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Jun 11, 2007
I was at work one night, when a female EMT started to carry a training torso walked by the desk. She stopped for a minute and mentioned that she hated taking the steps. I suggested the elevator. She said she couldn't take the elevator with as many donuts as she eats. or she would be huge.


A mother and two teenage girls who are in some dance studio came in one night carrying a pizza. She asked if I wanted a piece, I said yes. I went to get napkins, and when I came back she said "They decided to give you the two biggest pieces."


I was at Walmart one day getting some potato wedges to eat. I asked the woman at the counter for a pound of them. She put some in a container, weighed it, and asked if it was ok that it was over. I didn't ask how much over, I just said yes. It was .31 pounds over...

Stopped at cici's for lunch. They didn't have regular pepperoni pizza when I went up, so I got a couple other pieces. K went up for more and ask them to make one.
She asked how many I wanted, and I said a couple, which she told the guy. A few minutes later, the guy brings out a plate with 4 pieces on it. I had almost gotten more while I was waiting, but didn't.
Total: 7 pieces of pizza, 4 bread sticks, some salad, a bit of pasta, a brownie, and a cinnamon roll. K bumped into my belly with her elbow a few minutes later, and asked if I were full... I was full, but could have had a bit more.

Stopped at an Arby's in an out of the way place. My chicken sandwich was dry, but the fries were packed into the medium container. My Dr. Pepper was touching the bottom of the lid.
The girl at the counter had her shirt untucked, and I noticed a bit of a belly bouncing as she walked.


quotes from a very thin former co-worker last fall

(Looking at food) If she does this everytime I see her, I'm going to get fat fast.

(She was talking about food and said) I stepped on the scales at the end of last week, and I was five pounds heavier.

If I bought one of every pumpkin thing during the eating season, I would get real fat real fast.


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Jun 11, 2007
The across the street neighbor had a woman staying with him a while back. She was talking one evening about having eaten some soup. She had her hand on her belly, and from the looks of it, had eaten the whole pot of soup...

A group of women at work were finishing up lunch when I came into the break room. One commented that she was stuffed, and her belly was sticking out a little.

Camp last week
Sunday was 206 before leaving
Subway turkey sub, 2 pepperoni rolls, chips, cookie, cupcake

cereal, yogurt, corn dog breading, peaches, fries, salad, peanut butter cookie, 2 more unwanted peanut butter cookies, doritos, chicken, mashed potatoes, peach cobbler, salad, green beans, pepperoni, cheese, crackers, cupcake

2 biscuits with butter, yogurt, cereal, 5 chicken nuggets, cooked apples, tater tots, salad, 7 more chicken nuggets, more tater tots, spaghetti - cook put serving on plate then put more, salad, garlic bread, brownie, fruit, tortilla chips and cheese, more tortilla chips. I felt decently full afterwards, but wondered how much more spaghetti I could have eaten...

yogurt, bacon, cereal, turkey sandwich, salad, pineapple, pudding, another turkey sandwich, was given more pineapple, cube steak, mashed potatoes, pepperoni, cheese, 12 oreo cookies, peppers, pineapple

2 pancakes, 1 toast, cereal, yogurt, went back and was given 3 more pancakes, personal pan pizza, apple cobbler, salad, went back for another personal pan pizza. Found out afterwards we were having a banquet for dinner...
1 pork chop that didn't have much meat, roll, green beans, scalloped potatoes, cake, ice cream. Someone asked if anyone wanted the other half of their roll. No one else wanted it, so they asked me. I took it. Someone else didn't want the other half of their roll, and gave it to me, too. Another person asked if I wanted their pork chop. She said I didn't have to take it, but it was there if I wanted it. I ended up eating it.
That added a pork chop and a roll to my meal. The second person commented that I was the garbage disposal. I felt like I could have eaten more.
cookies for snack later.

2 waffle, yogurt, bacon. Personal pan pizza, 1 piece of pizza, 3 bread sticks, 1 hot dog, potato salad, ambrosia, ice cream cone. The personal pan pizza just started to ease the hunger, so I gladly took the other piece of pizza.

I was 206 when I left Sunday, and was 210.4 Friday night.

