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Takumi's Valentine's - Audio WG story

Dimensions Magazine

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Jan 16, 2008
BBW, Romance

Hi there everyone,

In true Valentine's Day fashion, I have been working on several new romantic themed stories which I hope would be just the ticket for the season.

For those of you who have read my previous stories, you may be familiar with a rather heavy-set, young nurse with a bit of a self-esteem problem by the name of Takumi. This story was designed as an experiment to see if there was at all any interest in creating audio-based WG stories in hopes of bringing the added element of sound to the genre.

I know it's a bit rough, but I would really appreciate any help in refining and improving this short sample in hopes of creating something just a little bit different than most.

Thank you very much for your time, and I do hope you enjoy it.

http://dr-black-jack.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4oumwz <-- Audio Version

Voices and Narration by http://fuoco-e-luce.deviantart.com/


Did she really have to ask you? Of course you would come for her.

"Oh my...t-t-this is so embarrassing...I really didn't really think that you would show up..."

Takumi's chubby cheeks blushed cherry pink, growing hotter beneath her palms as she tried to cover them up. You loved to see her smile, just as she had done on the day you had first met.

You had noticed her right away. Of course, it was hard to miss one of the fattest nurses ever to grace a hospital floor. Meal times had always been her speciality, whether it was helping to deliver them or simply to serve as a meal time conversational partner in exchange for a little extra helping on the side. Years of snacking away like that had certainly had a notable effect on her figure, allowing her to grow rounder and softer every passing day.

Curves upon curves soon filled out that nurse's uniform, a figure hugging dress which complimented her expanding body. In the last few months in particular, the pounds literally seemed to have piled onto her at an explosive rate, undoubtedly due to her new partnership with Doctor Endo. A few more weeks would pass before you could catch a glimpse of her on her own again, no longer able to run but now waddle after emergency calls.

Her short, fiery red tresses betrayed her meek and submissive nature, those big, smouldering red eyes only furthering the depth of their ruse. It was painfully obvious to you, an admirer from a distance, that she was a woman torn between her love for food and her love for helping others.

What was it exactly that she had helped you out with? You can't hardly recall those dark days, but you did know that you were indebted to her. You had always been her supporter from the shadows, leaving an extra treat or two for her after a long day's work, an umbrella by the door on a rainy night and moving her lunch to a secret location whenever Doctor Endo felt a bit more gluttonous than usual. One day, you thought to yourself, one day you'd love to finally reveal your true identity to her, to receive the reward which you wished that she might finally bestow for your hard worn efforts. Even if there were none, at least a glimpse of that truly happy smile would have been all worthwhile.

That day was today.

"Um...I know this is rather sudden...but...I really wanted to say..."

Takumi swallowed and shuffled her feet, her blubbery thighs rubbing against each other as she searched for the words.

"Uh...um...t-thank you for the other day...for standing up for me in the hallway. Doctor Endo has been the only other person to do that for me before...and I appreciate any one who would help..."

You had thought nothing of it at the time. Those jerks were picking on her and you had simply spoken your mind. Come to think of it, you had reacted completely on instinct, telling them what they should do with their 'diets' and 'weight loss drugs' that you hadn't even stopped to consider that you might have blown your cover completely.

"So, I wanted to thank you...and since today is a special day...I wanted to make it special too..."

A letter to meet in the store room was found in your locker the next day. It was neatly hand written on scented, girly stationary. It was so cute, and so clearly Takumi. What you weren't expecting was that where she had said to meet was literally INSIDE the narrow store room itself. It was everything that you had ever dreamed of and more.

"I know it's a bit cramped, but I sort of panicked...I used to come here on breaks when I was...er...more slender...you could say it's a special place for me."

It was quickly becoming a special place for you too. It was hard to disguise how curious you were to know the touch and feel of her soft fat which now encompassed you, the weight of her big belly forcing itself against your own. There was literally no space left for you to sit your hands other than the expansive folds of her love handles, you cherish the pseudo embrace she has forced you into.

"*Giggling* Oh please stop...I'm rather ticklish...I'm sorry if my size makes you uncomfortable and all that...we could do this somewhere with a little more space next time if you'd prefer..."

You shake your head, your nose hovering just centimetres away from her enormously plump breasts. The scent of her perfume is intoxicating, one of peaches and cream to fit her pale and pretty complexion. She blushes again, even harder this time, as you feel her weight shift around you.

"Oh, well thank you for your understanding...um...again! I'm sorry for putting you through so much trouble...I'm sorry that I am probably not dressed all that well either...I'm sorry if my tummy is getting in the way...and well...I'm sorry if I apologise too much...sorry..."

She's stalling. But for what? You crane your neck over her blubbery shoulders, to see that she's searching for something hidden within the depths of her coat pocket. The fat from her thighs has stretched the fabric so thin and tight that even from here you can make out the heart shaped box which resides within. You decide to enjoy the ride a little longer as she twists and turns her way around, until you come face to face with her enormous, gorgeous rear.

"Uh...I might need a little help again if you don't mind...Could you please reach into my rear pocket and take out the box inside. It's the thing I wanted to give you..."

Did she really have to ask? Your hands dive in, maybe a little too enthusiastically, causing her to squeal a little. Fat presses against your fingers as you burrow your way through the tight nurse's uniform towards the heart shaped gift within.

"Doctor Endo ate the one which I had specially prepared for you last night...so I had to buy this on the way over...I do hope you like it..."

She begins the turning process again, brushing her body up against yours in another round of blubbery rubbing. You run your hands across the gentle stream of her seemingly unending softness, caressing at least a bolt worth of pink fabric, nearly a foot of cleavage and a belly apron that hung at least two foot before her to extend halfway to her knees. Almost a minute would pass before your eyes met hers again, those beautiful ruby sparkles which shone with happiness. Her double chin jiggled as she smiled for you; the third one that day.

"H-happy Valentine's Day...I hope you like it..."

That was it, you just had to offer her some of her delicious bounty. Your opening the box and presenting it back to Takumi startles her, initially thinking that you had found something wrong with her gift. Her terror quickly turns to relief as she realizes your true intentions.

"N-no...these were meant for you! I mean...I'm actually on a diet...starting now...I need to shed at least a little bit of this blubber if I want to buy clothes at regular sizes again. Please, keep the gift. I insist..."

A rumbling emerges between the chasm where her belly meets yours, the trembling vibrations engulfing you as much as embarrassment engulfs her. Now blushing a violent crimson, she twiddles her tubby fingers together.

"Um...I'm sorry that my tummy doesn't seem to agree...do you think I might please have just one piece...or maybe two?"

Did she really have to ask?

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