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Some random experiences

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Jun 11, 2007
I was at work one night, when a female EMT started to carry a training torso walked by the desk. She stopped for a minute and mentioned that she hated taking the steps. I suggested the elevator. She said she couldn't take the elevator with as many donuts as she eats. or she would be huge.


A mother and two teenage girls who are in some dance studio came in one night carrying a pizza. She asked if I wanted a piece, I said yes. I went to get napkins, and when I came back she said "They decided to give you the two biggest pieces."


I was at Walmart one day getting some potato wedges to eat. I asked the woman at the counter for a pound of them. She put some in a container, weighed it, and asked if it was ok that it was over. I didn't ask how much over, I just said yes. It was .31 pounds over...

Stopped at cici's for lunch. They didn't have regular pepperoni pizza when I went up, so I got a couple other pieces. K went up for more and ask them to make one.
She asked how many I wanted, and I said a couple, which she told the guy. A few minutes later, the guy brings out a plate with 4 pieces on it. I had almost gotten more while I was waiting, but didn't.
Total: 7 pieces of pizza, 4 bread sticks, some salad, a bit of pasta, a brownie, and a cinnamon roll. K bumped into my belly with her elbow a few minutes later, and asked if I were full... I was full, but could have had a bit more.

Stopped at an Arby's in an out of the way place. My chicken sandwich was dry, but the fries were packed into the medium container. My Dr. Pepper was touching the bottom of the lid.
The girl at the counter had her shirt untucked, and I noticed a bit of a belly bouncing as she walked.


quotes from a very thin former co-worker last fall

(Looking at food) If she does this everytime I see her, I'm going to get fat fast.

(She was talking about food and said) I stepped on the scales at the end of last week, and I was five pounds heavier.

If I bought one of every pumpkin thing during the eating season, I would get real fat real fast.

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