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BBW Sisters

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Jun 24, 2015

By Blame Picasso

Two sisters decide to chase the affections of a young FA

BBW to SSBBW, Xwg, Xtreme Sexual situations

Author's Note: Anyone who has read my older work knows what to expect of me, I trust I will not disappoint!
Moderator's Note: Anyone who hasn't read BP's older work ... let's just say that you'll find most of them in the erotica archive. If you aren't comfortable with fairly extensive sexual content this may not be the story for you.

Chapter One

I met Paula Jacobs in high school, she sat behind me in homeroom for four straight years, and we ended up taking a lot of the same subjects. My name is Gordon Haskell. We were friends, nothing more for most of our time in school. We joked around, flirted a bit, she loved when I gave her back rubs and would often ask for one between classes. We didn't hang around outside of school though. She was a jock, I was the artist type. Paula wasn't a classic beauty, but she was cute in a tomboy, girl next door way. Makeup wasn't something she was interested in, I never saw in anything but jeans and t-shirts unless she was wearing sweatpants or shorts and a soccer jersey. She had a body though, that's no lie. Most guys might not agree with me, but I thought she was incredible, but I'm not like most guys.

Paula was short, only 5'1 and he legs were short and thick. Her thighs filled her jeans almost as well as her big mushroom shaped butt did. I'd estimate that her hips were 42 or 43 inches, and her waist was like 24 or 26, she had curves that a Porsche couldn't handle. Some guys and girls made comments behind her back when she wore yoga pants to school, I was mesmerized, in fact the first time I saw her in a pair of them I had to hide an erection behind my books as I walked to class. Her boobs were c-cups, I found that out just before we graduated, but I'm getting ahead of myself just a bit.

It was the last week before graduation, I was in homeroom waiting for the teacher come in and take attendance. I was tired and I stretched, reaching back blindly to where Paula sat right behind me. I'd done this before and normally I would brush against her hair and she would giggle as she hunched over her desk, or if she saw my hands coming, she would take them in hers. This time neither her hair nor her hands touched mine and I felt something soft brush against my fingers. I wiggled my fingers and Paula laughed. I turned around saw Paula had seen my hands coming towards her and had sat up straight, thrusting her chest out. The soft something my hand had brushed against was her right breast. She looked at me with a look of shock, like I had done it on purpose. My face turned beet red and my mouth hung open. She burst out laughing. I had just touched my first boob! I took that as a hint she was interested in me and I swallowed my shyness and in a moment of sheer terror, I cornered her outside of my chemistry class that afternoon and finally asked her to go out.

We went out for the first time that night. It was a Friday and we went to a movie and then a diner for a late burger and fries. I was impressed how she wolfed down a large cheeseburger and fries and topped it off with a gigantic chocolate shake. I could see where she got that big butt from and I was more than a little turned on by it. After the burger I took her home and in front of her house, we sat in my car and Paula kissed me. We were both 18, I was painfully shy around most girls, Paula was certainly no virgin, but she knew I was. Her tongue danced in my mouth and mine in hers and before long, her hand reached down to take mine and guide it to her breasts. She moaned softly and let me feel her up outside her tight sweater. I felt her nipples get hard through the fabric of her bra and top.

I don't know how long we kissed as I massaged her boobs, but finally Paula had enough and whispered. "My room is down in the basement...would you like to see?"

"W-won't your parents mind me being in...in your room this late?" I stammered.

"Yes they probably would." Paula replied with a look of consternation. "So we probably should be real quiet and not tell them."

Ten minutes later we had successfully sneaked into the house, and were down in the basement with her door closed and just a small desk lamp illuminating the room. We were kneeling in the middle of her queen sized bed kissing, my hand roamed over her sweater again and her hands clutched my back and slowly slid down to cup my ass. It felt amazing...no one had ever touched my ass before, I was getting extremely aroused. I took that as a sign it was time to go beyond feeling her up outside her top. I slipped my hands under her sweater and to my dismay, she let go of my ass and leaned back. Just as I was about to apologize for misunderstanding her 'signals'...she pulled her sweater off over her head and began kissing me again in just her back lace bra and jeans.

