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Oct 12, 2005
BBW, WG: The start of a boy/girl fantasy romance . . .

From Another Land

by MEL

Part One

Dan got up and took a shower at ten past six as was routine, got out, dried off, put on his robe and gelled his hair. He combed it straight down and let his bangs spike over his forehead, the lines of the comb remaining as his style.

He went down to breakfast, ate, then went out and walked down to the bus stop.

This new bus driver came about 10 minutes later than the other bus drivers. So he waited with the parents of the terribly obnoxious children that boarded the same bus as him, but got off at a different school.

He got on the bus, settled in after struggling into a seat as the bus driver sped away, and put his headphones on. He closed his eyes and listened to the music for the whole trip, opening them now and then at loud noises or when he was whacked by the children behind him.

Dan was 14, 6’, 120 pounds, a bit dark-looking, and had well-toned muscles. In the past few months, two of his girlfriends had moved away to Florida. The first of which was extremely attractive: red hair, a bit short, beautiful breasts, and a bit horny. The second was the one, and he was still distressed about her leaving.

He got off the bus and got on the last bus to the next school, thanks to the nonexistent punctuality of the negro bus driver. The mornings were always uneventful. His life was mainly uneventful, with the exception of the whole story and fiasco behind his last girlfriend.

He got into school on the beautiful rainy Monday and remembered that Mr. Coleman had told them a new student was joining the homeroom and 9A, his class, the supposedly smartest students of the small school, though few of them had the maturity beyond the children on the bus.

Mr. Coleman had arrived late at eight ten, followed by what at first Dan thought was divinity, even though he was extremely atheist and against stupid stories that religion implies were true; but this girl drove those thoughts out of his mind. She appeared to have an aura, a golden light radiating from her flawless body and from her face and eyes. As he focused better he realized he had something in his eye, but the girl was definitely beautiful, and her slightly off-white skin shimmered.

“Everyone? This is Zelda, she flew here from overseas this past month and has kindly decided to join our class!” the seemingly always sanguine and optimistic Matt Coleman, Dan’s best friend at the school among all the ignorant and childish students, hardly his “peers”, addressed the class in his usually almost-psychopathic excitement. He talked for a bit more then Zelda came and sat in the seat behind and to the left of Dan.

He surreptitiously got up and sat next to her, assuming he might as well make a friend if she was worth it. Before he could say anything, he took advantage of the closer range of view he had now and observed each of her miraculous qualities.

She had bright blue eyes, almost purple, they seemed to tint in the light but retained the natural bright blue. Her nose was small and flawless, her lower lip fat and luscious, perfect. Her ears were noticeably pointed and almost elfish, but that seemed only to add to her luxurious beauty. Her blond hair seemed to naturally twist around itself, a lock of which was tucked behind her ear, two covered her left eye, and the rest were pulled back into a bun. It had an almost wet and sexy look, dark streaks here and there. Her chin and cheeks flowed perfectly into each other, forming a beautiful and perfectly shaped face. Her skin looked smooth and fragile, Dan longed to reach out and touch it, but he refrained. Her breasts were incredible, and of an even more incredible size and shape. From Dan’s experience with Heather they looked like either 38C’s or D’s, but she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were quite obvious through her thin sleeveless white shirt, which was basically transparent from the rain. (Dan remembered the rain and figured that was the wet look of her hair, maybe.) They were a perfect shape, impossible to describe but were what Dan had always imagined breasts should look like. They seemed to hold themselves up and out without a bra. She noticed him staring and pulled up her shirt to loosen the material on her skin, and smiled, stared deeply at him.

He shook himself out of his daze and smiled back at her. They talked for the rest of homeroom, and Matt, usually quick to scolding a student speaking at the same time as him, refrained, partly because of his respect for Dan, partly because he wanted Dan to feel loved again; through their conversations they came to the conclusion that no matter how painful love ends it’s a necessity for Dan to function at full capacity. Dan walked with Zelda through the communication door into the next room and Latin.

They tried sitting in the same seat (Dan usually sat with half his bottom off the seat anyway, for no particular reason), and felt Zelda’s thick soft butt cheek squeeze against his hips. She giggled a bit when she saw the look on Dan’s face at the shock of finding her fat ass. He looked at her and nudged his hip into her fleshy side and smiled at her. Mr. Mucha, the Latin teacher, who also had a great deal of respect for Dan, gave them both his signature burning stare and she found a seat right next to Dan. Then Spanish, then break.

At break they sat on the low bookshelf on the wall and talked for a while.

