginity we stayed friendly for a bit, but I was soon dating quite a bit and we drifted apart. I went off to the Philadelphia Institute of Art at the end of that summer, started playing guitar and grew my hair. I filled out a bit in my chest and shoulders and even got some sick tattoos on my arms.

"Don't forget to draw my boobs REALLY big." The annoying girl sitting before me said for the fourth time. I rolled my eyes behind my drawing board. I hated my job.

Her boobs were big, everything about was big and normally that was a good for a chubby chaser like myself, but she just too annoying. It was the middle of June, I was on summer break from classes at the Philadelphia Institute of Art and I was making a few bucks drawing caricatures on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. I gave her giant, perky boobs and I even through in some 'jiggle lines', charged her twenty bucks and sent her on her way happy.

"Gordon?" Came the voice of my boss, the owner of the small stand. I turned to see the hulking figure of Vladimir Kochenkov standing behind me. "Gordon, this the new assistant, Wilamena."

A tiny girl right out of high school stood in his massive shadow. "Hi, call me Billie, it's nice to meet you." The girl said in a low, husky voice, extending her hand. Her hair was short, it barely met her shoulders and was swept to one side. Billie wore no makeup. She was definitely a bit tomboyish, but her body was all female. She wore a tight tank top with the loose, brand new with the tag still attached "Seaside Cartoons" button down shirt over it. It was the same one as I was wearing but hers wasn't buttoned showing nice boobs and just a peek of her belly roll muffin top. A pair of skin tight gray yoga pants hugged her wide hips and thick thighs.

"She knows how to use register, you help her with the rest, yes?" Vladimir said, ordering more than asking me. I nodded, it was easy. I had been doing it myself for the two weeks since I started anyway, Billie could only help. At that he was gone and we were left to get to know each other. Billie was 18, no boyfriend, definitely straight though. She was checking out guys as much as I was checking out girls on the boardwalk. She was artistic and hoped to do some cartooning herself soon.

We hit it off and worked well together. Without bragging, I was the more talented of the three artists drawing at the stand, so I got the lion's share of the hours. The other two worked for a few hours in the morning before I got in and on my two days off. The other assistant worked primarily with those two because I made it clear to Vlad I enjoyed working with Billie two days after she started and because I was making him a lot of money, he wanted me to be happy.

Over the next two weeks I taught Billie some simple caricature tricks and she sketched quick cartoons of people as they walked by or hung out near our booth. Billie was definitely talented, most were unflattering and almost all were totally sexual, Billie was a character and she always made me laugh. What really amazed me...and was totally turning me on, was how much junk food Billie ate.
I had to imagine this is Billie's first time on her own making her own money and she was enjoying buying whatever snack she wanted whenever she wanted it.

The boardwalk is a junk food paradise if you let it be, I have no desire to get fat at 20 years old so I try to watch what I eat. I do have a normal 20 year old's metabolism so yeah, I get an ice cream cone or a sausage and peppers sandwich almost every day. Billie gets three ice cream cones and has a sausage and peppers sandwich two hours after she has three giant slices of pizza from the Sawmill. I sip water through out the day, Billie is addicted to Pepsi. The result of all that junk food was that Billie was gaining weight. A lot of weight, and fast. She favored yoga pants, sweat pants and shorts with tank tops under her Seaside Cartoons shirt. Everything she wore was tight and it was getting tighter. In the case of her tank tops, I noticed her boobs were getting bigger and the shirts were starting to ride up that muffin top of hers as it got rounder. I'd say she put on five or six pounds in the two weeks she worked with me easily.

I was tired, dog tired. It was 9:30 on a Sunday morning, Billie and I had closed the stand the night before at 2:00 am. Charlie, the lousy scratcher who was scheduled for this morning called in about ten o clock the night before. I persuaded Billie to come in with me, it would be easy money, we'd have fun. Lois, the middle aged assistant that usually split her time between the other two artists was there too because she was scheduled. I bought her breakfast and told her I didn't care if she stayed or not if she wanted to go home I wouldn't tell Vlad so she would still get paid. She took her breakfast to go. The boardwalk was still kind of dead. Anyone who came out to Seaside Heights this early on a Sunday was only interested in the beach. It would pick up a bit about lunchtime.

"Keep an eye on things." I said to Billie as I kicked off my Vans and pulled my shirt up over my head and hopped over the counter. "I'm going for a quick swim." I was gone before Billie could swallow her mouthful of bacon, egg, and cheese on a round roll.

"Herman!" I called to the old man selling beach passes. "Give me ten minutes?"

"I don't care what you fucking do." He growled back at me as I vaulted over the fence beside him onto the beach six feet below.

Twenty seconds later I was across the sand and diving into a good sized wave. The water was about 64 degrees, perfect. I swam out about twenty yards and turned and came back in. My hair was dripping, I shook it like a dog and ran my hands through it. I slapped my back pocket in a moment of fear that I still had my wallet on me. The pocket was empty and I relaxed, remembering I had dumped my wallet, keys and smart phone on the table beside my drawing kit when I got in that morning. I reached in my pocket and smiled as I pulled out a soaking wet five dollar bill, my change from buying breakfast for me, Billie, and Lois. Billie should be finishing up her bacon egg and cheese calorie bomb by now. Time for dessert. I wanted to see just how fat I could get this young lady this summer.

I was walking fast, my bare feet slapping the boardwalk as I hustled from the Kohr's frozen yogurt stand to my stand before Billie's extra large soft chocolate ice cream cone covered in chocolate sprinkles melted. As I got closer to the stand I saw Billie wasn't alone. A woman had her back to me and I was taken a back by the sight of her. She was only about 5'0, maybe 5'1, short fat legs held up an enormous ass that was stuffed into a pair of black yoga pants. A sleeveless black top flaunted large doughy arms and long brown hair with blonde highlights spilled down her back. Billie saw me and the woman turned to look in my direction. Large sunglasses framed her face.

"Hey Gordon!" Billie called as I got closer. "Come meet my sister, Paula!"

"Gordon?!" Paula exclaimed.

"Paula?!" I exclaimed in return.

She gave me a huge hug as I held Billie's ice cream up away from her so she didn't get any on her. "You look...amazing!" Paula said as she stood back to check me out. "Abs? Oh my God, Gordon, you have abs! And shoulders! And tattoos! What's up with the long hair and the beard? You are a hunk!" She exclaimed, making me blush deep red.

"Well you too, I love your hair, you look great!" I said and I meant it.

"Ugh right!" Paula said shaking her head. "I just got out of a terrible relationship, my ass is huge! I've been stress eating for a year, I've gained 50 pounds!"

"Don't act like you don't love your big sexy ass, sis." Billie commented taking the ice cream cone from me, knowing it was hers. "Just admit you love to eat and hey, fat works for me." She said sliding her tongue over the frozen treat and retreating back to the shade of the booth and her chair. "Some guys like girls with some extra cushion." She added as she sat down on her pillowy ass and shot me a smirk and a raised eyebrow that Paula didn't catch.

'Whatever, Billie." Paula said with a dismissive hand. "So, you've been in the gym?" She asked running her hand up and down my arm.

"A bit, mostly biking, running a bit and a lot of swimming." I added crossing my hands over my naked chest.

"Cool, it's definitely working for you. I gotta run!" She said going over to hug Billie good bye. Paula turned to me and had her finger in my face. "Stay away from my sister!" She warned and I didn't know whether to take her seriously or not. So far I hadn't made a single move on Billie...I was just stuffing her face every chance I got.

Paula hugged me and walked back down the Boardwalk the way she came. I watched her big, fat ass jiggle as she let it sway back and forth and wondered if she was doing that just for me.

I was still dripping a bit as I walked back behind the booth. I grabbed my backpack and removed a beach towel and dried myself off. Billie slid down from her high chair beside mine to sit on a milk crate that allowed her to hide behind the counter so she could eat her ice cream in peace away from whatever customers we might get this early. Her tongue slid around and around the ice cream cone lapping up melting chocolate and sprinkles.

I sat in my chair still shirtless and sipped a bottle of water thinking about Paula's big ass and Billie's steadily growing ass when Billie startled me. "You like that big fat ass of hers don't you?" She said without looking away from her ice cream cone.

I thought for a minute before realizing that truth was always the best answer. " big butts...and I can not lie." I replied with a grin, quoting Sir Mixalot and staring out at the shimmering blue water.

"Just big butts?" Billie asked as she pulled her tight tank top up exposing her flabby belly that hung over her tight shorts and rubbing it gently while she ate her ice cream cone. Her eyes never met mine, she just kept licking her ice cream cone. She was shrewd.