My hands immediately went behind her back and after some fumbling, I undid her bra. I slipped my hands around to cup her breasts as the garment fell away from them. I must have made some sort of moaning noise as the soft flesh filled my hands because she chuckled even as her mouth was on mine. Before I had a chance to feel self conscious about my inexperience or what embarrassing noise I may have made when my hands cupped her beautiful boobs, Paula's hand suddenly caressed my rock hard erection gently.

My eyes flew open and I was eyeball to eyeball with Paula. Her warm brown eyes crinkled and shined back at me. "Relax handsome." She whispered gently. It was late June, I had worn a comfortable pair of jams over a pair of boxers. Paula's hand deftly undid my drawstring and for the first time in my life, I had a warm hand that was not my own stroking my penis. Her other hand yanked my shorts and boxers down and they dropped to my knees. She broke off our kiss and pushed me gently back on her bed. A moment later she was beside me and before I could even register it was happening, my penis was in her mouth.

The warm wetness
of her tongue sliding over the head of my penis was
beyond anything I had ever imagined, the feeling was enough to make me feel dizzy. I tried to keep my mind off how good it felt, I didn't want to cum anytime soon, there was too much I wanted to do with her. I don't know how long she sucked my dick, I was just in how good it felt feeling her tongue and lips work over the head and shaft of my penis. I felt the pleasure building and building, finally, I just withdrew my hips a bit and she stopped.

"I-I want...I mean, I would like...if it's okay with you..." I whispered.

"You wanna fuck me, Gordon?" She replied with a sly smile as she got up off the bed and undid her jeans. Her boobs jiggled as she wrestled the tight denim down over her big ass and wide thighs. My hard cock twitched at the spectacle. She kicked her jeans off her ankles and stood before me in her black panties. Paula smiled at my hard dick and slipped the panties off, kicking them on top of her jeans. She then straddled my belly. He ass was warm and soft on my belly, my hands went to it, it was big, soft and smooth as silk. Her inner thighs were downright hot against my hips. My cock was standing straight up at this point and she stared directly into my eyes as she slowly slid down my belly and onto my cock.

"N-no condom?" I stuttered. Her pussy was like an oven. It was so much warmer than her mouth I was amazed. I slid in easily, she was quite aroused at taking my virginity.

Paula just smiled and shook her head. "I'm on the pill, I have been for a long time." Her smooth hands went to my chest to steady herself as she began riding up and down my penis. My hands massaged and caressed her big ass and thighs. "You like that big ass, don't you?" She whispered close as she bent to kiss me. Her breasts grazed against my naked chest. I just nodded.

"I could tell. Some guys just love a big ass...I thought you were one of them."

"Oh, I definitely am one of them." I agreed. Paula chuckled and closed her eyes, her vaginal muscles milking my hard on.

I managed to think about baseball and top ten hit songs for long enough to where I felt Paula's pussy clamp down and contract on me as she had an orgasm. She smiled down at me. "Not bad making a girl cum your first time." She whispered. That was enough for me, I came like a geyser inside her.

I hope she really is on the pill I thought to myself as she collapsed on top of me. We lied together for a few minutes before she rolled off of me and brought herself up on her elbow facing me. "You gotta go." She whispered running her fingers over the hair on my chest.

"I know...I...when are free again?" I asked rolling off her bed and standing.

"There's...not going to be a...this was a one time thing Gordon. I...have a boyfriend."

"Then...why? Why did you do this?" I asked a bit hurt, and more a than a bit confused.

"I like you, I wish you had asked me out a long time ago, but you didn't. My boyfriend has been away at college since Christmas break, I was horny...and you were too sexy to be a virgin anymore." She confessed.

"I see." I wasn't angry, a bit disappointed but I got dressed and quickly slipped out without bothering with a good bye kiss. Despite the fact that I probably wouldn't get a chance to it again with her, I was beaming as I got to my car.

Two Years Later.

In the two years since Paula took my virginity we stayed friendly for a bit, but I was soon dating quite a bit and we drifted apart. I went off to the Philadelphia Institute of Art at the end of that summer, started playing guitar and grew my hair. I filled out a bit in my chest and shoulders and even got some sick tattoos on my arms.