“So you came from overseas?” “Yeah, my dad wanted me to leave…” “Why?! What happened?” “Uh… (she blushed) things got a bit… out of control I guess.” “Where are you from, exactly?” “Hyrule. I’m…” “PRINCESS Zelda??” (She blushed again.) “Yeah… I’m living in a castle on that island a few miles east of here. Teehee… the food is excellent!” He laughed and looked into her eyes and she looked back. Then she quickly turned to her one-shoulder-strapped bag and pulled out a shocking amount of food and began to consume it. Dan had noticed before how soft her breasts were, how fat and loose they were. When she walked they jiggled more than Jell-O in her thin white sleeveless shirt. They looked like the belonged to a very fat woman the way they jiggled like that, and they looked like water on the ocean at this point as she hungrily stuffed all of her food into her mouth one after the other. “Sorry… teehee. I just love food. It tastes so good; I want to eat it all! (She was giggling furiously at this point, beginning to blush.) I could too, I’ve got quite a big belly when I want to. Sometimes I get so caught up in eating I forget I’m doing it and the servants, they just keep serving more! Teehee… They’re terrible! Encouraging me like that. But I love ‘em for it!” She grinned wide and exposed a glistening and beautiful white smile full of perfect teeth. “Sometimes I wish I could just sit down and eat forever… There’s nothing like the taste of food and the feeling of a full belly!”

It was time for history and Dan had a new respect for Zelda. She seemed like a very happy and carefree person.

Now when Dan went home and woke up he was thinking about Zelda, her breasts, her behind, her in general. They became closer and closer with each week and each day. Every time she tried to squeeze her now quite obviously wide behind (wide, but still in complete balance with the rest of her body and completely perfect) into a chair with Dan, he could feel her getting a bit softer and denser. He actually found that he enjoyed the feeling of poking into her hip and barely being able to find the bone, if at all. The shorts that she wore, that barely reached below the cheeks, accentuated the jiggle and sway of her cheeks as they shifted with her step. She looked like an average sized girl, but every sexual part of her body was incredibly loose and jiggly. Her ass was so fat, actually, that it hung over her leg, and it looked like water or Jell-O at the slightest movement she made, along with her literally breath-taking boobs; Dan’s heart skipped a beat every time he saw them jiggling and swelling over her tight shirts and her transparent shirts, the stretch marks on her tighter shirts where her rotund and voluptuous breasts pulled at the material, right between them. When she wore certain shirts, her breasts would pull them down and stretch them at the straps over her shoulders. Dan noticed her becoming slightly more round and soft every day, he could see her growing larger and heavier, but it only made him hornier as her ass slowly grew and spread over the bookshelf.

He would sit on her lap, on one of her legs, one of her legs that the first day she arrived was only slightly noticeable as having the perfect amount of extra flesh, but now was thicker than Dan himself and seemed to spill out when she rested her legs on top of something. He would rest himself into one of those perfectly comfortable beanbags, and she would hold him and he would rest his head on the quite large bubble of tummy that protruded from under her breasts, he could feel his head sink into it and he would fumble for a place to hold her, finding the rolls under her arms that lead into her back and slipped them into the folds.

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Oct 12, 2005
The school year was almost over by this time, and Dan was in this exact position outside on the steps of his school by themselves. He looked up and accidentally got a mouthful of one of her now practically sausage-sized nipples. He pulled back his head and rested his chin on it, sinking into the breast that was larger than his torso. She stared down at him from over her chest and attempting to push her chin further into the fat of her double-chins and neck to get a better view of him. She smiled and produced dimples in her cheeks that he could have gotten his pinky second-knuckle-deep into. Her teeth were still perfect and white, her skin still as fragile and soft, only now it was more so and there was much more of it. He rested his head on the pillow that was her breast and she tried to wrap her arms around him but the tree-trunk thickness of her arms and her Buddha-belly prohibited it. At the slightest movement of her arms, folds and rolls were produced and spilled over onto her forearms. She sighed and pushed out her stomach and tried her hardest to give something back to show him how much she loved him. He spread his arms and gripped the thick soft flesh that spread across her tummy and hips that probably in itself weighed more than him.

The teacher yelled for everyone to go back in and get ready for class. Dan nuzzled the nipple in his face one more time then crawled off of her. She moaned with pleasure for that brief moment then stood up with the ease of a gymnast and fixed her boobs to sit on the shelf that was her tummy, and adjusted her large belly and the shirt that exposed half of it so that she was comfortable. She seemed to glide, actually move easier than people tens of times smaller than her, to the door and up the stairs. She sighed and rested a fat-stuffed little hand on the side of her tummy and massaged it gently. She took a handful of cupcakes out of her bag with the other hand and popped them into her mouth one by one like Tic-Tacs.

This was why she had been exiled from Hyrule. She had begun eating the entire country out of food, she had become too large to house. But elves don’t get heavier, of course they can get fatter, obviously – but she didn’t actually know how much she weighed. It was only her size and her appetite that proved bothersome.

They prepared their books for the next class, English, and walked side-by-side to their destination. Her wide, smooth hips glided above her feet, carried by her thick, gyrating legs. He took her hand and they smiled, he nudged his face into her affectionately to make sure she felt loved, now in this moment more than ever. She was getting worried about her size once again, but she knew this was America and she would never have the food restrictions as such a small country as Hyrule had. She managed into a desk next to Dan and the class commenced, the discussion “1984”.

Both Dan and Zelda were excellent students, well-informed and witty. Zelda seemed to be less attentive lately, because she was struggling to get comfortable in her seat. She lifted and adjusted her large breasts, tried to put her belly on her desk, then tried to squeeze it under. She massaged it slowly and sighed. Dan admired the dimples in her hand over her knuckles, deep beneath the soft white flesh the girl was made so much of. He admired every bit of her, the way the white cloth of her shirt stretched in the same way over her body as her skin did: white, tight, soft.