My heart was suddenly pounding. "Stay away from my sister." Echoed in my head as I realized I was beginning to get a hard on in my soaking wet, clinging to my body, board shorts. "Not at all...I find larger girls attractive of all types. Butts, boobs...bellies." I added taking another big swallow of water.

"Really?" Billie replied knowing full well it was exciting me, now gently massaging her soft tummy for me. She had finished licking the ice cream from her cone and was now chomping on the wafer.

"Absolutely." I replied now watching her openly.

"Those shorts are still dripping...they must be uncomfortable..." Billie noted sliding her milk crate seat until she was directly between me and the counter. I glanced out at the boardwalk, it was still deserted. My cock was now fully erect in my wet shorts, it was completely visible and Billie was staring at it as she stuffed the last of her cone into her hungry mouth

"I have a dry pair in my backpack." I offered quietly.

"Stand up." Billie whispered as she lifted her butt and turned the milk crate up on it's side so she sat a few inches higher...bringing her face level with my erection as I stood up. I rested my hands on the counter over her head, it was almost as high as my chest. No one walking by would have seen Billie slipping my wet shorts down from the other side. My cock was chilly and wet from the salt water and the warmth of her mouth on me was incredible.

"Stay away from my sister." Echoed in my head again as Billie slowly and gently began giving me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever experienced.

Billie slipped her mouth off of my cock and her hand stroked my erection for a moment. "I know you're trying to fatten me up on purpose." She whispered.

My eyebrows raised and I wasn't sure what to say. Her mouth went back to my cock for a moment. "I like that seeing me get fat turns you's been my fantasy for years to get really...fat."

"It is sooo sexy." I whispered.

"I didn't think I would find someone who shared my fantasy so easily. I just started gaining on purpose a few months ago." She added. "Six months ago I weighed 122 pounds." Her mouth went back to my cock while she let me ponder those statements. My mind reeled trying to guess how much weight she had gained since then and my cock throbbed in response.

"Wow...: Billie giggled. "I think I just made your cock even harder."

"I'm pretty sure you did." I replied weakly.

"Mmmm." She purred as she ran her tongue over the head of my penis. I was getting close. "Wanna know how fat I've gotten since then?" She teased.

I swallowed hard. "Yes, I do." I whispered.

"I weighed myself this morning..." Back in her mouth my cock went while her hand steadily stroked my shaft. "I'm up to 156 pounds." She admitted.

I closed my eyes and somehow managed not to cum yet. 34 pounds in six months. I thought to myself.

"That's 34 pounds." She said as if reading my mind. "I've gained eight pounds just since I started working here, that's my fastest gain."

"How much are you planning on...gaining?' I asked quietly.

She stroked my cock and seemed to ponder the question. "I've gained 34 pounds without really pushing myself...I gained eight pounds in two weeks with just a bit of help from you." Back in her mouth I went for a moment before she continued. "If I could gain five pounds a week for the rest of the summer, that would put me at..." We both did the math while she went back to sucking my cock.

"Over 200 pounds..." I croaked.

"206 pounds of soft...mmmmm." She moaned as the first spurt of cum hit her nose and she closed her lips around me to catch the rest in her hot mouth. She teased the over sensitive head of my penis with her tongue until I gasped and pulled back, collapsing in my chair while my body trembled slightly. I quickly recovered and grabbed the dry pair of shorts out of my bag and slipped them on.

Billie stood and put her hand around the back of my neck and pulled me to her mouth for a long, sensuous kiss. Our tongues entwined for a long hot moment. "I-I'm not usually" I said sheepishly.

"You had to be fast today...and that was one of the sexiest things I've ever experienced." She said quietly. "See?" She added taking my hand and slipping it inside her pants before I realized what she was doing. Her pussy was red hot and soaking wet. I slipped a finger inside her without any resistance. "Let's see how fast I can cum...tell me how fat you're going to make me..." She whispered as she sat me down on the milk crate and slid my high chair closer to it.


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Sep 30, 2005
I can already tell this is going to be a wild ride of a story.(You should also do a Lori Side Story from New Hotel Orleans) I have a weakness for huge pear shaped beauties)


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Sep 30, 2005
It's great to see you back! I cannot wait to see how this progresses!


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Jan 18, 2008
:bounce:He's backkkk!!!:bounce: He shoots. He Scores!:batting::batting: YESSSS!!!:):D;)


Jun 24, 2015
Well thank you everyone! It's nice to see my writing was missed. This isn't going to be as long as some of my other stories (I don't think) for the simple reason that the longer I take them, the more I risk losing my story line. That unfortunately is what has happened with The Hotel New Orleans and What Are Friends For. Both stories are extremely long and I've just lost the thread. Never say never, but right now returning to those stories or creating a spin off is not in my plans. I have many other ideas I'd like to explore first.

Thanks again, look for more soon!



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Jul 28, 2014
"What are friends for" is my favourte story of all time. I cant explain how happy I'am to see you back.
Jun 27, 2011
Amazing man, as always. I love that almost all of your stories occur in areas that I have spent time at. Refreshing memories.


Jun 24, 2015
Chapter Two

The next week was the Fourth of July and we worked almost constantly for the next five days. Summer was in full swing on the Seaside Heights boardwalk. We had to share the booth with Charlie, Lucy, and Dwayne because we were so busy. I let Billie do some caricatures and her customers were happy with what she drew for them. I kept her in the right side corner with me. She worked the counter while I drew and made sure I had everything I needed. I made sure she had plenty to eat.

In between fondling each other and making out on that slow Sunday I had done four quick drawings of some of my friends at the nearby food stands. Three Brothers Pizza, Midway Sausage sandwiches, Kohr's Frozen yogurt, and a small Dunkin' Donuts stand on the boardwalk all had large caricatures hanging in their booths courtesy of me (and Seaside Cartoons). Best deal I ever made. The other businesses were happy because it was free advertising for them, Vladimir was happy because I put our logo prominently on the drawings so it was free advertising for us, I was happy because "I" had as much free food at each of those stands as I wanted for the summer. Every time we had a break, I sent Billie to one of those stands to get me something to eat...and I brought lunch for myself most days. Billie was completely getting stuffed for free all day long every day. She was going to each stand two or three times a day...saying it was for me. I figured my little deal would eventually go south as often as my little piggy was visiting their stands, but that was okay. As soon as business slowed up a bit I had a list in my head of ten or twelve more food stands that would get free caricatures of their crews courtesy of Seaside cartoons.

My parents both worked, Billie's father was retired and rarely went out, so mornings before work at my house quickly became a regular thing. I didn't know if her mom worked, I didn't care, if her dad was just hanging around the house we weren't going to have any fun there so it really wasn't my concern. Billie would show up with bags of fast food breakfasts. McDonald's, Burger King, take out from the local diner, Dunkin' Donuts, whatever her heart (or stomach) desired. I was making a lot of money on commissions and tips, so I had been giving her a few dollars before we left at night so she could buy extra food the following morning. All we'd done was work, sleep, have sex, and eat for the past week. None of our friends and family even knew we were seeing each other because we hadn't had a chance to tell anyone...including Paula. I mentioned I was a bit concerned about what Paula would say about us seeing each other to Billie a couple of times, she shrugged. She was eating and fucking constantly, her two favorite things, she didn't give a damn what Paula thought.

Friday morning after the holiday Billie showed up at my parents house early. She didn't knock, she knew I was the only one home. I was in the kitchen finishing a bowl of Cheerios. "Hmmph." Billie snorted looking at my healthy breakfast. She set a box of four chocolate chip muffins on the table beside me. It was missing one and Billie had muffin crumbs all over her boobs as she set a large McDonald's bag down beside them. She pulled up a stool and kissed me quickly before she sat. Five days ago Billie had said she hoped to gain 5 pounds a week for the rest of the summer. I looked at her belly in her tight tank top and thought that she looked like she'd gained ten pounds already.

"Mmm, already had a little snack?" I asked putting my bowl in the dishwasher and kneeling beside her. I kissed her cleavage and licked a few of the crumbs from her breasts.

Billie purred happily as she started on her second muffin while digging in the McDonald's bag for her hash browns and bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits. She removed four of each and spread them before herself. I moved behind her and slipped my hands around her from behind and rubbed her soft belly. I was sure it was a little bit pudgier and softer than it had been earlier in the week. Billie moaned again softly.