"Don't forget to draw my boobs REALLY big." The annoying girl sitting before me said for the fourth time. I rolled my eyes behind my drawing board. I hated my job.

Her boobs were big, everything about was big and normally that was a good for a chubby chaser like myself, but she just too annoying. It was the middle of June, I was on summer break from classes at the Philadelphia Institute of Art and I was making a few bucks drawing caricatures on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. I gave her giant, perky boobs and I even through in some 'jiggle lines', charged her twenty bucks and sent her on her way happy.

"Gordon?" Came the voice of my boss, the owner of the small stand. I turned to see the hulking figure of Vladimir Kochenkov standing behind me. "Gordon, this the new assistant, Wilamena."

A tiny girl right out of high school stood in his massive shadow. "Hi, call me Billie, it's nice to meet you." The girl said in a low, husky voice, extending her hand. Her hair was short, it barely met her shoulders and was swept to one side. Billie wore no makeup. She was definitely a bit tomboyish, but her body was all female. She wore a tight tank top with the loose, brand new with the tag still attached "Seaside Cartoons" button down shirt over it. It was the same one as I was wearing but hers wasn't buttoned showing nice boobs and just a peek of her belly roll muffin top. A pair of skin tight gray yoga pants hugged her wide hips and thick thighs.

"She knows how to use register, you help her with the rest, yes?" Vladimir said, ordering more than asking me. I nodded, it was easy. I had been doing it myself for the two weeks since I started anyway, Billie could only help. At that he was gone and we were left to get to know each other. Billie was 18, no boyfriend, definitely straight though. She was checking out guys as much as I was checking out girls on the boardwalk. She was artistic and hoped to do some cartooning herself soon.

We hit it off and worked well together. Without bragging, I was the more talented of the three artists drawing at the stand, so I got the lion's share of the hours. The other two worked for a few hours in the morning before I got in and on my two days off. The other assistant worked primarily with those two because I made it clear to Vlad I enjoyed working with Billie two days after she started and because I was making him a lot of money, he wanted me to be happy.

Over the next two weeks I taught Billie some simple caricature tricks and she sketched quick cartoons of people as they walked by or hung out near our booth. Billie was definitely talented, most were unflattering and almost all were totally sexual, Billie was a character and she always made me laugh. What really amazed me...and was totally turning me on, was how much junk food Billie ate.
I had to imagine this is Billie's first time on her own making her own money and she was enjoying buying whatever snack she wanted whenever she wanted it.

The boardwalk is a junk food paradise if you let it be, I have no desire to get fat at 20 years old so I try to watch what I eat. I do have a normal 20 year old's metabolism so yeah, I get an ice cream cone or a sausage and peppers sandwich almost every day. Billie gets three ice cream cones and has a sausage and peppers sandwich two hours after she has three giant slices of pizza from the Sawmill. I sip water through out the day, Billie is addicted to Pepsi. The result of all that junk food was that Billie was gaining weight. A lot of weight, and fast. She favored yoga pants, sweat pants and shorts with tank tops under her Seaside Cartoons shirt. Everything she wore was tight and it was getting tighter. In the case of her tank tops, I noticed her boobs were getting bigger and the shirts were starting to ride up that muffin top of hers as it got rounder. I'd say she put on five or six pounds in the two weeks she worked with me easily.

I was tired, dog tired. It was 9:30 on a Sunday morning, Billie and I had closed the stand the night before at 2:00 am. Charlie, the lousy scratcher who was scheduled for this morning called in about ten o clock the night before. I persuaded Billie to come in with me, it would be easy money, we'd have fun. Lois, the middle aged assistant that usually split her time between the other two artists was there too because she was scheduled. I bought her breakfast and told her I didn't care if she stayed or not if she wanted to go home I wouldn't tell Vlad so she would still get paid. She took her breakfast to go. The boardwalk was still kind of dead. Anyone who came out to Seaside Heights this early on a Sunday was only interested in the beach. It would pick up a bit about lunchtime.

"Keep an eye on things." I said to Billie as I kicked off my Vans and pulled my shirt up over my head and hopped over the counter. "I'm going for a quick swim." I was gone before Billie could swallow her mouthful of bacon, egg, and cheese on a round roll.