Saturday when I got up, I was 208.6. Sunday I am back to 206.8. I usually lose 5 or 6 pounds being there. I guess having a hurt knee and eating some more paid off...


Here, have some donuts. (handing me a pack of 4 mini donuts.)


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Jun 11, 2007
I was given a pack of 6 mini donuts today when I walked in. They expire today. 20 minutes later, someone set another pack on my desk. A couple hours later, someone else asked if I wanted the last two they had.


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Jun 11, 2007
I was given a pack of 6 mini donuts today when I walked in. They expire today. 20 minutes later, someone set another pack on my desk. A couple hours later, someone else asked if I wanted the last two they had.
There was a banana on my desk when I came back from lunch after 'donut day'. An hour later, I was given a small pepperoni roll 'for a snack'...


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Jun 11, 2007
I had a dream 8/19/13 that I was being slowly filled up with possibly peanut butter. I have a feeling that the prednisone influenced this...


A woman at work brought in some donuts one day. She said, "You've got to help me eat these... If I eat them, I'll get fat."

We had a Christmas party. She brought pasta. I had three plates of food and two large pieces of cake. I was sitting there, very full, when she came in and said I had to take some pasta - she wouldn't be able to eat it all. I already had... I thought she was going to bring some more back to me, but didn't...


I went to the doctor the other day for sinus problems, and got the usual prednisone treatment. This was followed by a few days of eating...

8/14 205.0 - 203.8
8/15 203.2 - 205.8
8/16 203.8 - 207.2
8/17 205.8 - 210.6
8/18 209.2 - 211.8
8/19 210.0 - 213.4
8/20 211.4 - 215.0
8/21 212.6 - 214.4
8/22 212.4 -

Russell Williams

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Feb 18, 2006

Total: 7 pieces of pizza, 4 bread sticks, some salad, a bit of pasta, a brownie, and a cinnamon roll.
Louise and I once went to a Cici's and I was trying to keep up with Louise.
She had seven pieces of pizza, a couple of bread sticks, a salad, one or two brownies, and 7 cinnamon rolls. I think I stopped at 6 cinnamon rolls.


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Jun 11, 2007
I could probably have had another cinnamon roll or two. Unless prednisone had been involved... Then, it's hard to tell...
Mar 26, 2021
Lost access to the email for this account, and can't remember the password...

Thank you Burger King cashier who put the 3 sets of utensils in my bag with my three orders of pancakes the other day. I now have two extra, unopened sets...

I wasn't sure about finishing all 9, but at almost $3/3, I did. Probably could have had 3 more.

They've been trying to save me a spot closer to work. They've been bringing me a piece of pizza or cookies occasionally at lunch.
Why don't you take the last two donuts home?
Maybe that's partially where the extra 10 pounds came from...

5. On Friday I was given 2 pieces of pie, 2 cookies, and a brownie. Saturday, I was given 5.5 donuts.

5. 3.5 donuts, a piece of pizza, and 5 cookies this week

slice of pizza and 4 cookies

I think the girl at Cicis looked over my way and smiled briefly. The pepperoni pizza was continually restocked with no wait time.
Not sure if my belly was sticking out when I paid at the next store, but the girl at the counter cheerfully told me about the toy drive and coupons, then added that there would be food trucks at the event. (10 pieces of pizza, pasta, a couple brownies, and a couple cinnamon rolls, it had to be sticking out...)
4. “Someone needs to take that coconut cream pie”, she said.

“I don't want it”, one said.

“We don't like coconut”, another replied.

“I don't like coconut”, someone else said.

“I'll take a piece of it”, I said.

“You get to take the whole thing then...”, she replied to me.

1. Sunday: "Your belly is sticking out of your shirt." (The bottom button sits at belly button level and tends to show skin.)

1. Tuesday: "You can have the big piece of pie."

Was given 7 donuts and 2 sandwiches over the last 2 weeks.

2 crispy chicken and 1 fish from Burger King should have been a complete meal, not the appetizer...

1. "The four donuts and 8 cupcakes in there are for you", she said.

7. "You should take those last two donuts home with you...", she said.