I continued massaging her belly for the next 45 minutes as she polished off all of the breakfast food leaving only the two remaining muffins. "For the ride to work." She said, clearly stuffed and having trouble breathing she was so full. I had poured her a large glass of Pepsi with ice and she drank it slowly, belching and hiccuping loudly. She finished her soda and got up slowly,rubbing her belly and moaning as she walked over to the chaise lounge in the living room and settled down on it with her feet up. I knew she needed a bit of time to let her breakfasts settle so I sat beside her and gently rubbed her belly. What was soft and pudgy earlier was now full, tight and very distended. She looked five months pregnant and my penis responded to that comparison accordingly.

"Mmm...tell me about how're going to make me." Billie whispered between breaths.

"Oh, it's already starting, baby." I replied quietly. "I think you've already surpassed your five pound goal for this week. I thought so as soon as I saw you when you walked in. You're getting bigger and softer already." I slipped my hands from her swollen belly down to her soft hips. "Your ass is starting to spread out wider when you sit and it's going to get wider and fatter...soon it will be as wide as this lounge."

Billie liked that idea and she smiled with her eyes closed imagining herself being 200, 300, even 400 pounds. Her nipples hardened before my eyes and I ran my hands up to her boobs. Billie caught her breath. "Oh my God, Gordon...slip my pants off." She whispered. I reached inside the elastic waistband of her yoga pants and peeled them down her thick thighs. Her panties slipped off with them and Billie slowly spread her naked legs. I stood before and was just slipping my hands under her thighs when she suddenly closed her legs. "Wait..." She said quickly "Bring me the muffins from the kitchen."

"Really?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes...I want to eat those muffins." She said still struggling to breath. "...While you eat my muffin." She added with a sexy smile. I got up and got her the muffins.

Ten Days Later

"Check out the rack on the redhead." Dwayne said pointing out the 4000th girl of the day to me. I glanced up to see a thin teenager with big fake breasts and God awful acne. I just grunted and went back to the drawing I was working on. It was 2:30 on Monday, Lucy had called in so I came in a couple of hours early to make sure Dwayne got his breaks and to help out if it got busy. Dwayne was only on until 3:00, when I had been scheduled to come in. Billie was due any minute now. I could hardly wait.

As if she could read my mind, Billie appeared around the corner of the building. She had her back pack slung over her shoulder. She smiled when she saw me and it faded the second she saw Dwayne. "Hey guys." She said casually and handed me her backpack. "I've got a half an hour, I'm going to grab something to eat." She added and walked away.

"How about a salad?" Dwayne whispered to me as soon as Billie was out of earshot. "Holy crap, you can almost hear her getting fatter." I tried not to smile. I was glad my drawing board hid my crotch because the only thing that was sexier than seeing my secret girlfriend's ass knowing it 20 pounds bigger than it was just two weeks ago was hearing someone comment on it. "Seriously bro, watch yourself, I think she's kind of hot for you." He added.

"Nah, she's not into me that way." I said without looking over.

"I don't know, Gordo." He continued not realizing I cringed a bit at being called Gordo. "I've noticed her looking at you like an all you can eat buffet a few times."

That honestly made me laugh out loud. Billie and I had discussed making our relationship public but after some thought I feared Vlad might split us up and besides, since no one thought we were seeing each other, they were all as honest as Dwayne about what they thought of Billie's rapidly expanding figure. Billie had put on twenty pounds as of last night when she got on my mother's scale up in the bathroom at my house. My parents were out for the evening and Billie and I took advantage of a rare night off together. I bought Billie a large pepperoni pizza and she ate the entire thing herself , washing it down with a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi. I ate a half a tuna sub and a bottle of water. We had sex before the feast and as soon as she stepped off the scale.

I glanced after Billie and my heart skipped a beat at the size of her big, soft ass bouncing along in a pair of tight (of course) shorts that threatened to disappear into her ass crack with every step as she walked toward the Sawmill, no doubt for more pizza. I had delivered a drawing to them last week and was promised free food in return. Billie was going to collect for me. Her shorts were red, she had just bought them four sizes larger than her last pair and they were plastered to her big butt. She had managed to ride out her stretchy sweatpants and yoga pants until last week when she finally broke down and bought a bunch of larger sizes. Much larger. She had literally burst out of two pairs in front of me. At my parents one day last week before work, she bent down to pick up a cookie she had dropped in the kitchen and her ass exploded out of her sweatpants right in front of me. She' wasn't wearing panties that morning and the sight of her soft, white cheeks exposed through the split resulted in a very hot, fast fuck on the kitchen floor.

The second time had been two nights later here at the stand, she bent down to pick up a pencil she had dropped while doing a caricature an a pair of gray yoga pants gave out the same way right in front of me and a couple of customers. She pretended to be too embarrassed to finish their drawing so I took over while she went to her car to get a spare pair of sweats from her trunk. By the time she returned the customers had gone and it was late so I dropped the steel gate and we closed up a bit early. Billie slipped her new sweats off and leaned against the counter where I took her from behind. I'm sure people heard us fucking from the other side of the metal gate.

"She split her pants here the other night." I said adding some fuel to the fire.

"No shit, really?" Dwayne responded. "That's fucking crazy. A big split or..."

"Huge split, total seam. She was wearing a thong, I guess." I said acting dumb. "She bent down to get her pencil and boom, two huge white ass cheeks in my face. Right in front of two customers."

"Oh, shit!" Dwayne laughed. "What did you do?"

"It was late anyway, I sent her home." I lied.

"Damn...she's kind of cute...getting way too fat, way too fast for my comfort, but cute. I'd have probably hit that big, round ass if it was suddenly hanging out in front of me." He mused, rubbing his chin.

"Don't say anything to anyone...I'm the only one who saw it so she'll know I blabbed." I cautioned him, knowing everyone would know by tomorrow at this time.

Ten minutes later Billie reappeared from the Sawmill and I heard Dwayne whisper "No way..." Just as I was thinking the same thing. The boardwalk at Seaside Heights is known for many things, one of those things is the size of a slice of pizza here. They are slice is easily the size of two slices anywhere else in Jersey, three times the size of the garbage pizza you get at Domino's or Papa John's. I don't honestly know how either of those companies have survived in New Jersey, that pizza is for people from from Utah who can't get a decent pizza. Anyway, to get a big slice, you need a big pizza to cut them from...and here came Billie with a giant pizza box all for herself.

"You think she bought us dinner too?" Dwayne asked quietly. "Or is her fat ass going to eat that entire thing by herself?"

"I'm thinking her fat ass is going to eat it all herself...I'm not even hungry." I replied.

Bille laid the box on the counter without offering any to either of us and slipped into the booth. She sat beside me in a low folding chair I had smuggled in so that we didn't have to sit on the uncomfortable milk crate anymore if we wanted to sit low and out view of customers. She set the milk crate before her as a table and reached up for the box. We said nothing as she opened it, took out an enormous slice and starting eating. Her nearly 180 pounds of fat was settling in three places. Her ass, which seemed to get most of her weight gain was hanging over the small chair already, her boobs, which were really filling out the tank top beneath her opened Seaside Cartoons shirt...and her belly, which was a close second to her behind as far as weight build up, was slightly exposed from her tank top riding up. Her legs were spread and her pudgy belly cascaded between her thighs.

I thanked God for my drawing board again as my dick was absolutely throbbing. To make matters worse, I saw Dwayne openly staring at her body. I knew he was going to say...

"I'm sorry, I can't keep my mouth shut anymore..." He began. "Are you honestly going to eat that entire pizza by yourself?"

"I planned too...but if you're may take a slice..." She offered. "I guess." She added with a clear reluctance in her voice.

"No, thank much weight have you put on since you got here?"

Normally, I would expect a huge scene. One of the first things my mother taught me as a child was do NOT ask a woman about her weight. I'd been hollered at once for commenting that a girl in high school looked like she lost a few a pounds (she had not, and didn't appreciate me commenting on her body). I cringed and waited for Billie's response, when it came...I almost did too.

"About 28 pounds." Billie replied casually with her mouth full of pizza. She didn't even look up at him. "The boardwalk has been a real boon to my diet...there's fattening food everywhere."

Dwayne was flabbergasted. He did, however adjust his tone to match hers. "Are...are you trying to gain weight?"

"Oh yes...I've been actively gaining weight for about six or seven months now." Still she did not stop eating, or even look at him. She was unashamed and very matter of fact with him.

"May ask why?" He asked timidly.

"It turns me the fuck on." Was all she said.

Dwayne got up to leave, his shift was over. "Well, thank you for satisfying my curiosity." He said as he packed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder.