"Herman!" I called to the old man selling beach passes. "Give me ten minutes?"

"I don't care what you fucking do." He growled back at me as I vaulted over the fence beside him onto the beach six feet below.

Twenty seconds later I was across the sand and diving into a good sized wave. The water was about 64 degrees, perfect. I swam out about twenty yards and turned and came back in. My hair was dripping, I shook it like a dog and ran my hands through it. I slapped my back pocket in a moment of fear that I still had my wallet on me. The pocket was empty and I relaxed, remembering I had dumped my wallet, keys and smart phone on the table beside my drawing kit when I got in that morning. I reached in my pocket and smiled as I pulled out a soaking wet five dollar bill, my change from buying breakfast for me, Billie, and Lois. Billie should be finishing up her bacon egg and cheese calorie bomb by now. Time for dessert. I wanted to see just how fat I could get this young lady this summer.

I was walking fast, my bare feet slapping the boardwalk as I hustled from the Kohr's frozen yogurt stand to my stand before Billie's extra large soft chocolate ice cream cone covered in chocolate sprinkles melted. As I got closer to the stand I saw Billie wasn't alone. A woman had her back to me and I was taken a back by the sight of her. She was only about 5'0, maybe 5'1, short fat legs held up an enormous ass that was stuffed into a pair of black yoga pants. A sleeveless black top flaunted large doughy arms and long brown hair with blonde highlights spilled down her back. Billie saw me and the woman turned to look in my direction. Large sunglasses framed her face.

"Hey Gordon!" Billie called as I got closer. "Come meet my sister, Paula!"

"Gordon?!" Paula exclaimed.

"Paula?!" I exclaimed in return.

She gave me a huge hug as I held Billie's ice cream up away from her so she didn't get any on her. "You look...amazing!" Paula said as she stood back to check me out. "Abs? Oh my God, Gordon, you have abs! And shoulders! And tattoos! What's up with the long hair and the beard? You are a hunk!" She exclaimed, making me blush deep red.

"Well you too, I love your hair, you look great!" I said and I meant it.

"Ugh right!" Paula said shaking her head. "I just got out of a terrible relationship, my ass is huge! I've been stress eating for a year, I've gained 50 pounds!"

"Don't act like you don't love your big sexy ass, sis." Billie commented taking the ice cream cone from me, knowing it was hers. "Just admit you love to eat and hey, fat happens...it works for me." She said sliding her tongue over the frozen treat and retreating back to the shade of the booth and her chair. "Some guys like girls with some extra cushion." She added as she sat down on her pillowy ass and shot me a smirk and a raised eyebrow that Paula didn't catch.

'Whatever, Billie." Paula said with a dismissive hand. "So, you've been in the gym?" She asked running her hand up and down my arm.

"A bit, mostly biking, running a bit and a lot of swimming." I added crossing my hands over my naked chest.

"Cool, it's definitely working for you. I gotta run!" She said going over to hug Billie good bye. Paula turned to me and had her finger in my face. "Stay away from my sister!" She warned and I didn't know whether to take her seriously or not. So far I hadn't made a single move on Billie...I was just stuffing her face every chance I got.

Paula hugged me and walked back down the Boardwalk the way she came. I watched her big, fat ass jiggle as she let it sway back and forth and wondered if she was doing that just for me.

I was still dripping a bit as I walked back behind the booth. I grabbed my backpack and removed a beach towel and dried myself off. Billie slid down from her high chair beside mine to sit on a milk crate that allowed her to hide behind the counter so she could eat her ice cream in peace away from whatever customers we might get this early. Her tongue slid around and around the ice cream cone lapping up melting chocolate and sprinkles.

I sat in my chair still shirtless and sipped a bottle of water thinking about Paula's big ass and Billie's steadily growing ass when Billie startled me. "You like that big fat ass of hers don't you?" She said without looking away from her ice cream cone.

I thought for a minute before realizing that truth was always the best answer. "I...like big butts...and I can not lie." I replied with a grin, quoting Sir Mixalot and staring out at the shimmering blue water.