7. "You can have the other half of that blueberry muffin", she said. (250 cal) "Why don't you take that banana muffin with you?" (550 cal)

7. "Why don't you take these 6 small bags of chips, the blueberry donut, and this box of peanut butter bars with you?"

Up 4.8lbs from Monday of last week...

Up 6.2 lbs since 3/23/20...

Oh, you said *flatten* the curve... I guess I didn't hear the *L*...

4. Her: “Eat the rest of that pasta salad. If I keep it here, I'll end up eating it.”
4. Her: “Do you want this other cheeseburger?”
4. Her: “Do you want some of this pistachio cake to take home?”
Me: “Let me try it first.”
Her: “So, what do you think about the cake?”
Me: “Yes.”

Left with 4 pieces in a container and a 6x6 piece of another cake.

(I step into camper.)

2. “There's another pork chop in there...”

Halloween 2019: (talks self out of buying fake belly costume to see how I look) "Maybe I'll buy one next year..."

September 2020: (relaxes abdominal muscles) "Guess I saved $25 and a trip to the Halloween store..."

5. A piece of pizza and cookie turned into 2 pieces of pizza and a piece of pie last week.

5. That turned into 2 pieces of pizza, a piece of cake, 2 pumpkin squares with icing, and 2 cookies today.

I used to eat a little, but a little wouldn't do,
So a little got more and more

5. Today brought 2 pieces of pizza, 2 four ounce ice cream cups, 2 peanut butter cookies, and a piece of cake, in addition to my bowl of rice for lunch.

5. In addition to my regularly scheduled lunch, I was given a piece of pizza, medium fries, 2 four ounce ice cream cups, 2 desert squares, and a piece of cherry pie.

4. "Do you want any donuts to take home?", she asked.

244.6 Wednesday morning. 248.4 Wednesday evening. Highest weight so far.

1. Her: Do you want to keep these pumpkin cookies to eat or take them to work?

Me: How many are there?

Her: About 30... Maybe you could take a few of them to work.

9. Her: Do you want a cookie?
Me: Yes, I'm almost starting to growl.
Her: Actually, you can have the rest of them... They are still fresh. (Handing me about half of a family size Chips Ahoy package)


Washed and dried the XL t-shirt made of DryBlend material that was given to us at work.

*Looks in mirror after getting it on*

"Yeah, that probably shouldn't happen..."

"If I were female, I guess this is what I would look like at 7-8 months along..."

"Oh, look... If I raise my arms up, the shirt rides up to my belly button and stays up..."

Haven't seen this person for a few months

Her: "You look nice, have you lost weight?"

To myself: No, I'm actually up 10 pounds...

*coming back from lunch*

5. "Did you get your belly full?"

"Not really..."

"No? Sounds like you need to bring bigger lunch..."


1. "I put some of the pumpkin cookies in the freezer, so you don't have to take them anywhere..."

Me: "Could I get some fries?"
10. Her: "Sure..."
(puts two scoops in takeout container)
Her: "Would you like anything else?"
Me: (looks at food case while holding 2 takeout containers) "I guess that will be all..."

I remember the days when 2 fish sandwiches was impossible. I managed one time to do two with the help of prednisone. I tried two today and probably could have had two more...

Down 5 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday...

Guess I never paid much attention to my belly sticking out, until I saw it sticking out in a picture someone took...

I thought I lost 5 pounds over the holiday. They were just misplaced, I found them...

7. said to me: “I'll take these two pieces of cheesecake home, and you can have the other three pieces...”

2. “Do you want a big piece or little piece of cake?

“I don't know”

“How about this lump right here?” (pointing to a section of the bundt cake that was about half an inch taller than the rest)

(Ended up with 2 sections of the cake and 3 decent sized scoops of ice cream.)


A relative on one side of the family decided to bake cookies for the first time in several years – ended up with a dozen of them.

For Christmas, I received a shirt box full of 20 cookies and 36 small fudge squares, for the first time I can remember. This relative has commented favorably after noticing my weight going up.

Christmas dinner consisted of 4 biscuits with no gravy, a Belgian waffle, 4 chunks of ham, 3 cake balls, and fruit salad.

3. Ended up with ¾ of a 9” cheesecake to take home and another dozen cookies.

I've probably eaten ¾ of a carton of ice cream over the last few day.