"You are very welcome, anytime." Billie replied, well into her second slice, her mouth full as usual.

"Good night..." Dwayne said as he left the booth. Before he got too far however, he stopped again. "How much weight are you planning on gaining, anyway?"

"I guess we'll find out when I get there." Billie replied and opened the box for slice number three.

I said nothing for a moment or two and I was sure Dwayne was done grilling Billie and had in fact, left for the night. "That...was sooo sexy." I whispered. Billie just giggled, chewing her pizza. "Check this out." I added swiveling my stool around so that I faced her and lifting the left leg of my shorts a bit. The head of my very erect cock emerged from the fabric. My dick was painfully hard and I used my drawing board to hold it down so it was not tenting out my shorts for all to see.

"That..." Bilie said with her eyes wide as she swallowed the last of her third slice. "Is the one thing I want now more than food." She said as she lifted her pizza box up and set it on the cabinet behind her. Before I could ascertain what she was doing, she had flipped the milk crate down on its top and slid it under the counter. In a flash she was on it and had managed to get her face between my legs. I felt her warm lips on the head of my throbbing erection and almost moaned loudly as a family of four walked past the booth. I smiled and waved.

I set my drawing board on the counter, hiding my self from the waist down from anyone passing by as Billie worked on my erection with her wonderful mouth. I scanned the boardwalk to make sure Vlad or anyone important was heading toward the both as I felt myself rapidly nearing climax. A customer I could pretend to be concentrating on the drawing before me, Vlad I could not...not that I was expecting him.

Five minutes later, the coast was clear and I was about to orgasm when I saw someone worse than Vlad. Paula was walking very quickly toward the booth and she looked pissed. It was too late, I was cumming. My brain was yelling noooo as my cock was yelling YESSSS!!! I wasn't just cumming, I was exploding and Billie was doing everything she could to get every single drop of my cum out of my body with her mouth sucking hard and her tongue going mad all over the extremely sensitive head of my penis.

"You!" Paula hollered from about fifty feet away.

"That's Paula! Shit, get up! Get up!!" I said harshly through clenched teeth.

"Aw shit." Billie muttered as she pulled the leg of my shorts back down over my quickly deflating penis.

Despite my panic, I watched Paula's chubby form coming toward me and I realized that Billie was catching up to her sister very quickly. Paula very quickly erased that image from my mind. Thankfully, she waited until she was on top of us before she started going off.

"You're making my baby sister fat!!" She accused.

"M-me? What? I'm not..." I stammered, wishing Billie would get up off that delightfully fat ass of hers and defend me.

"She's gotten huge in the last three weeks! She must have gained 25 pounds and I KNOW you like fat girls, Gordon!!" Paula said stabbing me in my chest with her finger. "How dare you take an impressionable girl that I TOLD you to stay away from and talk her into gaining all that weight for you!!"

"Paula, I put on 25 pounds before I even met Gordon and you know it!" Billie said rising up from behind the counter. "It was MY choice, it's what I want! Gordon had nothing to do with it!" She continued. "I happened to get a job where I am surrounded..." She said waving her arm in the direction of all of the unhealthy food stands within walking distance. "By wonderful, delicious, fattening goodies for eight to twelve hours a day depending on my schedule."

"He certainly isn't discouraging you though..." Paula stammered.

"That's NOT his responsibility!" Billie countered.

"Wait...did you?" Paula said spying a stain on Billie's t-shirt before noticing how flush my face was. "Is that...cum? Did you just give him a blow job down there?"

"I certainly did." Billie countered proudly. "I didn't say my weight gain wasn't turning him the fuck on, I just said he had nothing to do with my decision to gain, and it isn't his job to control isn't yours either...and don't even bring mom and dad into this. It's my life and if I want to spend it getting as big and fat as possible, that's my business."

Paula was speechless. "There I was waiting and hoping you'd be calling me." She whispered to me before walking away.

Billie and I quietly sat down after she left. I wasn't sure what to say. Billie reached into the box and started on her fourth slice.


Jun 24, 2015
Chapter 2 seemed longer as I was writing it. I guess I should have combined chapters 2 and 3. Oh well, here's chapter 3, sorry!


Jun 24, 2015
Chapter Three

My heart was pounding as I pulled in front of her parent's house. It had been three days since Paula had stopped by the stand and hollered at me. Yesterday Billie came to my house in the morning and told me that her and Paula weren't really talking but she knew Paula had told their parents that she and I were dating. Billie assured me several times that Paula had kept her mouth shut to them about Billie's weight and her suspicions that I was the culprit behind it. Billie did say her parents wanted to meet the man their daughter was dating, so there I was. I was incredibly relieved to see Paula's car was not in the driveway.

I turned off the engine and walked around to the sidewalk. An old metal gate opened and led me inside the chain link fenced in yard. I had not been there since that fateful night I gave Paula my virginity, and this was the first time I had seen the house in daylight. The lawn was unkempt, it was mostly weeds and mud. Dog turds were scattered about. The old man didn't have to work and apparently didn't fill his days taking care of the yard...or the house for that matter. It was a two story Colonial in bad need of new siding, several of the gutters were missing or hanging away from the roof. I was wondering what the man did do with all his time.

I was getting near the end of the walk and was stepping up to the porch when Paula's car pulled into the driveway. "Shit." I whispered quietly to myself. I was determined to get into the house before I was stuck walking in with her so I knocked quickly. She took a few minutes to get a bunch of grocery bags from her car but she was walking toward me with with a flat, distasteful look in her eyes when the door suddenly opened.

Jim Jacobs was a big man. He was 6'2 if he was an inch, and I figured he tipped the scales at 300 plus pounds. "Hello, Mr. Jacobs, I'm Gordon Haskell, Billie's friend." I said trying not to sound nervous as I stuck out my right hand. He took it and shook it like you'd expect a man would shake the hand of someone who was at least interested in, if not already fucking his daughter.

"Hello, Gordon, nice to meet you." He replied in a deep voice just as Paula arrived with her bags. We moved aside and let her enter. She gave me her dead-eyed hate stare, but said nothing in front of her father. He didn't seem to notice. "I was expecting a bigger fella." Was all he said and I assumed he figured Billie was dating someone heavy who shared her new found love for over eating.

I didn't have a response for that so I just smiled and laughed like an idiot. "Come on in." He said gesturing into his home. The front door opened onto a landing with a set of steps going up to the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and three bedrooms.

A second set of stairs went down into the basement which I knew had another family room with a huge television, bathroom/laundry room and Paula's bedroom. As much as I wanted to go downstairs and hide, I followed Mr. Jacobs upstairs where I could see Paula in the kitchen unpacking the groceries. I arrived at the top step and immediately turned to my right to follow Mr. Jacobs while skirting my eyes from Paula's hateful gaze.

There, I saw Billie, a welcome smile on her face as she sat on a chair by the railing facing the television. "Hey Gordon!" She said cheerfully getting up to give me a hug. She had on a pair of tight shorts and a halter top, clearly she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts bounced beneath the thin fabric and her big, soft belly jiggled, fully exposed as she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a quick peck on my lips. I was speechless at how brazen she was in front of her parents. "Gordon." Bille said steering me around toward the couch. "This is my mother, mom, this Gordon."

Mrs. Jacobs did not stand up to meet my hand as I extended down to her. I doubt anything other than the bathroom or a fire got this woman up off that old, worn out couch. Billie's mom appeared to be wearing some sort of house dress, but there was a large white sheet covering her, no doubt to disguise her immense size because I was considered company more than to keep her warm. "Danielle...pleased to meet you Gordon." She said in a husky, almost sultry voice. She could have been a late night DJ on the radio with that amazing voice.

It was suddenly very plain to me why Billie was so excited about getting fat. Weight gain apparently ran in the family. Danielle Jacobs was about 45 years old and my guess was that she weighed at least 600 pounds. Her blonde hair was long and shined in the dim light, she wore just a hint of eye liner and her lips were a soft shade of pink. She was beautiful. I think she was taken aback by the warm smile I greeted her with. There was no judgement in my visage, and I think that disarmed her even more. This was a beautiful woman who was used to being judged harshly for her weight. "I'm pleased to meet you, too, ma'am." I said looking directly into her eyes. She looked away and actually blushed.

"Who wants dessert?" Paula said cheerfully from the kitchen as she pushed a breakfast cart laden with pies of all kinds, a half a dozen cans of whipped cream, and several gallon containers each of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Her cheerfulness ended when she looked at me though.