"Just big butts?" Billie asked as she pulled her tight tank top up exposing her flabby belly that hung over her tight shorts and rubbing it gently while she ate her ice cream cone. Her eyes never met mine, she just kept licking her ice cream cone. She was shrewd.

My heart was suddenly pounding. "Stay away from my sister." Echoed in my head as I realized I was beginning to get a hard on in my soaking wet, clinging to my body, board shorts. "Not at all...I find larger girls attractive of all types. Butts, boobs...bellies." I added taking another big swallow of water.

"Really?" Billie replied knowing full well it was exciting me, now gently massaging her soft tummy for me. She had finished licking the ice cream from her cone and was now chomping on the wafer.

"Absolutely." I replied now watching her openly.

"Those shorts are still dripping...they must be uncomfortable..." Billie noted sliding her milk crate seat until she was directly between me and the counter. I glanced out at the boardwalk, it was still deserted. My cock was now fully erect in my wet shorts, it was completely visible and Billie was staring at it as she stuffed the last of her cone into her hungry mouth

"I have a dry pair in my backpack." I offered quietly.

"Stand up." Billie whispered as she lifted her butt and turned the milk crate up on it's side so she sat a few inches higher...bringing her face level with my erection as I stood up. I rested my hands on the counter over her head, it was almost as high as my chest. No one walking by would have seen Billie slipping my wet shorts down from the other side. My cock was chilly and wet from the salt water and the warmth of her mouth on me was incredible.

"Stay away from my sister." Echoed in my head again as Billie slowly and gently began giving me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever experienced.

Billie slipped her mouth off of my cock and her hand stroked my erection for a moment. "I know you're trying to fatten me up on purpose." She whispered.

My eyebrows raised and I wasn't sure what to say. Her mouth went back to my cock for a moment. "I like that seeing me get fat turns you on...it's been my fantasy for years to get really...fat."

"It is sooo sexy." I whispered.

"I didn't think I would find someone who shared my fantasy so easily. I just started gaining on purpose a few months ago." She added. "Six months ago I weighed 122 pounds." Her mouth went back to my cock while she let me ponder those statements. My mind reeled trying to guess how much weight she had gained since then and my cock throbbed in response.

"Wow...: Billie giggled. "I think I just made your cock even harder."

"I'm pretty sure you did." I replied weakly.

"Mmmm." She purred as she ran her tongue over the head of my penis. I was getting close. "Wanna know how fat I've gotten since then?" She teased.

I swallowed hard. "Yes, I do." I whispered.

"I weighed myself this morning..." Back in her mouth my cock went while her hand steadily stroked my shaft. "I'm up to 156 pounds." She admitted.

I closed my eyes and somehow managed not to cum yet. 34 pounds in six months. I thought to myself.

"That's 34 pounds." She said as if reading my mind. "I've gained eight pounds just since I started working here, that's my fastest gain."

"How much are you planning on...gaining?' I asked quietly.

She stroked my cock and seemed to ponder the question. "I've gained 34 pounds without really pushing myself...I gained eight pounds in two weeks with just a bit of help from you." Back in her mouth I went for a moment before she continued. "If I could gain five pounds a week for the rest of the summer, that would put me at..." We both did the math while she went back to sucking my cock.

"Over 200 pounds..." I croaked.

"206 pounds of soft...mmmmm." She moaned as the first spurt of cum hit her nose and she closed her lips around me to catch the rest in her hot mouth. She teased the over sensitive head of my penis with her tongue until I gasped and pulled back, collapsing in my chair while my body trembled slightly. I quickly recovered and grabbed the dry pair of shorts out of my bag and slipped them on.

Billie stood and put her hand around the back of my neck and pulled me to her mouth for a long, sensuous kiss. Our tongues entwined for a long hot moment. "I-I'm not usually so...fast." I said sheepishly.

"You had to be fast today...and that was one of the sexiest things I've ever experienced." She said quietly. "See?" She added taking my hand and slipping it inside her pants before I realized what she was doing. Her pussy was red hot and soaking wet. I slipped a finger inside her without any resistance. "Let's see how fast I can cum...tell me how fat you're going to make me..." She whispered as she sat me down on the milk crate and slid my high chair closer to it.

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