I've never been one who was good at guessing someone's motivation for doing something, but is it me or do people seem to be enabling weight gain? If not enabling, then at least not hindering...

Not much new. Ended up with some cookies to take to work. Guess I'll have to finish off the rest of this stuff so it doesn't go bad.

2. “I guess I could have just got the one chicken...”, she said.
(Maybe I should have had some more...)

Starting the new year at 242.4.
Mar 26, 2021

Sadly, the small snack pies went bad.

putting two spoonfuls of pudding in a bowl

1. “Do you want more pudding?”

“Yes... Another spoonful.”

That was a lot of pudding on top of two hot dogs, 2/3 of a large plate of tater tots, and some beans.

243 in the morning – 247.6 in the evening. 245.8 the next morning.


I don't have to worry about the boxes of snack cakes going past their Best by date.


6. I had my regular lunch, and was given a Burger King chicken sandwich today. The chicken was supposed to be fish, but they got it wrong. I had 2 Burger King fish sandwiches later, and a waffle just now.

I remember 15 years ago, how much I didn't want to go over 200 pounds...


4. “Do you want to get yours or do you want me to get it?” (referring to pie)

I walked over as the pie is cut. It is about 4 inches wide and 2-3 inches tall.

“Do you want a smaller piece to try?”

“No.”, as the piece is put in a bowl with a scoop of ice cream on it. I went back for a piece of cake and a bit of orange ice cream.


Ended up with a small to go container of chicken.

“Do you want a piece of apple pie to take home?”


When I went back in, there was a small to go container with apple pie visible around the edges with the lid closed. Anymore and the lid wouldn't have closed.

One piece remained.

4. “I'm not going to be able to get rid of this, am I?”, she said as I stood there.

I held out my hand for it.

“Do you want some of this cake?”


“Big container or small container?”

1. “Better make it a big container for two pieces. He'll eat it.”

So, I ended up with two pieces of cake.


I didn't want to go past 200, but 205 wasn't bad. 215 wasn't bad. It seemed like one day I woke up and there was 230.

In 2001, I think I was around 165.

On January 1, 2019, I weighed 223.4. May 15, 2019, I was 230.
On January 1, 2020, I weighed 237. May 15, 2020, I was 242.6.

Currently, I range from 242 to 248 at night depending on the day. I'm probably one of the few with a morning weight and night weight spreadsheet with graphs...

Life is a bit different being 100 pounds heavier from high school.


5. “You barely fit through there carrying all that stuff.”

6. “He hasn't gained any weight, so it must be all the stuff.”

I guess I wear it pretty well.


11. Before Christmas, I mentioned not being able to find raisin crème pies anywhere. Someone was listening and gave me a box of 12 of the large ones. I started eating them during quarantine. It was easy – too easy – to eat more than one at a time without it being too much.

1. Was given a half gallon of milk, which became a half gallon of chocolate pudding from the other day. The last of it went bad, and had to be thrown away. The other half gallon of milk became lemon pudding. I had a bowl of it. Had some banana bread made from 3 bananas that were going to go bad.


5. Given two pieces of pizza.

5. “Do you want this piece of pecan pie?”

“I don't know that I've ever had it...”

“Do you want to try a little piece? If you like it, you can have the rest.”

So, I tried it and was given the rest.

After lunch...

“They say pecan pie is the most fattening pie you can eat, but whatever, right...”

I nodded my head.


Got a couple 590 calorie tastycake honey buns. Also got a couple giant 710 calorie tastycake honey buns. I've never seen the giant ones before.


1. Was sent a piece of birthday cake.


2 fish and 10 nuggets felt like barely anything for lunch at 1pm – guess being distracted helps. Dinner was a large plate of chicken, vegetables, and noodles mixed together at 9:30pm.


1. “I think I may have made too many tater tots, but oh well...”

Considering there were 68 left for me, perhaps it was...


Not much new...

Only had 32 tater tots around the 21st.

5. “Take these last couple pieces of jerky, if I keep it here, I'll eat it.”

5. Two pieces of pizza on Friday.


Piece of chicken
potato slices
2 pieces of pizza

mashed potatoes

brownie bar

10. Got a brownie, chocolate syrup, crushed oreos

“Do you want ice cream?”