I took a decent sized piece with some vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream on top. Jim took a plate with half an apple pie on it and almost half a gallon of ice cream all covered in whipped cream. The girls and their mother cut themselves large pieces but as we chatted, all three went back for more. We discussed my artistic talents and what I hoped to do with them, Paula was going to community college for nursing, Billie was going to the same college for art. Jim was a retired welder who had invested wisely in some sort of welding innovation he had come up with and now lived quite comfortably. He was certainly able to live in a nicer home, but I think much of his money or at least his time was spent keeping Danielle, a retired nurse with a nice retirement package of her own fat and happy.

After an hour I was long done with my dessert, as was Jim. The ladies had taken a break but the pies were still out as was the melting ice cream. Danielle had chatted warmly with me for the entire time as she inhaled a full pie by herself before finally laughing and saying. "The hell with this, it's too warm in here." Though to be honest, I'd say the air conditioning was set at about 65 degrees and I was chilly.
She grabbed the sheet and balled it up, tossing it on the chair next to the couch and she was spread out in all her glory.

Her arms were like giant hams in her sleeveless house dress. It spread almost four feet wide over her enormous belly, her huge breasts were barely contained in the tight fabric. Unlike her youngest daughter, she was wearing a bra and I could only imagine what size it was. Her dress stopped at her knees, which were now exposed and were as big as soccer balls. I'd say each of her calves was as wide as my torso. Her feet were tiny and pink nail polish adorned her toes. "That's better." She said smiling and giving me a wink as she grabbed another pie tin, slapped several large spoonfuls of chocolate ice cream on top and sprayed it down liberally with whipped cream. "I can tell by how much Billie's gained since she met you that you aren't afraid of a woman with an appetite, Gordon." She said and it was Mrs. Jacobs' turn to look me directly in my eyes.

I just shook my head no and wished I could sink into the floor. "Oh, it's almost 8:00." Billie suddenly announced grabbing a pie and doing the same thing to it her mother had just done to hers. "Let's go watch that movie I told you about." We were out of our seats and downstairs on the couch in thirty seconds. There was no movie, I think Billie was as weirded out as I was by her mother's sudden display, but as she curled up on the cozy soft couch beside me, I had no complaints.

Billie handed me the remote and proceeded to eat her apple pie. She occasionally fed me a bite from her fork, but for the most part, she had it finished in less than a half an hour. "Mmmm, rub my full belly, baby." She moaned as she stretched out with her head resting on my lap. I rubbed her belly with one hand and stroked her hair with my other as we only half paid attention to a dreadful Divergent movie. I didn't know which one, the second one I think. They all sucked.

"I'm going to fall asleep if you keep stroking my hair like that." She whispered after a few minutes with her eyes closed.

"Then fall asleep, you're beautiful when you sleep. I don't mind." I replied. I'd thought she was asleep. Her belly was soft and doughy with a firmness that told me that her belly was very full.

Billie suddenly belched long and loud before giggling madly. "Oh my God, that felt sooo good." She belched loudly again before developing the hiccups and belching every time her chest hitched. Still laughing as she burped and hiccupped, Billie finally sat up and began controlling her breathing. In a moment the hiccups stopped as did the belching. "Wow, sorry...over stuffed fat girl problems." She laughed.

"I'll never complain about that." I said softly.

"No? That's good to know." Billie replied crawling over me so that she sat in my lap, facing me. Her warm, bare belly pressing against mine. She lifted my t-shirt up so that her soft naked flesh was against my own. Now it was my turn to moan quietly.

"That feels so incredible." I said, closing my eyes and enjoying the feel of her soft warm flesh and the faint scent of her coconut body lotion. Billie responded by lifting my shirt completely off and then removing hers, pressing her now naked 38 d-cup breasts and her belly against my body. "Oh my..." I whispered running my hands down her naked back and massaging her ass through her thin shorts. "We're going to have a problem in a minute...nope, too late, we have a problem." I said chuckling.

"I can's a pretty big problem." She replied grinding her pussy against my erection through our shorts. "Hmmm. I don't think either of us remembered to put on underwear today." She added innocently.

"Okay, slow down, baby girl." I said suddenly imagining Paula and her father crashing down the stairs with a butcher knife and a shotgun.

"No, I'm going to have to play with this." She replied slipping her hand over my cock and rubbing it through my shorts.

"I-I...don't think this is a very good idea." I said glancing to the bottom of the stairs.

"Oooh, I see." Billie cooed as she slid back off my lap and stood up. "Nobody in this house is stupid, Gordon." She whispered softly. "Thus, nobody in this house thinks I'm...a virgin." She continued as she began to slide her tight shorts down her stout, thick thighs. "Paula may not be happy we're together, but her and I have had an agreement for some time now." Billie tugged at my shorts until I relented and lifted my butt so they'd slide off. "Paula will not come down until I have gone upstairs for a drink...or a snack." She added with a giggle. "That's our sign that nobody down here is naked...anymore."

"What about your father?" I asked weakly, knowing at this point I was going to do whatever she wanted me to.

"My mother long ago warned him to keep his distance when his daughters have boys over. Hear no evil, see no evil is his motto." She said sliding back onto my now naked lap. "Keep quiet and he won't come down. Paula and my mother won't let him. If either of us starts moaning and crying out each other's names, he will be down here in a shot though."

I'll be quiet." I promised.

"Good boy. Hmmm...I haven't given you one of my spectacular hand jobs yet, have I?" I just shook my head. Billie reached to her right and plucked a small bottle of lubricant off the end table. She poured a liberal amount into her tiny hand and wrapped it around my cock. I very nearly brought her father running. Billie pressed her open mouth against mine to keep me quiet, her tongue probing and exploring my mouth as her hand slid up and down my shaft. "Dammit, Gordon!" Billie laughed quietly, chastising me for almost blowing our game.

" just surprised me how incredible it felt."

"See how my belly is starting to hang just a bit?" She whispered. "Imagine when it covers my whole lap like my mother's does."

"I don't want to think about your mother." I said with a smile.

"Yes you do...well, you at least want to imagine me being that fat, don't you?"

"I can't lie about that, I guess."

"Would you believe ten years ago she weighed 170 pouds?" Billie whispered. "That's less than what I weigh right now." Her hand swirled and slipped up and down driving me insane as she continued whispering. "How much do you think I'll weigh in ten years?"

"Oh I imagine you'll be at least 700 pounds" I replied at barely a whisper.

" least." Billie replied switching up her style and rubbing the head of my dick between her pudgy pussy lips. "Do you like how wet you make me? Do you feel that?" She held the head against her wet vagina and slid forward, enveloping my cock inside her. She gyrated her hips once, twice, three times, fucking me slowly. "How's does that pussy feel?" She whispered as she eased back, letting me slip from her and wrapping her hands around my shaft again. "That was just a little taste."

Billie slid from my lap and turned, her big, soft behind waving before me. "Can you imagine the size my ass will be in ten years? I bet it's as wide as this couch by then...I certainly wouldn't be able to do this..." She said as she eased onto my lap, careful to maneuver my rock hard cock between her thighs so she could grab it as she set her ass back in my lap. She looked down at my dick between her pillowy thighs and stroked me slowly.

"This must be what it's like to have a big cock, huh?" She whispered to me over her shoulder as she jacked me off. "I don't know how you can do anything at all...I'd be playing with my cock all day long if I had one this nice."

"Well you can play with mine as much as you want." I offered weakly.

"Oh, I have an idea." Billie whispered wickedly. She released my cock and then closed her thighs. She then leaned back on me for support and slowly lifted and lowered her legs. She poured more lubricant on her legs and tightened them as she jacked me with her soft thighs.

"Oh...fuck." I whispered afraid I was going to explode all over her legs.

Just as suddenly as she started, she stopped again, opening her thighs and standing. Billie then lowered herself onto my erection and took me inside her. She rode me cowgirl, her hands on her knees for balance. She was soon trembling, I'm not sure if it was from the pleasure or the exertion, or both but she whimpered after just a couple of minutes and sat down on me hard, grinding her pelvis against my dick as she came long and hard. I covered my own exclamation as I came with a loud cough as I shot streams of cum inside of her.

We silently kissed for a long moment after we were able to move again. We then quickly got dressed and with a cool, damp hand towel Billie snatched from the same end table she had left the lube, Billie wiped off the excess lube and cum from our legs and her vagina. She hid both under the cushion and went upstairs for a glass of soda. When she came back down, she snuggled up against me on the couch and within minutes, we dozed off to that awful movie.

