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Story: Mrs. Pear (Final)

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Just a dirty old man
Oct 2, 2005
BBW/BHM, Eating, Sex,

Mrs. Pear - Part 3
by Fuzzy

I never thought those stories were true until it happened to me. And it was happening to me.

I was sitting on the floor, shirtless, stuffing my face with pizza. Several empty beer bottles were on the coffee table, and the woman of my past dreams and fantasies was now sitting on the sofa. I was trying to talk her clothes off, and she was demanding a piece rate of slices of pizza eaten per item of clothing. She was down to her bra and g-string. She was a sight to see. Her creamy white skin was soft and inviting. Her tummy was a pair of fat rolls, and her breasts rode on them. Her thick fat thighs rose from fattened calves, and ankleless feet. I wanted to touch her all over.

I was getting full. I took a swig of beer. "One more slice for the bra?"
"Yes, One more for the bra, and two more for the thong.” Cheryl giggled.
I looked at the box on the table and it was empty. "If you don't stop eating them first."

Cheryl stood up and rubbed her belly. I wasn't sure how many she'd had, but we were down to the remnants of the last pizza. As she opened the box in front of me, there were six slices left.

I grabbed a slice and took a big bite. As I chewed, I stole a glance at Cheryl, who was watching me intently. As I ate that slice of pizza, Cheryl reached up and unclasped the front of her bra. I watched in stunned silence as she let her big breasts free, released from prison. Light stretch marks like quicksilver highlighted themselves, as her boobs sagged to either side of her big belly. The areolas were so pink and wide that they blended into the surrounding skin. You couldn't see were nipple started and skin ended. I had to have those in my face.

I rolled over to one side, and crawled to the sofa, my big bloated belly getting in the way.as I pulled myself up between her legs. Cheryl pushed her boobs together as I pressed my nose between them. Ah, there is nothing softer, nor more pleasurable that a pair of breasts. I wobbled my head back and forth, making a "bububububub" noise.

Cheryl laughed, and said something about her thong. But for the moment I didn't care. My tongue found a pink nipple, and I toyed with it, pulling it into my mouth, sucking and lightly biting. My hands groped for rolls of fat to fondle. Cheryl's hands held my head for awhile, running her fingers thru my hair. After I had gotten the nipple swollen and erect, I moved to the other and gave it the attention it deserved. After a long moment, I pulled back and Cheryl pulled me closer into a long searching, probing kiss. Our hands explored each other.

"You're getting pizza sauce on me.", Cheryl suddenly said.
"I could lick it off..."
"And I'll smell like pizza all night! Come on, follow me." Cheryl led the way back to her master bathroom, where a large garden tub sat in the corner, with a view of the backyard, when the blinds were open. A very large glass walled shower sat adjacent.. with two nozzles. Cheryl excused herself into a separate closet where the toilet was. I looked at myself in the mirror. Fat guy in pink sweats. What a Kodak moment. Then I took my turn and returned to look in the mirror with Cheryl. Fat guy in pink sweats next to rubenesque goddess. We took turns commenting at our fat features. Finally Cheryl wondered what I would look like at 500 pounds.

"I'm not planning to gain that much weight... am I?" I asked quickly. She gave me a look that would launch a thousand ships, and said, "You have the potential to become a wonderful feedee."
"Me? A Feedee?” I asked, mock-innocently.

She left me to ponder those words as she warmed up the shower, and pulled me inside. It still seemed like a dream. Naked, sharing a shower with my next door neighbor, Cheryl Pear. I wondered what Mom would say.

We lathered each other up, washed, and rinsed, and repeated. I stole grabs and tweaks of her flesh, and she grabbed me by the penis and gave him a really good washing. We stood in the hot water spray, as the water temperature began to fade, and our shower ended. We toweled each other off, and somehow ended up with Cheryl on her knees in front of me. Time slowed to a crawl, and not a word was said. Cheryl's hands were around my manhood and into her hot wet mouth. She got me up to the moon when she stopped, and got a condom out of the cabinet, and suited me up.

I helped her up, and led the way towards the bed. But she led me instead into one of the bedrooms which had a futon mattress. I remembered the room suddenly. I had been in this house before. Her son and I were friends years ago. Now I was going to have sex with her in his room. It was weird and crazy and.. one look at her naked on the futon and I was back in the game. I suddenly wanted to put my tongue in places where no one had been... in a long time, but she wanted me inside her right now. And we fumbled the ball a few times, trying to make the play. We laughed at our foolery, and tried more positions than I knew existed for pinning the tail on the donkey. I finally scored, in a kind of dog-pile, squatting-squashing way.

As we lay, side by side, sweaty and tired out, we confessed alot of things to each other. It started with that day, and her desire to fill her loneliness. We talked about feederism, and how fat we dreamt ourselves getting.

"I need to confess something.” I admitted.
"You used to peek into my windows at night when you were young?” Cheryl asked.

“Oh Shit.”

“My yard is my life. You think I wouldn’t notice two footprints in the mud beneath my bedroom window?”

“I didn’t think… what did…”

“Oh, I didn’t tell him. It would’ve created a huge mess. Which reminds me.”

Cheryl got up, and walked naked out of room. I followed her down the hall, watching her butt wiggle and jiggle as she walked into the kitchen. I waited for a moment in the tv room, until she called to me. As I entered, she had me sit at the table, while she placed a chocolate cake on the table. Cheryl sat in the chair next to me.

“Oh, I’m still full from all that pizza.”
“Good! But do you think I’m going to allow all those free peep shows to go unpunished? You had your cake, and you’re going to eat it too!”

Cheryl took a forkful of cake, and held it out to me. “Open up, Tiger.”

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