“Is that all?”

“I think so.”

I step over to the pizza bar.

(brownie bar server steps over)

10. “Do you want some pizza?”


“One or two?”


“Anything else?”

“I'll step over here and get some fries...”

(She stepped over and put fries in the box – the other server was busy – folded the lid and handed it to me.)

248.6 that night.


1 piece of chicken
pasta with chicken
2 pieces of pizza
2 small containers of strawberry ice cream

3 piece fish

2 bananas

248.2 at the end of the day, +4




38 tater tots Thursday night


2. “Do you want a piece of cake or a cupcake or both?”


“Both?”, she said sounding somewhat surprise. “Do you want ice cream?”



6. “Why don't you take those two donuts home with you? Everyone else already got what they wanted...”


1. “What's this?”, she asked as she patted my belly.

Then brought me a double chocolate muffin.

Then a raspberry filled donut a couple days later.


9. I was singled out by someone else and asked if I wanted the four small sandwiches to take home.


1. I was given a thin slice of 2 layer chocolate cake Monday.


5. (Handing me a very small snack package with a few little crackers and pieces of cheese in it) “It's not a donut, but...”


6. Had 2 donuts and a McDonanlds apple pie today.


1. “You're looking a bit rounder through here...” (pointing at belly)


1. “Here's 8 donuts...”


8I was given an 8 count chicken nugget box that had 9 in it.


5. I was given a sandwich today.

I think the people are too disconnected for this to be a coordinated effort to give me food.

12. I got a brownie from the brownie bar today, and they were out of ice cream. I guess they tried to make up for it by putting enough melted chocolate to equal the weight of the brownie.
Mar 26, 2021

Nothing much happened last week.

Someone did bring donuts and little cupcakes in Thursday.

“Just take the rest of the cupcakes and get them out of here...”


“Here, take these peanut butter eggs.”

I ended up with 13 peanut butter eggs at I think 90 calories each.


“Have you ever had banana split pie?”, she asked.

“No, but I like banana splits and I like pie, so...”

“I'll bring you a piece tomorrow.”
Mar 26, 2021

So, yesterday I had the piece of banana split pie.

I was also given a piece of two layer chocolate cake.

Today was garbage day. Instead of it going to waste, I was given a piece of chocolate pie and a fairly large piece of apple pie.

In the morning, I've been hovering around 248. Last week at night, I was staying around 251. I'm having the same feelings I was having when I crossed over 200, I guess I'd never considered being close enough to 250 to have to think about it.


Mar 26, 2021

Thursday brought 4 cookies.

Friday brought the leftover middle piece of an almond filled Easter egg. I ate the chocolate around it and left the middle. I was also given a packaged donut.

Today was a DQ stop for a tiny 8 piece chicken bite combo and a medium chocolate sundae.

Sometimes I feel like I've been transported into someone's story...


Cats, Dave Grohl and Dr. Phil 🙃
Apr 8, 2021
Chicago, Illinois

Thursday brought 4 cookies.

Friday brought the leftover middle piece of an almond filled Easter egg. I ate the chocolate around it and left the middle. I was also given a packaged donut.

Today was a DQ stop for a tiny 8 piece chicken bite combo and a medium chocolate sundae.

Sometimes I feel like I've been transported into someone's story...
Is the chicken bite combo that meal with the mini biscuits? I just saw the ad today when I was getting a shake


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Sep 29, 2005
I’m going through some treatments, and this morning had an ultrasound and MRI done. I was laying down on the table as they were getting things ready, and the nurse said she was going to temporarily place a couple of things on my chest because they might roll off if they were placed on my belly! 😏
Mar 26, 2021

Tuesday brought 9 cookies.

Wednesday brought a cream filled donut.

Thursday (today) I had two large plates with the bottom covered in spaghetti, but not heaped up. The problem is that I think I could have had 3 plates with no problem, and probably 4 without straining too much.
Mar 26, 2021

3 pounds of spaghetti for lunch today. (Plate and spaghetti weighed 3.8 pounds, so it was probably a bit more...) 2.5 hours later, I feel like I could do another 3...