I awoke about 45 minutes later. The movie had ended and Mad Max Fury Road was on. I liked that movie and I silently watched it as I caressed Billie's bare shoulders. I heard a spoon clink against a plate and I froze. I turned to look over my shoulder. There, sitting silently in the recliner was Paula, wearing just what looked like a huge sports bra and tight black shorts. She was staring at me strangely. She didn't have that look of hatred I'd become used to. She looked more like the cat that swallowed the canary. Her eyes gestured down to her own bare, fat, flabby belly spread out in her lap with a plate of pie and ice cream balanced on it. Paula took the hand that held the fork and pressed it against her belly several times, making it jiggle. She still had at least 25 pounds on Billie.

"This my third whole pie." She whispered as she took the fork and scooped the last giant bite of pie and ice cream up and into her greedy mouth. "And I'm still hungry."

Oh shit. I thought to myself. This ain't gonna end well...


Mar 30, 2008
"Oooh, I see." Billie cooed as she slid back off my lap and stood up. "Nobody in this house is stupid, Gordon." She whispered softly. "Thus, nobody in this house thinks I'm...a virgin." She continued as she began to slide her tight shorts down her stout, thick thighs. "Billie may not be happy we're together, but her and I have had an agreement for some time now." Billie tugged at my shorts until I relented and lifted my butt so they'd slide off. "Paula will not come down until I have gone upstairs for a drink...or a snack." She added with a giggle. "That's our sign that nobody down here is naked...anymore."

Should that be "Paula may not be happy..."?


Sep 23, 2014
looking forward to the next chapter
looks like they are gonna stretch their stomachs like mad for him ^^


Jun 24, 2015
looking forward to the next chapter
looks like they are gonna stretch their stomachs like mad for him ^^

Oh yes. Totally. Thanks for commenting, I love getting feedback, and I'm glad you like it!


Jun 24, 2015
Chapter Four

It was 7:30 in the morning and I'd been working in Billie's yard for a half an hour. It was going to be hot later so I got started early. The sun was already up when I awoke, it took me a few seconds to realize where I was. I was in Billie's room, in her bed, it was the first time I had slept over. I felt sticky and my pillow was warm and soft, I realized I had fallen asleep with my head on her thighs. She had fallen asleep naked, propped up on pillows against her headboard.

An empty pizza box laid by her feet, empty bags of chips, cookies, and cakes littered the floor around her. Crumbs, pizza sauce, and chocolate smeared her face, hands, and chest. After we made love the second time she had gotten hungry again and began finishing the last of the pizza and snacks. I had been feeding her which explained why I felt sticky, I had chocolate and crumbs all over my hands. She was still eating when I nodded off. Billie still over ate every single day, but her gaining had slowed down a bit. She had gained twenty pounds the first two weeks we dated, the second two weeks she put on about 12 pounds as of last night. She would crest 200 pounds well before the end of the summer for sure though. At 5'2, she looked much heavier than 190 pounds. I'd laid a sheet over her and tiptoed down the hall to the kitchen. A had a quick cup of coffee and I got started.

It was a Saturday morning, the end of July, tomorrow was my birthday so we had taken the weekend off. Vlad wasn't happy, but he relented and gave us the time off. We'd put in for the time separately and for different reasons. People were definitely getting suspicious that we were sleeping together, but we still hadn't told anyone at work. Today was Jim and Danni's wedding anniversary and much to my surprise, they went to Atlantic City for the weekend. In the two weeks since I met them, I'd grown to like them very much. I'd been over several times. Danni, (yes, Danielle prefers Danni and they both asked me not to call them Mr. or Mrs. Jacobs) is much more active than I would have imagined. My first impression had been that she spent all day on the couch with Jim serving her beck and call. This wasn't the case. I came over to find her vacuuming one afternoon. She'd needed a break doing just the upstairs living room and hallway, but she got it done. Several times I'd come in to find her in the kitchen cooking. She kept a heavy duty wooden stool to lean on or sit as she cut vegetables, did dishes, or cooked on the stove. I found out Jim had a bad back and his heart wasn't very strong, that was why the house and yard had been neglected. I decided to give them a little present when I found out they were going away for their anniversary.

Two hours later the front yard was raked and I had put down a fertilizer with weed killer. Daisy, the Jacobs' black labrador happily followed me around as I worked. I was sweating profusely so I took off my t shirt and worked in just a pair of light shorts and work boots. I went around back and raked it as well. I was working fast, it was hot but the work felt good, it was a heck of a work out. An hour into the backyard I noticed the curtains on Paula's windows move when I looked toward the house. I was being watched. Paula continued giving me the hate stare whenever anyone was around, but when no one was looking she flaunted her growing body for me. Paula didn't stop with showing off her belly and the fact that she had finished three whole pies that night in the basement. She was gorging as much, if not more than her little sister and whenever no one was looking, she made sure I knew it. The situation was quiet for now, but I was concerned it would all explode in an ugly scene before too long. Hopefully it wouldn't happen for another month when I would be back in Philly at school.

At 11:00, Billie brought me out a huge glass of lemonade with lots of ice and a full pitcher to refill my glass after I downed it in one long gulp. She gave me a kiss, she'd already showered and was wearing a bikini. It was obviously not going to make it through the summer. Her breasts threatened to pop out of the cups and her ass was making her bottoms look like a thong. Her burgeoning belly crested the top of her bottoms, but was a long way from sagging over them. Next year I had a feeling people wouldn't be able to tell she had bottoms on at all from the front.

The Jacobs' had an above ground pool that Billie and Paula loved so they took care of it. It was clear and sparkled in the late morning sun. "The yard looks so much better already, you do nice work." Billie commented looking around. "I'm surprised you have the energy after last night." She added with a grin.

"I should have the lawn done by lunchtime, after lunch I want to work on the gutters." I said sipping my second glass of lemonade a bit slower. "Tomorrow I want to get that deck reinforced so that're mom can sit out there." The deck was two stories up, off the dining room. It was common on the style house they had, it was also common for those decks to rot with neglect. Most homeowners took them down. Theirs wasn't in that bad a shape, but it wouldn't be safe for Danni at her weight to be out on it at it was.

"Well, don't wear yourself out." Billie said rubbing my sweaty shoulder. "I'll be over here by the pool working on my tan and getting fatter." She said casually. "Let me know when you want lunch, I'll make you a sandwich."

"Did you eat?" I asked, feeling foolish as soon as the question left my lips.

Sure enough, Billie turned and gave me a look like I was a moron. "Six eggs smothered in cheddar cheese and six pieces of toast dripping with butter." She replied rubbing her pudgy belly.

"Oh my goodness." I replied. "I have to get back to work before I take you back inside." I laughed.

"We could do that." Billie said brightening up. "My sheets are nice and fresh, I changed them before I came outside...the other ones were all sticky with food...and cum." She added,knowing it would turn me on.

"I'll let you know when I'm hungry." I said walking away. Billie laughed mischievously behind me.

Two hours later I had finished a half a meatball sandwich Billie had picked up for me at the local pizza place. She somehow managed to eat and entire eggplant sandwich which was twice as large as mine plus a dozen garlic knots after that huge breakfast. She wanted to have sex, I told her I'd make it up to her later, I wanted to get my chores done. I had found Jim's extension ladder out behind the pool and I was now standing on it 25 feet above the front walk with my cordless drill reattaching the gutters.

I had just finished putting in two screws and would have to go back down to move the ladder over a few feet when I heard a tap on the living room window directly across from me. I looked over and there, holding the sheer curtain aside so I could see her in all her naked glory, was Paula. I stopped, frozen for a moment, unsure of what to do. She stepped back from the window a bit, leaving the curtain open.

She was dancing slowly, really just swaying her hips and she reached down to get a gigantic container of Nutella. She began spooning the rich creamy concoction into her mouth sensuously while looking me directly in my eyes. When she knew she had my complete attention, she left the spoon in her mouth for a moment and held up a piece of printer paper. Written on the paper in purple marker was simply, '216'.

"Holy shit." I whispered.

"What are you looking at?" Billie called from below me. I almost fell of the ladder, she scared the crap out of me. I glanced back at the window and Paula was waving at me and walking away.

"Nothing...just checking the glazing on the window panes."

"The what?"

"Making sure your windows won't leak!" I repeated my lie as I climbed down carefully. Billie had more lemonade for me, I drank it greedily realizing as I looked at her body, that her sister had posted her current weight and was about 25 pounds heavier than Billie. Apparently, Paula seemed to be under the impression that if she won the battle of the 'bulge', she'd win my affections. This was getting interesting.

