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Superiority in FAness

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Active Member
Jan 4, 2018
, Male
So some comments on another thread really got me thinking about this: We all know FAs love fat bodies in a sexual manner. But do they also enjoy it because it makes them feel superior?

Here's the thread in question:

Please don't pick on people in that thread though, or make this a personal thing about them, I just want to have a general discussion about this.

One user (@happily_married) mentions a couple of times that he is a physically fit, attractive male. His wife is 400 lbs. And he (and his wife) love the weird glances and the disapproving looks that people give. He likes the idea that people wonder "how the heck is she with him?!" Now, this is a perfectly acceptable, okay thing to feel. So guys, please don't attack him. He's only human, as are the rest of us. But my question is, is that a fairly common thing among FAs, or is it rarer?

I too have had thoughts similar to happilymarried's when I'm with my girlfriend. I'm tall, reasonably good looking, a top student since forever, and I give the appearance of being somewhat muscular (I'm actually not, it's just my weird bone structure, but with clothes on I look pretty strong for no reason). My girlfriend is a BBW (a beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny, loving BBW, but a BBW nonetheless). And I like to imagine that strangers we meet wonder "how the heck is she with him?!", just as happilymarried does. I feel a little guilty for this, but I know it is just thoughts and as long as I don't start seeing her as inferior (never. Ever.) it's okay.

But I'm curious, how many of you others have these thoughts on occasion?

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