She asked to go to the bathroom and moved out of her seat with grace; that was another thing Dan admired so, her grace, her ability to glide like an angel. Whenever she was not with him, his world seemed to darken, her aura and angelic light gone with her wherever she went.

Zelda slid through the doorway, her pure-flesh hips gracing the frame. She moved her soft hand over her great belly and opened the stall-door to the extra-large wheel-chair-handicap stall. She slid a hand down under her soft pillow of exposed flesh, and unzippered her shorts. She reached into her single-strap bag and removed a bag of chocolate-chip cookies and her favorite candy bars. She rested the bars on her belly, slowly opening the bag with silent grace. When she had finished, she moved up and over towards the sinks, cleansed her hands in the water and moved back into the English room, her shorts and shirt working in close unison to hide as much of her expanding belly as the material would account for.

Dan decided to take her up to the Square One mall, which was not far away from the school. First she wanted to go to the food-court, and try something from all the booths there. She hadn’t ever had food from these places, and so she was inclined to test out their favorite dishes. They sat down, gathered two chairs for her to sit on, and Dan helped spread her orders out across the table. Dan had been out with her to eat before many times, and it always fascinated him, the amount of grace and class with which she ate so much food all at once.

She told him she wanted to get some elastic-waist Adidas shorts, so that they would last longer. He took her into the outlet store in the mall, Foot Locker, and bought her new shorts, grey with white stripes, black with white, and white with black. He wrapped his arm around her, across her great soft belly, and then the other in an embrace, and they came together to kiss. Dan noticed her height as well as her other dimensions fluctuated, mostly upwards. “Are you shorter today?” “I figured you liked shorter better than when I was almost a giant!” “I love you anyways. I do like this height though.” He caressed her and they moved on, unphased.

They discussed how they were going to purchase shirts for her, since she never brought any of her shorts over her belly, indeed she couldn’t. The waist bands never expanded far enough and the crotch was too low to do so. She didn’t always want her belly out, but to find shirts that fit her and that were long enough to tuck into her pants was all but impossible. It was a warm summer month now, and when she first came it was cooler, so she had never had to go out in the cold with her body exposed.

They went into Hot Topic, where they had some clothes there she liked to wear. She moved over to the side-glass, where there were Atticus shirts that looked like they may fit her. Dan purchased for her a few styles, and she moved happily out of the store on her angel wings. Dan thought at that moment that if she did have wings, they’d come out, he touched her back, right under these folds. She looked at him and smiled in her most beautiful smile.

“I want jeans. I only wear shorts, I’d like some jeans I think,” she said to him at their third stop at the food-court. “Well let’s go find some. I’ve only got another hundred dollars, which may pay for two or three pairs.” She moved with him to another store, where she bought one pair of stylish jeans and two pairs of cut-off shorts that were about ten times as wide as they were long. “I can’t wait to see you in these,” he said and they smiled with ideas of dastardly naughty subterfuge in their eyes.

So Dan woke up the next morning on the last day of school, and he showered and gelled his hair and put on his robe, brushed his teeth and dressed, ate breakfast and moved through the motions of the buses without a thought but Zelda. She came in that day wearing a skirt that was covered wholly by her belly, making her thighs appear naked, the pouring flesh of her back covering an inch of material on her now superlatively enormous backside. Her breasts shown through her white shirt, wet from the rain outside, her nipples obvious and her curves demonstrated through the thin wet fabric, stuck to her skin.

He had waited downstairs for her that day, as he had arrived earlier than she had. He embraced her whole body, dripping wet, her hair draped in one lock over her left eye, the rest she moved back behind an ear as she approached him, and they kissed deeply as other students walked past them to their homerooms before they were late. They slided up the stairs and settled into their respective chairs, holding the other’s hand all the time. Her soft fingers explored his, he leaned over, laying a hand on one long, thick, soft breast, and they kissed again.

“Last day, guys!” said Matt ever-positive. He was leaving, going to another school and wouldn’t be back next year. The last day was tragedy for the other students, as many of the teachers were leaving, and the finality of the sense of the last day was overbearing. Dan and Zelda sat on their bookshelf, bent inwards now at the end of the year through all the weight put on it. He sat in her lap and rested his head on her soft chest, between her breasts. Embraced by them rather than her arms, and kissed her double-chin, nuzzled his nose on her third and rested there with his eyes closed as all others hustled about.

He felt her arms around him and opened his eyes to find that she had shrunk! She was about the size she had been when she first came. She answered his unasked question, “It’s summer-time now, I want to start over again.” Her clothes had shrunk with her still-wet body, and he re-admired her. She was breath-taking, one way or the other. He was glad she could control her size, and understood how she could be so perfect. “Are all the people in Hyrule as perfect as you?” “It depends on their magical power and inclination, so the true answer to that is no,” and she giggled, forming a double-chin, and smiled at him. He kissed her cheek, and fat lips, and said to her, “My god, I’m in heaven.”

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