Jim and Danni got home the next day about dinner time. Billie and I pretended that I had just gotten to the house a few minutes earlier, but I had in fact spent another night of feeding and fucking their youngest daughter. Paula's bond with her sister was strong enough that she just ignored the ruse and went along with it. Odd that they back each other so much, yet Paula would connive to tempt me like she did the day before with her dance and weight update for me. I didn't bring it up to anyone and I did not speak to Paula about it.

I had actually worked all day on the deck we were now all outside enjoying it. Well, Billie and I were enjoying it. Paula sat beside me facing the yard but she was busy on her phone and wasn't chatting with us. Danni saw the yard cleaned up and the gutters repaired when they pulled up. By the time she stepped out on to her repaired (and heavily reinforced) deck, she was in tears. Jim even looked a little misty when he shook my hand and thanked me. Ten minutes later Danni was pushing him back out the door to pick us up dinner I assumed. She was still crying and wouldn't answer Billie or Paula when the girls asked where they were going.

They had an old fashioned wooden picnic table that had been up here for years, I gave that a little TLC as well. I would paint it during the week, and it need a new umbrella, but all of the benches had new 6x2 inch boards and an extra 6x2 inch support anchored to the frame with 9 inch bolts instead of the screws that had been holding it together. I figured the updated supports would hold this 'growing' family quite well for a few more years.

Billie got a text after a few minutes and she patted the bench beside her. "Sit next to me, mom and dad are back they'll want to sit there."

I didn't question it, I just got up and slid in next to her. I was checking the Mets score on my phone when everyone suddenly started singing. I set down my phone and let my head drop. Jim slid open the screen door and Danni emerged with a gigantic sheet cake with candles burning on it. They bought me a birthday cake!

I began to cut the cake and was immediately chastised by the fat ladies that my slices were way too small. Billie guided my hand with the knife to what she felt was more acceptable. The pieces she liked were three times what I was originally going to cut. The cake itself would feed 16 to 20 people, and it was just the five of us. An hour later I'd had two pieces cut the way I wanted, Jim had one of the gigantic pieces and the three ladies had eaten until the massive dessert was gone.

I was stuffed, but Danni got up and gestured for her daughters to come inside and help her get dinner started. She had bought fried chicken, five boxes of it, and Danni said there was potato salad, macaroni salad, beans, corn on the cob, biscuits and gravy to get ready. Once they were gone, Jim produced two cigars and handed me one.

"These are Copper Labels." He said proudly. "They're my favorite." I'd seen his humidor in the living room, the man knew a thing or two about cigars. He showed me how to clip the end and light it. The sweet tobacco tasted wonderful with the coffee I had left over from my cake. "Happy birthday, kid."

Two hours later I was on the couch with Billie downstairs. Paula had gone out with a couple of friends I actually knew l from high school as well. Stacey Martinez and Heather Doyle were two girls who Paula had played soccer with, both of them had been on the thick side in school and had gained considerable weight while they were away at college. The three of them were going out for drinks, and no doubt some appetizers at Applebees.

I was in a semi coma from all the food I'd eaten between the cake and the huge dinner we shared out on the deck. Bille had of course, eaten three times as much as I did and she was lying against me, her hand rubbing my full stomach, her heavy thigh slung over my legs. I had my right arm around her and rubbed my hand gently over her growing posterior. As I laid there, my mind drifted to Paula. She had eaten just as much as Billie, if not more and now she was out having drinks and very possibly stuffing some fried, greasy bar apps in her belly on top of everything else. I contemplated figuring out a way to to bring that up and tempt Billie into eating just a bit more. We had annihilated ten pounds of potato and macaroni salad, what had to be two huge cans of beans, all the corn on the cob dripping in butter and salt, and I watched the ladies fight over the last of the twenty-four biscuits Danni had prepared. There were, however, a few pieces of chicken left over.

Billie belched softly and purred, her eyes closed. "Please move your hand for a moment...and I'm sorry." I was perplexed, but I stopped rubbing her ass just before a long, low rumble of a fart escaped. "Ugh, I am sorry...beans I guess."

I just chuckled and went back to rubbing her butt. "Better out than in, I always say." I said in my best Shrek imitation (which is pretty good, just for the record).

Billie's hand slid up my chest and she played with my beard, running her fingers through it. She then grabbed it gently and steered my face to hers and kissed me. "What you did for my parents today was's the nicest thing any guy Paula and I have have brought home has even thought to're a sweetheart."

"Nah, I like building was my pleasure."

"I bought you a present." She whispered. "You have to move so I can get my fat ass up, please."

Billie isn't putting her self down by saying things like that, she says things like that strictly because it turns me on to hear her reference her various 'fat' body parts. I sat up and slid over, letting her stand. Billie was still obviously very over stuffed, she groaned a bit, moved a bit slow and held her belly while she went to the recliner and reached behind it. She stood straight, belched and again and let another long rumbling fart loose. "Ugh, I'm sorry, that's really embarrassing. Here, baby. Happy birthday." She said handing me a gift wrapped in bright balloons birthday wrapping paper with a shy smile.

I shrugged, farts happen. I took the package, I removed the wrapping paper and opened the box. Inside was a black t-shirt. I unfolded it and saw it was a Social Distortion shirt, my favorite band. It happened to be a shirt I didn't have. That was exciting enough when something fell from the folds. "Two tickets to the show in Asbury Park next week?" I exclaimed. "Awesome!!"

"I already got our shift covered!" Billie replied, clearly excited that her gift was a success. She gingerly came over and sat on my lap. Her 190 pounds settled on me like a blanket. I loved feeling how heavy she was getting. We kissed and we slowly slid back to our entwined positions on the couch. "It's a medium though." She whispered sadly. "It's a shame I'll never get to hang around the house while you're away and wear your clothes to smell you while you're gone."

My hand went back to rubbing her big butt, she massaged my belly, we kissed again. "Well, I guess you could try sometime." I replied, enjoying that image in my head.

"Oh, you want to see your 200 pound, size xl girlfriend squeezed into one of your size medium shirts?"

"Shit...hell yeah." I replied.

Billie looked up at me with a disbelieving grin. "You just want to see me dressed in something ridiculously tight so that you can see all of my fat rolls squeezed together...maybe I'd even rip out of it? You want to see me clothes so tight they burst open?"

"Oh my God..." Was all I said. My cock was up and pressed again the fat thigh she had slung over my legs. She slid that thigh up and down a few times, rubbing my hard on through my elastic shorts.

"You really did like seeing my huge ass tearing out of those old pants didn't you?" She purred recalling the two times her yoga and sweat pants had given out on her in front of me.

We lay together for about an hour, silently caressing each other while we watched an episode of Breaking Bad, which Billie had never seen. I was happy to binge on the entire series with her. Looking forward to watching it all again actually. She was enjoying it as well. After the one episode, she paused it and kissed me again. Her hand went from my belly to rubbing my chest, then to playing with my beard again as we kissed. Apparently the hour we laid motionless watching the show, her stomach settled enough to where she was feeling a bit more amorous. I was already amorous, I usually was but she was the terribly stuffed one so I let her decide if and when she wanted to fool around.

"I thought you were just going to mow the lawn yesterday." She said rolling on top of me. "I can't believe everything you did for us, especially spending your birthday working like you did today."

"I really enjoyed it, I don't have much to do around my parent's dad does everything or hires guys to do it." I smiled looking into Billie's deep green eyes. "I like to be handy."

"Handy? You want a handy?" Billie interjected with giggle and a naughty grin. "I was going to give you a blow job, but..."

"Oooh, no I think a blow job would be is my birthday you know." I replied quietly.

"Yes, I know...I bought you a present, remember?" Billie replied sliding down my body. When she got to my waist she grabbed my shorts and slid them down before crawling back up until her face was by my crotch. She laid her head on my thigh and looked up at me with that evil grin. I was definitely plumping up, but I wasn't yet fully hard. Billie got her mouth close to the tip of my semi erect cock and pursing her lips, blew on it gently. "How's that? Done yet?" She whispered.

I made a sad face and Billie smiled. Without taking her eyes from mine she fished with her mouth open until her tongue touched the head of my penis. She closed eyes and her lips around me and I felt the warm wetness of her tongue sliding over the head. "Mmm...getting hard now." Billie whispered before taking me back between her lips and bobbing her head slowly up and down. She blew me for about five minutes before she stopped. "I'm a bit stuffed for sex...I want you to finish in my mouth." She said quietly.

