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So what duya think about a possible "Newbie Board"... Hmmmm?

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Should there be a "New Members Board"?

  • Yup

  • Nope

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The Teflon Frog
Sep 30, 2005
Create a "Newbie Board"?

Mmmkay.... So, I've been getting these subliminal vibes lately that maybe I oughta resurrect the idea of a “Newcomer’s Board” or “New to Dimensions”, or “Newbie Board” or whatever it shall be called… These recent developments have piqued my morbid curiosity insofar as seeing how easy it might be to create such a thing given perhaps that the-powers-that-be appear to have a desire to do so… and in light of the dismal failures I’ve had in my past attempts to improve the plight of those of us here in Dims.

Soooooo… Here is the idea in essence:

What I am proposing, would be a board where newbies who first set foot into Dimensions could be shown how this website works, and what Dimensions is all about. Those of us old-timers who wish to participate could “take a newbie under our wing” as one would say, and teach them the ways of Dimensions… the mantra… indoctrinate them so to speak… You know, help familiarize them with Dimensions, introduce the newbies to other members, introduce them to the concept that fat is good and diets are bad unless they happen to cause weight gain… which boards are for what discussions… who to go to for questions… that feeders aren’t monsters despite their behaviour… learn the terminology, you know... stuff like that.

This thread is just a first step in gauging interest in such an endeavour, and hopefully it will be as successful as my past polls have been in generating stimulating conversation. If there seems to be significant interest in such a board, the next step would be to present a “proposal” to Herr Webmeister for consideration as I’ve heard the procedure goes. Speaking of which… would one of you kind folks mind writing me up a proposal…? Feel free to post it here on this thread… try to make it at least a page or two long… and put some of the those little bullet point thingies into it, kinda like a PowerPoint presentation… Thanks in advance. :)

Anyhoo… Here is how the poll works…

You vote “Yup” (this means yes BTW…) if you want to see a “Newbie Board”… or you vote “Nope” (this means no) I don’t want a “Newbie Board”)… It’s that simple.

And if you really have the urge to add further discussion, feel free to do so.


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