She had said that a few times to me after I had made her cum. She would stop and ask if she could finish me with her mouth. I didn't know if it was some kind of birth control decision (she was on the pill) or if she just liked having me cum in her mouth. I didn't question it because I found it incredibly erotic for her to ask me to it.

Billie's mouth never left my penis as she got up on all fours to try to get a bit more comfortable. She stretched and arched her backside in the air and without warning, an incredibly loud, long fart exploded from her ass. The shocked look in her eyes told me she hadn't done it on purpose.

"Wilhelmena Jacobs!" Danni hollered from upstairs. "We heard that all the way up here! Shame on you!" She wasn't really mad, I heard Jim laughing and Danni burst out laughing right after.

"Um, that was me." I called up chivalrously.

Billie had tears in her eyes as she snorted laughter from her nose. She buried her face in my thigh, my still very erect penis tangled in her hair.

"Nice try, Gordon!" Jim called down. "We've raised her her whole life, we know what Billie's farts sound like."

"That was sweet, Gordon!" Danni added. "But we know you wouldn't do that!"

"Herman! I'll be back in five minutes!" I hollered to the beach pass guy as I dropped my towel by his stool, vaulted the fence off the boardwalk onto the beach and sprinted into the surf for a quick swim before I had to start work. I'd left my backpack in the stand along with my shirt and shoes.

"I don't fucking care what you do." Herman grumbled for the twentieth time that summer.

I'd spent the morning stripping and then painting the Jacobs' deck before driving here to work. Billie wasn't due in for another hour. I walked back to the stand, drying myself off as I walked. Vlad was there along with Charlie and Lois who had worked the morning shift.

"Hey Vlad!" I said walking in the booth to get my shirt and shoes on.

"Gordon, how are you, son?" he asked. I like Vlad, and I could tell he liked me. I didn't see him much, usually just to get my check on a Friday right before my shift started like today. He had four other cartoon booths in Point Pleasant, Wildwood, Ocean County Mall, and in Atlantic City, which was the original booth he had opened and drawn at 25 years ago. Because of that and the fact they were pretty well spread out on boardwalks up and down the coast, he was a busy guy. "Here's your check...oh, and give Billie hers as well."

"I'll take it, Vladimir." Billie said over my shoulder, I hadn't known she was behind me.

"Billie?!" Vlad said with disbelief.

It suddenly occurred to me, Billie always came in a bit after on me on Fridays and after Vlad left...Vlad hadn't seen her since he hired her that day in June, two full months ago!

"My God, are you...pregnant?" He asked in a shocked tone that was apparently appropriate in Russia, but certainly not in the United States. "You have gotten huge!"

Billie was wearing one of her older tank tops that allowed the bottom of her belly that hung over her cutoff shorts to peek out the bottom of it. Her Seaside cartoons was open, revealing her larger breasts as well. Vlad was incredibly fortunate he was making a big deal out of a young ladies weight, to the one young lady in America who honestly enjoyed that kind of reaction. Charlie, Lois, and I were all holding our breath wondering what Billie's reaction was going to be. Billie laughed and rubbed her belly, slipping her hand under her shirt to do so.

"Yeah, I guess all the food stands around here have affected my figure a little bit."

"A little bit!?" Vlad said incredulously. "You must have put on 20 kilos!"

"If that's 50 pounds, yeah, that's about right." Billie said walking around into the stand.

Vlad was taken aback and confused. "You are...happy with this weight gaining?"

Charlie already knew the answer, as, of course, did I. I was pretty sure Lois had been fully informed by Charlie as well. We all nodded our heads as Billie proudly slapped her belly. "Not yet, but I'm getting there."

"Ugh...Americans." Vladimir muttered and walked away.

An hour later and it was just Billie and I. I had a bunch of customers and then realized I was hungry so I sent Bilie to get us dinner. She came back with a sausage and peppers sandwich from Midway for me, and three for herself with two large cokes. She got me a large knowing I would take a few sips while I ate and let her finish the rest.

We were looking out at the waves, while we ate. The tide was rough today because there was a storm coming. Clouds on the horizon were threatening. The wind was picking up a little bit already. Two different couple came up simultaneously so Billie took a twenty something guy who wanted a caricature for his girlfriend, I did a pair of teenage girls. Billie finished up a few minutes before I did. We had plastics sleeves to keep the drawings dry and it was a good thing. It started pouring as I was finishing up mine. There was an overhang that kept the customers completely dry. They paid and left us to watch the rain drench the beach. Billie picked up my soda and started drinking it.

We had wolfed down our dinners during the only break we had and we chatted mostly with the customers while we worked. Billie and I hadn't had a chance to talk at all. "How hot was my conversation with Vlad?" Billie finally asked me.

"Very." I agreed with a grin. The boardwalk was deserted so I finally had a chance to drop my wet shorts and put on dry ones. I had a half a hard on and I winked at Billie as I put on a pair of soft, comfortable sweatpants.

"I'm early you know..." Billie said with a sexy smile.

"Isn't that term, you're late...and isn't that a bad thing?" I asked perplexed.

Billie laughed."No, that would be a terrifying thing." Billie had ZERO interest in having kids ever. I was sure I would want kids someday, certainly no time soon though. "I said I'm early...and that's what I meant. When we talked about how much weight weight I could gain this summer I was hoping to his about 206 by the end of August. We have 10 days left and I'm 207 pounds."

"Holy shit, that is amazing." I said wrapping my arms around from behind and feeling her soft belly, slipping my hands up under her tight tank top. "What's next?"

"You tell me." Billie said turning and sitting on her stool. I sat in mine, facing her.

"Whatever you want." I said plainly.

"No, what do you want?" Billie asked me and I suddenly realized we were about to have a very serious conversation here in the rain. A conversation we both knew was coming, but I had hoped would wait a bit. "You go back to Philadelphia in less than two weeks, I start OCC, we're not going to be seeing each other very much." She stated.

"I haven't really thought beyond the summer, Billie." I said being completely honest. "In two weeks, I will back in school. I've saved a lot of the money I made this summer, but I'll need another part time job to pay my tuition and living expenses. Considering it is my last year, I'm going to be busy as hell assembling a portfolio and eventually, looking for my first real job."

"I didn't assume I'd see you more than a few weekends before Christmas break...I understand." Billie replied and a tear formed in her eye. "I just ask that you be honest with me, and keep in touch."

I wasn't sure what to say or to feel, I liked Billie a lot, but we were still very young and distance is a relationship killer. She wanted me to be honest, so I told her how I felt and she smiled.

"That's kind of how I feel." She admitted. "I say you do your thing, I'll do mine...we stay in touch when we can?"

"That would be perfect." I agreed holding her tightly.

"I'm going to keep eating in case you were wondering."

"You're going to keep me updated too, right?" I replied. "Visit if you can? I know a lot of great restaurants. Philly has terrible sports teams, but great food."

"Let me know what your schedule is when you get it."

"Of course."

She suddenly blurted out. "I'm going to get laid if the opportunity arises...I wasn't a virgin before we met, I'm not going to pretend to become one while you're away." She warned me. "You're not the only guy who likes to fuck fat girls, you know."

"I absolutely understand." I agreed. The fact is, I hadn't had a steady girlfriend in two years and I had gotten laid by a bevy of female students in Philly. I was sure that would continue, especially now that school was going to get even more intense. Sex was a great stress release for males and females. I'd found myself in more than one girl's bed after a stressful class assignment. Billie and I had never had a boyfriend, girlfriend discussion. We were friends/co-workers with very special benefits. I brought that up to her.

"So then all we have to do is remain friends after you leave and we can enjoy those benefits whenever we manage to get together."

"What if you fall in love?" I asked.

"What if you do?" She countered. "If that happens it honest and our friendship at least can survive."

"That's beautiful." I whispered. "I'll never lie to you."

"Good, me neither." She smiled and took my hand. It was absolutely downpouring, lightening flashed out over the ocean. "That's enough serious talk, let's lock up and go play in the rain..."

We grabbed our stuff, turned off the lights and I pulled down the gate. Billie led me out into the storm and to my great surprise, she began to run away from me, looking over her shoulder, daring me to catch her. At first I was mesmerized by the bouncing and jiggling of her belly, ass, and fat thighs as she moved away from me. After a second I just wanted to hold and caress all of her soft bouncing folds and I pursued her. I caught her fairly quickly as she was too out of shape to get very far. My mouth met hers as my hands felt her breasts, belly, ass, everywhere on her that was soft and sexual. I wanted to devour her. We were absolutely drenched in seconds, I was glad my backpack was water proof. "Let's go back to my house." She whispered.